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horses do not require much energy to recharge in fact they can mow your lawn

unlike cars that can make you stand and wait in lines at limited recharge stations that have long thick cords that you can trip on what a shock

you might have to wait there while the recharge stations are be built on every pasture that exists as they install wind plantations with turbines that use up excess energy from other wind plantations giving you the illusion that you are producing energy

then you wait for the solar farm in deep black which absorbs the sun's radiation more than white which reflects it, then that black panel emits that heat into the atmosphere while horses eat hay which is truly green cooling holistic energy

then as the solar heat generating plantations produce so little power yet are made from fossil fuels and all of this crap is dependent on oil the hucksters claim we will eliminate the use it all of which is pure fallacy and lies so maybe we need to 666 foot distance ourselves from these liars as we are now in a cyclone of energy insanity that is only feeding the rich as it spits out more and more people


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