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Bernie Sanders who is a Senator in Vermont who has withdrawn his kooky political nonsense from the Presidential race for 2020 is a millionaire owning 3 homes now is a long time Democrat CAREER POLITICIAN who has enriched his family members with special deals that are as questionable as that of the Bidens and many politicians.

Nevermind that the homeless population grows like weeds and there are more people who own 2 or three homes than ever that often sit empty, and many of which are completely taken off the market as they have become hotels for all these same people who trade homes amongst each other, the facts remain they all are making all this money because of rampant use of fossil fuels and always will, but this reality does not stop politicians from making wild claims on how if you vote for them the world will not end and then if they win you can breath a sigh of relief as they will make all fossil fuels stay in the ground and never peek their ugly heads up ever again while instead they feed super engriched wind seeds the food they need from politicians in order for them to grow everywhere.

In the debate he touted that [dark swamp] Green New Deal that claims the world will function better with AOTM [All Over The Map] energy that is unreliable, destructive, and expensive thus using more fossil fuel based energy, and cannot by any stretch of real principles of physics eliminate the use of fossil fuels in an industrialized economy yet that is constantly the claim with added sprinkles of EOTW [End Of The Worldism].

The claim is dark green energy would provide in his RULERSHIP 20 million new jobs.

A little math can go a long way in helping unicorns continue on their way instead of them getting stuck in manipulative imaginations and pooping on the people.

For example, the Chevelon Butte wind project at Chevelon Canyon touts what would be the country's largest tallest new installation on 49 square miles.

It will provide 2 to 5 regular jobs. It's hard to nail down any exact on this so let's go with 5.

20 million new jobs divided by 5 is = 4,000,000 (four million)

We will need 4 million Chevelon Butte wind projects built in the United States to get anywhere close to Bernie Sanders imagination.

These will cover then at 49 square miles each a total of 196,000,000 square miles.

The United States covers a territory that is about 4,000,000 square miles.

So even if we were to cover the entire country in wind farms leaving us to be forced to live right under them Bernie Sanders math is so out of this world it is not even in our universe, it's at best exaggerated by 49 times though since it's unreal to believe that the US government would allow that kind of development his exaggerations are more like 49 times times that to thus reach an exaggeration level of about 2,401 times reality.

Math sucks when you are running for president.

We really should write new laws that require they are able to understand math word problems effectively and 3rd grade algebra and trig.

Then the billionaireberg tells us that China carbon emissions are slowing down, FAKE. They just keep growing. They have no interest in stopping their recyclable coal use.

And during all this babble all candidates are getting donations that are neither democrat or republican, they are fossil fueled, and they all come from our constantly being glued to the information superhighway where we keep paying tolls to all those billionaires running it on reliable fossil fuels that do not come from fossils of which their carbon makeup gets washed off after the show.



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