Michael Moore financially backed a movie exposing the lies of wind and solar "saving us"

8/7/2019 with some updates on 10/21/2019 and 4/25/2020 during the dark daze of SAMEOLDFLUWITHNEWMARKETINGTEAM-20 also watch Climate Hustle movie

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World premiered July 2019 of  film that exposes the lies of wind and solar "Planet of the Humans". It was shown to a standing ovation crowd at the Traverse City Film Festival.[1]

Produced by Ozzie Zehner directed by Jeff Gibbs who worked with Moore on some of his first films. In the article: "It turned out the wakeup call was about our own side," Gibbs said in a phone interview. "It was kind of crushing to discover that the things I believed in weren't real, first of all, and then to discover not only are the solar panels and wind turbines not going to save us … but (also) that there is this whole dark side of the corporate money … It dawned on me that these technologies were just another profit center."[2]

Michael Moore trashes wind plantations which I call "white colonists" as all wind turbines are painted white and they are colonizing the world making us all slaves to the energy gods

update on 11/23/2019 I just learned this week that wind farms act as energy garbage dumps. They have a dual purpose I had not been aware of. The national grid can have an excess supply of electrical power when there is not enough demand and thus the excess will be sent to wind farms to be burned up so to speak. The wind turbines will be turned on to "generate wind" we could say as they make them spin just to use up all the extra energy that is produced by mostly fossil fuels. SOMETHING IS TOTALLY WRONG WITH THIS MOTION PICTURE CALLED RENEWABLE ENERGY.

update 4/25/2020 I left a comment also on Stop These Things, "Yep, wrote about this a year ago after it was released at the Traverse City Film Festival 15. Like all of Michael's stuff he slathers it with dramatic extremes. It’s like he wants us to be cave men to "fix the problem" while he and the rest of many enjoy the full fruits of capitalizm plus he still believes in warming change without cooling change while he collects a lot of our change. People need to understand that physics does not allow what is claimed about carbon blanketism and do a film about that, or if we go his route as this film might suggest, just ugh about it. Such a documentary though would be too boring and never make any money thus I may make it myself and show it on my cave walls, to my horse of course. And please let me know the moment any of these people give up their cars in trade for such energy efficient modes of transportation that poop or just start only walking to any place they need to get to."

The problem though with this film though is that it remains attached to the fully flawed concept that carbon dioxide which is the air we breathe out and plant life breathes in, is responsible for changes in the climate that are clult like chants of doom and gloom where "if we don't fix it it will lead to catastrophe" which is absurd. It appears the film maker wants us to become Amish with full tilts of 100% government control of us Marxism like rule that forgo man's industrial world as a "solution" to "out of control climate change" which in reality is a fantasy. It also seems to push the ideas of socialism where government controls what you can and cannot do then regarding "climate change" which we have seen is taxing every area of our life. Ideas have been floated in the Puke Green New Deal and the like that we have to control or eliminate cow farts yet farmers who know better than liberal climate fools know better how farm lands and cows and the enviroment all peacefully exist cooperatively, more grasses for cows means more carbon dioxide absorbtion anyway yet these fools of climate control con games will have us believe that we need to stop eating beef to control the weather or we will all be doomed. Even if climate flooded coasts we would all just moved to higher ground. It's not like there isn't enough of it. It's cooler in higher elevations (because we are closer to 456 degree below zero frigid space maybe) yet they propose burning $100 trillion in new industrialist schemes to "save the world".

So this film has nailed the fraud of relying on industrial "solutions" to fix the fantasy of "climate change impending doom of man" and then he continues the fear campaign of man's flawed idea that it's distorting climate into causing man's extinction and we still need to address that. This is typical of Michael Moore's presentations to over emphasise things that scare the viewer in order to sell his films and keep heads spinning and keep energy flowing into his bank accounts and that of those involved in such fossil fuel energy using projects.

So if carbon dioxide is not killing the climate and Earth, and solar and wind are not fixing what is not a problem, we can at least go back to logical though as to whether we want to destroy our landscapes, our flying wildlife, our night time views, and our orientation as we drive under and through rotating skyscrapers (wind turbines towering 755 feet with spinning blades) with inefficient wind and solar powers and look at their "advantages" and severe disadvantages that include how they actually waste energy. There is no more efficient energy source than the sun itself and how plant life on Earth uses it and carbon based fuels sources.

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[1] Traverse City Film Festival website 

[2] KTLA story archive page here


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