Chevelon Butte wind project would add about 170 flashing red lights for aviation warning blinking all night long many of which would be visible from Mogollon Ranch properties and many many miles all around in every direction

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This is how night time skies look at wind farms 4 miles away, bright red flashing all night long

a view in Desert Hot Springs at night in motion I filmed this myself

click to play

video of what these things do to the night sky at about 4 miles away
this is what would be seen by many of the Chevelon Canyon area properties
this video of these lights should represent a warning to stop these things as they are ruining so many vast expanses of beauty. Mogollon Ranch would be affected like this as those homes would start about 8 miles from the project, this is not in the public interest this is in the developer and investor interest that all use YOUR TAX DOLLAR SUBSIDIES to install these blight farms that are now ruining the world and they not only produce energy they burn excess energy from the grid on purpose, what is going on here?

Wind farming causes blight and wastes energy. A wind farm of close to 170 turbines covering 48 square miles is being proposed for Arizona above the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest south of Winslow.

The developer provides some simulation of how the farm could look during the day but not at night. Here is my simulation of how Mogollon Ranch area drive up Route 87 would look like at night with sPower wind turbine project installed. sPower is owned by AES which is also adding ugly turbines to pristine Hawaii ref. The ugly distracting flashing bright flashing red lights all night long would be visible to over a million acres all around in every direction. Don't let this happen in Coconino and Navajo counties which entertain us with the darkest skies in the entire United States. It's a place where we can currently "recharge" and get away from city life. Note there are only 13 lights presented in this image there will be 13x that if Coconino & Navajo SUP's are approved.


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 The above simulation should show a row of red flashing blinking lights. If the lights are not blinking go to the bottom of page or here for instructions or view video of this page here.

preferred night time view going north Route 87 without windmills

I have also created a page with exactly 175 flashing red lights in simulation here although the project may put in about 8 less but you get the idea

simulations during the day from developer presentation can be seen here

Wind farms look HORRIBLE at night so I thought it important to provide an attempt at presenting this blight cast on the night sky. Although these dots are large and not to scale they do indicate very well how bad the views look at night as the mandatory aviation warning lights stand out in the dark.

In Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs they boast of the US first wind farms now OVER 2000 turbine sticks strewn everywhere. I have seen these red lights flash in synchronyzation and other times I have seen them in quite a random pattern of incessant flashing very bright. Whether synchronized or not they destroy the serenity of the night sky for those on land for hundreds of thousands even millions of acres all around. Here is short video showing a very small section of these flashing red lights driving south just off route 62 approaching interstate 10. They are distracting and annoying.


This next video shows a wind farm in Lubboc, Texas. It's one of the largest farms in the USA.

image credit Sommer Browning

Here is an animation that is from an company that has yet another industrialist "solution" to this problem of light pollution which of course relies on more fossil fuel energy dependent devices to build, manage, and maintain the system. It gives the viewer an idea of how these look at night from various angles. The video seems to claim that these lights can then be off except when the radar spots an aircraft approaching. It's still bad, even worse.

When there are lights seen in the distance such as city lighting that are steady all night long you get a little more used to them. With this so called smart system that only goes on when aircraft approaches you can be driving or sitting at home and suddenly these lights go on like crazy. It's on par with those loud FTC warning alerts now pumped into your cell phone that suddenly startle you telling you about the weather and such but instead using strobe lights.

Here is one showing a mere two lights from turbines blinking through the woods. Notice how stark and annoying a mere two lights flashing can be.

Where I live in Morongo Valley there is a communications tower that when I moved here the bulb was out, it was so serene, it's very dark out here at night. Then they replaced the bulb and even just that one flashing red light is annoying and changed the feel of the area here at night.

Being that transmission towers provide so much in return for those around them in the community in communications this trade off is fair, but with wind farming which wastes energy this trade off is not acceptable. When I drive down the hill to Palm Springs OMG there are many hundreds of these lights flashing at the wind farms there. The Chevelon Butte wind project would add close to 200.

