To go "green" with BLACK ENERGY wind farming as proposed by the 70'sish olive Green New Appliance Deal the entire country of USA would have to dedicate 1/2 of it's entire land mass to wind energy


update 8/15/2019 - Los Angeles area Democrat candidate who chained self to "Green New Deal" defeated in special election. Republican John Lee won that seat. The public is becoming well aware of how mad this political nightmare of dirty "clean energy" has become.


I read an article on wind energy and the proposed by Democrats "Green New Deal" championed by a child who got into congress named Cortez.

The GND wants the entire country to be switched over to a 100% renewable energy system. On the surface we already know that's fantasy land, but in reading what was calculated would be required to complete this it showed some amazing results.

Petroleum and natural gas would be replaced with battery storage, hydro electric as in dams/water flow, wind farms, and solar farms.

According to the study required capacity for wind alone would be 1000 gigawatts. The planned Chevelon Butte wind project would be they say about 450 mega watt.

A giga watt has horsepower of 1341022

A mega watt has horsepower of 1341

A giga watt to mega watt ratio then is 1,000 to 1

Requred capacity to reach Green New Deal which I call the Puke Green New Deal would be then 1,000,000 mega watts for just the wind sector.

Question though, since wind only supplies about 18% of it's capacity would we be talking need of 6 times more farms than is calculated here? The stated capacities are never presented in megawatt HOURS. The measure of time is of utmost importance in these calculations. I will have to look into that further.

Since the Chevelon Butte wind project would be 450 mega watts hat means the United States in order to be fully off fossil fuels which are not even made from fossils there would have to be 2,222 more wind farms like Chevelon Butte eating up 48 square miles each* built across the land of purple mountains majesty blocked by disgusting ugly wind farms.

Spread those out over 48 states below Canada and we then need 46 more wind farms built in each state (or possibly 6 times that amount).

That would require 106,656 square miles for wind farms adding 388,850 new wind turbines all 100% dependent on fossil fuels and drawing energy from the grid.

That would destroy every available viewscape there is for hundreds of miles everywhere. That is only for wind. That would leave the Grand Canyon as the only place in America free of disgusting wind turbines.

Adding solar farms would also cause destruction AND HEAT. Solar panels are black, they absorb the sun's radiation and generate heat. Isn't heat the thing we are concerned about? That's the entire foundation of "climate change" hustles. We are doomed by a warming planet they say.

So the Cortez proclaimation "solutions" make more heat just in other ways. And what do those wind and solar farms power? Heat generating appliances "that cause climate change".

Adults who understand solid science who are not tricked by hucksters making big bucks from the climate wave have a better understanding than any child elected to US Congress.

*(updated 9/1/2019 had stated "48 acres when it's actually 48 square miles)



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