chevelon butte wind farm spower chevelon canyon ranch views retreat acres map navajo county coconino project winslow heber overgard overgaard arizona wind plantation farming turbines fake clean energy systems ruin the planet carbon neutral is a myth more wind projects in the planning stages all over the Chevelon Canyon region DETAILS HERE  it is an INEQUITY project as they do not currently plan to bring electricity to all the very rural properties out there that the project will severely affect learn better  latest update May 2024

Arizona's Little Grand Canyon at Chevelon Canyon and it's vast expanses of natural beauty is now being ruined by 49 square miles of close to 150 wind turbines the size of Los Angeles skyscrapers just south of Winslow and solar handicapped zones are being set up as well to the east to further ruin the planet. This is disabled inefficient energy unless you are talking about diverting your good money into pension funds and portfolios around the world these systems are very efficient at that. There's not even power provided to the nearby ranches there. Learn more at

future site of Chevelon power line that will feed the rich with your energyThe Green New Steal

Greed Renewable Energy Electric Development (GREED) disabled energy parking centers are ruining the planet's beauty everywhere while stealing your green $$$ energy. When government offer$ big money to big land owners how can they refuse? Looking at the Devil square in the eyes of details we see an interesting plan.

Sending your money to pensions in Canada is NOT SAVING THE PLANET IT'S SAVING PORTFOLIO$

Pattern Energy is one of the companies and was bought by a Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board so now we where your extra energy needed to pay your electric bills will go, to subsidze Canadians pensions and when you buy pet food at Petco your money aslo goes to this pension plan as they own 50% of that business. We subsidize building these with our taxes thus subsidize pensions while we then get higher electric bills that also help Canadian retirees. Some thing is wrong here. Wind farms are net losses so it's not a good use of our money to keep building these. 2021 January and February meetings at Navajo county - special use permit applications for Chevelon southeast and east areas for MET towers these are put in to monitor wind SPEEDS always going in before the full installation of turbines. Aztec Cattle Company land. 2 wind outfits. These are PENSION FARMS. This is DISABLED ENERGY. Pattern Energy also destroyed Ocotillo in California. Watch a home video of the before and after presented by Youtube user Save Ocotillo.

These things are MOVIE SETS presenting illusions making their producers rich and pension plans filled with your money. Wind farming actually wastes energy and is better described as camouflage energy and energy abuse as it pretends to be something it is not.
Here we see ones half the size as far as 8 miles away on a beautiful but cloudy snow dusted Southern California day after storms at Palm Springs.

Which of these landscapes is better for the planet?
This is really not the world we should be leaving to our kids








Wind farms reduce regional soil moisture thus they actually are causing climate change
it's like if you had the fan on all day after you took a shower as compared to no fan at all the air is stirred up by the blades thus drying it out quickly


It is not approved by wild life and those most affected who live and own property nearby that will be looking at 170 of these 60 story wind tower propeller skyscrapers as high as many tall buildings leaped in a single bound in downtown Los Angeles, turbines that occasionally generate & often burn up energy produced by other wind farms and feature flashing red lights all night long seen all the way from the former planet Pluto and most Arizonans have no clue this is happening using their money! These turbine farms even will burn up energy made by one portion of the farm using another portion. I just watched this happen on 2/6/2020 at the ones in Palm Springs. Happens all the time. They are movie sets presenting a clean energy illusion. They are giant money sucking scam to get your energy for decades and they are ruining everything. If you think we need more wind and solar farms to fix that carbon problem you need to realize a few things about how carbon is always recycled by nature, does not make blankets, does not trap heat, is merely air, and there is so little up there to waste energy trying to do something about a mere 1 particles of air to 2,499 other particles of everything else air is insane. Think about this, if you had one dollar floating around in the wind and 2,499 other dollars floating in the wind, would you claim that one dollar is the cause of anything? Each wind turbine holds 600 gallons of oil thus this project would be storing and using up at minimum to start 102,000 gallons of oil. How is that getting anyone to a place of keeping fossil fuels in the ground? Besides that also presents a fire hazard storing such huge quantities of oil up 755 feet up in the air. The entire push for these things is not based on environmental reality it's just mental.

The bird chopping blade sweeps in the air are a total area of a whopping 507 acres! The project will cover on the land 49 square miles presenting flashing red lights all night long and 60 story tall white skyscrapers as big as those in Los Angeles by day!

image credit Daniel Schwen at wikipedia

They are 125 feet higher than the Saint Louis Gateway Arch!

Chevelon Butte in Arizona is currently a place of natural beauty and is a place to recharge

Chevelon Butte in Arizona is currently being ruined by ugly disabled energy movie sets making the producers of these theatricks rich!

it should be left like this or build homesteads but that doesn't serve corporate welfare well

If you think it's this 49 square mile farm massive 755 foot tall wind turbines over nothing or over nuclear energy or over naturally recycled carbon based energies and one small coal plant with a small carbon landscape footprint think again. To be 100% renewable 1/2 the planet would have to look like the image to the left with ever stretched expanses of these wasteful systems that NEVER produce what is promised. They devour massive quantities of land and they cannot reproduce themselves to build & maintain these horrors they 100% require fossil fuels.  Did you know they each contain 500 gallons of oil and draw energy from the grid? Oil that needs to be changed regularly so what about that promise that these will keep oil in the ground, it's bogus sales pitch.

Renewables are actually AN ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER and waste energy
wind plantations are a public nuisance. They shred bats and birds which are natural insect repellants.

Petroleum based old propellers ending up in landfills solar panels are petroleum based plastic as well, this is not green, we were better off with carbon based coal that recycles itself in the Earth and is extremely efficient and plentiful. Dreams of 100% renewable future are a 100% farce, it is utterly impossible as these machines are dependent on fossil fuels and they burn up energy produced by other renewables, they are a scam to get your energy.


Your energy is again being diverted. It's handed from Main Street to Wall Street in yet another legal but energy inefficient money grab scheme. The ones that profit are land owners who lease these out, developers, a few service technicians, and investor portfolios, and not you as you end up paying for them in your electric bills and taxes and products you purchase which all have costs of electricity added. You might even already see this charge on your bill for "green energy" as a surcharge or electronics you buy. We are not saving the planet we are ruining it. Earth has no heat transfer/balance problem and we are wasting energy with these systems that merely transfer your hard earned energy mostly to others who just watch the money roll in.

