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Massive chain-reaction pileup on interstate

You know it really does not help that vehicle ads are presenting people driving like maniacs for fun. The pileup of 63 cars was horrific. FCC has forced black and white banners at the bottom of new ads for financial products warning of the risk. I suggest they do the same with vehicle advertising but with bigger warnings like on combustible tobacco products and take the massive ones off flavored portable fog makers.

Tesla electric car memory burn out

Electric computerized cars are too dependent on memory. After 4 years some of the Tesla vehicles are showing a black screen and cannot charge as memory gets burned out after so many rewrites. This could make one a pile of trash because it's so hard to get parts. We have seen this happen many times in the industrial world. I don't like electric cars except for golf courses.

I am concerned at how many commercials show drivers speeding

All of these car companies now are presenting their cars as speed demons that you can drive 100 mph around mountain curves and go off road to places you can only hike to. People are driving way too fast now. They are getting stuck in sand and in places they can't get out of. Slow down. Turn off that radio that's also getting you all hyped up. Think 5x before you go off road with that car that has bicycle tires.

Cars with bicycle tires

I can't stand the new cars that no longer have car tires on them. It's like the rubber meets the road now is the rim meets the road. They have about 1/3 the rubber and are costing 3 times as much. What is rong with this pitchure.

Tesla Model 3 crashes truck short time later explodes

Just when you thought batteries were going to save us. Hey, batteries happen.

The mining of the minerals that are used in lithium batteries waste energy and are so destructive to the planet yet eco-goons everywhere keep preaching how batteries will save us. Mother Nature never mentioned those sermons in her calendar of historic events like how she caused all the icebergs to retreat over billions of years without man. Now man thinks it's bigger than her and these goons keep telling us that she had a sex change and pompously tell us we have to stop referring to her as she or preferably call her a they and allow theyher to use any toilet theyher wants which hopefully is dumping on these eco-loons as  the eco-loons keep dumping their waste on everyone else.

Electric F-150 prototype

Claim is that it towed 1,000,000 of rail cars 1000 feet. I would have to wonder about gearing ratios. They talk about "instant torque" and 470 lb feet of such "by increasing engine speed". Based on the basics of physics and principles of energy transfer that would use a lot of energy, thus the drain on the battery for such loads would leave for little distance available to drive in comparison to using reliablle renewable fossil fuels.

Are LED beacons making the roads safer?
They are awfully bright, and their strobing effect can be blinding. I find them to be problematic. There is also a problem when in the dark you see a crisp clean stark light driving by lighting up an area and your pupils change so that it lets in less light then when the car drives by suddenly it's dark again and thus since your eye adjusted you are less able to see the dark areas whereas before with more natural lighting sources you would be able  to see that darker area much better. All this switch to LEDs is creating this problem everywhere.

Is the Tesla an awful car?

Volvo says self driving cars better without humans as backup
great now just as soon as they create robot housekeepers like the one in the Jetsons, that cook and clean, and not just robot vacuum cleaners, ones that shovel the show in winter, and show us how great their cars drive through snow (they can't judge snow and rain very well at all) then we are getting somewhere, I mean like even in the Jetsons the vehicles had to be driven by humans

Government website changes position on climate change
says that it's a matter of debate

Solar power claimed to now be cheaper than "fossil" fuels
great now would someone please let us know when they use only solar power to manufacture the things and they stop using fossils

Wattway powers the world's first solar road
this is in test phase now

The Tesla model X is an "awful car" as one reviewer puts it
he must be joking right?

A note on autonomy, I think we FIRST need to create a human robot that can clean house every day without breaking anything, or even start with a "smart vacuum" that roams the floor and doesn't get stuck in dog poop making the floor and itself a pooey mess, then we can look at machines driving themselves and us around. Autonomous cars are likely never going to fly, litterally and figurratively. There's too many things in it's way all over the place going different speeds, too many reflections it can misjudge where a human wouldn't, on and on. Airplanes that "fly themselves" don't have these problems.

Dodge adds all wheel drive to the Challenger


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Cluch change tip to lock in place when tightening and loosening bolts

Using a cut piece of an old flexplate as seen in this image from perfectionclutch video it makes it so that with one person you can tighten up the bolts properly when replacing a clutch assembly.

Goodyear introduces a concept tire shaped like a planet

It's based on the concept of levitation and magnetics. You gotta watch this video someday


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