Peabody Coal in Arizona's eastern region being shut down


8/20/2019 by Kenneth Wegorowski

The Navajo Generating Station located in Coconino County is being decommissioned and thus Peabody Coal which supplies the coal for the reliable energy plant that was providing 90% of the energy used to reliably bring vital water sources to the state of Arizona is laying off 265 workers.

This is also causing a problem with funding for the areas police and jails.

These layoffs is causing people in the Navajo tribe to seek work elsewhere often taking them far away from family and their history.

The coal industry there was stable for decades and is a reliable clean energy source and reliable funding source for local government's necessary functions and a stable economy.

These decisions to abandon coal are going to create more problems and solving those problems will require massive amounts of fossil fueled energy to solve.

It's going in circles like a dog chasing it's tail, eventually running out of energy.

It is a direct result of Liberal anti coal maniacs convincing so many that coal is evil and destructive, even though it is reliable and saves lives.

update 11/15/2019 view my breakdown of how much wind energy is being produced by SRP the power company that owns NGS in wind energy currently, it would be interesting to see how much of a dent the proposed Chevelon Butte wind project would make in the portfolio of energy production in the state, certainly NOT AS MUCH AS YOU ARE BEING LED TO BELIEVE. Before going there take a guess, is it 15%, 40% now, 22%, or less?



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