Wind speeds there at Chevelon Butte are not even that great they are MARGINAL according to the US Department of Energy, the lowest rating on the chart!

 Is wind and solar Enron all over again   here's what happens when lightning strikes a turbine - cost to replace said to be 2 to 5 million of your dollars  USGS wind turbine database shows locations of all wind farms in the USA   watch first 11 minutes of DOWN WIND movie   FAA recinds approval of San Diego County wind farm planned for Indian Reservation  meeting in North Dakota tackled lighting systems that are supposed to go on only when aircraft goes by  Scotland Agains Spin reports judge quashed consent for Norfolk Vanguard based on cumulative effect of visual landscape threat  Arizona Corporation Commission tentatively approves mandate of fake clean energy 50% by 2035 and 100% of fake clean energy by 2050 then this happened in February 2021 and the ACC may be stripped of their sole ability to mandate use of renewable energy - HB 2248 bars any approval without legislative action details here  -  Vermont turbine project took 4 years for FAA to approve radar controlled aviation warning lights that blink annoying red at night - why does Navajo County Planning Commission have 4 out of 5 VACANT seats?

instead of building homes for everyone we build movie sets and energy theatre that makes the producers ungodly rich

look how beautiful California IS NOT at the entrance to Palm Springs with these things

speaking of movies "Twentynine Palms" was filmed here but there is also another movie named 29 Palms that is a great film to watch based in the California desert in 2003 in areas that have not yet been polluted with these monstrocities that utterly destroy viewscapes

wind energy is a lot like making movies it presents an illusion of clean energy that transfers energy, it's time we balance out this world of ours by making homes for everyone instead of building illusions

speaking of movies let's watch Michael Moore's new film that exposes the fraud and lies that are the foundations of renewable energy as these things are actually harming us and the planet not saving us 

it's playing online, not in any theater as those were all destroyed in the war on the invisible things that are billions of times smaller than a speck of dust and frankly do not have the power to harm any more than Godzilla

PLANET OF THE HUMANS film by Michael Moore and Jeff Gibbs has finally been released - it exposes the lies of the energy wasteful wind and solar and "bio fuel" (which is another name for wood chips) industries - it can be viewed online for free since now in our "smart" world of virus hunting insanity we have shut down movie theaters

  SPECIAL USE PERMITS  -  Chevelon Butte Wind Project    Hashknife Solar Project is expanding it's size!!!!    THE WIND ENERGY LANDSCAPE HOLOCAUSTlatest news on blinking lights and birds   Navajo County Board of Supervisors meeting minutes April 28, 2020   Montagne Sainte-Victoire in Provence one of the worlds most beautiful unspoiled mountains is getting marred by wind turbines   look at how they want to replace wind turbines from 1986 that have sat all this time not working never taking them down now enticing the public with fewer ones but massive in height and propeller width in California where you have to stay at home now and not go to public meetings to protest this crap it will ruin a very beautiful area once again and seen for miles they are being placed ON PUBLIC LAND the public can demand they not be placed there  no property owner has a "right" to place any industrial project on their land   news report shows how long these blades are as car drives by it when stuck on the highway


Flashing red lights can be seen 30 miles away on 400 foot turbines these will be 755 feet and likely be seen from San Francisco! 


Turbine fire in Texas burns 5 square miles of dry brush at Game Ranch THIS COULD HAPPEN AT CHEVELON 

Shasta County Fountain Wind EIR presents misleading viewscape 

crane falls closing road at Scioto Ridge wind project FOR AT LEAST ONE WEEK 

if a burning turbine causes a brush fire below residents at Chevelon might see this 

wild life biologist says wind turbines produce 2.5% of claimed output 

here's how a drive south from Winslow into the Chevelon area and Sitgreaves forest could look 

NYS siting board member resigns over state's lack of concern for public 

will wind turbines have billboards on top next on Route 99? Budweiser wants one claiming it shows how wind powers beer making 

wind turbine plantations are taking over so many beautiful landscapes I never thought we'd see it also happen in Montana

take a look at the photos to see what Chevelon will look like if all 170 turbines are built there  those tax revenues promised could disappear  small but vocal group gets developer to seek greener pastures this is a model for all areas  China gets the contracts while locals get billed 

what happens when these companies go out of business? 

someday the turbines will all have to be demolished see how they brought down one that had caught fire in San Patrico County 

September 29, 2020 meeting in South Dakota regarding Crowned Ridge wind project regarding sound statement by intervener mentions it's worse in winter - starts about 4:15 - also see docket EL19-003 

consumers paying 5% more in their bills for electric wind subsidies

for details on what can happen to surrounding land values read this extensive 177 page real estate consulting report impact analysis of the Niyol Wind Farm on surrounding rural residential and agricultural land values in Logan County Colorado

177 page Real Estate Consulting Report Impact Analysis of the Niyol Wind Farm on Surrounding Rural Residential and Agricultural land Values in Logan County Colorado

Wind turbine energy "farms" are a big waste of energy

"I don’t believe the public realizes what a horrible waste of resources that wind energy is when you start to look at the entire operation from beginning to end. Wind energy is definitely not RENEWABLE. And, even worse… the wind turbines are not lasting as long as the 20-25 years forecasted by the industry. A study that came out in 2012 by Gordon Hughes, researching the relatively mature Dutch and U.K. Wind Industry, suggested that only a few of the wind farms would be operating for more than 12-15 years." - Steve St. Angelo 

We see direct evidence of this in Buffalo, New York at Lackawana's Lake Erie at the Steel Winds wind farm where they need to replace all turbines after a mere 12 years as parts are no longer available! That means the project is costing at least double what they initially sold to the public and it's the public that will be paying for it in their electric bills for decades. Also count in the massive tax breaks and subsidies and we see how much energy these things WASTE. These renewable energy scams that channel public funds to others giving in return for the public vast expansive messes of blight is so bad we see example where the public utilities commissions pay the wind farms to not produce power. The constraint payments over ten years in this one was said to be enough to power 90% of Scottish homes for a year as a total of 607 million Euros. How much will be paid to this farm to not produce power? How much will be siphoned off to be sent to Los Angeles at discounts? How about bringing power to those out there who do not have it, no, instead we give more of our energy to the rich who already are siphoning off so much of it. Then we have presidential candidates that tell us we need to make these giant corporations richer with these massive wastes of our energy and that if we don't vote for them we will all die. These wasteful projects must stop.

