HORSEPOWER.NET    Wind farms both produce and burn up energy they make. THEY USE ELECTRICITY and waste energy* They are no where near "green". They are energy theater.

view movie hereThe Lone Wind Ranger is one of many wind turbines that are ready when needed to BURN UP ENERGY from the electrical grids when there is too much power made by all the renewable theatre systems and when turbines need to be turned on regularly to keep them from seizing. Electric grids that we all rely on for our energy delivered to our homes and businesses are strained more by renewables as they are "chaotic energy" that is constantly stopping and starting every day all day and night. Level amounts of power are needed to keep our energy hungry appliances ready to use when we want them and this is provided by natural gas generators, nuclear, and coal, almost all of it is generated this way and adding "chaotic energy" makes it difficult to keep that steady flow, thus, what they do is use more "standby power" which now is often being supplied by "peaker" plants using natural gas. When energy grids are supplied with spurts of wind power and solar, they can also "dump energy" to balance it all out, thus renewables cause more wasted energy. 

We should stop building these. See how horrible they look at night with incessant flashing red lights blinking all night long.

a night sky is a place to RECHARGE when it's free of these incessantly annoying irritating flashing red lights click on image to view video

They have ruined landscapes all around the globe now and devour vast amounts of land. A new project in planning stages in Arizona will cover a whopping 49 square miles. A nuclear power plant would cover one yet provide 7,000 times the energy. We would have to cover 1/2 of the USA to meet our needs, it's not even possible yet we keep hearing representatives of the green industry and even Sierra Club representatives make claims we can leave all fossil fuels in the ground. They are all making money off this deceit. This is just not right. We pay for all of this through tax subsidies and our electric bills and in the products we buy as business also has to pass on these costs.

See how they often sit idle doing nothing but smoke a cigarette and act cool (view video)

After studying these systems extensively especially in the last year, I now personally believe they turn these things on at times to entertain us as we enter or leave Palm Springs on weekends. They do put on quite a show. People stop at them all the time to take photographs, well, they did, before the latest flu virus with a new marketing twist started to spin our heads in circles, scaring public officials like never before except in 1918 when San Francisco had a 45 day period of requirement for wearing face masks. It was right after a seriously stressful immune supressing World War I, yet they lifted the Draconian restrictions quickly. And before we ever allow public health to lead us down that road of economic chaos and stay at home orders ever again, as many of us never realized that they have such extraordinary powers that really need to be curbed, everyone should take a look at The Infectious Myth archived website and read the late David Crowe's take on the virus panic of 2020 that was simply the flu and common cold rebranded to sell new drugs and channel money much like medicare fraud, and consider how we also been lied to about viruses for the last 100+ years as well as seriously look at how we can make sure that mistake never ever happens again while stopping all of these other wasteful transfers of our precious
$$ energy. **

Though some wind power must get to homes we would think (though some say it doesn't) it's been pointed out repeatedly by financiers, sustainable futer advocates, engineers, systems operators and service crews who understand these systems and how they are not just spinning pinwheels that look pretty, that they are extremely complex machines that use 600 gallons of oil in their hydraulic systems and lubrication of parts, these gallons of oil get changed out regularly, they are totally dependent on fossil fuels and are an effort to get your green $$ energy. Overall when calculating all costs they are net losses, so basically they are like movie sets - real but still fake - providing illusions of "clean energy" and at least entertaining us and making us feel good like a movie might do. All combined some might exaggerate just like they do about how many homes can be powered and say they typically would make enough electricity to power 100,000 other wind farms burning up that power made "and it's doubtful any of it gets to homes".

Featured in the renewable energy theater is one of those turbines that I personally saw at Palm Springs on Indian Canyon Drive as it was rapidly spinning as it DRAWS POWER FROM THE ELECTRIC GRID. Michael Moore also just let loose a great film exposing these constant lies by the wind industry. The film is called "Planet of the Humans" which you can watch here for free. The Lone Wind Ranger is only seconds long. It just shows how they use electricity, not just make it, and how they ruin landscapes. This was captured on a day with no wind. Click on the image below to view.
Did you know that all of these industrial wind sets use electricity from the grid? I did not until one day when I met someone who worked on these systems who clued me in on how they have all sorts of mechanisms that rely 100% on using electricity from the grid, in other words, from reliable energy efficient fossil fuels and nuclear power.

Then on New Years Day 2020 I watched 40% of the massive 2000+ turbine wind farms above Palm Springs spinning in a direction that MADE WIND while another 40% was spinning in a direction that MAYBE MADE ENERGY while the remaining 20% were idle not spinning at all.

I also learned these farms act as energy dumps getting rid of excess electricity made from other wind farms and solar farms. Why is there too much power that can't be used? What in the dark green energy world is going on here????  Why would any good wind ranger do such a thing? Making wind requires energy. Maybe it was in glitch mode and needed repair. Still this proves my main point here, they draw energy from the grid. They also power them up to keep them from seizing, this is done regularly.

