Enron all over again but with a legal twist of being a lemon


3/6/2021 by Kenneth Wegorowski

The Devil is always in the details changing form, an article at Stop These Things points this out.

Back then, Enron’s traders would wait for a spike in power demand and then ‘engineered’ either a gas supply interruption or shutdown of a gas-fired power plant, on the premise of "unscheduled maintenance". Following which they would wait until the grid was on the brink of collapse, and offer to supply the grid at prices a thousand times the prevailing market rate. Nowadays, there’s no need to 'engineer' sudden collapses in output: mother nature does that all by herself; and since we’ve become critically reliant upon wind and solar, well, market rorting is all the easier.


So wind farms and climate change are the ones doing it, the people that run the show, investors, etc. they can't be blamed anymore. This clues us into why there's such a push for these things to be installed. Physics has proven repeatedly they waste energy, and  understanding stage props and how they work shows us they are facades like movie sets in Hollywood presenting theatrics, yet they keep being built to entertain the idea that we are saving the planet and other illusions.

More of the script within the above article that is explained by Mark Mathis from Clear Energy Alliance,

Did you know a lot of electricity American’s use comes to them through a series of auctions? Weird, right? Well, brace yourself, because it’s about to get a lot weirder. That’s because the auctions are completely rigged in favor of wind and solar. Worse yet, this auction-rigging means most people pay higher electricity bills. And our electric grid is becoming far less reliable.

Keep in mind the higer the bills the more ENERGY is needed to pay them.

Search on Duck.com presents their website with this description, "Clear Energy Alliance (CEA) strives to raise the EIQ (Energy Intelligence Quotient) of our society. Much of what the media and activist groups tell us about energy is misleading or entirely false, which can lead to dangerous and expensive outcomes. CEA challenges false claims and premises in a fun, interesting and sharable format."

video on how they auction energy in favor of solar and wind (note to producers of films, these should be less all over the place with animation, slower, let each concept sink in at least one second, it's too fast)

video on Enron this is a very well done thorough documentary with Spanish subtitles

My post 3/6/2021 on Stop These Things,

Another fun fact, check the pension plans, see where they get their $ energy, it might just be through these wasteful wind/solar schemes. Navajo County in Arizona agendas for FEB/JAN 2021 show plan for MET towers to test wind speeds and temperatures for more wind projects that would cover another 64 square miles to add to the 49 square miles at Chevelon Butte at Chevelon Canyon. This would affect Chevelon Retreat, Chevelon Acres, Chevelon Canyon Ranch, Zeniff, Winslow, Holbrook, Heber, drives on Route 99 and Route 377, and Apache Sitgreaves Forest. They put these meterological towers in first. Digging a bit we find Aztec Cattle Company is the land owner that will profit from the leases big time and one of the companies listed is Pattern Energy. Pattern Energy was acquired by Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board. Notice the pattern yet? So basically the dots are now showing these systems are collecting your $ energy through taxes that hand money in subsidies, collecting your $ energy from added 'clean energy' fees on your bill, collecting your $ energy by these pricing schemes (that cause your bills to rise and not get trapped by imaginary carbon blankets in the stratosphere) to to feed pension plans for Canadians. How many other pension plans are being supported by these schemes? It's not a good feeling to know as an Arizonan that the money leaves the state rather than being reinvested locally especially when there are so many areas where these will be built that people have no connection to the grid, relying only on back yard solar or small wind turbines of their own and generators struggling to make it work. They will be looking at wind turbines and flashing red lights for miles in 3 directions, west, east, south in an area that currently is free from such blight. Grid connection should be provided to those areas as an offset to the scheme but that would cut too much into their profits. Land owners there might embrace grid connections as an offset to the utter destruction and massive industrialization of pristine viewscapes. There should be a fund established for generous grid connection offsets using the massive wealth created by these schemes. Pattern Energy is worldwide. How many pensions are being propped up by each one of these propeller machines spinning in the sky? One might look deep into this aspect of how 'green' energy is transferring our dollars to pension plans and inform the pubic.




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