What will this all cost?? $1 billion! This will all come out of your pocket and that of your children's children's pockets as tax schemes that favor these wasteful projects fund these things adding to the national debt in fact you will be paying 18% of this project cost in those tax credits and the rest of the cost of the project over time in rate increases and in 10 to 12 years the turbines likely will fail and need replacement when they can't get parts like in Buffalo's Steel Winds project and then your property taxes go up while these projects don't and you are paying for all of this for what, cheaper energy, no way! What you are getting is movie sets, fake clean energy theatre.

County Supervisor was missing in action

The public deserves a direct vote on this mess not merely relying on a few "representatives" like JASON WHITING of District 3 who did not even vote on the project. He was completely MIA. Had no mention of this on his Facebook page but he did show how he was given "supervisor of the year" award, a supervisor who is supposed to represent the huge numbers of property owners out there at Chevelon Canyon. He did not vote. No mention publicly anywhere in any medias. His award given him by his other supervisor buddies should be recinded.


This area needs electricity brought in not a create & burn energy facility

"Everyone who sees a wind turbine from their home should get electricity for free"

oh and what's that glare over there it's a massive solar farm coming north of Chevelon Canyon Ranch
to get an idea of the size of that take a look at this solar project map that's being planned in Vulcan County in Alberta Canada page 122 of the pdf to see it's massive size

Gee why can't she enjoy working outside anymore? Could it be that God did not design man to see spinning nauseating propeller monstrocities hovering over them? And do the developers and global industrialists or land leasers care about this poor hard working woman and the critters on the farm? No, they care about the energy they get.

"chickens stopped laying eggs, sold off the cows as they weren't doing well, wife was getting sick"

at this point in the film the reporter looks closer to see if the wind facility offices are open or closed, again emphasises that the tubines are not spinning, and we can see there is wind if we look closely at the quick view of the brush blowing in the wind, turbines use power to keep the brakes on even though they turn the blades so that they are not grabbing the wind

what ruined this idyllic countryside was it the grass, the barbed wire fence you can't even see, or something else?

"clean green energy" burns black

 as it it's all based on oil

Coconino County violated Arizona law by not providing the public the minutes of the planning commission meeting within 3 days giving the public a chance to review hearing they might not be able to attend there was a mere 15 days to appeal their 10 person planning board decision that was 100% unanimou$ but no one got to read what happened at the meeting until after that appeal period passed read about a similar situation EDF lawsuit heard in Gage County

view critique of developer simulations here 
view Special Use Permit app  Minutes of Oct 15 Navajo County planning hearing
other permits are still required yet before breaking ground 

HAWAII legislature declares red flashing wind turbine obstruction lights to be harmful to the environment

the problem is though they seek radar activated ones that are not guaranteed to be approved by FAA

and now we see other vast expanse states such as Wyoming banning the dumping of old massive petroleum based wind turbine propeller blades in landfills

I don't see sPower having submitted an approval with FAA regarding obstruction yet
I do see an approval by FAA for 75 foot tall transmission tower east of Show Low filed by Navopache Electric

carbon neutrality is insane energy policy

even Palm Springs is now FED UP with these pieces of junk

what if the Hudson River had 49 square miles of wind farm placed there when Sully was trying to land his distressed plane with hundreds of passengers?


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The Rocky Mountain Elk Project  

They present an interesting video about the "Adopt A Ranch" program and the O'Haco ranch which is where this massive wind farm of 49 square miles (but seen for thousands of square miles all around) will be located. It mentions keeping 65,000 acres open for everyone yet no mention about a massive sprawling wind farm coming in to spoil it. I have to wonder if the elk will mind. Wind farms often feature NO TRESPASSING signs. Take a look at this snapshot from the video, this is where the wind turbines will be blocking this beautiful openscape and Chevelon Butte in the distance. This may not be your land but these may be your views. I believe views belong to the public and are an ecological resource that needs protection.

Will the ranch remain the same allowing visitors to roam amongst the turbines? Who would want to? The video shows them putting in a well for the cows and wildlife. That's all so nice but since our tax money is going to build a wind farm here I would rather see our taxes go toward helping out areas where people live to get local electric that could pump water to their homes who never ever had electricity and a bridge over the canyon so people can more easily get to Winslow like they can from this parcel.

Chevelon Canyon and the Ranch, Acres, Retreat is to the left of this photo on the other side of the small canyon just a few miles away.

It may well be that energy made at this wind turbine project will go to Los Angeles sold at discounts or go to other wind farms to be burned while the land owner here profits immensely on your money. Wind farms are better at generating anger and wasted energy.

If you look to the right of the Chevelon Butte here it looks like there's that SODAR tower they put in to measure wind speeds before wind turbines are installed. On their website they show a page filled with banquets throughout the land but there were none in this area of Arizona only in Yuma, Tucson, and Mesa. Why don't they have one in Winslow and do another video showing that the O'Haco Ranch is allowing building 49 square miles of 60 story tall wind turbines for the elk?

A music video similar to the one made in 2019 by Dustin Lynch called "Ridin' Roads" certainly would not be filmed on Route 99 going from Winslow to the Sigreaves Forest after this farm is built. The video featured not one wind turbine in all of it's video presentation of his girl, himself, his guitar, and the landscapes driving in an old style Ford Bronco with the top off because wind farms uglify the landscapes.

This area of Chevelon Canyon which features gorgeous open vistas needs power brought in

Especially to the properties especially east of Chevelon Canyon where there are at least a few hundred private ranches, not almost 200 turbine skyscrapers that cause added standby power to grids that causes more CO2 in the air anyway and look horrible day and night. These would be the tallest things found anywhere in the entire "Grand Canyon State". To pollute the vast expansive horizons and this gorgeous mini Grand Canyon with massive industrial messes of ABUSIVE energy that takes energy directly from rate payers and tax payers giving it to the already rich is absurdly misplaced energy.