So we learn wind farms routinely DRAW ENERGY FROM THE FOSSIL FUEL BASED ENERGY GRID often using up over produced energy that has no buyers. They power up the turbines making them spin to get rid of the excess electric.

No buyers??? What is going on here? Did you think they only made energy? Where on TV or movie did you get that idea? Are these just movie set props? Yes pretty much. Green energy is an illusion. These waste energy. Count the $ energy used to manufacture, install and maintain these and calculate how much they dump and you will be shocked like I was.

It's basically green energy theatre. They are props.

view movie hereThe Lone Wind Ranger is always there to use up energy in order to protect the grid from excess. He represents all wind turbines that are ready to kick into gear burning up excess grid energy. Each one is a super hero. We didn't have a need for these super heros with old fashioned efficient reliable energy that didn't act like an out of control spoiled child on drugs. Here in this movie set above we see how one kicks in using power from the grid to make the propeller spin. Sometimes we see many more spin on NO WIND DAYS! I think they even turn these on sometimes to make it all look good for those who come in and out of Palm Springs.

If you think this is not possible that they could BURN UP ENERGY from other wind farms, look up Maui wind energy use, they dumped 25% of it one year. Much of the time they never produce. They are like politicians. We are lucky if we get 10% of what they promise when we are told they will power this or that many homes. I did a little experiment where I found I could power 1.999999 million homes with a battery and a potato.

Click on the image of The Lone Wind Ranger above or to the right to view the film. There are also some other links further down the page regarding Ocotillo wind farm.

This one of The Lone Wind Ranger is located at Palm Springs and seen by many who drive into or out of Palm Springs via Indian Canyon between Vista Chino and the I-10 freeway. It's nothing special as a film and super duper short. It just shows how one is burning up energy from the grid while others sit idle. This is not something you would see presented by all those who keep pushing all these ugly wind turbines on the world as they have a product to sell. I want the world to know the truth.

I stopped panning the camera for a point about half way through this film of mine as there was another lone spinner much farther in the distance but my camera did not pick that up well so you might not be able to see it in the video (click on above image to view the video). It was the same one I have referenced in this photo below that also was spinning that day when there was no wind. The image below was snapped on November 1st, 2019.

update: On Dec 10, 2019 I looked up the hill east of route 62 and there was a different lone spinning quite fast turbing drawing power from the grid, there was no wind, it was the oldest wind farm that was build I think in the 1980's short grey towers with white blades quite small in comparison. Wind farms both produce and use energy and unfortunately the bottom line is they just waste energy and ruin our landscapes.

I think it's important people be aware of how wind farms DRAW ENERGY and this is simply not being presented to the public and trying to find out how much energy is drawn is difficult as these developers do not want you to know that they DRAW & BURN  ENERGY FROM THE GRID ROUTINELY.

They cannot function without doing so.

Some people think all these things do is save us from fossil fuels. It is a fantasy to believe that.

If you think solar power is so fantastic think again and again and read:

"Unreliable solar is now the largest single generator in the Western Australian grid. It’s not only bad because there are no other states to dump the excess energy on, or to save the state, but despite the vast size nearly everyone lives within 100 kms (60 miles)."


In the USA we have a broader grid but what in the world is going on here with producing and dumping energy routinely. All arrows are pointing to massive industrialized world scam.

In studing these issues for years I knew that these wind  turbines routinely draw power for regular maintenance but never knew how much energy they really used. I finally got confirmation of the cost of the power they draw - $1000 per month just to keep a DECOMMISSIONED one in enough service to keep the ugly flashing red aviation warning lights on and whatever mechanisms draw power.

The amount of energy used to cause the blades to spin as they draw power from the grid must be MASSIVE.

If any developer wants to present that data to me go right ahead.

I am sure the public would love to hear about it and how THEY are the ones paying for it but still I want to know how much energy is being USED UP due to excess energy produced and why is there excess energy produced on the grid, are these wind farms producing energy THAT ARE BEING BURNED UP BY OTHER WIND FARMS?

click on this image to read more about that day

Tom Ogden, Hobby whore wrote about this on the internet

Dump loads from the fossil fuel grid that OVER GENERATES POWER!

OMG HOW MUCH ENERGY IS BEING WASTED BY GRIDS! Something is wrong with this whole picture.

Already we see proof of this, "Maine could be a prime location for a pilot project that converts surplus electricity from wind farms and other renewable generators into a gas that can be stored in underground pipelines." archive source

!!!  surplus electricity from wind farms and other renewable generators  !!!

That article also presents this fun fact, "Plants that demonstrate these technologies are running in Colorado, and in California, which already produces more solar power than its grid can handle."

So here's more proof that when you see these wind farms spinning as shown in my first tiny film "The Lone Wind Ranger" based at the Palm Springs wind farms off Indian Canyon Road that these projects are using up energy THEY CREATE.


So again, as you see them spinning they are USING POWER FROM THE GRID SOME OF THE TIME, MAYBE A LOT OF THE TIME? How did they "dump loads" of over supply prior to wind farms?

Is it possible that "over production" could be happening because it benefits those at the controls?

