North Dakota Public Service Commission hearing on the same type of lighting that is promised for Chevelon Butte wind project will discuss the problems and advantages of these systems that turn the warning lights on when there is movement approaching. These systems have problems and they are subject to serious review by FAA. Campo project on Indian land in San Diego County just saw FAA recind their approval citing need for much more study. There is no guarantee these types of lighting would be approved so all interested parties should assume that they will not be and this area would be covered in 49 square miles of ugly bright red flashing lights all night long as seen east of Route 377 and in Palm Springs Desert Hot Springs Whitewater areas where there is 2000+ turbines that flash and ruin nightscapes.

Meeting is as follows and anyone can call in to share their thoughts: December 11, 2020 - 10:00 am CST 

Work Session (51.00KB pdf) Internet Broadcast, Light Mitigation Technology Stakeholder Discussion,  General Public Call-In Information, Dial 1-888-585-9008    Access Code 259-316-322    Bismarck, ND