Cloud Peak Mines in Wyoming bankrupt sold to Navajo Transitional Energy Company and wind farms are sprouting, wait, what is going on here, Native Americans are taking over coal?



Wyoming is building wind farm blight to the delight of trailer parks that have full capacity now of residents.

Lovely. Are the farms at the edge of Yellowstone National Park and being set up across the street from multi million dollar ranches just outside of it to the east on the road to Casper? Hell no. If you have never driven this route you must someday it is beautiful and you see massive ranches of your dreams and the realities of Rich Industrailist Beneficiaries (RIB).

Imagine more and more and more and more of these wind blight farms popping up and fewer beautiful unspoiled areas, guess what happens to those areas like on the road to Yellowstone, they become double the price, triple, quadruple even more and who buys them now, rich Siliconites and their friends.

Now we see where this is all going. Besides the taxpayer funding these blight farms directly into the portfolios of the rich industrialists and their beneficiaries they get the added bonus of more demand for their properties.

Shit on all the little people with wind farming and sucking green energy from them. It's not exactly a new concept in America and the world but this is really getting out of hand now with wind farming which is massacreing open space to no end now. It's often proposed in areas that are poorer and less populated but it's disgustingly unfair as it brings the stress of these piles of spinning blight to them when they once had serenity. Where are the Democrats on serenity laws?

I started thinking about this when I read about Cloud Peak Mines going bankrupt which is no surprise as the climate Nazis had won power in lawmaking for a long time forcing America to devour millions of acres of land to plant wind farm seeds that sprout into spinning Godzillas.

So Navajo Transitional Energy Company which sounds so nice as we love Native Americans bought it and will mine coal. That's right, no end of coal there. In fact Navajo reservations coal mines are flourishing. They are making a fortune. They are on track of being 3rd largest coal company in the USA.

"Navajo Mine is located on the Navajo Nation, a vast Indian reservation that spans three states and has boundaries that encompass 27,000 square miles of traditional Navajo homelands. As such, Navajo Mine has an 85 percent workforce that are Native Americans, most of whom are Navajo." states their website which also states they have provided hundreds of jobs mostly to the Navajo people since 1963.

Meanwhile in the eastern part of Arizona a coal mine is being shut down removing hundreds of jobs for non Native Americans who might be forced to relocate to Wyoming in order to survive and live in trailer parks where rents have been jacked.

The Chevelon Butte wind farming proposed project is next to the Navajo County area of Arizona where these tribes own a massive amount of land. The project would traverse a small portion of the county on it's west side at Chevelon Canyon to connect using GEN-TIE to the grid, the high power lines that traverse there. East of Chevelon Canyon there are many residential properties none of which have the pleasure of being able to connect to the grid to receive electric power. In contrast there are native American tribal areas that do have power even new power lines brought in free of charge paid for by ratepayers to various electric companies that offered these expensive installations as a service of good will (or marketing endeavors).

When you go to the Navajo Transitional Energy Company website you see some absolutely fantastic unspoiled scenery of The West. It mentions "community sustainable projects" which is to be expected as the buzz word "sustainable" is everywhere now in regards to energy but it also says project areas include LED lighting. Getting off the main subject for a moment, LED lighting is not really sustainable in the way most people think that word means. LED lighting is inextricably dependent on fossil fuels for manufacture. You can't make them without plastic. We used to make light bulbs from sand and wire and coal fired manufacturing facilities or even hydro like in Western New York's City of Buffalo in the early half of the 1900's when Niagara Falls provided unlimited clean hydro power, which was sustainable, now we use oil in massive quantities to make more plastic than ever and these bulbs have more chemicals in them than silica and wire light bulbs so they are more harmful to the environment. Gee who knew. Ever touch a new LED bulb? Man and woman those things get HOT. Heat was supposed  to be our enemy, global warming, hello? The solar panels shown also depend on oil. They use a lot of plastic. They only last about 10 years. They generate more heat into the atmosphere. Not to fault the tribes or this company for promoting them on their website, just pointing out facts.

Then we have websites now that are all dependent on plastic that run 24/7/365/forever now as we must have instant access to information constantly. Has anyone calculated how much oil is used for all this computer crap that is wrecking our planet? We can't even get rid of our recyclables anymore in California, all the ecoPlanet sites have vanished because China and other countries are mad R us now and refuse our waste and recyclables anymore, we used to ship them by unicorn to the other side of the world because that method does not use fossil fuels but now we can't because unicorns all walked.

UPDATE 12/28/2019

In the above link the Hopi Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy states that they have to consider new buyers of their coal. Here is a snapshot. Click on the image to go to the document which is many pages for some fantastic reading on the history, geography, governing bodies, population, economic goals and more!

I wrote many members of the Tribe that were at the July 2019 meeting that sPower hosted regarding the "wind blight energy dump site slash energy abuse site" as I now refer to these wind farms since learning how they ROUTINELY BURN UP ENERGY FROM OTHER RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES but I got no response from them.

I was trying to inform them of these discoveries and how we have all been had by the big money corporate ponzi like schemes called "green energy" which is really dark puke green as they are all wastes of energy in these industrialist applications and transfers of energy to big portfolios for the rich so they can continue to live like rock stars and waste massive amounts of energy all derived from those fossil fuels that have created longer lifespans for billions of people while the planet continues to do just fine and anyone who claims otherwise is either a huckster or ill informed.

update 1/19/2024

Seems their coal strategy is working out just fine.


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