Santa Barbara Audobon Society supports wind, they shouldn't



They presented at least one letter to the planning commission regarding the Lompoc Wind Energy Project. It was 226 pages. OMG. You can view it here.

They clearly have a lot of fossil fuel based energy to work with in creating such a detailed letter. Wind does not provide this kind of reliable energy to draw from.

They state that they support renewable energy projects when sited where they have only minimal impacts on wildlife, this project they say has a great impact.

How do we help them understand that renewable energy is a farce? How can we move the curtain exposing that climate wizard is a huckster without them falling right back into the adventure?

Wind farms are movie sets. They present an illusion of clean energy. They can be spinning away but are DRAWING POWER from the grid.

Renewable energy hucksters present an illusion of powering 100,000 homes when it's more like 20,000 toasters. Homes don't use energy, appliances use energy. Let me know the moment they tell us in their claims "Can power 100,000 toasters" or better yet "Can power all of the appliances in 100,000 homes every day all day long as much as they are used and needed".

They never present the watt HOURS only the watts. Watts is a worthless indicator of power without the watthours as it concerns presentations of how much "homes" can be powered as all "homes" (appliances) use energy over a PERIOD OF TIME and that measurement of time is VITAL in understanding how much can be powered.

They will never say that. One guess as to why.

Here is where you can go to view the Santa Barbara County Planning commission recent reports on this Lompoc Wind Energy Project.

There you will find all the public letters and documents presented to the commission. is where the planning commission agenda, marked agenda, and staff reports are available.

There is a "suggestion box" on the county website where anyone can submit a public comment. Click anywhere below on this snapshot of their page to go directly to their site. There you can click on the "suggestion box" and it will open up your email with the contact address entered. Mail them directly.

present your views in a public comment here



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