Does the wizard behind the curtain come to mind in that other famous movie set?

We had Enron, how do we know that this isn't happening in a different way that is well not exactly a scam like Enron that is at their hands so obvioius, but just close enough where over production is benefitting investors and these companies more than the public as these wind farms deal with over production? We have push for wind farms and other "renewables" now at the hands of the public demanding it but who's telling us we need this? Bill Gates says it's time we stop playing around with these renewables and go to stable reliable sources.

I also learned this, "The market for wind energy in the United States disappeared overnight with the disappearance of the Californian support schemes around 1985." Then later in the 1990's we started to see the green movement start to blossom, with those who pushed and continue to push renewables these support schemes had a rebirth and now we see wind farms have taken over so much beautiful landscapes is this what we want the planet to look like, an endless array of this crap? They waste energy! Wind farms cannot function without your energy to pay for them.

And before we get sucked into more hype of yet another solution to a problem with energy storage "solutions" for renewables which devour rare minerals in other parts of the world let's keep in mind how much energy over the last 40 years these systems have stored in bank accounts of those profiting most off of them, draining your energy as you pay for them in your energy bills and taxes.

View the wind energy map showing how much of the country has been decimated with this energy abuse crap.

Wait there's more! Here is yet another Lone Wind Ranger DRAWING POWER burning up grid energy at Ocotillo, California wind farm. Look how they ruined the beauty of the desert there. At the end of the film if you look to the left there is one more that is spinning ever so slowly, that's Tonto. In another film by the author "Save Ocotillo" the narrator mentions that they should shut off the back-feed power as he shows none of them even moving. How much power is used this way??? He also asks when is the news agency going to come out there to tell the truth about the "phony wind facility". HE ALSO WITNESSED A RAVEN GETTING SHREDDED.  He shows a pan of these sitting idle and says "this is supposed to be the future of our electricity". He also stated a manager of the project called it a "power plant". Yes, there are non spinning wind propeller sticks that are planted in the ground as white colonists. Here's how they look there at night HORRIBLE, destroying serene night "recharge" horizons and skies all night long seen for many many miles all around. And here's a day where some are producing wind using energy from the grid yet again! Here he mentions how he watches them service the turbines then sees them do a "spin test" which of course USES POWER FROM THE GRID.

In 2021 starting in October these went totally offline when one of them malfunctioned and dropped parts all over the ground. It's still off line Feb 2022.

snapshot of Ocotillo wind farm California another no wind day in December 2019 by YouTube channel "Save Ocotillo"

"Oh what a lovely landscape"

Update: September 2021 one of the towers fell to a big mess of destroyed plastic polymers and steel and BLM shut down the entire site of all turbines. I am not sure if this is temporary or permanent, probably temporary while they figure out what went wrong and if other towering turbines might do the same so I would expect it down for at least a month or so.



* the next these hucksters will use to get more of your energy is to blame it on the grid, and they are already selling your public utilities commissions upgrades "to handle all the power". Don't fall for this, the grid was PERFECTLY FINE until we added this scam energy to it, industrial wind energy is chaotic, like a spoiled child that sucks all your energy to buy it everything it wants, and those who make all your money from these scams do just that, they buy everything they want. There are much better reliable efficient energy sources.

**I think the city is bankrupt now. Once a world wide destination. How are they going to pull ouf of the rubble. No one is traveling anymore. Who will want to take a vacation having to wear face masks, smell putrid chemical smells from constant cleaning, no swimming pool use, restaurants closed or if open 25% of capacity only allowed. Who will do that? No point in going anywhere. All commercial establishments are using hospital grade disinfectant and the fumes are horrible. Bad chemical smell that burns. Face masks still required in many stores. San Francisco had a panic like this in 1918, mask use required only lasted 45 days, we are into 2 months now and no end in sight. How are the elderly and those with health issues going to cope? They are forced to smell these fumes in assisted living centers and nursing care, and this is public 'health'? There is nothing quite like purposely shutting down society to futilly try to stop things that 100x smaller than bacteria, are not living things, are said to be "cell debris" by the world's finest electron microscope image interpreters, and are carried by air constantly 6 feet distances, 66 feet distances, or 666 billion feet distances no matter what any one does to try to stop them. They go right through mandatory face masks which as of this week May 4, 2020 are required on airplanes. Viruses are another scam to get your energy. Lots of smoke and mirrors and scare tactics. As some things start to open back up they are forcing dehumanizing face masks on employees, taking their temperatures daily and feeding that to public health authorities, disinfecting constantly, what kind of society closes health clubs "for our health". So many people stayed incredibly healthy by going to health clubs. Many are shutting down for good. It took decades to get the public interested so much in their health and getting them to exercise so that there was enough interest to build these health clubs then those who are virus hunting and relying on mere slices of electron microscope imagery that is subject to an array of interpretations tell us to close them "for our health" while others tell us that their interpretation of the images of viruses reveal they are not harmful except in that they are mere cellular debris, in other words flaking skin on cells or cells taking a poop.



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