The Navajo Nation owns 27,000 square miles of land in the area and they are getting local power brought in for free

Between April to May of 2019 they had the benefit of 28 Public Power communities throughout the United States dispatching their electric line teams to help build power lines to Navajo homes. There were 138 volunteers who traveled to Navajo Nation for the six week pilot project and dramatically changed the lives of 233 families. Why are they not doing this for Americans in Chevelon Canyon areas? Meanwhile there is no word from MIA representative Jason Whiting as to what he will do to get these companies in to build power lines at no cost to those who live and own there at Arizona's mini Grand Canyon. And how much did all this cost rate and tax payers? Certainly all those lines, fossil fueled trucks, expenses, wires and poles, travel costs on fossil fuel based planes, all of that was not paid for by the workers, who paid for that all? Probably you. Light Up Navajo 2 will be coming 2020.

Jan 8 2020 - Coconino PLANNING COMMISSION - Study Session mentions "project was not appealed" which of course is because no one knew that this could be done and there is a fee for this. They allow 15 days from the hearing to appeal. I had been waiting for the minutes to be posted in January as next step in opposition, without that how can I know what was discussed to appeal or not.

Dec 4 2019 - Coconino PLANNING COMMISSION - On 12/27/2019 I learned this project is FULLY APPROVED by 10 PLANNERS who all voted YES. Valerie Webber of Coconino County stated "In regards to the Chevelon Butte wind project, the Conditional Use Permit was approved by decision of the Planning and Zoning Commission. Since the Planning and Zoning Commission decision was not appealed, it will not be coming before the Board of Supervisors." That was a shock to learn. I had not known that and was waiting for Board of Supervisors to present this in January and provide MINUTES OF THIS MEETING they said would be available in January even though Arizona law reequires it in 3 days. Apparently their code states that the public can appeal such decision of planners within 15 days "after paying a fee". This whole process smells. Coconino County planners do not live at Chevelon Canyon and should not have final say. There should be a vote by the public in both counties by the people not just a few planners. Wind projects are just too impactful to not allow the public to vote on them. They are not just a bigger garage or longer fence, they wouldn't even approve a 200 foot cell tower yet they ru$h to approve the Chevelon Butte wind project that covers 49 square miles and towers as high as Los Angeles skyscrapers. It will ruin drives from Winslow into the many unspoiled areas around Chevelon Canyon and going into the Sitreaves forest. It will be a disaster to the views east of the canyon which is like a mini Grand Canyon. It will destroy flying wildlife. Developer stated in this Dec 4, 2019 meeting he does not want U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service involved - gee wonder why, could it be they are very strict about industry killing wildlife. I have already contacted a bird group which is already suing DOE and ACE over another massive project at Lake Erie, read their lawsuit here.

read the minutes that were finally posted here 

Dec 10 2019 - Navajo County BOARD OF SUPERVISORS - unanimous approval 4 votes with one board member Jason Whiting unable to attend why was he not able to attend?? He represents that very area where the GEN-TIE is connecting to the grid and 8 turbines at the canyon and represents hundreds of home and land owners in the Chevelon Canyon Ranch, Chevelon Acres, and Chevelon Retreat areas that would be forced to see this disgusting blight from that entire area. I never received one reply to letters of concern sent to him and he was named "Supervisor of the Year" in December. Take that back from him. Nor did I receive reply from Tom O'Halleran who also represents these areas and also is no where to be found on this matter. O'Halleran is Democrat who participated in the impeachment sham, voting YES for Democrats witch hunt on the properly elected president and I will be supporting his replacement with Tiffany Shedd for Congress in 2020. I had presented my comments to the county clerk who assured me they would go to the Board of Supervisors. Obviously they did not make any impact. I think the $$$ are shouting over squawks of eagles, bats, & honey bees, viewscapes, residents and land owners once again as often happens when a $750 million project comes to town.

Oct 17 2019 - Navajo County PLANNING COMMISSION votes were stated by White Mountain Independent as approved by 3-2 vote I was unaware of that meeting in October and wish I had been able to express my concerns directly prior. Howe, Rhodes, McVicker voted YES. Decross and Murph voted NO. It went to BOS after that on Dec 10 (see above). view resolution 


THANKSGIVING & CHRISTMAS 2019 - for many the time is one to be thankful for many things for others like those who have learned since summer that their gorgeous pristine environment around their homes or undeveloped properties are now subject to a massive wind farm possibly blowing in to the region as it would transfer hundreds of millions of in tax payers subsidies featuring almost 200 blinking red lights all night long to make only certain individuals very wealthy while it smashes property values and doesn't even provide electricity from the grid out there to people as it would bring worse than certified city-fied blight and frustration instead of tranquility, well we can only be thankful & celebrate anything WHEN this project is turned down by Coconino and Navajo counties this December when the Board of Supervisors gets chance to VOTE THIS DOWN at whatever time that may be, (tis all approved now) so until then we are not enjoying these holidays that much, and instead of doing Christmas madness this year, I am enjoying what's left of serene open space and saving all that $ energy spent on gifts which is always created by efficient fosssil fuel based energies so I will have it to give to the industrialists that will raise my electric rates as they keep wasting energy like this. Meanwhile others who have gobs of money already are getting real giddy about this project and thus getting even more gobs of money all based on your energy and mine as I walked past a homeless person and had to tell them that I could not help as I have to save my green $ energy to give to developers for more wind farms through my taxes and electric bills so they have many homes and more energy to burn than the homeless plant their stark reminder of how dizzying white colonist energy scams can be.

view of wind farms after we had snow in the mountains above Palm Springs
these are between 3 miles to 7 or 8 miles away and well seen in the shade - my camera is not good so imagine these twice as stark and as bright as fresh snow
the moutains majesty almost take away their uglyness but if you can picture these without the mountains as it would be around Chevelon Butte these things look really really bad as they stick up high out of the horizon line they are simply awful and up close omg they are monstrosities

wind farms stand out even in the shade

Also keep in mind the height of the ones at the left 1/3 of this photo are half the size of ones that would be built at Chevelon Butte and are the closest to the camera at a mere 3 miles. They are shaded by cloud cover and my camera did not pick them up as well, they look very stark and visible in person. In the middle of the photo are mostly older ones that are 1/3 to 1/2 the size of what would be built in Coconino and Navajo Counties they are about 4 to 6 miles away. The ones in the right 1/3 of the photo are newer ones that are almost as tall as the ones proposed. Thse are about 7 miles away! The tan hills that they cover in that spot in the photo are about as high as Chevelon Butte. The purple mountains and snow covered majesty above stretch into many thousands of feet higher. Imagine those purple mountains above these not there and you see how the horizon would look from Chevelon Canyon and all ranch areas east that have a view of the butte. Wind turbines would dominate the horizon forever spoiling that area.

project developer simulations are disingenuous as they do not show how these things STAND OUT
I have now been studying these from various angles since July 2019 with a vengeance so I know exactly how bad these look from all angles, lighting, and distances. We do not want this marring the landscape above the Sitgreaves forest affecting viewsheds for all those private properties east and west of it and driving through these from Winslow to the forest would be just horrible, right now it's the nicest drive and unbelievably wonderful at night and currently is one of the few areas people can effectively escape to "recharge". Many years ago you could just go right outside Palm Springs a couple of miles to do this. You could find a spot in the open space hear these mountains and sit and gaze at the stars or get some sun amidst fantastic natural beauty. Now you have to drive much further out which uses more energy or just stay in a hotel that has a mural of how life used to be without this wind mess energy disaster.


