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Electric car 1977

The AMC Pacer looked like a fishbowl. Back window made it easy to see all around. Click on the photo to see larger view. A very unique design and these are hard to find now especially in electric. These are VINTAGE CLASSICS and sought after.

You can keep your electric cars, I will never buy one

Recharging a car is stupid. You recharge a gasoline powered car and it takes less than 5 minutes total including payment with stupid money. Electric, first you have to figure the fuck out where a recharge station is, no problem just pull out your fucking stupid phone, if it gets a signal then you might connect using the stupid app that lists all the charging stations, it's so convenient, it will show a mess of dots on your screen that you can't see because it's in stupid color and it's day time and you are outside because,well that's where your car is outside mostly during the day, so you swipe and scroll on your stupid app and finally after abour 2 hours find the charging station, well the app said it was free but since then someone stupid showed up, so you wait 5 hours for them to finish and then you realize your friend's Tesla has stupid proprietary plug and you hunt around the car for an-other 23 hours, have to order an adaptor online, wait for it arrive, Amazon gets it to you in 24 hours, then suddenly someone else pulls in, you wait another 1 hour, then YOU HAVE TO BACK IN you cannot pull up forward because electric charging stations are all back in, so being that you hurt your neck yesterday doing the lawn with the stupid mower that battery died half way and you tripped going back to recharge it, you have trouble turning around to back in, so much so you have to ask someone else to back in and they hit the charging station as they can't see out the stupid car back slanted window and when you hear that sound your crick your neck again and feel shooting pain and finally get ready to charge it and use your stupid phone to get the stupid charger to be paid which you try to see the screen on that in the day and can't again because it's color and it shows stupid man animated jumping up and down and other crap who fucking cares except millennial children in kindergarten and after 2 more hours it's ready and you finally plug in your stupid car and wait 77 hours for it to charge then you drive away forgetting to unplug it and cause 77 thousand dollars in damage to your stupid car, stupid cord, stupid charging station, stupid curb, and stupid techno-illogical retardation that's all "saving us energy" while making all the tech billionaires trillionaires who continually non-stop forever burn massive amounts of carbon based fuels to thoroughly enjoy being filthy.


LED street lighting is making driving and walking more dangerous

The problem is this, they are a blue light. Ever look at a backlit sign on a building that is in blue? It's very hard to see at night. Red is easy to see. Yellow also easy to see. Even thought these LED lighting systems (that are very expensive) present a "white light" that can make the area where they are brighter, they glare, and cause the darker areas  to be worse. You can test this out at home if you have one of those cool multi color LED bulbs, at night turn it on red. After your house mate feels need to comment on how it now looks like a brothel, notice the clock and see how well you can read the numbers and see the small and big hand. Then turn it on blue, you will barely be able to decipher it. LED street lighting has been the rage in the quest to "save energy" but they are replacing the yellowish sodium vapor lights and what happens now is when you drive you see a bright lit intersection of this LED bluish tone light so your eyes adjust as if it's "daylight" then as you pass through YOU CAN'T SEE MUCH OF ANYTHING. This is horrible. I have already seen evidence of people veering off the road bashing down reflectors in a curve where these new so called improved lighting is placed and noticed this phenomena myself, it's much harder to see the curve now. I think the push for these LED lights is based more on big industry having a hold on governing bodies more than it is for real safety, prioritizing the "save energy" concept, and thus cash flow for those who benefit the most at the expense yet again of the consumer, driver, gas buyer, and taxpayers.

LED lights and all running lights now requiring headlights to be ON ALL THE TIME WHEN DRIVING are dangerous. They are glaring. You are waiting to make a left turn, there's all these cars some headlights on some not and it's NOON and sunny, it changes the perspective. The eyes tend to want to look away from those cars with the glaring lights. That law needs to be recinded. It was pushed by manufacturers and the usual CON CON GRESS approach to getting things done that build portfolios first and foremost, throwing the logic, the very good and well proven science that says these headlights do not need to be on during the day nor should be required be on during the day as they are distracting drivers away from focusing on traffic properly. They may look at the cars to decide when it's safe to make that turn but because of this glare problem they may not see other cars. Really, this is not safe to have this requirement.

Jeep crosses a river easily even though it's 12 feet deep

start movie at 3:47 start movie at 3:47

The Jeep is the most versitile vehicle ever produced.

Speeding driver in Los Angeles mountains kills motorcyclist

This is why I think all TV commercials showing excess speed should be banned. Live Leak

Does Elon Musk's Vegas Tunnel Vehicle Suffocate Innovation?

I guess there would be a fresh air system but this is absurd design that is merely geared to entertain and stimulate imagination. We don't create cars in reality with windows that do not open as that would be unsafe.

Space X also seems like a fantasy, a rocket does not land backwards, defies laws of gravity and propulsion.

Then there's that pesky issue of energy transfer mechanisms, all money is created using fossil fuels, but they keep highlighting clean energy electricity, it may be clean in that it does not pollute right were it's used except that heat is now considered pollution and all electric motors produce massive amounts of heat which causes weather change, "The federal tax credit offered to buyers of electric vehicles is phased out once an automaker has sold a certain amount of cars. Tesla has now reached that point. Its tax credit went from $7,500 per car to $3,750 on January 1, 2019, then dropped again on July 1 to $1,875 and expired completely at the end of 2019."

Then there's fake clean energy. All these frauds are going to come crashing down soon.

I jut love how this fake claim of zero emissions keeps being used.

Massive chain-reaction pileup on interstate

You know it really does not help that vehicle ads are presenting people driving like maniacs for fun. The pileup of 63 cars was horrific. FCC has forced black and white banners at the bottom of new ads for financial products warning of the risk. I suggest they do the same with vehicle advertising but with bigger warnings like on combustible tobacco products and take the massive ones off flavored portable fog makers.

