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Navopache Electric Cooperative applied for and received FAA approval for transmission line tower east of Showlow AZ. It will be 75 feet above ground level. I could not find any application by sPower to FAA for approval for their project. All obstruction projects are required to have FAA approval before construction.

view pdf from FAA of the web page

view pdf of the letter of approval

There is a map though on FAA website that appears to indicate the Chevelon Butte wind project has been approved.



In looking at the Navopache Electric website (trying to find out what territories they service ... like do they service Chevelon Canyon properties?) we see how we are all being billed for renewable energy (see below) with an added SURCHARGE for renewable nonsense wind farms that both produce energy and burn energy they or other wind farms produce and waste energy, thus, to reiterate what I have stated before, the rate payers in the entire state of Arizona are paying for the Chevelon Butte wind project that will cover a whopping 49 square miles feature 755 foot tall wind sky propeller scrapers as high as Los Angeles downtown buildings and annoy with flashing red LED lights all night long every night long all for creating an illusion of saving the planet from nothing.

Navopache Electric Cooperative web page presents the SURCHARGE

December 2005, the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) passed the Environmental Portfolio Surcharge (EPS).  Then in 2006, the ACC made significant changes in the statewide EPS program, which ultimately became the Renewable Energy Standard and Tariff (REST). This plan requires the levy of a surcharge on all electric bills in order to fund a renewable energy program that ensures renewable energy is generated within the Navopache Electric Cooperative (NEC) service territory.  NEC submits a REST program annually that is reviewed and approved by the ACC.

In compliance with the ACC mandated REST, NEC collects a Renewable Energy Surcharge from each of its Arizona members.  These funds are collected through monthly billing statements and are used to fund renewable energy projects within NEC’s Arizona Service territory.  Monies collected cover program operational expenses, NEC owned renewable energy generating sites and the member based Renewable Energy Incentive Program (REIP).

Current Incentive Level

On March 21, 2013, Decision Number 73770, the ACC approved the following incentive levels:



Up-front Incentive with 20 Year REC Agreement

Additional Information



$.50 a watt

Up to 50% of the net installed cost less any grant funds applied to the cost of the installation with a maximum amount $5,000.00.  Incentive limited to 10kW.

Non-Residential Grid -tied

$.50 a watt

Up to 50% of the net installed cost less any grant funds applied to the cost of the installation with a maximum amount $12,500.00.  Incentive limited to 50kW.

Solar Hot Water

$0.75 per saved kWh

NEC will pay a rebate equal to $ 0.75/kWh of estimated energy saved during the system’s first year of operation to conform to OG-300 ratings of the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation.


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