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Wind farming is energy abuse

View of wind farms in desert at Palm Springs at the wash below San Jacinto mountains. Note the piles of trash in the distance featuring propellers. Image credit Kenneth Wegorowski.

upside down and backwards energy systemsSee if you can find the reliable clean energy in our upside down world of fake clean energy. If it's not the occasionally spinning wind turbine propellers or the solar panels that glare and create added heat as black panels made of plastic petroleum oil base generate more heat than tan sand nor the the pile of trash that ends up being shipped half way around the world to be recycled in China a country that uses 7,000 times more fossil fuels than anyone so that we can buy products cheap, then it's the peaker power plant behind us that we don't even notice that provides reliable clean energy saving power using natural gas or the nuclear power plant still pumping our reliable clean energy or the water gravity powered dam. Those are reliable non-abusive sources of energy.

Wind and solar farming is at the forefront of what in reality is a chaotic upside down energy movement, which is spreading it's dark energy mess all over Mother Nature's bosom and our future. We are told to believe that a wind farms that cover 49 square miles in unspoiled lands is good for us with promises of clean energy when they are 100% dependent on oil to function & waste energy & draw energy from the grid & literally burn up energy. Then when they cause grids to go haywire we are sold upgrades to grids that worked quite well before wind and solar chaos was added thus using even more energy all based on the very thing they claim they want to keep in the ground. It's insane or a magical mystery tour of manipulation to get your energy or maybe both.

These turbines that capture and slow down wind (what does that do to weather change) tower into the sky 60 stories like skyscrapers and ravage so much beautiful landscapes. I call it a yucky swamp green energy movement. It is suffocating us with stale ancient technology that was used to discover America not power it's industrial revolution and it's using up our green $$$ tax and rate paying energy. Industrial wind simply cannot function without using our energy. It's wasteful and it needs to S T O P.

see what happens when you let wind energy blow in

Energy has always been renewable

Image credit Alek Leckszas. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. View of downtown Los Angeles skyscrapers the tallest building is the Wilshire Grand Centre is 1,100 feet tall. Compare to the West Camp Wind Farm propeller towers that will reach 840 feet tall.

Fossil fuels are all continually made from Earth's core. They were never made from fossils. The term fossil fuels is a misnomer leading us to believe they originate from bones from dead animals and dinosaurs. There is an endless supply of Earth based energy. We don't need energy consuming energy wasting chaotic heat generating wind and solar to save the planet from itself. Wind and solar industrial energy is black energy. They draw power from the grid constantly. Green energy is actually coal, nuclear (to a degree), gas, petroleum, and carbon dioxide that feeds plants. These abundant energy sources are efficient and reliable and necessary for an industrialized world that has lengthened the human life span all across the universe. The eco-energy movement is a fraud to get your energy.

At least skyscrapers that also consume energy to be built and maintain have offices for which human beings can work or residences to live and they don't spin in circles. A very small footprint can contain many workers or dwellers. Wind and solar farms devour open space and destroy beauty. The height of the latest versions of disgusting puke green wind turbine towers are at their very tips of the blades pretty close to the height of Los Angeles' tallest skyscraper. Imagine the top 1/2 of that building spinning in circles as you drive the Harbor Freeway below it. It's maddening. It's disorienting. Then imagine finding out that wind farming WASTES/ENERGY.

For the Chevelon Butte wind project if it were to go through it would be starting off at it's base to be 200 feet over thousands of acres of residential ranchette lands as the land is that much higher there. They would be seen as close as a mere 2 miles in the distance and closer if standing at Chevelon Canyon bluffs. Adding this tower height of 755 feet to that 200 foot higher elevation makes it almost 1,000 feet higher than where many of these residential properties are standing currently free of view destruction provided by wind farming blight. image credit Fredchang931124

This makes the height just below the populus city of Los Angeles tallest building by a mere 145 feet. That is insane by any stretch of the puke green imagination to allow these just outside a national forest Apache-Sitgreaves to "save the planet" from climate change which it has changed routinely for billions of years with or without man.

And guess who may be buying the energy, Los Angeles, at a discount most of the time. The residents around Chevelon Butte are mostly off the grid so while they have enjoyed life out there free of a horizon filled with 175 light polluting flashing red lights at night since time began they could soon possibly be watching blades spin and generate puke green energy that relies 100% on oil, all for the big cities while they get none of it.

And to make things worse when we read about how these complex wind farms work, or don't work, we learn that they mostly do not provide any real energy to the grid at all.