Here is a view of the farms below where I live just down the hill.

image credit William Wolf

In the video you can see cars traveling Route 62.

This is BLACK ENERGY that uses up all your green tax dollars.

Looking east in the morning just to the south of Interstate 10 on the way to Palm Springs we see how there is haze yet these are very visible.

Notice the high power lines. These do not ruin a complete horizon like wind turbines. This morning sun from the east lights up the opposite side of the wind mills thus they stand out at times more shadow like. In the images provided by S Power in their daytime simulation I believe they should look a bit more like this as the image that looks at Chevelon Butte toward the south would likely have sun more from behind the farm and thus they would be a bit shadowed like this and not blend in with the haze. This is a real image not a simulation here. It is a real ugly wind farm that an investment broker told me 22 years ago is a scam as they all depend on tax subsidies to function.

Here you can see how they can appear both grey and stark white. These are adjacent to the Interstate 10 in Palm Springs. These are massive in size and when they spin they are incredibly distracting as you are driving.

Interstate 10 wind turbines

This next photo shows how they look in the distance looking west from Gene Autry Trail at about a distance of 3 to 4 miles to the closest cluster as they stretch out about 6 or 7 miles in the distance on the right and to the left of that center cluster that look tallest as they are closest. The closest ones are smaller at about 455 feet high. Chevelon Butte would feature them at 755 feet. There is about 2000+ turbines in this area. The sea or red flashing lights all night long is very distracting and prominent. They stand out even more than this in person. The mountains in the background are Big Bear and stand much taller than Chevelon Butte. They are 6000 feet plus high. The mountain to the far left is San Jacinto above Palm Springs that rises up to 10,000 feet.

looking west on Gene Autry Trail in Palm Springs the farms start about 3 miles away extending to the right about 6 miles or more

These next ones are on Edom Hill where a trash dump is located. They poke up from behind a sand dune hill in the foreground. The are about 3.5 miles from this spot where I snapped this image. The red flashing lights are seen all night long and they are very bright.

view from Gene Autry Trail in Palm Springs looking at Edom Hill wind farm

 Here's one in another part of the world that I guess is a "No Hunting No Shooting" farm. The SUP's state that land use at the Chevelon Butte wind farm would not change. Hmm.

photo by Gerald Duff

View in precise detail very high resolution - click on this smaller image above. This is about how Chevelon Butte wind farm could look from a certain angle. It shows a much better representation as compared to the simulations presented by proposed project developer where you can see how the turbines get outlined by shadowing. This helps us see how they really stand out even in haze background.

In North Carolina the Amazon Wind Project has 104 turbines stretching out in the distance.

 Wind farms are ruining America's countryside.

 The ones on Interstate 10 in Palm Springs along with the many others that are seen on this highway can be extremely disorienting when driving especially when you encounter these for the first time. The spinning blades are like when your kids are waving their hands around in front of you trying to get your attention when you are watching TV. Actually it's more like a full school of children there at your house floating and spinning in circles, AND WAVING THEIR ARMS in complete circles, but then imagine that while driving. I believe this distraction has caused some horrible accidents on this highway. Wind farms should never be built anywhere near where vehicles travel at high speeds for that reason alone. Problem is it's not words that make good decisions in such planning it's often $.

this is Palm Springs!

This next one is facing south east in this same spot looking towards the city of Palm Springs which is within walking distance. This could be how Chevelon Butte could look. I just learned that wind farms are used to DUMP ENERGY from the grid when there is over production. OMG. They turn the turbines on to actually make the wind blow like giant fans to USE UP ENERGY.


THIS is how Chevelon Butte could look

The trash in this photo is a good symbolization of what I just learned these farms are, they may produce energy but they also dump energy, are they dumping energy produced by wind farms in other places?

This next one is this same spot facing west where out of hundreds of turbines there was one rotating in the distance on a NO WIND DAY - it was being powered by the grid.