I filmed this short display at night at the country's largest oldest wind farms just outside Palm Springs that have many newer turbines as well as older ones - it presents a very small section of the over 2000 wind turbines but it displays what would be seen by many properties at the same distance to the southern portion of the farm proposed by sPower - this view in my film is a distance of about 4 miles - Chevelon Acres and Chevelon Retreat would be subject to them much closer - I see these things whenever driving through that area of Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs up close and far away, they are horrible night and day and I expecially do not want that to happen to the gorgeous pristine night skies out there at Chevelon Canyon as that area is the most fantastic place to "recharge" without any such distractions, look at how disgusting they look even at twilight


Actually it would be better to put a coal or nuclear plant there. The Joseph City Cholla coal plant as seen below is being phased out. So while a 49 square mile wind farm will have temporary construction jobs and 2 permanent hires, the coal plant employed 200 and was on 1/49th the land.

Here is an image of that, don't be scared, it's 99.99% water vapor coming out of those stacks. I guess that water vapor does affect seeing horizons but they don't have flashing red LED lights all night long. TV is what has really ruined things as it deludes the mind into believing that wind and solar are better.

photo by PDTillman

be sure to look at this photo of steamy white clouds of what is mostly just water vapor likely 99.999% of it is merely water steam, pushers of fake clean energy on "new and improved" slave labor wind/solar plantations always present this as dirty, manipulating photos deceitfully, this one happens to be a bit dark as the sun was setting or pretty late in the day, and it's presented in black and white, the original was likely showing nice blue clean skies with whispy white clouds and showing the dark areas as merely shaded areas like under a beautiful old oak tree where a yellow ribbon had just been tied and we hear music playing in the village where people are enjoying their festivities in costume which is what "clean energy" presents itself as being when it's The Devil In The Details (TDITD)

clouds cause climate change not 1/2500th of the air of carbon dioxide

This POWER plant has provided efficient clean energy for decades but is now being phased out for chaotic wind as it's promised "new and improved" replacement of 49 square miles of wind turbine blight, and lest we not forget 89% of which so called "clean wind energy" will rely on fracking of natural gas use to make power reliably as backup and primary sources of Arizona's energy just like this plant did.

Meanwhile Navajo coal is being sold around the world to power to places like Communist China. The Navajo Tribes there own massive amounts of land rich in minerals and they prefer to only hire their own, stated right there on their company website but they don't subscribe to the US government rules regarding race preference, they just benefit financially from it's complex and efficient rules of trade and world wide commerce that were built on foundations of coal, natural gas, oil and water flows and could never be built with wind and solar DISABLED ENERGY.

Notice the are dark sides of the billowing "smoke" that look so dirty, on the other of those same dark clouds of "smoke" is bright white like a puffy water vapor cloud, that is because that is exactly what most of this "smoke" is, water vapor and the small amounts of carbon dioxide is recycled efficiently by the Earth's natural heating and cooling processes which create clouds, rain, snow, wind, and additionally the Earth's plants processit as well in fact they rely on it.

Coal and it's carbon base and dioxides (2 parts oxygen) is very clean, what's dirty is the lies by the industrial complex that is pushing wind and solar causing more waste while transferring your energy and that of your children's children to them.

Life cannot exist on planet Earth without carbon and oxygen.


CRITIQUE OF SIMULATION IMAGES found in the Special Use Permit application submitted to Navajo County

Special Use Permit application by sPower to Navajo County

 49 square miles of turbines many hundreds of square miles of viewshed ruined wild lives ruined. To get a sense of the incredible size of this project imagine walking or driving 7 miles then driving or walking another 7 miles to the right or left of that for a big 49 square mile footprint that can be seen a diameter of 100 miles from center and from outer space. What is the point if it's not even reducing carbon dioxide levels and actually uses more fossil fuel energy!
noise area and how much view shed will be ruined to the west of Chevelon properties east of the canyon

BEFORE WE GO ANY FURTHER, take a look at the dark spot in the middle, that is Chevelon Butte. It's a a little more than one square mile. The Joseph City coal plant takes up about one square mile. It's just north of here at I-40. Chevelon Butte Wind will take up 49 square miles yet only supply 1/2 of 1% of what a coal plant produces and wind farms also burn up energy from other renewables and in the end counting all costs is costing much more in our energy. Wind energy is unsustainable.

these larger ones were provided by developer in the SUP
smaller ones are my own

developer presented simulations that are very misleading

Just off Route 87 Jack's Canyon would see this farm. Chevelon Butte is center right. Most turbines would be from left of it to the right of it. This is looking northeast.
they can barely be seen in this simulation but in real life in many conditions they would be seen and especially at night with red flashing lights

This image is a disingenous presentation - in this photo it's as if they don't even exist. Only on certain weather conditions would they be this "invisible". Often the top half of turbines would be visible from moderate to strong. They would appear much more prominent of stark white in many lighting conditions. Red flashing FAA required lighting all night long would be very noticible except in places where brush is there in this foreground. The flashing lights would destroy the serenity of how we 'recharge' when we go far from city lights and industry. If it were just normal city lights there it would be tolerable.


Seeing nothing but darkness is KEY element in the ability to 'recharge'. City lights in the distance are not even always that bad but red flashing lights mar that experience significantly. It is not likely the developer would install the systems that turn on when aircraft approaches as that has to be approved by FAA first and still they can stay on for 30 minutes after the aircraft leaves the area so they too could still be flashing all night long. Those systems have issues. I wonder if soaring Eagles trying to warn their friends that are hunting for mice could also make it turn on.

