Public comment submitted to on 9/15/2019 regarding Chevelon Butte RE LLC wind farm proposal and public notice of hearing as presented to Winslow Public Library

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9/17/2019 at 8:45 am pacific time

The following comment of Kenneth Wegorowski further down this page was not posted on the website as of 9/17/2019 at 8:27 am pacific time. I feel public comments should be available for anyone interested in knowing the opinions of others to be able to be informed during hearings whereas hearings still allow public comment and discussion to be made so I am posting my comment below.

You can do your own search on docket L-21080A-19-0171-00182 to see if public comments by all concerned parties have yet appeared.  

A public notice was delivered to Winslow Public Library to inform the public of this hearing on 9/13/2019 - I feel that is not enough time for many in the affected areas to be given hard copy notice to be informed of such hearing - that is merely 3 days before hearing for word to get out and plans to attend be made. It also does not provide any time for anyone to read the notice and petition to intervene when they feel they are substantially affected by such a proposal to create a massive 175 turbine wind farm with flashing red lights all night long covering 48 square miles. Many who live in affected areas don't even make it to Winslow but once a month if at all.

public comment by Kenneth Wegorowski

Around the world these projects are being stopped. Spower just pulled out of Ohio, it should also pull out here. Staff at AZCC has presented that it believes this project has "potential to improve some aspects of reliability, resilence, and safety of the grid as well as power delivery in Arizona". There are countless contrary opinions that are stating that the more we add wind energy to the grid the more it's becoming destabilized with some exceptions adding secondary power sources like a peaker plant which then ends up using more fossil fuels in assisting the proper utilization of the chaotic wind energy on standby. I don't see this project itself as having any of these aspects staff seems to believe. I disapprove of this project and I have been in contact with one of the witnesses. Case 182 regarding witness summaries of what will be presented in the hearings mentions that Mr. Unrein will testify on various items. I contacted Mr. Unrein by postal mail with a number of questions. I received a response that did not answer a single one of them. It was claimed he needed more information in order to "more accurately" respond to my questions yet some questions needed no such detail. The simplest of them all was I asked exactly which Native American tribes were contacted. Spower website stated "tribes were contacted" with no indication of which ones. In the 2nd letter of response after my providing thorough answers to his questions of me his reply was merely that 9 tribes were contacted, no details as to which ones as requested by me in my first letter. I find that to be evasive. Other questions were answered with minimal clarity. I asked what power output could reasonably be expected on average in watt HOURS not just watts and did not get an exact number or estimate instead being told they have not chosen the exact model yet. I asked if developer would in any way provide power to those properties that would be affected negatively by the project where it would connect via GEN-TIE and the farm being seen by many properties. He required I contact APS to learn which districts would supply power to that area. He could have answered that question in his first response without such inquiry to APS. I would expect that if land owners there were to be forced to view the 365/24/7 blight they get something back tangible and energy saving that grid electricity would provide them at minimum. In that light my other question about what dollar amounts could be expected to go to the state of Arizona might have helped with that consideration. Not even an estimate was provided, Mr. Unrein stated they have not been finalized. I find that disingenuous. I have thus concluded at this point caution by staff and all involved would be prudent in considering claims made by Spower and its representatives. The project would bring massive blight to unspoiled territory that includes Native American lands. Flashing red lights on 175 turbines at night would deface that entire region. I have provided an array of views of what these wind farms look in my simulations at Spower simulations miss important aspects of shadowing, present too much white haze. That makes the illusion simply blending in. They do not do this typically in real life. I live by them in the Palm Springs area and have seen them in many lighting and climate patterns. They often stand out much more than what they indicate due to various positions of the sun and shadowing. Spower provided no night time simulated views of the horrible blinking red lights all night long so I added night time simulations and referenced others. Chevelon Canyon area properties would be terribly affected, including moon and sun rises/sunsets. The project would cover 48 square miles. Over one million acres all around would be negatively affected. Wind turbines depend on the use of petroleum based oils for hydraulics, lubrication, and powering maintenance fleets. I would guess that materials used to build the project like the steel and fiberglass may be made in China which uses their ever expanding cheap reliable clean coal which is being halted for all the wrong reasons in certain parts of Arizona while continuing on the Navajo Indian Reservation. Power from wind farms are never what they claim about “powering x number of homes” more like < 20%. It's chaotic ever changing patterns are difficult to manage and thus waste more energy than a stable grid without wind. The energy is often dumped on the market at discounts. They use tax payer energy. When that money dries up they all stop being built because they are always wasting our energy giving it to developers and investors instead. Subsidies are ending soon. Developers are scrambling. I would like to see subsidies instead go for energy saving roads and a bridge there over Chevelon Canyon, & providing subsidies for power lines spread out to each private property instead of wind farm & GEN-TIE blight.


update: email dated 9/17/2019 at 1:30 pm pacific time arrived from AZCC with public comment posted after I emailed my concern to Trish Meeter < > and I am pleased that public comments were added

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