On November 1, 2019 at 10 am I witnessed hundreds of turbines at Palm Springs & Interstate 10 wind farm areas all sitting still

I have created a film called "The Lone Wind Ranger" that presents what I saw one day where only one out of hundreds was spinning to the left of this area out in the distance. It is proof that these draw energy from the grid as it was filmed on a NO WIND DAY.




This next one is at I-10 at Garnet looking northwest.

wind farm located at I-10 and Garnet Avenue in California Palm Springs area

This next image is a view of the unspoiled beauty of the area where wind farms are not located. If you turn around about 180 degrees from this spot you would see wind farms. In person these views are most stunning awe inspiring breath taking gorgeous and serenity inducing. Consider how much energy serenity saves. Here your mind is FREE of industrial madness. Places like this allow you to 'recharge'.

unspoiled views off Route 62 in Desert Hot Springs

To the right of this scene are tucked away residences that have to see the wind farms just opposite of where we are looking at this view. Their sightline uphill to this view west is incredible and to the north they are close to a hill. In the winter after storms their view to the west presents majectic snow capped mountains at Big Bear. To the south and south east they see wind farm blight amongst city lights but with added stark red flashing all night long at night and this wind farm blight of tall propeller sticks that stand out in day.

This is the north west end of Desert Hot Springs the first southern California city to welcome marijuana farms in it's industrial and residential core. Eventually at the rate wind farming is going on Earth if not stopped and reversed and recycled we would need more and more industrialized pot farms to produce all the marijuana we will need in order to capture the serenity that vast expanses of lands used to provide us before the proliferation of wind farms that destroyed everything to the delight of all those who get our energy to use our energy.

A simple search shows how disgusting Earth's landscapes and seascapes have become due to these farms and the lies about climate change. The only cause of climate change is water vapor nothing else. We don't need these. They are all sucking your tax dollars and feeding industrailist portfolios.

They are not saving the planet they are adding to industrialist destruction.

Since I do not have tax payer dollars flowing freely into my bank account for a more professional presentation this is the best I can do at the moment in attempting to present how HORRIBLE these farms look at night. I will add more as I am able to capture other viewscapes at night and day.

Here is that same area how it looks at night with out wind blight.

image of night serenity in Desert Hot Springs without wind farm blight

wind energy draws power from the grid all night long to power these lights

wind energy also draws power from the grid when it makes the blades spin during no wind periods in order to keep them from freezing up!

these are HUGE motors drawing power from the grid which is powered by coal, natural gas, and oil

they also USE ENERGY when they have to power the braking mechanism to keep the blades from spinning too fast which would cause the turbines to explode in stronger winds drawing power from the grid which contributes to global warming if there is such a thing without equal and opposite consistent global cooling from space which is 465 degrees below zero

on June 21st 2019 the longest day of the year I witnessed about 80% of these monstrosities in Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs sitting idle while winds were whipping strongly blowing a lot of dust that day, energy from the grid was being used to brake the blades from spinning during a time where we have been conditioned to believe that they would be producing endless amounts of energy



wind farms waste energy


Chevelon Butte Wind Farm in Arizona consumes 49 square miles

West Camp Wind Farm consumes 100 square miles


The red flashing lights on top of wind mills keep flashing incessantly.

They draw power from the grid.

They use nuclear power, natural gas, coal, and whatever energy keeps the grid full of the power we need reliably to keep them lit.

Wind energy is not stored in batteries and for safety reasons the FAA requires red flashing lights on the tops of these wind turbines.

They have destroyed the night time view scape from Desert Hot Springs looking toward Palm Springs and in many other communities where wind turbines have been erected.

Some people prefer the landscape free of windmills. If we really need to save energy make cities start turning off their excessive street lighting but in all reality since wind farms waste energy more than they create it, and are inextricably tied to the use of fossil fuels and oil, none of these should ever be built.

 STOP this madness and all this fake energy

Windmill horrors! Safety break malfunctions in high wind and turbine explodes


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