Driving paved Highway 87 facing north as in this next image would see this farm very prominently much more than this simulation presents in most lighting conditions. It is a very disingenuous presentation to the public provided by project developer. Again they use cloud cover to disguise them but even so there are many days that look like this that these can still be very very visible and as you drive closer they become totally undeniably obvious and impossible to ignore. At this distance you would definitely see them and maybe wonder why did they ruin it here like this.
these turbines will look a whole lot worse than this image presents


KOP 3: State Route 87, Northbound (Coconino County) This KOP represents the view of a vehicular passenger traveling north on SR 87, southwest of the project site. This view from the two-lane, paved road is on a downward slope that ranges from one hundred to a few hundredfeet above the base of the proposed turbines. The turbines in the simulation are located a minimum of 4.79 milesfrom the KOP. This view has minimal vegetation and topographic obstructions of Chevelon Butte and East Sunset Mountain; therefore, the projectwould be clearly visible to a casual observer but at a distance that would not dominate the views. From this view, the contrast this project would introduce to the landscape will be moderate. This view was photographed midday on May 14, 2019

I know how these look from many angles at Palm Springs that features 2000+ of these turbines about 50% in size compared to what the developer plans to install (ones 755 feet) and they stand out horribly in many lighting conditions. Only certain more rare times with low haze/fog in the air do they look somewhat like how this simulation by sPower presents.

They present this legend:

The distance zones for evaluating impacts to scenery are:

Foreground: up to 1mile
Middle Ground: one to 3miles

Background: three to 5miles

The level of perceived contrast between the proposed project elements and the existing landscape is classified using the following definitions:

None: The contrast is not visible or perceived.
Weak: The element contrast can be seen but does not attract attention.
Moderate: The element contrast begins to attract attention and begins to dominate the characteristic landscape.
Strong: The element contrast demands attention, would not be overlooked, and is dominant in the landscape.

I would deem it between closer to strong especially as you get closer.

On 1/7/2020 we had a rare day around Palm Springs area where the turbines looked a little like KOP3 with the clouds and I noticed turbines were a bit less stark yet I have seen them 8 miles away and they stand out like in this next photo. The ones on the right are 8 miles away and about 550 feet tall.
wind farms stand out even in the shade

These turbines in that image range from 30% to 65% the size of what they will install at Chevelon.

The camera I used is low quality yet you can even see how the ones far away on the right side (which are 8 miles away and are smaller than what would be installed at Chevelon) stand out on a cloudy day. The ones on the left are closer about 3 to 4 miles and are also not as big.

If I had a better camera for this you would really see just how stark and visible these are in the day. KOP3 does not show this correctly. Also the ones to the furthest left are in a dark zone as there's shadow cast from the 10,000 foot San Jacinto mountain that routinely darkens Palm Springs sooner than other areas of the desert.

As you can see those in the shadow of an entire mountain not just clouds are the only ones that look somewhat like sPower simulation above.

So what, did sPower use a computer program from 1980 on floppy 5.25" disk to do their simulation? I can't help but conclude they are trying to deceive the public.

This next image shows these same ones at about 4 miles away and are about 35 to 60% the size of Chevelon Butte wind turbines so imagine these ones about 2x the size. Chevelon will have 175 of the newest models that are 60 stories high. That's like 175 Los Angeles skyscrapers strewn all over Chevelon Canyon and Butte and Los Angeles city center is no where near 49 square miles!

turbines at Chevelon Butte to be 755 feet tall - these are about 525 feet tall

Notice the white snow is about 24 miles away at 4,000 feet on the right, and to the left 38 miles away at 8,000 feet. That is basically how bright wind farms appear, like fresh snow on trees and tree trunks after a fierce storm that completely makes them white. This is REQUIRED by the FAA safety regulations so flying things can see them. sPower claimed in application they would make them blend in to the scenery. THAT IS A LIE they cannot do this. How could Navajo County even approve this when their own rules on these things states they must blend in? They know the FAA regs as I confirmed but the public has been presented all these images in open houses by sPower. This fraud. This is a $750 million project. There is big money here. This all needs to be investigated. Spoiling such serene views with white wind propeller skyscraping towers that burn energy that other wind farms and solar farms produce is obscene. Developer and media outlets routinely present lies about these projects not being seen from roads 87 and 99.

This next image below is KOP 5 on the SUP and is said to represent driving south on 99 at 4.1 miles from the farm that the driver would see prominently. Public comments reflect an understanding that they would actually rise above the butte so this again is disengenuous.

This image does not represent the starkness and clear visibility of them well enough at all. They make them appear as white weeds just barely noticable. The reality is they would be very well seen RUINING that complete horizon by day and at night with red flashing lights and driving through them they will be DISORIENTING monstrocities even with no wind blowing but especially if the wind is blowing. Imagine driving and your kids are putting their toy propeller airplane in your face moving it all around while you are talking to someone on your cell phone and your child is also grabbing the phone to use the camera.

Another problem is when as you approach them at certain times of the day such as 3pm in winter when sun is lowering, when the blades are rotating they cast shadows on the center support structure so you see this flickering on them. It's like a flashing way up there above ground and it grabs your attention. There can be rows of this flashing in the air above you. Talk about driving distracted!

I notice this on Indian Canyon going north on 1/8/2020. It's so unnatural your eye wants to look at it as you scan the road as you are driving as your mind tells you it could be something to watch out for but you look and you know it's just a wind propeller rotating and you look at the road and still see it as it's right there in your periferal vision, like a child in the middle console in front or the seat for passengers, waving hands. You know they are there not in the road but it still gets your attention, it's distracting and this matter is not discussed much and certainly not presented in materials that push these products on the public.

 Also take special note - look at the BRIGHT WHITE LINE on the road in KOP5 above - that is EXACTLY how those turbines would actually look bright white. They would be standing out ever so prominently and taller and thicker than in the simulation image. 

They look HORRIBLE in real life.


People drive into the Sitgreaves forest from I-40 to escape city life to 'recharge' then would be met with this dirty clean energy crap.

This next simulation is KOP 8 and is especially disengenuous. It shows only one more prominently as if it's a cute wind spinner looking out for us as seen on TV and it's younger cousin. This is stated to be a view from 4/10ths of a mile I guess from the one tallest to the right. THIS IS NOT HOW THEY WOULD LOOK THERE AT THIS SHORT DISTANCE. There is 5 more of the tallest one to the right outside this image. Next row about 1/2 mile out has 8. Image shows them hardly seen, you would see them. Then there is a massive sea covering the road up to 3 miles out.

