Wind farms routinely DRAW ENERGY FROM THE FOSSIL FUEL BASED ENERGY GRID often using up over produced energy that has no buyers


11/16/2019 updated 12/8/2019

What is going on here? Did you think they only made energy? Where on TV or movie did you get that idea?

The Lone Wind Ranger is always there to use up energy in order to protect the grid from excess. He represents all wind turbines that are ready to kick into gear burning up excess grid energy. Each one is a super hero. Click on the image above to view the film. It's nothing special just shows how one is burning up energy from the grid while others sit idle. I stopped panning the camera for a point about half way through this film as there was another lone spinner much farther in the distance but my camera did not pick that up well so you might not be able to see it in the video (click on above image to view the video).

It was the same one I have referenced in this photo below that also was spinning that day when there was no wind. The image below was snapped on November 1st, 2019.

update: On Dec 10, 2019 I looked up the hill east of route 62 and there was a different lone spinning quite fast turbing drawing power from the grid, there was no wind, it was the oldest wind farm that was build I think in the 1980's short grey towers with white blades quite small in comparison

I think it's important people be aware of how wind farms DRAW ENERGY and this is simply not being presented to the public and trying to find out how much energy is drawn is difficult as these developers do not want you to know that they DRAW ENERGY FROM THE GRID ROUTINELY.

They cannot function without doing so.

Some people think all these things do is save us from fossil fuels. It is a fantasy to believe that.

If you think solar power is so fantastic think again and again and read:

"Unreliable solar is now the largest single generator in the Western Australian grid. It’s not only bad because there are no other states to dump the excess energy on, or to save the state, but despite the vast size nearly everyone lives within 100 kms (60 miles)."


In the USA we have a broader grid but what in the world is going on here with producing and dumping energy routinely. All arrows are pointing to massive industrialized world scam.

In studing these issues for years I knew that these wind  turbines routinely draw power for regular maintenance but never knew how much energy they really used. I finally got confirmation of the cost of the power they draw - $1000 per month just to keep a DECOMMISSIONED one in enough service to keep the ugly flashing red aviation warning lights on and whatever mechanisms draw power.

The amount of energy used to cause the blades to spin as they draw power from the grid must be MASSIVE.

If any developer wants to present that data to me go right ahead.

I am sure the public would love to hear about it and how THEY are the ones paying for it but still I want to know how much energy is being USED UP due to excess energy produced and why is there excess energy produced on the grid, are these wind farms producing energy THAT ARE BEING BURNED UP BY OTHER WIND FARMS?

click on this image to read more about that day

Tom Ogden, Hobby whore wrote about this on the internet

Dump loads from the fossil fuel grid that OVER GENERATES POWER.

OMG HOW MUCH ENERGY IS BEING WASTED BY GRIDS! Something is wrong with this whole picture.

Already we see proof of this, "Maine could be a prime location for a pilot project that converts surplus electricity from wind farms and other renewable generators into a gas that can be stored in underground pipelines." archive source

!!!  surplus electricity from wind farms and other renewable generators  !!!

That article also presents this fun fact, "Plants that demonstrate these technologies are running in Colorado, and in California, which already produces more solar power than its grid can handle."

So here's more proof that when you see these wind farms spinning as shown in my first tiny film "The Lone Wind Ranger" based at the Palm Springs wind farms off Indian Canyon Road that these projects are using up energy THEY CREATE.


So again, as you see them spinning they are USING POWER FROM THE GRID SOME OF THE TIME, MAYBE A LOT OF THE TIME? How did they "dump loads" of over supply prior to wind farms?

Is it possible that "over production" could be happening because it benefits those at the controls?

Does the wizard behind the curtain come to mind in that other famous movie set?

We had Enron, how do we know that this isn't happening in a different way that is well not exactly a scam like Enron that is at their hands so obvioius, but just close enough where over production is benefitting investors and these companies more than the public as these wind farms deal with over production? We have push for wind farms and other "renewables" now at the hands of the public demanding it but who's telling us we need this? Bill Gates says it's time we stop playing around with these renewables and go to stable reliable sources.

I also learned this, "The market for wind energy in the United States disappeared overnight with the disappearance of the Californian support schemes around 1985." Then later in the 1990's we started to see the green movement start to blossom, with those who pushed and continue to push renewables these support schemes had a rebirth and now we see wind farms have taken over so much beautiful landscapes is this what we want the planet to look like, an endless array of this crap? They waste energy! Wind farms cannot function without your energy to pay for them.

And before we get sucked into more hype of yet another solution to a problem with energy storage "solutions" for renewables let's keep in mind how much energy over the last 40 years these systems have stored in bank accounts of those profiting most off of them, draining your energy as you pay for them in your energy bills and taxes.



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