These new energy sources are overly hyped and using more energy than traditional sources. Money is energy. Power companies where these unreliable sources are tied to are now starting to add costs of insurance to your bills as they seek protection from lawsuits from blackouts that occur when wind and solar which is a chaotic energy source goes AWOL and also to protect themselves from brush fires of which both wind and solar can add liability. Many wind farms are in remote areas and when they cause a fire it can be difficult to put out which of course then uses more energy as they fly in jets filled with massive quantities of water that are dependent on fossil fuels to effectively fly in to these remote areas.

Solar panels are contributing to weather change

We thought that was "the solution" and it turns out that we forgot to calculate in heat exchange. You see when we have black heat absorbing panels above ground they quickly absorb AND release heat. When the sun hits the ground heat is absorbed and also transferred down into the earth where it is cooler. That helps keep the planet cooler. When we have solar panels covering the ground we stop that effect, instead the heat is generated because of the black absorbing it back into the atmosphere.

Thus when you use solar panels you are contributing heat to the atmosphere even though you might be saving a little carbon dioxide from forming air blankets that are subject to convection and cooling anyway these solar panels are then adding heat which is supposed to be enemy #1 to eco-nuts and wind farm seeds.

Solar panels also reflect the sun sideways. I just noticed this in Palm Springs.

Solar panels on every new home in California is a new liberal government mandate but it's 100% STUPID. That's what you get when you elect politicians that don't understand physics and buy sales pitches and ride around on fossil fueled band wagons with their friends throwing you beads.

Of course that is what kind of "solutions" we get when logic and high quality science based on physics is ignored. Weather doom science is garbage science you can have 100 billion measurements and the conclusions are all relative as there are so many other variables that cannot even begin to be measured. Claims about climate doom are cultish guesses. If you think science is all exact you don't know science at it's most basic of principles.

The most reliable sources of energy that are the least impactful that won't even begin to create doom and gloom scenarios are reliable coal, hydro, and fossil fuels. You have been conned into believing chaotic energy that requires more energy is better. Spinning tall propellers may facinate but they are wasteful. Solar may seem free but they have a very high cost and always will and they are made of plastic the very thing politicians keep claiming they will eliminate if you hand over your vote to them. Those claims of going 100% renewable are so bogus. Renewables are inefficient in industrialized applications in the grid and use more energy and put more heat into the atmosphere.

Add more black solar panes you add more heat

They bake in the sun all day and emit heat. Compare to white roof that many desert homes are painted, especially those trailer park homes that don't have pretty tile roofs, they are cool. Now they are putting these black heat generating panels on pretty tile roofs, making the home look like crap, in the name of saving us from global warming. These panels are made from oil. Good luck going 100% oil industry free with renewables.

These panels are on farms now in the desert. They get blasted with sand below wind farms that are placed there because there often is wind. Guess how long these panels last, not long. Their output diminishes and they cause the grid to be less stable so more energy has to be used in standby.

Our planet is constantly cooled by vast space 24 hours a day. Do you believe that heat cannot escape through floating air blankets? Ever wrap a carbon dioxide air blanket around yourself in winter? You can make your own, just exhale about 10 times and wrap that around yourself on a cold night.

Where is that floating carbon blanket again?

I was wondering at what exact level in the atmosphere do these carbon blankets park themselves to insulate the earth keeping heat from escaping. Cool doesn't seem to not be entering, winters keep appearing each year. So if anyone knows what level they are at let me know. Are they at 70,000 feet? 40,000 feet? Higher? Lower? 1,000,000 feet? Where are they? Has anyone got a picture of them? Better yet have they wrapped themselves in one of these carbon blankets to keep warm? Blankets keep in warmth as they stop air flow. They are not even made of carbon dioxide and they insulate and they do this because of this shield that traps air in the blanket which creates a certain amount of trapping the warmth. Blankets are made of solid material not carbon dioxide yet we keep being told there are blankets of carbon dioxide (air) that act like a blanket. This is absurd. The problem with all these fantastical claims of carbon dioxide global warming gasses creatig blankets is all this stuff is is air. Air does not insulate in the sky, it moves and merges constantly. Cold moves in every single second of each and every day. Every night it cools down everywhere on the planet because we are surrounded with 456 degree below zero ultra smart frigid space. This cold is much smarter than we are here as some of us Earthlings keep claiming there are blankets in the sky. As soon as anyone finds one of these blankets please send it to me UPS or FedEx. My guess would be is all I would receive is more hot air that of course by the time it got to me would be would have adjusted temperature even though the carbon dioxide air blanket in a box would have a solid material around it to trap the carbon dioxide. You see convection rules not eco-lunacy.

Windmills: Look at how wind energy's flashing lights look during the night 

and did you know that windmills use power from the grid?