Here is a better simulated view of how it will and is beginning to look like now in 2023.

In real life they are not barely visible, they are seen VERY WELL at this distance and there will be almost 170 of them there crossing 99 on both sides, you could see 100 as far as 6 miles away. Within that center rectangle I outlined they make it as if they are not even there. Again look at these in Palm Springs 3 to 8 miles.

wind farms stand out even in the shade

Next are ones 2 miles away that are about 1/2 the size of those for Chevelon.

Next we can see the beauty of wind blight energy at I-10 in California. The ones further away are visible and about that same distance of KOP8 on 99. Keep in mind these are short. The ones on 99 will be about 2x as tall and these are from .25 mile to 6 miles.

With a better camera you would see these so sharp and clear just how they look in person, not like how the developer simulation presents like they don't exist.

The wind industry does not want you to see them as they really are any more than some used car salesmen would want you to see or hear flaws of the car you are considering or you would most likely do what most everyone does and say "No thanks".


We should stop this horrible waste of energy and landscape blighting and transfer of your energy via tax subsidies and higher electricity rates that always keep kissing carbon dioxide clouds to nowhere.

clouds are what causes climate change not 1 particle of CO2 per 2,500 parts of other air


Wind farms burn up energy from other wind farms and solar farms of the excess energy they create and the grid cannot deliver as it's chaotic energy. They depend on your $ energy to fuel them. They are wastes of our energy.



SPECIAL NOTE: I contacted all Board of Supervisors in Coconino County in December (when I had thought it would presented to them for a vote after planning department had uninimous 10 votes to approve) telling them they really should see these in person and that I would assist in giving them a tour if I can. No response. I felt that one point was imperative that they see these in person before voting on it (of course later I found out they would not vote at all on it just leaving it to planning). I have had absolutely no responses by anyone in either county by supervisors, only clerks. I doubt anyone is covering this matter for the public any more thoroughly than myself thus it's odd that they would not correspond with me at all on such an IMPACTFUL project of 175 obstructions. I find that unprofessional and delelict in public duty. In stark contrast I made a public comment on the Steel Winds project on Lake Erie near Buffalo and received a very professional response by official there. What is going on here? I cannot help but conclude that they have no interest as I oppose the project but that should not matter. It seems to me and others that the public comment period was a mere formality. If this project is so great they should easily be able to respond and present their case to rebut my claims of them wasting energy, or merely acknowledge what I offered as my opinion with gratitude. No such thing.

NOTES ON FAA REQUIRED LIGHTING: In the Special Use Permit application by sPower first they say "The obstruction lights within wind farms are typically synchronized to illuminate at the same time, 20–30 times per minute".

That would be bright red LED annoying lights flashing in winter a whopping 25,200 times per night.

They also say they would use safety lighting that turns on only when aircraft approaches. Which is it?

This may seem like a great solution to keep the night sky free of blinking red lights but these systems have problems all their own, and FAA must first approve this kind of system so it is by no means guaranteed and highly unlikely. FAA also considers all wind turbines of this project that are proposed regardless which of the 3 are selected to be OBSTRUCTIONS. Anything 499 feet and higher is an obstruction.

Since learning that I now consider all of these wind farms obstructionists. They are obstructing the peace and tranquility of our lands, our minds, our vistas, our and investments and should all be removed as things that ARE IN THE WAY and they are wastes of our energy. If red LED they use little energy so that is not the big issue but when turbines are turned on powered by the grid they use up a lot of energy even energy that is made by other wind farms that cannot be used.

In the FAA rules AC No. 70/7460-1L Section 13.8 says during construction they should be illuminated at night. Section 14.1 discusses proposed Aircraft Detection Lighting Systems. These can be on as long as 30 MINUTES!  Section 4.2.2-1 states "In the event detection of the aircraft is lost while being continuously monitored within the 3 NM/1,000 foot (5.5 km/304 m) volume, the ADLS should initiate a 30-minute timer and keep the obstruction lights on until the timer expires." Section 4.2.2-2 states: "For ADLSs without the capability of monitoring aircraft targets in the 3 nm/1,000 foot (5.5 km/304 m) volume, the obstruction lights should stay on for a preset amount of time, calculated as follows: a. For single obstructions: 7 minutes. b. For groups of obstructions: (the widest dimension in nautical miles + 6) x 90 seconds equals the number of seconds the light(s) should remain on." Project is as wide as 13 miles + 6 = 19 x 90 seconds = 24 minutes. Acceptance of these systems is determined on a case by case basis by the FAA so this is not guaranteed they would be approved. They consider flight patterns and other factors. Standard bright red flashing lights are between 40 and 60 flashes per minute. Appendix A Figure A-26 shows that additional red flashing lights required on turbines over 699 feet high so the 3rd choice as presented by sPower would need those additional markers midway on the masts. Figure A-29 shows two configurations where not every turbine is lit but I have seen most all turbines lit here at Palm Springs. REF AC No. 70/7460-1L

Winslow mayor is for this project he must not understand how horrible it would make the night sky look from Winslow and how negatively it could affect tourism, I know I would not go to Winslow to visit or access Sitreaves forest knowing I'd have to drive through a sea of disgusting wind turbines and knowing that the mayor of Winslow supported it

Hutch Road from 377 and Forest Road 153 from Heber would be used for access in construction phase

Navajo County website shows application for special use permit in PDF 329 pages on page 15 makes mention of Hutch Road but further into the SUP on page 142 of 329 it shows the full route

view map showing the exact routes

Navajo County building codes state wind turbines must blend in with the surrounding landscape using tan but FAA requires white. I inquired with the county on this code, they said they will comply with FAA rules and that 2010 code is not updated as they are underserved with proper expertise and staff to update wind energy codes. The county has concerns about projects blending in not causing too much visual disturbance.

here's an image showing how awful they look in the pristine mountains of West Virginia

This project must be stopped. It's not serving a broader public interest only interests of those invested in using your tax subsidies for their gain. The only way to handle the issue of impact is saying no. Renewables inefficient. Even Bill Gates said that it's time we stop wasting our time with these. Northern California Humbolt County Planning Commission just voted a project down. Read the letter presented by the City of Rio Dell for some good points, one being was need for Performance Bond to take care of dimantling at end of life amongst other things such as the beauty being spoiled. Lompoc California outside Santa Barbars has just approved a project. I will not go visit there now as I am looking for places to go that don't have these monstrosities. It would be detrimental to toursim.

