The INEQUITY of building massive land and air space devouring wind projects without providing EQUITY is the hallmark of every Green New Steal project and particularly true with the Chevelon Butte Wind massive 49 square miles of land devouring wind farm planned to be built by sPower using your green dollars

Biden is not clule-less he knows the Green New Steal energy flows to his portfolio and that of his friends with fake clean energy and with all that energy they have endless flows of that power to get their party elected or enough power to steal elections. None of these people with the exception of that AOC thing are that stupid they only care about themselves. They are all just liars. Even the turnip that fell off the truck understands clean energy is dirty.

In reading about the Washington State House Bill 1871 the word equity is presented in regards to how these monstrous wind and solar disaster zones rip away EQUITY from those who live near them. The INEQUITY is being addressed there.

This is the lever to start using on these liars. Use their own clamoring about inequity to force them to by law be fair to those rural and often poorer communities that these systems utterly destroy. The push for equity will make it clear that the cost of providing that will make the project impossible to build.

For example at the Chevelon Butte Wind project by sPower south of Winslow, Arizona planned for 49 square miles of pristine open space adjacent to the Apache-Sitgreaves Forest there are vast expanses of ranchettes that have no power. This INEQUITY of placing massive wind farm there without also providing convenient electric power from the grid to the properties there is then obvious that they are violating their own EQUITY policies.

Environmental groups and all the players in this green energy movie set like illusion of wind farms allegedly saving the planet from what is always kept in balance by nature, and their false claims of endless "free" energy, are setting up the world that relies on reliable always flowing energy for real emergencies as they selfishly and INEQUITABLY keep sabotaging reliable and affordable power supplies and their actions are INEQUITBLE as it steals your money and gives it to the global elitists via their portfolioists and pension plans. It's another tax money grab and scheme using lies about the Earth's climate which is not in peril, only the climate of EQUITY is in peril as they keep conning the public. Wind farms waste energy.

inspired by Stop These Things article found here