Windmill horrors! Safety break malfunctions in high wind and turbine explodes

Wind and solar energy is from the dark ages
where are the fresh bread baking facilities they used to be right here
Windmills were used to grind grain. They only work when the wind blew. When they were not working people would do other things tht did not require energy other than that created by their bodies. Today windmills make electricity and are hyped up real bad. They get installed in an area, then we hear how they power 400,000 homes. Sure, when the wind blows, and by how much? Not by the full amount that a home uses, enough to run the microwave for a little while. We assume they are saying powering 400,000 homes all day long incuding appliances that use a ton of energy. The rest is made up by fossil fuels, which use no fossils, they use oil or gas.

Solar, it was used to grow crops and tell time. Sundials were improved upon by gearing and mechanisms including springs. Now we have solar panels that create electricity, when, the sun is out and only provide most output when most people are working and having lunch, not at home, not using appliances. When they get home by 6pm and into the evening, when there's little if any sun, they draw completely from the grid.

And look what they do to our views

Can solar energy be converted into hydrogen fuel thus stopping carbon blanket syndrome?

Carbon Blanket Syndrome (CBS) is what many are fatigued by in the quest for saving the planet from the religious belief that we are suffering inescapable heat. Even though physics, rocket science, all forms of mathematical logic, and understanding of heating and cooling have well documented that air blankets are subject to little understood by masses CONVECTION the fear of an unstoppable calamity due to weather and "inescapable" heat has warped the minds of many to the delight of many an industrialist and their beneficiaries.

If you are a government entity, activist, or politician and suffer from CBS seek help.

As a panacea we use abundant supplies of energy derived from fossil fuels to study and implement hydrogen storage of energy for use later created through solar (and possibly wind). This principle is one that is a bit more logical - taking solar when the sun is out and immediately storing it in a more easily portable fuel, and lighter one might I add.

Where are the calculations of how much heat is being added to the atmosphere with all these new technologies which are supposed to save us from excess Carbon Blanket Syndromes of which there is no cure?

In just a quick view of this it seems more energy is being used (money is energy) on all of these and thus more heat is being generated. We can cut all the carbon down to zero and still be warming the planet with all this heat generation of technology, appliances, and hot carbon dioxide air spewing endlessly out of the lungs of politicians of whom we give control of our lives. They are even telling us now that if we don't hand over our vote to them we will die.

That sounds like a threat.

Then there's this other thing that is a persistent problem, the molecules of hydrogen are smaller than all other molecules, thus, they leak through whatever container is made of. "The hydrogen will gradually leak away. Typically it will evaporate at a rate of 1% per day.[10]"

It also ignites with incredibly low energy. That may sound great, saves energy, but in reality that means it's so incredibly dangerous that the tinyest of sparks will ignite it. Carbon based fuels are much more ignite friendly meaning it's more difficult for those to ignite thus safer.

Valves to control flow are especially problematic in this concern. We don't have that issue with natural gas, oil, or carbon blankets. Carbon blankets are thick enough to wrap around you and stay warm on cold nights which is why I created the world's first carbon blanket charity. I am accepting donations but have not received one to date by any climate alarmist anywhere on the planet yet. Are they just being selfish keeping them to themselves? They do tend to hoard energy.

One might calculate how much energy is spent on containing hydrogen and dealing with aftermath of leaks. Sunlight can ignite hydrogen. A pure hydrogen flame is nearly invisible to the eye. That also creates a safety matter causing more energy to be used to add things to it so it appears visible like a natural gas flame of blue.

One thing most of us do know is that hydrogen is touted as a clean burning fuel with no carbon dioxide emissions though burning things puts heat in the atmosphere which is odd because these "clean" energies are supposed to be repairing that. Oh nevermind heat escapes into space unless there's one of those cozy warm carbon blankets up there. Wait, how can anything burn without producing carbon?

When hydrogen burns it emits no carbon dioxide only water vapor is what is stated.

Water vapor is the biggest weather change inducing thing there is on the planet

Water vapor is a green house gas. There is about ten trillion times more of it than carbon dioxide. Whoops.

Gee whiz how are we going to stop climate change when water vapor is a climate inducer 1,000,000,000,000 times worse than CO2. Thus the more water vapor we create with these saviors presented by eco-nuts telling us hydrogen is better when created by solar as we remove evil carbon dioxide blankets (again please send me one so homeless can stay warm at night in winter) the more we see we are actually not only replacing Earth warming blankets we are creating more.

One well known danger problem though with hydrogen "clean burning fuel" that if produced by black solar panels or chaotic wind energy is it's so terribly volitile even though it's said it will prevent 10,000 foot waves of water reaching all our coatlines.

We saw display of this volitility when the Hindenberg exploded into a massive gargantuan fireball 6 May 1937.

They said it was going to be a safe trip.



"Wind and solar energy are a disaster"


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