In the Dec 4, 2019 meeting where this matter was addressed and voted on the agenda mentions "minutes" being approved from Oct 30, 2019. That took a period of 35 days. It is now 37 days later and I get to read it BUT THE PERIOD OF TIME TO APPEAL HAS PASSED.

First some things that stand out, project cost $750 million dollars!

Developer claims wind farms have provided clean cost competitive energy for decades, eliminating carbon dioxide emissions. This simply is not true. The Irish Electric Supply Board already figured this out and presented their data back in 2004. Wind turbine electricity generation is old technology dating back 1888. 1985 California killed subsidies as they knew that it was a waste of money. They rely completely on money made with fossil fuel use to subsidize, they burn energy from other wind and solar when grids have excess turning the turbines on a big giant fans to use it up, and there are manipulative games played with pricing favoring renewable chaotic energy. It's all a waste of energy.

So the planners of 10 approved this massive 49 square mile farm with no EIR that includes U.S. Fish and Wildlife concerns with 60 story size turbines but they would not approve a simple cell phone communications tower off I-40 near Toonerville in a very sparce area at the Twin Arrows Road exit to the west of it right there by another canyon. Go figure that one out. It would be on less than 10 acres. There are concerns about that one less than 200 foot tower blocking views. Hello?

minutes approved on Dec 4 for Oct 30 meeting that is a period of 35 days

Snapshot of site on 1/10/2020 shows NO MINUTES for Dec 5 2019 yet there are minutes for Jan 8, 2020 already after 2 days.

no minutes for Dec 5 2019 after 35 days yet minutes for Jan 8 2020 in 2 days!


I see no mention of sPower in the meeting document, just Chevelon Butte RE, LLC of Salt Lake City Utah. Here it claimed "154" turbines in Coconino County.


I FOUND THE MINUTES. First item of interest is about wild life. States "surveys will continue for another year so we don't have a total picture".

Mr. Unrein claimed there was no negative feedback. That is impossible. It's written all over the comments in the NC SUP at minimum. He also said there was a five mile radius for noticing and that they continued to send out mailings to keep the community updated. I received no such mailings only one in July 2019. My property is one of the closest ones to the project of anyone. I asked some pointed questions of Unrein and received less than precise responses. He would not even simply tell me what Tribes were contacted. I heard there were slick brocures sent to a lot of people in Coconino. Apparently that was more of a concern than the poorer areas of Navajo's Chevelon.

Mr. Unrein claims that Joseph City which is 30 miles from the farm located between Winslow and Hollbrook on I-40 would not see them. Possibly true, but at night I believe they would see flashing red lights on the horizon unless there is something in the way rising up to block it like another butte. That is a distance though where you tend not to see them by day. Also erroneously stated the project would be about 400 acres. ABSOLUTELY NOT IT WILL BE 49 SQUARE MILES or around 31,360 acres.

Unrein does not want US Fish and Wildlife Service brought in to comment and study.

I figured out there is a REASON for that, FWS would give the project a hard time as they are more concerned about wildlife. Need look no further than the lawsuit filed by American Bird Conservancy and the Black Swamp Bird Observatory against US Army Corps of Engineers, US Department of Energy, and Secretary of the Army.

Note in the above snapshot of the legal filing "repeated calls from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for the Deparement of Energy to prepare an EIS.....DOE opted instead......using far less rigorous..."

That is why Unrein does NOT want FWS involved.

More on this reason why is presented in how rigorous FWS approches these matters calling out lack of data.

Also, the public has not been given enough of these details on the impact nor had time to digest them fully. Note this excerpt from the legal filing.



And about setting aside "findings".



Going back to the meeting in Coconino County there was this about wild life.

Also worth noting the existing huge overhead transmission line coming from Joseph City "is slated to be removed" in the coming years. Again he points out a false claim that there has been no negative feedback and that mailings were sent out 5 mile radius. The claims by staff that the developer has exceeded environmental assesments is absurd. Then there's the claim of no negative impact on property values. There are countless examples of values lowering. The only time they don't is when there is so much growth in jobs and industry in a certain area that the market demand is very high for land or housing. This simply is NOT the case around Chevelon. The only draw for that area is the dark skies and vistas, remote feel, and low cost for ample tracts of land. A wind farm there destroys the primary and only main draw to that area making it less desirable. It's not like a big auto plant is moving in to Chevelon Butte thus the properties to the east would they appreciate despite some impact to the region as there would be 4,000 new jobs added to the area. No this is an ugly wind farm and will add 1 or two jobs. There will be maybe a hundred temp jobs for construction while they use Hutch Road and 153 and 99 but those go away and do not make up for the detriment.


 no negative feedback says Unrein

It's stated SWCA Consulting created the simulations of how they claim these farms would look to the public, and get this, claims it was difficult to find an open view of the project from public roads. That's absurd. Route 99 goes right through it. It's spanning the O'Haco Ranch there are roads through there. And they even have a poor simulation on that route from 4 miles away which really should be from 1/2 mile away to give the public the true disgusting impact these make. Claims closest residence is 8 miles away, that is only in Coconino County, it's 2.5 miles in Navajo County, but there is 233 5 acre parcels in Mogollon Ranch in Coconino where many are just lots and all would be affected as main corridor is 87 to Winslow.

Unrein claimed that the public does not have the technology that SWCA has to prepare visual models". I would guess this means the public does not have floppy disks anymore and a program from Microsoft DOS days of computer imagery. I point this absurd claim of theirs in the simulation critique further down in this page. SWCA Consulting does these environmental studies for a ton of these wind farms. I have read that these are all very biased and always in favor of developers and that there are not enough federal laws regulating this. Their website of course only shows soaring eagles not the ones that get mamed by wind farms and shows rolling green fields of pasture that have not one ugly white wind spinner on it. It's an inference that they are protecting the environment when really they are assisting in the destruction of it as all wind farms are harmful to both wildlife and and the lands they are on.

The mention of positive revenues for ranching family O'Haco which could be half a million a year or more (developer will not share this information) trust lands for the state going toward education mostly it's said, what is happening here is we are going in circles, that money should just then instead of going from taxes used to build wind farms then wind their way through to schools, instead go direct to education AND there would be so much extra we could then bring electricity to properties that don't have it east of the canyon. This project makes no sense.

When we look at where the money comes from it all comes from rate payers and tax payers, in other words, all Arizonans and others in the country, not from foreign or domestic companies or investors or magical energy produced by these wind farms that routinely create and burn energy. They are and always have been net losses of our energy while others siphon off some to make certain groups profited.

ALSO it looks like north of 180 near Flagstaff another wind farm is looking to be built by a company in Austin, Texas which is where most of the profits will go from tax and ratepayers money.

From the Jan 8, 2020 Coconino County planning meeting

It was said an INTERN with planning Jordan Prouty did much of the research for this CUP-19-044 project for a wind speed tower which is the first thing built before these wind farms so always be on the hunt for these thing in planning meeting documents.