Tesla electric car memory burn out

Electric computerized cars are too dependent on memory. After 4 years some of the Tesla vehicles are showing a black screen and cannot charge as memory gets burned out after so many rewrites. This could make one a pile of trash because it's so hard to get parts. We have seen this happen many times in the industrial world. I don't like electric cars except for golf courses.

I am concerned at how many commercials show drivers speeding

All of these car companies now are presenting their cars as speed demons that you can drive 100 mph around mountain curves and go off road to places you can only hike to. People are driving way too fast now. They are getting stuck in sand and in places they can't get out of. Slow down. Turn off that radio that's also getting you all hyped up. Think 5x before you go off road with that car that has bicycle tires.

ROFL hustle

The claim by the sleasy energyman is that he's got the miracle device to take carbon out of the air and turn it into fuel. Sounds like that carburetor that got 150 mpg for any car in the 1970's when gass guzzlers were everywhere and the recent claim of one that makes your car run on water. The claim is with his invention his machine that takes carbon out of the air and is processed into fuel and can be added to the gas tank and make any car or truck carbon neutral. Claims the price at the pump will be the same, but, think this through, it uses energy to make the product, sorry dude not buying this pitch, all the energy and resources used to make this product will add cost. His monster co2 puller takes it from the air and buries it in the ground. Well Mother Nature does this every day all day. Like duh. How much energy will be used to power these monstrocities. This is all green puke energy horseshit. co2 is in the air in a ratio of 1 part per 2500 other parts. That's like worrying about a penny lost out of $25.00 while they will add many dollars to your yearly gasoling bill without you directly seeing how they do it. Smoke and mirrors like this should be banned. watch here

check out this beauty!

MoToR National Magazine Of Motoring Howard Chandler Christy February 1923

1943 the same BS

Electric taxi Battery Swap (BS) took about 5 minutes. This worked to a degree as it was a controlled environment. It never caught on though. I wonder why.

Daniel was fired from Twitter after Elon Musk bought company and came in and started firing people. 6 woke years there now doesn't know how he's going to make car payments on his Tesla! Daniel also says he has to touch base with his husband and wife as he excuses himself from any more questions. ROFL


Cars with bicycle tires

I can't stand the new cars that no longer have car tires on them. It's like the rubber meets the road now is the rim meets the road. They have about 1/3 the rubber and are costing 3 times as much. What is rong with this pitchure.

Tesla Model 3 crashes truck short time later explodes

Just when you thought batteries were going to save us. Hey, batteries happen.

The mining of the minerals that are used in lithium batteries waste energy and are so destructive to the planet yet eco-goons everywhere keep preaching how batteries will save us. Mother Nature never mentioned those sermons in her calendar of historic events like how she caused all the icebergs to retreat over billions of years without man. Now man thinks it's bigger than her and these goons keep telling us that she had a sex change and pompously tell us we have to stop referring to her as she or preferably call her a they and allow theyher to use any toilet theyher wants which hopefully is dumping on these eco-loons as  the eco-loons keep dumping their waste on everyone else.

Electric F-150 prototype

Claim is that it towed 1,000,000 of rail cars 1000 feet. I would have to wonder about gearing ratios. They talk about "instant torque" and 470 lb feet of such "by increasing engine speed". Based on the basics of physics and principles of energy transfer that would use a lot of energy, thus the drain on the battery for such loads would leave for little distance available to drive in comparison to using reliablle renewable fossil fuels.

Are LED beacons making the roads safer?
They are awfully bright, and their strobing effect can be blinding. I find them to be problematic. There is also a problem when in the dark you see a crisp clean stark light driving by lighting up an area and your pupils change so that it lets in less light then when the car drives by suddenly it's dark again and thus since your eye adjusted you are less able to see the dark areas whereas before with more natural lighting sources you would be able  to see that darker area much better. All this switch to LEDs is creating this problem everywhere.

Is the Tesla an awful car?

Volvo says self driving cars better without humans as backup
great now just as soon as they create robot housekeepers like the one in the Jetsons, that cook and clean, and not just robot vacuum cleaners, ones that shovel the show in winter, and show us how great their cars drive through snow (they can't judge snow and rain very well at all) then we are getting somewhere, I mean like even in the Jetsons the vehicles had to be driven by humans

Government website changes position on climate change
says that it's a matter of debate

Solar power claimed to now be cheaper than "fossil" fuels
great now would someone please let us know when they use only solar power to manufacture the things and they stop using fossils

Wattway powers the world's first solar road
this is in test phase now

The Tesla model X is an "awful car" as one reviewer puts it
he must be joking right?

A note on autonomy, I think we FIRST need to create a human robot that can clean house every day without breaking anything, or even start with a "smart vacuum" that roams the floor and doesn't get stuck in dog poop making the floor and itself a pooey mess, then we can look at machines driving themselves and us around. Autonomous cars are likely never going to fly, litterally and figurratively. There's too many things in it's way all over the place going different speeds, too many reflections it can misjudge where a human wouldn't, on and on. Airplanes that "fly themselves" don't have these problems.

Dodge adds all wheel drive to the Challenger


go off road check list and tips with your YJ Jeep Wrangler and other vehicles

Cluch change tip to lock in place when tightening and loosening bolts

Using a cut piece of an old flexplate as seen in this image from perfectionclutch video it makes it so that with one person you can tighten up the bolts properly when replacing a clutch assembly.

Goodyear introduces a concept tire shaped like a planet

It's based on the concept of levitation and magnetics. You gotta watch this video someday


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