I have also learned that wind farms USE UP EXCESS ENERGY in the grid that is being produced by solar and other wind farms from around the entire US grid system. What is going on here? Is this project another "windfall" for developers and investment portfolios? How can anyone say this is in the public interest for us to build another renewable energy farm that produces energy for other farms to use up when there is too much supply?

The furthest sections of Chevelon Canyon Ranch to the east of the proposed wind farm would be about 13 miles away. I have seen the Palm Springs wind farms from 20 miles away and the flashing red lights remain starkly visible just smaller in size and they still look HORRIBLE from that distance.

Chevelon Canyon properties are east of the canyon and the proposed wind farm project
Navajo County parcel search


view project map   Chevelon Canyon Ranch forum

GEN-TIE connection to the grid was APPROVED on 10/28/2019

SPower (aka Sustainable Power Group LLC owned by AES Corporation has proposed a wind farm with 175 turbines covering 49 square miles that will rise 60 stories high like skyscrapers directly west of the entire Chevelon Canyon Ranch and Chevelon Acres and Chevelon Retreat properties at Chevelon Butte which would destroy viewsheds throughout this entire Arizona region including Mogollon Ranch off Route 87 and will even be visible from I-40.

This project must be stopped to save the viewscapes and wildlife there.

Have your counties use this money to build roads and bridges instead to save and renew energy. Our current administration in Washington is on this path already. Counties should be seeking subsidies for roads and saying no to wind farms that are NOT SUSTAINABLE.

look how Route 87 would look at night and photos and video of how Chevelon areas could look

FIRE DANGER: all it will take is a bolt of lightning or an electriclal malfunction to turn one of these spinning skyscraper turbines into a ball of fire raining down flaming oils and solvents all over the brush below to create another horror that could jump the canyon and destroy Chevelon area homes and land and there is no fire department out there we don't need 175 ready to light turbine match sticks threatening that area for decades to come

EMERGENCY RESPONSE DANGER: read letter from FIRE CHIEF Nate Blazer concerned about a rural wind farm project and their inability to service via air emergency response - they can't get in to the entire area of a smaller wind project there - this means that 49 square miles at Chevelon Butte is completely off limits to emergency air response reference

&nd the developer is disingenuous in presenting closest home is 2.6 miles from start of turbines, there are some manufactured homes much closer, if turbine stars fire at the 8 turbines at the base in Navajo County there would be no way to respond quick enough to save homes>

contact your representatives    vote out O'Halleran in 2020    public hearings were September 16 - 19, 2019 meeting in Flagstaff where public comments can be made in person, online, by phone, email or regular mail there may be another meeting in December 4 > this meeting was about the GEN-TIE where they build small stations and lines that allow the wind farm to tie in to the high power lines that run through this region - staff at the Arizona Corporation Commission approves of these lines stating they believe it has the "potential to improve some aspects of reliability, resilence, and safety of the grid as well as power delivery in Arizona" - this seems to contradict other materials I have come across about grids being negatively affected by industrial scale wind farming projects      sPower pulls their wind project out of Ohio  sPower refiles their project in Ohio

read my public comment  I have requested transcript of hearings

this first image is of Chevelon Canyon Ranch and Chevelon Acres and Chevelon Retreat properties that are directly east of the proposed wind project many of which would be exposed to a sea of flashing red lights at night and stark white wind turbines by day in the distance - to view just how bad it would make this pristine area look go here    threat of wild fire is a huge concern after the 2002 Rodeo-Chediski fire consumed over 468,000 acres

Mogollon Ranch properties are around 600 - 800 feet above the proposed wind farm

this next image shows the Mogollon Ranch properties highest section at 6823 feet
the farm would be lower at about 6000 to 6200 feet

highest point of Mogollon Ranch is 6823 feet

this next image shows broader view of the area - Coconino County is outlined in red
click on the image to visit their maps page - when there choose the "Parcel Viewer" to search properties

look how Route 87 would look at night 

look at how Chevelon Butte Wind Farm would likely look in the day 

new film on alternative energies claims we have been exposed to fraud 

nuclear plants are being built all over the world 

contact me and get updates


PAST EVENT in Flagstaff on September 16th 1PM continuing 17th at 9am and 18th at 9am public comment September 16th at 6PM details





insectivorous bats are being massacred by wind energy one bat can eat between 500 and 1,000 mosquitoes and other insects in just one hour or about 6,000 per night…

& if this isn't bad enough I just found out wind farms are being used as ENERGY DUMPING GROUNDS to get rid of excess energy produced in the grid

what is going on here?

you can drive by them and see them spinning and they might be using up excess energy NOT producing it

are these more like movie sets presenting illusions?

who keeps telling us these are clean and good for us, those profiting from them? there sure are some heavy hitters pushing these things with ties to the energy they produce for their portfolios

Bill Gates says it's time we stop messing with renewables
"this term clean energy screwed up people's minds"

they are ruining the planet

STOP Chevelon Butte Wind Farming Project

for those who subscribe to the vector spread disease theory this means that 175 wind turbines in that area will make people sick
that one West Nile or East Nile or South Nile virus could have been eaten by that bat that would have been alive without these monstrocities
to fix this our politicians and health dictators will present another endless array of industrialist solutions invoking chemical sprays
that if done would then cause other problems of killing more wildlife and the bandwagons play on and on and on and on
it's time we let nature handle these things more and more and leave the world free of the intrusions of industrial wind energy that waste energy

view the homepage for more details on wind energy and this and other projects


go here to view the homepage which has details on meetings and current matters pertaining to the proposal to add a 168 turbine wind farm covering 48 square miles just west of Chevelon Canyon


Licence Cancelled: Top French Court Strikes Down Unlawful Wind Farm Planning Rules

New builds would be forced to meet stringent new noise rules and "existing operations will be forced to shut down until they can demonstrate that they are capable of satisfying a new and stricter noise standard; one which allows neighbours to sleep comfortably in their own home at night.

 the ranching industry is being destroyed

 and to make it better

Horses  Transportation Energy



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special statement on current crisis in understaning health issues