New York City's recent blackout caused by ever expanding obsession and mandates for dirty "clean energy"



Their plan to end reliable energy provider Indian Point nuclear power plant by taking it offline better be stopped or they will be living in Democrat pie in the sky carbon dreams pusher congresswoman Alex Cortez world of socialist controlled energy. If you don't know who this congresswoman is she's the one that made life better there for everyone by scaring Amazon from building headquarters there thus diverting thousands of jobs to somewhere else in the country that's not as insane.

She's the one that paints her lips a bright red color using fossil fuel based paint so you can't miss her when you see her mouth yapping endlessly.

You don't have to go far to see what happens in countries where solid science is replaced with lunacy and mob rule all the socialist countries have unreliable power. Some of this unreliability is because of lack of resources but the push for wind and how it causes blackouts has got to be addressed immediately.

Even the New York Post editors understand this and have written about it.

View the reports about decommissioning the plant on the Indian Point website and browse their pages to learn more about how they provided relatively blackout free reliable energy for 40 years and now one of the many Democrat delusionists like the mayor of New York City Bill DeBlasio are forcing it to close.

"Under the agreement, Indian Point Unit 2 will shut down by April 30, 2020 and Unit 3 by April 30, 2021."

Indian Point power plant home site has a great name, SAFE SECURE VITAL. What's in a name? This one says it all, energy that is reliable provides security, safety, and is vital to human life. Such energy saves lives and  prolongs lives and creates an extremely high quality of life for millions of people. Those who are so bent on destroying it need to take off their carbon dioxide air blanket glasses so they can see the reality of dirty "clean energy".


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