Use taxpayer subsidies to bring in electrical power to Chevelon Canyon ranch retreat acres and butte areas not wind blight


Christmas is here and many are not as happy this year after learning that a massive 49 square mile wind farm might go in to the west in front of and around Chevelon Butte which would be seen for miles and miles all around, especially from the vast open spaces around Chevelon Canyon Ranch and just south of it to Chevelon Acres, but also including the more treed areas of Chevelon Retreat.



A wind farm is the worst thing for this area that boasts currently some of the most pristine landscapes and skies free of city lights and industry.

Although electricity would bring in a lot more lighting it would be localized, close to the ground, not 500 feet plus reaching like sky scrapers with 200 flashing red bright LED lights BLINKING ALL NIGHT LONG OBSESSIVELY. That would ruin the horizon lines. If electric power pole and lines brought in to areas that have been without it for so long was subsidized like renewable energy projects that waste energy the economic effects would be great for that area. If we are looking at wind farm as being good economically as the mayor of Winslow has stated as have all Board of Supervisors (Jason Whiting exception as he's no where to be found on a vote or statements on this and he represents supposedly that entire area that would be most affected) that they believe the wind project is good for the community. I disagree. I know what wind farms are like living around, I am just above them near Palm Springs where they originated. They are disgusting. We don't need that around Chevelon Canyon.

In studying this further I notice that Cochise County which Bisbee is located, secured a $600k grant for upgrade of old properties. There must be grants to bring in power to an area. Hello Jason?????? O'Halleran? Anyone? email me direct at if you want to work with me on looking at what really would help that area, wind farms only help economically short term with construction, some of those jobs support outsiders, and the ones that really benefit are the owners of the land where some will become multi millionaires and others in the development and investment side of these poor uses of public subsidies. I don't see how the areas will benefit other than some tourisim off I-40 where people drive down to see the largest objects in the entire state of Arizona in "awe" of their size if they are built as they glance, take photos, then go on their way to the unspoiled Grand Canyon or other places. Chevelon Canyon is Arizona's mini Grand Canyon that can attract visitors because of that beauty, don't spoil it, develop that in a way that retains it's beauty where people drive in there, stay at vacation rentals around it that start being built as ELECTRICITY IS BROUGHT IN, where they can ride horses on the endless acres of vast beauty, their ATV's for endless fun, and get a real escape where they can truly 'recharge'.

copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski