Arizona needs 35 more wind farms to equal one nuclear power plant


8/12/2019 updated 12/7/2019 and again on 1/7/2020

We can start by placing them at the edge of the Grand Canyon. Problem is though that there would need to be about 10 times more, a total of 350 wind turbine farms as the wind does not always blow and even when they do some of that energy can't even be uses and thus is dumped on other wind farms that are sitting idle with no wind to be burned up. They turn them on like fans to use up energy they produce!

If 175 turbines at Chevelon Butte were to be built on what I counted as 48 square miles of land, Arizona would have to build at least 350 more farms across various locations like Chevelon Butte to equal one nuclear power plant. That's 16,800 square miles in total.

I think a nuclear plant can be contained within one square mile and it is not a spoiled chaotic brat like wind, it works like an adult producing power like an adult.

Think about this for a while. One square mile for an efficient reliable energy source so we can watch movies at home, recharge our lawnmowers, cell phones, laundry and other appliances like refrigerators that are life savers, instead of losing 16,800 square miles to ugly wind farms.

Stop These Things reports:

Imagine 35 more Chevelon Butte wind farms spreading out over the entire state, some near Sedona, Flagstaff, Phoenix, Tucson, all over the entire state. This exemplifies the inefficiency in regards to land use at minimum but besides that, wind is chaotic and cannot be relied on like nuclear can.

I can't see how we can justify such destruction of viewscapes for many miles that besides horizontally the vertical viewscapes are affected as especially at night we would see flashing red inescapable lights all night long.

It seems to me that with all the maintenance the turbines would need they would remain inefficient compared to nuclear.

And all that land wasted and views destroyed to "go green" when it's not even green as the wind farms all depend on oil and fossil fuels. Imagine how many homes could be built instead to help humanity. How many homes can fit on one square mile? How many on 1,680 square miles?

35 more wind farms is basically going to mean that every section of open space in Arizona will see wind farms. You will only be able to see beautiful open space if you leave the state which if I lived there I would do, simply leave the state permanently and live somewhere where sanity in governing rules without wind energy dump sites.

Even if Arizona built all those farms there would be an inertia problem, standby power generation use increasing CO2, on and on.

Wind farms are a scam to get your energy.



copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski