renewables are an energy vortex sucking everything into them like black holes, they are camouflage energy pretenting to not be ready to pounce like in war ready to take what it can, they are movie sets presenting an illusion and entertainment & pipelines to your cash, it's like auto billing with a 30 year contract as these run on your money in taxes and other nefarious ways

articles from Kenneth Wegorowski


On 1-5-2020 I noticed a wind turbine spinning off the Interstate 10 at Palm Springs. It may have been using energy to produce wind.

view the short movie here
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About ten minutes later I saw four of it's nearby friends join the wind producing event. They all made a lot of air move. All of the other 2000+ wind turbines in that area were sitting on their butts doing nothing. They must have partied too much the night before. The cool desert breeze itself also was resting. I find out later in the day that these things can be turned off and still be running and blow apart strewing parts everywhere. Notice there are cars right below the turbines on the hill as seen in the film above.

here is another LONE WIND RANGER as seen at the desert drive-in



while all the others are workin' hard at somtin they are takin' it eeeeezy


Where can we live now free of puke green wind garbage energy farms as they have infected every corner of Earth now oh it's in the areas where the rich live that suck our energy in taxes for their portfolios and thus have more money than God to buy what ever properties are left that soar in value because there are no disgusting wind farms there they even ruined the pristine drive to Grand Canyon from Williams Arizona with Nextera at Perrin Ranch OMG we are losing places to RECHARGE to disgusting wind that guess what else they have a dual purpose not only do they generate power occasionally they also are used to dump excess power from the grid they force the turbines to spin USING UP EXCESS POWER so not only do they use wind they make wind yes they make wind there is something terribly wrong with this movie set? They are not clean energy solutions they are clean energy illusions! On that note here's a book called Green Illusions.


Wind energy is not exactly new this is a windmill that produced electricity in 1888 I can't imagine why they didn't catch on like cars anyone with a brain of straw can see all you have to do is attach a fuselage and you can fly across country in what crazy congress things will tell you is clean energy

So they have had 132+ years to evolve into efficient systems and still they are only efficient at transferring your energy to theirs

37+ years ago wind industry made promise that if only the public would subsidize these renewable energy systems they would all be self supporting in 10 years and now in 2020 they keep promising this again and promise if only you make them president they will get the job done that physics does not even allow Jan 6 2020

They will never be self supporting the principles of physics will not allow it in any form other than in the form where they grind grain and thus only depend on human elbow grease to build them, that not using any power saws, only hand saws, and building them to rely on wind to occasinally grinding grain instead of doing it by hand, all other electric uses based on wind and other renewables in any sort of industrial application are totally dependent on not only fossil fuels but many natural minerals, strip mines, water sources, and the rampant use of fossil fuels burned by places like China which make so many of all the industrial made parts like the very turbines and steel and wires coated with plastic, need I go on? it is impossible UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE to build wind turbine plantations without those energy sources. Wind turbine manufacturing requires 200 times more raw materials per megawatt of power than modern combined-cycle gas turbines!


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Get Out While You Can, Big Wind Is Coming: Arkwright, NY




this area left intentionally free of development

these places are creating a STOP


having power prepared by others is making the grid less reliable  energy independence is dependent  adding an endless supply of wind energy to the grid is like everyone in your neighborhood filling your pool with water and turning on all the fire hydrants and never shutting it all off 

PAST EVENT regarding installation of SODAR in Flagstaff August 29 and September 26 2018 details 

PAST EVENT open house by proposed wind project developer at Chamber of Commerce Winslow on 7/15/19

Application in 2018 to build SODAR towers on 23,000 acres

.  Chevelon Butte wind project area


CHEVELON BUTTE and the surrounding areas of Chevelon Canyon Ranch and the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest should remain unspoiled from energy wasteful blight inducing wind farming projects


Chevelon Crossing Campground in Arizona Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest is close to newly proposed wind farm

What better way to absolutely destroy a pristine drive from I-40 to the Chevelon Crossing campground where a visit out here is like stepping back in time, virtually to pioneer days, than to add an ugly towering wind farm to the drive in. People want to get away from the city and industry not drive to it. We also want to really know that once we get to our camp we actually are far away from industry yet if the farm is built we would know it's just a mere few miles from where we camp thus changing the experience of camping completely. information on the campground can be seen here at the Forestry Service page

Chevelon Butte Arizona wind energy project would add 175 turbines to a pristine landscape

That is a lot of windmillls that would be added to a mostly pristine fantastic ranch land, open space, national forest recreation area and it would be forever changing it's beauty to one of yet another ugly industrialized place in America also adding light pollution and it would stretch about 12 miles wide. We do not need wind to save the planet as it does not even do that, it continues this massive push for endles industrialization and planned obsolescence that wastes more energy than just about anything. Will this project bring electricity to Chevelon Canyon Ranch residents homes and the other acreage between there and the forest? My first guess is it would not yet the residents out there and land owners of undeveloped acreage have no electricity out there at all. In researching this matter I came across an website which described the following "The electrical generation, transmission, and distribution system has been labeled the most complex machine ever created by humans."

Typically the more complex things are in the physical world, the less energy efficient they are. Transferring electricity for one mile is many times more efficient than transferring it hundreds of miles. Will the homes nearby get any of this new "green energy" of which is always promoted as being energy efficient? Again, my guess is not and if not, how can one even begin to claim that wind power is efficient and oh so wonderful. All power genergated will be going directly into the high tension power lines that stretch through that area, lines that for decades have been inefficiently and efficiently bringing power from I guess a reliable nuclear power plant out to the east all the way to the big cities of Phoenix and Los Angeles. I believe the industrialized cities are the ones that will benefit from what ever energy is made when the wind blows. If so this really is not fair to a rural community to suffer irrepairable damage to landscape and viewscape. If they were to receive power poles with electricity installed to their properties, that might be a different story. Will this happen? view 1 view 2

Chevelon Butte wind project likely providing energy for California?

In reading a report by Eric Rosenbloom "A Problem With Wind Power" he points out what little electricity is generated by wind farming often gets sold at discounts for various reasons. The basic thought that it just enters the grid and it's there to use is not reality, there are flows of electricity to consider. It's a bit like this, you have your garden hose turned on but the sprayer at the end is shut off as you are not watering the flowers right now, you don't cut into the hose to add more flowing water or it would blow water everywhere. Even when you are watering a steady stream you don't cut into it or the same thing would happen. That's a very simplistic example as it's more complicated but it hits the basic premise of what causes wind energy to often get sold at a discount. pointed out to me that the for this Chevelon Butte wind project if it is built that the likely customer for the electricity is California. So for those who are negatively affected by this project who will receive no lease payment check every month but rather pay for the project with their taxes, who live in and around Chevelon Acres, Chevelon Canyon Ranch, Chevelon Retreat, Arizonans, Indians, all 49 other states taxians, and those who merely enjoy a pristine visit the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest would be forced to look at these ugly things, deal with the noise, etc. none of them benefit at all. Californians would likely be receiving discounted electricity and you will be paying for that discount. Hooray for Hollywood.

But wait there's an added bonus we have to ask are these even producing any "useful energy" at all?

Public Open House for Chevelon Butte Arizona wind project 7/15/19

Hosted by the Winslow Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center I guess. I notice there is no mention of this on their public calendar online. It will be was said would happen on Monday, July 15, 2019 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the Winslow Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center, 523 W. 2nd Street, Winslow, Arizona 86047. Does the Chamber support this project I wonder. I would guess they do.

On their site they present many of the wonderful attractions of the area stretching out for many miles from Old Route 66 in town to traveling Route 99 down into the Apache-Sitgreaves Forest and traveling through Forest Road 300 to enjoy the unspoiled beauty there. The drive down to the forest would if the Chevelon Butte wind project was built forever change to a drive to "get away from it all" to one of going to it all over again as this wind farm would traverse both sides of 99 for miles in both directions north west and south east. It would also be seen from the 87. From the map (see below) it shows 11 rows of these turbines would be there towering to the sky, painted white which stand out like a smashed thumb on the pristine landscape. At night the red flashing lights on top would be visible for miles around instead of soothing darkness that is truly healing for those who live in the cities filled with light everywhere.

Wind energy application for Chevelon Butte Arizona

Chevelon Butte RE, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of SPower Development Company (Sustainable Power Group) which also may be a subsidiary of AES Company (see map below) wants to build a wind farm in one of the most light pollution free places in the entire 48 contigious United States I mean like it's NO LIGHT POLLUTION at all there. It's an area in Arizona about a 2.5 hour drive North East of Phoenix at an elevation of about 6,000 feet. It snows there in the winter but it's a great place to escape the city down below in the desert floor which gets up to 122 degrees in summer. I drove through there once many years ago and was mesmerized by the lack of artificial lighting which made the sky crystal clear which presented the most stunning array of the universe most people cannot even begin to imagine. I do not want to see wind farms there. If it was to succeed there would be no way to avoid the flashing red lights at night for miles and miles around.

This would forever destroy the viewscape.

The towers would block the distant views of the San Francisco peaks for many in Chevelon Canyon Ranch and Chevelon Acres areas.

I am against this project being built.

Here is a map of what is being proposed. The wind farm proposed would be at higher elevation than residential areas by 200 feet making these tower around 1000 feet over those who live just to the east or might live there some day just a mile or so close as there also undeveloped acreage that ranges from one to 5 to ten to 20 to 40 acres nearby.

Notice on the lower right corner of the map it states "An AES and AIMCo Company". view some details here about these companies

If you look at each of those squares in the project map they are 1 square mile. White is private land. It's about 14 miles long. They will surround Chevelon Butte almost full circle at 270 degrees leaving only one sliver exposed toward the forest. This part of Chevelon Butte is in the forest though it's not well treed there it's all open space with vistas for tens of miles. There will be so many points in this forest area that will then have views of a massive wind farm.

Monument Valley has 3 well known buttes.

Monument Valley, the buttes are clearly stratified, with three principal layers. The lowest layer is Organ Rock Formation-(skirts, slope-former), the middle De Chelly Sandstone-(vertical cliffs) and the top layer is Moenkopi Formation (shales?, horizontal bedding) capped by Shinarump siltstone-(Shinarump Conglomerate-(locally)). The 3 buttes lie in Arizona, adjacent the Utah border. The en:West and East Mitten Buttes (left & center) are about 1.5 miles (2 km) apart. Merrick Butte is at photo-right.

To the right side of Chevelon Butte there is a meandering canyon seasonal river called Chevelon Canyon. Homes start only a mile from there directly to the east closest to where these are proposed. The green shown on the map is all national forest. It's about a 17 mile drive out through the forest from main paved road in Heber or Winslow and about a 45 minute drive. It's a very special place. People come out this way to see the open space, get away from summer heat in the valley below in Phoenix, ride their ATV's, camp, fish in some of the pristine lakes where you have to walk in to so there's no cars anywhere in sight at the lake, and these windmills would be visible from many areas including if you are standing in many points where the Chevelon Canyon twists and turns as it makes it's way to the Little Colorado River. Quite a few properties in Chevelon Canyon Ranch back against the canyon. Visitors and owners of acreage there would then see these ugly monstrocities with flashing red lights all night long and bright white glaring towers with blades reaching almost 1000 feet over properties there. And of course as I and many have pointed out all over the internet and in public meetings, they are bird shredders, inefficient, DRAW POWER FROM THE GRIDS, and ugly to look at.

They are promoted heavily on television to so the many millions of people who routinely see industrailscapes everywhere they look but in the new millenium now with the push for more solar and wind energy, these are completely taking over the entire landscape. We cannot have the world be filled with nothing but industrialization. This has got to stop.

Devil's Tower is a famous butte as widely viewed in it's unspoiled beauty in the movie from the 1970's "Close Encounter of the Third Kind". Imagine putting a wind farm here.

Image credit B D


Chevelon Butte is not movie star material exactly but it is beautiful and an awesome escape from the city. View images of it here. Putting 175 energy wasteful 100% oil dependent turbines on this land would destroy it and the beauty there for many miles all around. Here is a 4x4 group that went camping out that way. Another beautuful

Shiprock Pinnacle in New Mexico located in the Navajo Nation on the Wedding Cake Butte is another awesome natural formation.

image credit Bowie Snodgrass

Imagine living near this and learning that the wind industry plans to build a farm in front of it. If they did they might as well topp it off with a wind turbine towering on it's highest peak much like how we place a star on a Christmas tree. The global warming enthusiasts would be delighted as it would symbolize their fantasy of wind energy saving the human race. In reality it might be better to shun the industrialization and sit with Native Indians there and discuss with them how their ancestors dealt with climate change. Unfortunately it seems though that the newer generations are falling for the wind energy con game as many of us have through slick presentations that are void of certain facts like how wind is 100% dependent on the grid and fossil fuels as they use those energy sources and cannot function without them.

 Shiprock is located north of I-40 just over the border of Arizona's north eastern most corner about 210 miles from Chevelon Butte.

Beauty is in the eye while wind energy blight slams the face as it blows

In a 1990's to the 2000's TV situation comedy show "Frasier" in episode 19 of season 4 at about 16 minutes in we see the main character Frasier Crane who was a well to do psychiatrist in Seattle lived in a high rise apartment that had a stunning view of the Space Needle and city skyline entertaining a guest. Many of those he had over were elite guests that were well connected with Seattle's high society and would comment on the beautiful view from up there. His date on this episode stated how beautiful the view was and how she could look at it forever. No one ever says that about wind farms expecially some of the elite who can benefit from wind farms that typically shift taxpayers green energy to themselves as these farms destroy both day time and night time views.

Are we on the right path?

One of the best points I have read recently is about how even if these were to provide "clean reliable cheap free energy" as is incessantly promoted that very fact would cause even more energy to be used and more and more of these wind farms and solar farms to eat up our landscapes everywhere. Imagine the fantasy is real these are clean and provide free energy we would have to cover the Earth with these to maintain what we have now with "fossil fuels" of which there is an endless supply of in the Earth as they are replenished continually with all the processes going on below the surface - think lava and it's heat and what it does to minerals below - these fuels are carbon based and carbon is the building block of life which is currently being bastardized as being "dirty". In reality it's a lot like how going to the beach in the 1800's without covering up completely was "dirty". Carbon is a natural mineral that without it we don't have life. It's not bad and it doesn't form blankets in the sky.

What in the universe are we doing. Do we really think that wind farming is good for us? In the last 20 years suddenly we can't go anywhere without seeing these ugly wind farms. A drive that decades ago was so pleasant, freeing us from the stresses of every day life, is now met with a drive through "mine fields" of monstrous towering fan blades on a stick. It's not relaxing now to drive through those places. It's not relaxing to even live under them. Already in Arizona to get away from it all we had to drive over 2 hours out of Phoenix to get out here to this wonderful area free of industry. Now will we have to drive further and go to the eastern edge of the Grand Canyon?

That uses more energy. Or shall we sit home and take tranquilizers. That also uses energy.

It's easy to think that wind is good if you watch TV, read Yahoo! news, and all the liberal clean energy sources who I can pretty much guarantee do not live next to these farms or see them destroy their views, that's what they want you to think, but remember one thing, all of these farms support industrialists in the biggest way. That's Wall Street. That's portfolios and some pension plans. I guess if you benefit from these you would love them but in reality for most wind farms are just an expense as you pay for these in your taxes you get very little back. They don't go up in value over time. They use energy. The sell energy off cheap as the system of delivery is inefficient. Even a car is a better investment as it gets you places.

Wealthy investors in China, Japan, Europe, everywhere but the moon invest in things that make them money. Industrialists love wind, solar, oil, gas, all of it because all of it serves them. They are the owners of all of these projects. Most of us just get a rock like Charlie Brown did on Halloween.*** We don't get paid. We lose pristine views. We cry for the birds that are chopped up who would have eaten mosquitoes that now end up in our yards and now without those natural predators have to feed the industrial complex yet again buying fossil fuel based insecticides. When does this end? As soon as we stop it.

Project details at

***saw a cute image of Charlie Brown all tangled up with his kite and string in the blades he was hanging upside down, I had not even thought about all the kite flying space lost. If you live out there and tell your kid "Go fly a kite" you better tell them to sit and watch a movie on a device or fly a kite using an app instead. Kite space is being eaten up by monster green thing energy.

The term "wind farm" is like the term "renewable energy"

These are wind turbines in Iran. They are farming wind.

image credit MorvaridiMeraj

It is a primitive wind farm yet it's still a wind farm with wind turbines. When we are told all sorts of things about the very broad term "energy" we have to be careful when we are told that something is going to provide us "renewable energy" asking how much of it is usable and other buyer beware questions. They say that wind farms will "power 100,000 homes" and these are pretty wild claims. In industrialized modern places they make exaggerated claims of the amout of power they can provide. They never provide you the amount of time they would power them and how much wattage would be provided. Maybe they would only power 100,000 of these desert homes seen directly below these wind turbines. Who knows they are never specific. They might not even ever power anything near where you see them erected as energy from the wind farms can be sold to other places at a discount.

More about the location and many acres that would be leased

There are areas of Desert Hot Springs in California where I live and see these wind farms located in what used to be open space that are now off limits and fenced, with warning signs everywhere. Changes the feel completely. I cannot imagine those in Arizona who live in that area, around it, and even in the big city of Phoenix wanting thousands of acres changed this way. I counted 48 square miles covered in them. Each square mile contains 640 acres.

That's a wind farm covering 30,720 acres.

The land is owned by the O'Haco Cattle Company and other parts of it are Arizona State Trust land. The private land would be leased from the private owner for this massive wind farming project that would forever destroy the viewscape surrounding Chevelon Canyon Butte. The owners have allowed access for recreation for years according to Arizona Game & Fish but will this continue and if so who would want to have access or drive through it on the main roads as it certainly would be less interesting to drive. I suppose like in Palm Springs it becomes a point of facination to a degree drawing out some just to see them as they are magnificent engineering feats but when you take away the fantasy of how "good they are" and realize how they are harming the planet, eating up so many acres of open space and usable land, that when you see them in that light you see more than just viewscape monsters you see all of the energy producing flaws and costs that you and I pay for making others very well off while many of us still struggle to pay the electric bill that keeps going up. It takes a lot of energy for us to produce the funds we give wind farm companies in the taxes we pay. We really do not benefit from these projects, we feed them and they consume us.

Here is a map of the O'Haco Cattle Company land.

I understand there is also Chevelon Canyon Cattle Company.

Michael O'Haco (brother of Jim O'Haco) was featured for an artistic photo shoot that has been in museums of life as a cattle rancher and his story was presented here. I and many have dreamed of living that life. He was born into that and explains that it was a very difficult struggle with droughts and all the perils of ranching. Many of us can relate to our own struggles in city and suburban life although different they are the same and one of the things we all hope and dream of is living a peaceful life free of towers with blades on them in our little slices of heaven. There is a book about ranching life by Scott T. Baxter called "100 Years 100 Ranchers" that contains a photo and expose of these fanstasic ranchers who are as American as apple pie and Betsy Ross flags and symbols of life in the United States.

In 2017 the company was chosen of 6 honorees for environmental stewardship and it's said on that site that the cattle company started way back "Founded in 1898, the Jim O'Haco Cattle Company is named for the distinctive landmark which dominates the skyline". That landmark is this Chevelon Butte which if this project is approved would be marred forever, changed into a distinctive ugly landmark like those above Palm Springs in Riverside County and in Desert Hot Springs. Life does go on around these but it's not the same. It was at one time so stunning out there. Now even Desert Hot Springs is adding massive pot farms with huge industrial buildings blocking views and the smell is awful. Detroit used to look stunning to the Indiginous Peoples, that look certainly changed where the auto industry left it's litter. Are we going to continue this to the entire world? Chevelon Butte and the surrounding areas is a fantastic unspoiled place currently rich with both Indigineous Peoples writings, artifacts, and pioneers old homesteads, wildlife, elk, deer, birds, bats, canyons and so much open unspoiled space and speaking of space it's one of the extremely rare places in the entire 48 states the view of the trillions of zillions of stars in the sky can be seen and it will make your jaw drop if you ever see them out there unspoiled by light pollution out there. Even in Palm Springs you can't see what's out there. There is so much light pollution now everywhere our new generations don't even have a clue. Industrialists have a tendency to come in and wreck things then go on their merry way with gobs of money in the bank to do it elsewhere. Wind farms from 20 and 30 years ago have been abandoned to rot like every other industry leaves it waste behind. I cannot support this project. We see wind farms taking over too many places wrecking natural beauty.

Environmental heros

Here is a snapshot in a search about the ranch being a place for birds.

This is troubling to see this, do they not know wind energy kills birds? Of course they do as well as the project developer S Power.

And that award about environmental stewardship, well when we examine how destructive to the environment this project is, I'm sorry, I say recind that award...on the other hand we have to be fair, it was for what the owners have done in the past, they fed cows, were good with their land, managed water resources, fed birds even as I am sure all country folk have bird feeders it's a staple, and many great things. Would there be any new awards of such stewardship?

Seems to me the ranch is absolutely perfect the way it is and being run by nice people hard workers as American as they get yet there could be things like retirement and family that are weighing more heavy and the land lease is likely so valuable I would guess they would be able to live the life of many dreams if approved. I am sure they deserve it but the rest of us would have our dreams slashed by wind mill blades every day we saw them towering over our little ranches and blocking expansive views. The San Francisco peaks will be viewed by many with turbines in the way.

A land lease for windmills can fetch 2 to 5 dollars for each acre for the first 5 years, then there's an overlapping additional longer term contract 20 to 25 years with adjustments for inflation. Since wind energy is inefficient and the power generated is often sold at discounts you and I are paying for this in the name of "saving the planet" which uses energy to support this and if these promises of a cleaner future are not what they say, then what are we doing? It would be healther for the planet and save our cities and coastlines then to go on energy diets. Start with washing clothes by hand. Who will do this?

Coal is more efficient and lest costly and doesn't kill birds and destroy vast viewscapes with monstrous towers, reliable, not-intermittent. Go with that. Learn how coal is not the monster we thought. We already have so many areas already marred by coal but that damage is minimal compared and why mess up more pristine land.

To further try to get a grasp at how much the company that owns this land might make it was stated that "a farmer would earn $10,000 from a two-megawatt turbine with a $5,000 per megawatt per year payment". Wow $5,000 a year for one turbine for 20 or 25 years. This farm would have 175 turbines. That comes to possibly an income of $875,000 per year. OMG. Who wouldn't give up farming for that. The problem for me and for all of us who are paying attention is that loss of yet more beautiful landscape that was gorgeous ranch country where this ranching family of generations worked and played as have others is that you and I are helping pay for it's destruction by wind turbines as they use our taxes for their energy to be built and run while wind energy has become well proven to not be what it was promised it would be while such projects negatively affect other property owners.

Here is a great story about the ranch's history where "from 1910 to 1918, Michel, a member of the Arizona Woolgrowers Association began to buy land around Chevelon Butte". An interesting point made about land ownership and the Alien Land Act of 1921 did not allow anyone who did not qualify for citizenship to buy land and that over time the lack of a constant water supply caused the partnership that formed to "give up" over time. Such reliable water supplies are only miles away couldn't water be piped in? We pipe oil in from Alaska thousands of miles away, this would only require piping in of water 30 miles. Instead of subsidizing all these wind farms why don't we pump money into water for such areas and create lots of small mini ranches, create jobs in Winslow, etc. We has such a huge homeless problem yet we have so much land why can't we as a nation solve these problems, wind is not going to solve any of it.

The article points out it was 32 miles to town and a 3 hour drive back then. It's not all that quicker today to get to town from the Chevelon Canyon Ranch areas to the east of the canyon, it takes almost an hour to go 20 miles. If wind farming came in how about subsidizing new roads, water, electricity as a carbon offset so to speak. Go Trump. Prioritize. Prosperity and decent living could come there though the area would change but it would at least be an offset, if you are going to industrialize a pristine area, well then at least have it so people can also live around it.

It's also interesting to note mention of a flood in 1978 that the Little Colorado River there flooded. It happened again in 1980. Then again in 1993.

Today that would be blamed on the fantasy called climate change where as certain groups try to sell us wind energy as a solution.

According to the article written by Barbara Arthur in 2012 after these flooding events and rebuilding of the ranch each time they did not run the ranch with the same amount of energy as prior, stating "The family continues to improve the ranch, and created a partnership with the Arizona State Land De-partment, U.S. Forest Service, Arizona Game and Fish, and the Natural Resource Conservation Service. Jim received the 2009 Wildlife Habitat Steward Award for his exemplary work."

Of course since 2012 wind has blown in which could now provide millions of dollars to the family. Hard to pass that up. Would you?

Construction will create dust downwind for residents of Chevelon Canyon Ranch

The same thing will happen to them as what happened to wool farmers if these things blow in. "Every one of the 140 turbines has a base of around 300-400 cubed meters of steel-reinforced concrete. That concrete requires crushed rock as the aggregate (crushed rock is also used as road base). That aggregate was generated on-site using giant rock crushers, which resulted in a constant dust storm that spewed over the Gardner's property for months."

I lived in Desert Hot Springs for a number of years which is just above Palm Springs wind farms and it is a windy area. I know well how dust can blow in and coat everything merely from living in an area where the ground is loose dirt and sand. The area had home construction projects and residents nearby suffered. There was a constant stream of complaints presented to the city which did nothing. The city had their eyes focused on growth favoring all developers over residents. Many projects went bankrupt then 2008 recession hit and every thing stopped. What was left behind was a slurry of graded expanses of acreage that was void of any dust controlling grasses and brush. When the almost constant winds would pick up it was a combination of both construction dust when that was occuring and loose soils and sand and dirt being picked up and it was awful.

It's one thing when we are building usable places to live that house human beings and cause an annoyance for a while but then provide long lasting housing, it's another when unreliable dirty wind energy that feeds large corporations, harms flying wildlife, revokes pristine viewscapes and night time skies without providing anything of substance for the areas they affect negatively for decades to come. I am concerned for residents living there downwind in Chevelon Acres, Chevelon Canyon Ranch, and Chevelon Retreat as the winds typically blow from where this farm is proposed to their properties in this respect of blowing dust as well as other vital things such as the ground water.

Construction "pile driving" could ruin the water supply

The ranch and residence areas of Chevelon Canyon are dependent on the aquifer below 100% for it's water. There is no "city water" supply piped in. They have to go to the few community wells to fill up a big container they hook up to the back of a truck and haul it in.

Black water in 189 wells was found in one wind project community in Canada. Contamination wastes energy. The Ontario residents suffered throught the Kent Wind project for years. Former government leaders (liberal most certainly) ignored their complaints for years. Years. Complaints were filed as far back as 2012. Imagine your tap water undrinkable for one day, let alone years. In Chevelon Canyon areas the drive to the nearest town is 14 to 22 miles. Hauling water that far wastes energy lots of it.

The Kent Wind project area residents said the project lied to them. Imagine that a corporate entity lying. The entire wind industry is based on lies. Families spent thousands on testing, new tanks, and having water delivered, all of which wastes energy which wind and technology that are all dependent on fossil fules 100% is supposed to fix. Wind wastes energy. It's taken a lot of energy to deal with rectifying and making life livable because of destructive wind energy.

"An Ontario Justice of the Peace has determined on July 12 that there are reasonable and probable grounds to lay charges under the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) against Jeff Yurek, Ontario's minister of the environment, the Environment Ministry and the three industrial wind companies - Pattern Energy Group, Samsung Renewable Energy Inc. and Engie Canada Inc. The three companies operate the North Kent 1 Wind Farm and East Lake St. Clair Wind Farm in CK."

The prevailing winds of justice prevailed after much suffering, massive costs born by land owners there, will Chevelon residents be honestly presented vital information on the possibilities that their water supply will be polluted all in the name of saving the planet with wind? If clean energy is so clean how can it be making water black? This seems like a huge concern. Where is the acquifer exactly? I will be looking into that.

The court date regarding that Ontario project is for August 14, 2019, more wasted energy in lighting the courtroom with reliable fossil fuel based electricity. All the vehicles that arrive there that all drive a total of hundreds of miles to get there all using either gasoline or electricity all of which are fossil fuel based, all because of wind blowing into town. All this driving to fight about black water wastes energy.

The entire wind industry wastes energy. This is now so well proven and indisputable. People need to wake up and smell the putrid lies and stop these things.

Chevelon Butte used as a forest lookout

In 2013 it was big local news that a telephone line was being connected. If the industrialists have their way it would be also used as a look out over the massive wind farm when viewing in about 250 degrees of direction all around. If I was up there looking I would wonder "How do we stop these things?" Turns out many communities are stopping them. Lawsuits are even being filed for damages.

I found this information on a site about forest lookouts:

June 6, 1913: On the Sitgreaves National Forest, the headquarters of which are at Snowflake, over $6,000 has been expended, largely for the purpose of connecting ranger stations and lookout points with the Supervisor's office, in order to afford communication in case of fire. Work is being commenced on a tower just south of Winslow on Chevelon Butte lookout has been connected by telephone.  (The Holbrook News)

Shadow flicker is horrendous with these wind mills

To those who watch TV and see lofty images of a world filled with wind energy production it all looks so fantastical magical wonderfully terrific. When you live near these monsters you see that dream become Hell which is what these are, they are Hell on Earth. These monsterous blades that stretch upwards of 755 feet high above the ground cast shadows when they are spinning that are disorienting, nauseating, unnerving, distracting, and unlike anything ever created in the industrial revolution. Skyscrapers cast shadows that move ever so slowly, so slowly you barely notice the movement. This kind of huge shadow is not disorienting but for a tiny amount if you are driving from bright sunlit ground to shadow cast ground. Now imagine 3 of those spinning at about 78 RPM. When you are driving and these shadows move across the entire road you have trouble focusing directly ahead. They feel like there is ominous moving monsterous something you don't know what is surrounding your car. You look into the distance and see this swooping shadow repeated from the various wind turbine towers.

Another problem with the wind push

Coal plants close in North East Arizona's rural Navajo County sending funding for public safety in a downward spiral.

Reality Check: Chaotically Intermittent Wind & Solar No Substitute for Ever-Reliable Coal-Fired Power

There is a proposition for voters to add more taxes so they can create a "sustainable funding source for public safety by sending the formation of a Jail District to voters in August". They had a sustainable funding source it was coal but because of the lies spread about coal and the climate cult savior wind and solar, another 100% dependent on fossil fuel product, and the lies about carbon air blankets keeping everyone warm at night we have these absurd closures of sustainable energy. Apparently wind energy blowing in will not fix this loss of sustainability. How odd.

On the county website it mentions "The Navajo Generating Station and Kayenta Mine are expected to close in 2019, and the Cholla Power Plant in Joseph City is mandated by law to be closed by 2025". By law they are closing sustainable energy. Where does this money then come from? We have to work and use energy to make that extra money again by using less efficient higher cost wind and solar? Will it grow on sustainable trees?

You will provide it, another tax.

How will this extra tax energy be picked from the trees without efficient sustainable coal?

Vote no on this tax. Bring back coal for a brighter future and REAL SUSTAINABILITY not this fake stuff, not added taxes that require you use more energy to create, you are being billed once for wind subsidies in your taxes then again for a tax to make your security services sustainable all because of "sustainable" renewable energy con games. Make your public officials reinstate sustainable coal.

Prop 421

Why were the windmills not spinning on a windy day?

Wind energy is CHAOTICALLY INTERMITTENT. Not just intermittent. It's not reliable. Look what it did to this viewscape. Even telephone poles and high power lines stand out less than stark white wind spinners.

It was a very windy dirty dusty day here in Desert Hot Springs and the Coachella Valley on June 21, 2019 the longest day of the year - also becoming known as Desert Pot Springs for all the pot farms popping up since the legalization of marijuana which some there made a fortune on owning industrial lots prior to the sudden boom then selling for a million dollars - where we and the city of Palm Springs next door have hundreds to thousands of those windmills producing all that fantasy "clean energy", problem is, today only about 18% of them were spinning.

The majority were sitting there not moving yet the wind was pretty strong, even fierce at times. What's up with that? It's the best day of the year to produce "clean energy". Imagine seeing most of these just sitting still on a windy day. This also shows basically how bad the landscape looks with wind farm and with them painted white stand out on a sunny day but in this image we are looking from higher ground down, most land owners would be looking up 200 feet to the ones that would be at Chevelon Butte.

Putting on the brakes

On a very windy day at certain wind speeds they put on the brakes, if they did not, the turbine blades would spin so fast they would shake and explode. This uses energy from the grid. Hydraulics that use motors push fluids to the brake mechanisms, and guess what makes the motors work, electricity. This electricity comes from the electric grid that relies on reliable coal, fossil fuels, and natural gas. Interestingly enough to the very left of this photo between a couple of the turbines just past them is the Peaker Power Plant which was built in the last ten years to supply this reliable fossil fuel based electricity for the entire Coachella Valley here which uses natural gas as it's sustainable fuel source. It was imperative this plant be built due to massive load demands on the grid during summer heat that can reach 122 degrees in this very populated region. This fossil fuel plant sitting surrounded by "clean energy" that uses fossil fuels is EXEMPT from the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act as it's designated as an emergency backup. This plant often goes online in the summer months. Read take on this $900 million plant.

The braking of wind blades does not come from the turbines themselves it comes from the grid. The braking pressure to stop these blades from spinning too fast that they would explode uses electricity from the grid and that is coming from fossil fuels. They are activated remotely and monitored which of course requires reliable sustainable fossil fuel energies. Here is a view of these huge turbine generators.

At 60 metres up from the ground the crane lifts the huge 12 ton gearbox and disk brake assembly in to position. The engineer stood in the nacelle is in contact by radio with the crane operator below image credit Paul Anderson

These are very complex systems that are more likely to fail than other systems. Wind energy when it fails like this has caused a systemic blackout of the entire grid. Ironically at times when the wind is blowing and you would think they should be producing electricity they may very well be using electricity from the gas plant that is burning fuel down the street right there down a few hundred feet or so at the peaker power plant that burns natural gas for reliable non-chaotic energy. Take note especially how little space that power plant uses compared to the many acres of land wind consumes. That tiny section of land handles the backup needs for the entire valley. All the wind turbines here don't even make a dent.

Note: Report on occupational safety hazards in wind industry

These "clean energy" windmills draw power from fossil fuel power plants on a regular basis by design. They are all 100% dependent on the burning of coal, natural gas, nuclear, and what ever other fossil fuel energies are pumped into the grid for reliable energy so as to manage this chaotic wind energy.

You see windmill "clean energy" is pretty much a big lie. They kill birds and use fossil fuels to make "clean energy". I hear people talk all the time about how great these things are for the planet. In the desert here they stop their cars to take pictures, mesmerized by their "beauty" and magnificence as they are very tall structures.

Maybe I am in one of those pictures as I have stopped too to look at the the windmills, the dust storms, the viewscapes, and the picture takers - and then as I watch them pose for pictures in front of the industrialized monstrosities I laugh and I cry - they don't understand. They dream of a future where their children grow up and are free of fossil fuel use as they vote "green" and tell their politicans to make the world a "greener" place. Their dream of a clean energy future is a fantasy as all of these are connected to fossil fuels and always will be. There are many methods that are already implemented in fossil fuel use that make the air clean for the future and the present.

Windy day small turbines spin, large turbines sit idle

July 29, 2019 at about 2pm near Desert Hot Springs we see how inefficient these large turbines are when the wind is blowing. These massive newer turbines in the foreground sat idle. The ones on the hill top were smaller older turbines. They were spinning, almost every one of them. Notice the various angles of the large turbine positions especially visible in the movie, these are moved using electricity from fossil fuels. What a waste of energy. You can see them not in motion even though it's presented in a motion picture. Click on image to go to the movie.

October 2, 2019 viewing the many turbines in the swath of land between Desert Hot Springs and Palm Springs on the opposite side of this view there were many wind turbines sitting idle then oddly one or two here and there inbetween would start up and start spinning. This was not from the wind. These were obviously energized from the grid. October 3, 2019 a few more say about 32% were working. I could see some start and stop. Wind was erratic in places.

Water vapor is a greenhouse gas too that some say has to be addressed

I was amazed when I read the following quote from MIT Faculty Newsletter on climate change:

"Cleaning carbon dioxide (and other greenhouse gases such as water vapor) from the Earth's current atmosphere is not one of my fields of expertise, but greatly reducing the rate at which we increase it is clearly a good idea. " - William Schriber [1]

We are bombarded with so much information from people who are not even experts who make all sorts of claims or go along and repeat other's claims now we seem to have lost sense of basic logic. I don't think we have to clean water vapor from the atmosphere. Since water vapor is like a trillion billion times more prevalent in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide, we have a serious problem if we are led to believe that we have to clean up water from the air and such concepts can actually drive someone insane as they worried about water vapor being a greenhouse gas that is evil as greenhouse gasses have been portrayed now for so long. Maybe this is exactly what is happening so people who keep pushing this climate agenda in lawmaking. Relax, take a deep breath, exhale, oh wait, that's filled with carbon dioxide and water. Sit and have a bubbly water and relax, no wait, that released 100,000 times more carbon dioxide than water, what do you think the bubbles are made of? So if you want to believe this nonsense that we have to also be concerned about how much water vapor there is you can. I will relax and take more deep breaths and exhale my worries about climate away giving it to Mom Nature to handle as she always has effectively and always will no matter what tiny miniscule blips we create to change it.

In looking into this further a scientist pointed out how this water vapor is THE PRIMARY CAUSE of climate change. Wow. Time to stop evaporation. Fill in the oceans. That is what hucksters and politicians will get us to believe if they could so they could tax you and send money where they like, which usually ends up in their hands. Water vapor is THE CAUSE OF CLIMATE CHANGE. Get over it. Live your life you can burn all the carbon on Earth and still not make a dent in water vapor and it's effects that have been with us before we were us. I believe someone found some writings from dinosaurs talking about climate change and it's effects. See where that got them. This whole climate hysteria has become a dinosaur. Even medias are starting to back away from promoting it as the public is becoming wise to the game.

Another rich billionaire is rich because of petroleum

This time it's a Democrat presidential candidate who is all gung ho against carbon yet that is exactly what made him a billionaire and will keep him a billionaire or make him a trillionaire. One doesn't get rich without fossil fuels and so called "dirty energy" and they are not going to stay rich without fossil fuels, thus all of those new millennials who have become very rich these days and the Democrat party as a whole has become basically a religious cult as it trys to control Mother Nature as we are seeing every one of them push the "green" agenda as they all use more energy than the founders of the country did, their grandparents did, and even their parents. The problem with "green energy" is it all is dependent on petroleum unless when you mean "green" you mean doing everything by hand. Everything "green" uses plastic as well which is all made from petroleum. The reality is we do not need windmills and solar to "solve the problem" as they actually are creating bigger problems. Actually the more people promote all this clean energy nonsense the more TV they watch, the more internet they use, energy use just grows and grows and grows. Godzilla kinda comes to mind! Before you know it we have landfills piled sky high with computers and AOL floppy disks (remember those) and viewscapes that only these filthy rich zillionaires can afford who all made and maintain their wealth due to the burning of fossil fuels.

Green New Deal includes "clean energy" that is 100% dependent on fossil fuels

One vocal new member of US Congress presents on her feed a video showing the fantasy idea that we can removing carbon from the environment so we are all saved from evil of what is the most abundant mineral in the universe. Ms. Cortez who is easy to spot there as she's the youngest thing in that institution and wears fossil fuel based lip paint in bright red presents windmills of course as a solution to all "woes" of carbon dioxide. Unfortunately her arguments feature wind energy that USES ELECTRICITY which all comes from fossil fuels. The wind farm turbines use hydraulics which all use petroleum oil which is carbon rich. Wind energy is 100% dependent on the use of oil and the consumption of fossil fuels as they are chaotic energy sources and put more strain on the grid thus causing more use of fossil fuels. Most people pushing this "clean energy" cult do not understand this, and will not listen to anything you say to try to inform them on this. Wind farming wastes energy. We have been told wind farming will free us from all fossil fuels but really it does not and we should really start by looking in the mirror and notice our use of fossil fuels is painted all over our faces and in our coffee and our cars are all made of massive amounts of fossil fuel based plastics and if we don't start there first we are disingenuously diverting energy.

The image also shows a high speed train which I guess we are to believe will be powered by wind spinners. It's a joke. It's kindergarten thinking. They think these turbines are as simple as pinwheels they played with as kids. They are extremely complex electrical mechanical hydraulic devices. These now adult voices are big on "green energy"  sources that use oil and our will not function without tax subsidies and all tax subsidies are dependent on oil. You have to drive to work to make extra $ to pay these subsidies, that takes oil. Even if you drive 100% electric car that thing was made from oil, the wires are coated with plastic made from oil, and the electricity is at least 90% made from oil or natural gas often from fracking. Visit anywhere near Palm Springs and use electricity guess what, you are using NATURAL GAS from the Peaker Power Plant that generates much of the electricity from the burning of reliable natural gas. Everything we build in the industrialized motor driven world uses oil unless you do like the Amish lifestyle thought even they are using trucks and cars now.j

The turbines are loaded with oil

It's back to the drawing board on saving the world from ourselves. After you realize that wind energy turbines like the Vestas v112 3mw and all others use fossil fuels which is a broad term that includes oil and solvents all derived from oil you have to ask who lied to us about wind and who's benefitting while we do with less, while those who all profit from our tax subidies are doing with much more, using more energy than ever as they get richer off petroleum, which without it cannot build these inefficient ugly viewscape destructive monstrocities, and what do we do to "safe the planet". It's very easy, start simply by doing your wash by hand. Boycott washing machines and dryers if you really want to change the world based on this foolish idea that heat cannot escape into space. Force Congressional representatives to walk the talk, sponsor a bill that mandates they do their laundry by hand.

The only ones that benefit from these wind turbine monstrosities are the industrialists. I am not interested in paying for these things. The public should not be forced to pay for these things which are 100% dependent on "dirty carbon".

Maybe Ms. Cortez should be featurin cartoon drawings with pinwheels that are pushing for a ban on viewing online porn as we read a report that blames it on causing 27% of all online video viewing thus producing a full 4% of all of the world's carbon dioxide emissions. Yea that will fix it. Thing is how much carbon emissions does reading that report cause along with all the 24 hour a day servers running to serve use 7,000 times more movies, 8 billion more TV shows, 2.542 zillion documents, and 243,000,241,307 quadrillion bazookaillion emails and messages, quite a lot yet will any one of these politicians that are screaming we need to make endless arrays of carbon containing laws, updates, improvements give up their computers? Never.

They will not even do their laundry by hand which is not all that difficult, but their schemes will make it hard for you to take that extra trip to get a way from it all so you can see gawk at those wind farms in the once pristine landscape, and be mesmerized at how they are saving the universe, unless you were lucky and bought Apple at a dollar, then you will have gobs of money flowing into your portfolio all generated from petroleum and you can waste as much energy as your other rich neighbors who spend millions on energy saving schemes as the homeless keep piling up in our streets and borders. I see the problem here but do they? OMG the report discusses regulating "online sobriety". What a joke.

So here we have 36 page report that will be downloaded millions of times which calls for more reports to be made and those will be downloaded millions of times and those reports will create new reports that explain new regulations and those reports will be downloaded hundreds of millions of times and on and on and on and on. Hey Mom whatcha doing up there with all that climate change water vapor as we watch our stuff online? Handlin it? She said yes no problem.

Shattered heat record for Alaska does not prove global warming without equal and opposite cooling is real

The headlines highlighted the record high temperature of "all time" for Alaska in summer thus adding fodder to the rediculous climate change global warming claims but the fact is that official records there only date back to the 1960's and this year is much cooler in areas like Palm Springs and the Mojave Desert.

Solar reflection pollution

The other day I drove down a road in the desert that has nothing but open desert views and noticed a small building which is some kind of utility building for something and it has a solar panel on the top of a pole. I have seen this before but today the sun was closer to setting and the angle was just right that the reflection was distracting, noticable, and very annoying. This was just on one panel. Thing I noticed is that it's actually destroyed the viewscape there, just that one panel at certain times of the day has become quite a serious distraction when driving. Think when you are driving and you are behind a car where the angle of the sun is bouncing off the back window of the car ahead of you right into your eyes and no matter what you do that glare is in your face until you turn off the road, it's pretty much like that for a while when driving past it. If it was just in the right spot it could be glaring for quite sometime as you are driving up to it. I find this to be a problem for safety and a problem with aesthetics. We are destroying our landscapes with this erroneously labled "clean energy" crap.

California has mandated all new homes to have these solar panels to "save the planet" from ourselves which of course are made out of the very thing they hate. They are not made of green tea leaves as the marketing term "green energy" implies, they are made of plastic and plastic comes from oil. There are installations here that have many as power generating facilities. I am very concerned about the beauty of the desert and these are starting to destroy it in a whole new way that telephone poles, transmission lines, and wind turbines towering into the sky with their massive blades have ever done because they all do not reflect like a mirror.

The other thing that occured to me as I started thinking about this, these solar panel farms especially do not let the earth absorb the heat. This causes climate change. The Earth is a mass that can slowly absorb and slowly release heat thus allowing the frigid temperatures that surround the entire Earth from space to enter our atmosphere and provide cooling. Now with solar faming which is supposed to help stop climate change it's causing it. The heat is more immediately absorbed, released, and reflected right into the air.

If there are so called "carbon blankets" up there in the sky and they trap the heat below them, solar is not helping. These solar panels are basically all black. Black absorbs heat more than any color. White reflects it. Solar panels absorb the heat from the radiation thus creating heat that if these were white would not do. They cause climate change. Back to the drawing board. Ban washers and dryers if you want to stop the planet from heating up. Better yet, ban television, ban our streaming box for TV and movies, how much heat do all our devices produce? An awful lot. Look at the wattage ratings of your TV and computers.

And why is no one talking about all the heat generators of electricity produce? That wind turbine also generates heat. It uses oil, produces heat, omg what are we doing here? Then when we power our appliances with "green tea" energy they all produce HEAT. Oh but they will say in defense that less carbon dioxide will be in the air so it can escape and be cooled by the 456 below zero space of the entire uinverse surrounding out dot called Earth. Thing that's wrong with this whole claim is there are no carbon blankets up there holding heat. It's air. Air moves. Blankets made of solid materials trap air. There are no blankets with fibers to trap the air up there. If you have any you caught on a flight across country please send them to me so I can give them to all the new hoards of homeless appearing in our big cities for coming winter.

With that concern in mind as winter will be upon us again with massive cooling effects I must ask all who are concerned about climate change to please send me your carbon blankets so I may donate them to the poor carbon blanketless people to stay warm this winter.

Wind turbine towers need to be camouflaged

The 100 foot cell tower is considered to be so ugly that most communities demand they blend in to the surrounding landscape. How is it that towers that are 8 times higher and almost as high as Los Angeles tallest skyscrapers and are uglier than cell towers get a free pass? In Flagstaff there is an application to renew a cell tower and on the city agenda paperwork on page 24 it shows this tower covered in fossil fuel based plastic greenery and fasteners. These aesthetics routinely fly off on many of these towers and are dangerous to people below. I have heard promises made by their representatives saying that "this time they won't come off we are using a new glue and fastening mechanism" bla bla bla. That was with palm frawns though. These ones made to look like pine tend to stay put better than palm tree pretending plastic again made from petroleum. Although cell towers are not claimed to be "planet saving" devices, if we are to be considering how to stop "climate change" based on the lie claims of carbon dioxide needs to be contained then we need to consider how unnecessary it is to use plastic to camouflage any tower while we also have to consider that if we feel a tower needs to be camouflaged for aesthetics then a tower that is a wind turbine also needs to be camouflaged for aesthetics and the best way to do that is to not build them since they waste so much energy as they depend on our energy in taxes to keep them running. It makes no sense to allow these monstrocities anywhere near cell towers that need to be camouflaged.

Write and call your representatives see if they care enough about these massive wastes of your money to contact you back I got no response from Tom O'Halleran and many others the thing to do is show up at meetings and make public comments and get the public informed

click here for full page of representative including senators

Arizona County Districts Board of supervisors

There are basically 2 districts, one in Coconino County and the other in Navajo County that would represent the affected areas of this Chevelon Butte wind farm project.

Coconino County - District 4 representative Jim Parks
Navajo County - District 3 representative Jason E. Whiting

Other representatives include:

United States Congress House - District 1 - Tom O'Halleran

Flagstaff Office

405 N. Beaver Street, Suite 6
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

phone: 928-286-5338

On his website in the "Forestry and Conservation" section we see a rather stark display of how ugly wind and solar is and how it destroys landscapes and views of fantastic mountains, I believe this is of the Palm Springs area San Jacinto mountain which rises up about 2 miles into the sky. How is adding these ugly things to the planet conservation? They take up so much land and are inefficient. And when are they going to make the solar panels white so they don't add heat into the atmosphere? Another odd thing is O'Halleran looks to improve ways of wildfire prevention, don't allow wind farms then anywhere near the Sigreaves forest, hello???? I wrote O'Halleran and emailed never got a response.




Looks like they would add SODAR equipment at Chevelon Butte

Look how beautiful not the forest becomes when energy wasting wind energy blows in.

WindCollector2 from Toragon AB with a Phased Array SODAR SFAS from Scintec AG - image credit HobbeNet

SODAR (SOnic Detection And Ranging), also written as sodar, is a meteorological instrument used as a wind profiler to measure the scattering of sound waves by atmospheric turbulence. SODAR systems are used to measure wind speed at various heights above the ground, and the thermodynamic structure of the lower layer of the atmosphere.


Planning and Zoning CommissionStaff Review Board Agenda Meeting
of August 29, 2018 - 3:00 PM to 4:00 PMBoard of Supervisors Meeting Room
Study Session Agenda Meeting of August 29, 2018 - 4:00 PM
Board of Supervisors Meeting RoomCounty Administrative Center219 East CherryFlagstaff, Arizona
The following cases are scheduled for a public hearing on Wednesday, September 26
, 2018.
At the
Study Session, Commissioners will briefly discuss this case.

Case No. CUP-18-030: A request for a Conditional Use Permit for five 197 ft. meteorologicaltowers with associated SODAR equipment on three parcels totaling 23,219.28 acres in the G (General, 10 acre minimum parcel size) Zone. The property is located in southeast Coconino County in the Chevelon Butte area and is identified as Assessor's Parcel Numbers 407-03-004A, 407-04-002A and 407-06-002E. (item 4)

2 Property Owner: Chevelon Butte, LP, Winslow
Applicant: Advance Energy, LLC, Boulder, CO 80302
Representative: Arlo Corwin - see more about him below
County Supervisor District: 4 (Jim Parks)

some points to consider on that Planning and Zoning CommissionStaff Review Board Agenda page - David Monihan accepted the Environmental Engineer position - it would be good to know how he stands on dirty "clean energy" projects. Elizabeth Richardson accepted the Compliance Manager position.

I would like to know how I can by mail voice my objections to these towers and will be looking into that process.

Coconino county planning viewer shows Advance Energy LLC at Chevelon Butte

Parcel number 40706002e is almost 14,000 acres and pays only $500 in taxes for 2019?

The applicant is Advance Energy LLC based in Boulder Colorado here is a list of their team members as presented on the website on 8/23/2019 so why is it that land owners get notified of this by S Power LLC? Team member photos are not appearing on that site as with most company websites. They can be found on LinkedIn.

I found reference showing a picture of "managing principle" Arlo Corwin here on where it mentions him as being new CDO of OneEnergy Renewables. In the article it states "Corwin joined OneEnergy following the firm's acquisition of the development portfolio of ADVANCE Energy, an energy generation and infrastructure development firm founded by Corwin and focused on utility-scale solar, wind, and transmission projects."

It appears then that OneEnergy owns ADVANCE Energy.

It also states "Corwin was formerly president of Power Network New Mexico, a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs Infrastructure Partners, and a director of project development at EDP Renewables."

Goldman Sachs, that's big money. Money is energy. Almost all money is generated by fossil fuels today and all big money is.

On they have a map that shows thier projects. As of 8/3/2019 the map is NOT interactive but it says it will be soon. Maybe it is not working because the wind is not blowing today.

On the map a "spinning" pin on the map represents working complete wind projects although as a reminder wind energy only averages about 18% of the time actually producing energy there are many times also that the wind turbines are drawing power from the grid that relies on fossil fuels. Wind turbines cannot function without energy created by fossil fuels. The "sun" map pins represent solar. Sad to see Hawaii's natural beauty spoiled by solar farming. No not sad, disgusting.

The first wind farm that destroyed part of America

I remember driving on I-10 entering California for the first time 40 years ago and seeing wind farms off either side of the freeway and never dreamed they'd take over the world. The were intriguingly ugly. They were tiny in comparison to what is being done now.

In 1998 I learned from an investment broker how they are all a money sucking scam as they are 100% dependent on being subsidized by taxpayers. Those were his words. He said they are all losses. He said wind energy cannot generate a profit on their own. Tax payers are getting bilked unlike other products like oil and natural gas that generate power and are profitable. He said they are profitable though to those investors as the taxes of others being used prop up their portfolios so they don't lose money but rather gain.

Then I learned how they use oil and do not wean us off oil at all. I never dreamed they'd be part of an end of the world cult but as is industrialized free world markets go there's always a sucker for some product.

They have been successfully marketed as saviors to a fake problem. The Earth has no problem cooling itself in a constant balance. Carbon blankets are fake. If anyone has one send it to me and I will donate it to the poor homeless carbon blanetless person in winter to keep them warm. It's air and subject to convection. No one I know or ever studied has ever grabbed an air blanket to stay warm. Air can act as an insulator as in a down blanket the feathers trap air so that the air is still thus providing a certain amount of insulation and preventing convection. You stay warm this way when the air is trapped in a blanket that traps the air with solid materials as you generate body heat for warmth but the atmosphere has no such rigig materials up there. Carbon dioxide is air, not cotton, polyester and feathers. Air is constanly subject to this convection and global cooling. The claims that carbon dioxide in the incredibly miniscule amounts that even get up there "trapping heat" is a big fat lie. Some are laughing all the way to their private jets, mansions, and conferences in exotic places and online bank accounts as they watch the world get sucked into it as through "carbon credits" and other schemes they get rich.

Amazon in Pittsylvania County hailed for installing black heat absorbing and releasing solar panels as a way to stop global warming

It's always baffled me how the eco-crowd thinks it's ok to have big black panels covering the earth and then they go paint the "black top" roads white like what was done in Los Angeles as a test, or mandate white painted roofs. The article here on references some wild claims of how many truck miles of carbon are saved from going into the air (to create imaginary carbon blankets) yet it's typical of cults to not respond to logical reason and absolutes in science or those who simply don't have the time to study the basics and fall for marketing ploys by the well connected and well funded who market their wares that make them rich. Then the energy created by solar goes and powers all sorts of electric motors and technology which all generates massive amounts of HEAT. Show me one of these top leaders of the movement doing their part by doing their laundry by hand in order to stop their imaginary global warming or out right lies about how the Earth is constantly cooling itself using space that surrounds the Earth at negative 456 degrees farenheit.


Here is a photo of wind energy at the entrance to Palm Springs at Interstate 10. In the center the turbines are about 1.5 miles from the camera. To the left on the hill as you are looking through the high power lines that distance to the wind turbines is about 4 miles.



Why aren't wind farms littering the coastlines of California?

Because they look like crap and all the rich elitists in the state refuse to allow them in their front yards as it would affect tourism, and BE UGLY TO LOOK AT especially imagine red flashing lights on the ocean horizon all night long, would affect their property values (they could care less about other's property values). Imagine watching a sunset with these moster blades casting shadows chopping up the suns rays none of those who live on the coast will tolerate that, dumping them on the poor communities who can't laywer up like they can is their motto. Besides that they are scams feeding portfolios with energy in the form of $$$ so the rich can continue to burn energy as much as they want while the costs of our energy keeps rising.

Why are we painting the landscape black?

S Power presents some of their completed projects.

snapshot from S Power website here presented at the Winslow open house regarding the Chevelon Butte wind farm project that is proposed on 48 square miles

If we are concerned about "climate change" doom and gloom whereas the belief is space cannot cool the planet efficiently because of "evil carbon" blankets stuck in the sky as if they can't move why are we generating more heat with black solar panels? Why are we creating more electricity to power heat generating motors in our existentially threating heat producing devices and appliances? I am certain that planting more green on available land instead of black would be much more efficient at dealing with "climate change" as the green plants would actually both suck up carbon dioxide and also cool the air as well. Of course adding water to these areas would cause climate change so that's also a factor as water vapor affects climate more than anything.

I would also like to know how much heat is generated by so called "green vehicles" which are powered by "black energy" as seen here in these photos. We know that ICE generates a lot of heat so much so you cannot touch your engine as it gets so hot when it's running but I have a ROKU device that is 3.5 inches by 3/8 inch by 3/4 inch, a very small device, and that thing gets so hot I can't touch it and those stay on 24/7 and that's not even moving people around like an electric car so the amount of heat generated could be massive compared to it's relative size and benefit as it merely provides entertainment. I never see these figures presented anywhere. It would be interesting to compare the weight of an electric car and it's heat output to the heat output of the same weight of these devices. I can't see how black energy could possibly be better when we calculate all the heat generated by such heat producing panels in black plus the heat generated by devices powered by black energy as part of the evaluation when the entire foundation of all of these is saving the planet from getting too hot. Where are all the British Thermal Units when you need them?

Covering the landscape in black is insane or misguided or just another way for industrialists to keep that energy flowing into their big massive bank accounts, none of which goes into those of mine or yours most likely. We have seen this with the "do as I say not as I do" approach of climate alrmist guru Al Gore who's home alone uses at minimum 20 times more heat producing energy than most of us and flys in private jets dependent on wasting massive amounts of fossil fuels while we are told by all of them that you and I are the ones that need to make sacrifices and pay more for our electricity "to save us from impending doom".

I don't buy their claims and they are the foundation of all this hot air in wind and solar energy.

Climate alarmism is a cult. All of these energies are black energy. The only green energy we have is those generated by plants we use for food and green energy that comes from burning wood from trees. All of these others are heat generating mechanisms that are 100% based on fossil fuels.

Even a hydro electric dam cannot be built and maintained without fossil fuels and they also produce heat that causes global warming.

Some data on terms

MWAC - Megawatts in Alternating Current

Fire concerns

When the turbines explode they spew flaming hydraulic oils all over the dry brush below igniting it. I am guessing they are more likely to explode as seen in the link article photo when the wind is blowing which makes for a worse problem, wind fanned flames. At Chevelon Butte the area is adjacent to National Forest lands and ranch lands that do not have running water. There are no fire hydrants there. I would imagine huge water dropping helicopters and planes would have some difficulty entering an area where wind blades are spinning and towering 755 feet into the sky as well. Think this is a rare occurence? has quite a collection of images showing the horrors of wind turbine fires.

Wind Capital Group pulled their proposed wind project out of Florida Everglades

Citing that it would harm wildlife and economic unviability in 2013 Audobon Florida reported it was not going to proceed. Instead they are focusing their energy in creating 100% fossil fuel dependend wind energy in the Western States.

Electric vehicles in Illinois suddenly use 14 times more energy

Citing gas tax losses in July 2019 the state raised the registration fee from $17.50 per year for an electric car to $248 per year.

Money is energy. That's a whopping 14 times more energy used to pay for registration, energy based 100% on fossil fuels. Note all roads built and maintained are also 100% dependent on fossil fuels unless they use a horse and wooden implements all formed by hand to grade roads with dirt and gravel. If the road uses blacktop which of course causes global warming because it's black, it's made from fossil fuels loaded with carbon.

The entire argument on converting to a fossil fuel independent country is a total joke and con game. Meanwhile the rich industrialists keep taking their money they get from your taxes you gleefully pay to save the planet, and moving away from the high tax states in the North East and moving to tax free Florida to save their energy.

Wind power caused electricity rates in Kansas to rise

Creating the "wind infrastructure" was a part of the cause. Why not instead spend money on infrastructure like power to the properties West of Chevelon Canyon and roads and a bridge over Chevelon Canyon which cuts travel distances to Winslow which is the closest big shopping location and would make access to I-40 much easier and save energy and create a better quality of life. As an unspoild area and as a country need wasteful unreliable view spoiling wind energy like we need hole in our snake oil based fossil fuel.

Berkeley goes all electron

Berkeley in California mandated no new construction will have natural gas in homes so guess what that does, ties them to the grid and new electric dryers and ovens are installed in homes and business. This causes bank account change as these electric appliances suck more money from the owners. Business will pass cost onto consumer. Meanwhile natural gas powers many parts of the grid now. It may be powering Berkeley. It does in the Southern California desert. So if cities are forcing electricity on it's residents while it builds natural gas power plants how are we saving the planet. Something is up with that.

The infrastructure costs of adding "planet saving" infrastructure is going somewhere and are coming from you in higher energy costs. The sales pitches by all involved make you feel good about it but money is energy. You are wasting energy. You are by force giving more money to sleazy sales pitchers. Even former president of the United states Barak Obama had stated that "necessarily energy costs will skyrocket" in reference to "need to go to wind and solar" and since money is energy as they do we are using more energy so the entire argument of planting wind and solar farms falls flat. Many have realized this way too late now and are halting these misguided energy projects. California remains in a state where it feels it needs to be committed, maybe to an insane asylum, as it is either insane or a crafty way of once again solving problems that don't exist by creating new problems all while shifting money away from you.

Meanwhile back at the Berkeley Lab which says it's "bringing science solutions to the world" they studied how painting all rooftops white can protect us from heat waves while using an endeless array of energy wasting computers to monitor all heat generated and weather. And while the State has already mandated that all new construction will have solid black solar panels that absorb and emit massive amounts of heat, after reading the study, I concluded they all must be painted white then to stop heat waving at us like we are fools.

Prius gets double gas mileage but wastes energy in other ways

Catalytic converter in these things said to be high stolen item and costs 8 times more than many older model cars. 8 times more $$ is 8 times more energy wasted. Prius and electric cars have been sold along with wind energy as ways to save the planet from heat as if it doesn't know how to save itself utilizing vast bazillion trillions of godtillions of vast frigid space yet they are all 100% dependent on carbon rich oil.

A football field of natural lands are destroyed every 30 seconds now in the United States

At this rate in 50 years there will be no open space except the Grand Canyon which is directly north of Chevelon Butte and that too will then be filled with wind farms. They are about 1.32 acres is the size of a foot ball field so we are averaging one entire wind farm size swath of land like what is proposed for Chevelon Butte to be destroyed every 18 minutes according to one study. They say 24 million acres have been ruined by industrialization over the last 16 years in the United States. Industrialization is ruining everything. We simply must stop building as all of this industry is dependent on the use of fossil fuels.

Of course as it always goes the call is to study these matters more which means more computers, more wiring, more electricity use, more travel back and forth to places of study, on and on and on and on, so that we can fix our industrial mess with more industrialized messes which all profit certain individuals. How do we really fix this mess? The place to start is to stop.

Chevelon Butte Wind Farming

 instead plant new energy saving roads that use the by product of steel production fully dependent on oil to produce - add accessible electric 120V power lines where they are missing to save energy - bloom bridges that save energy - sprout ranch housing for the ranch homeless making America greater and free of wind farming blight