Is wind farming providing any useful energy at all?


8/19/2019 some updates on 11/1/2019

I received a mail from a reader of who pointed out that although California may be the beneficiaries of the wind farm of Chevelon Butte output at a discount, which then you are actually paying for, a lengthly explanation as to how the so called "energy" goes into the grid seems to reveal that none is really being produced.*

The reader also claimed he was the only one in the world that knows this, explaining that the energy from wind is asynchronous but in looking up that term all it means is that it's not synchronized. Just because something is not synchronized does not mean it's useless but it depends on the application. Maybe it does so for now I cannot confirm or prove this claim as fallacy that wind farms "provide no useful energy" as of yet, yet as I explored this further a new term came to my attention called "spinning standby".

Let's focus on SPINNING STANDBY and how it relates to "clean energy". 

In power generation that is reliably provided with fossil fuels there is a base system then a 2ndary system that can be running in "spinning standby" using fossil fuels to run yet not providing any energy to the grid right then but it's immediately ready to add it when demand rises like in the afternoon in the deserts when everyone starts turning on their air conditioning full blast. This may be what a "peaker power plant" functions as.

This secondary "backup" so to speak creates a fantastically reliable grid.

At the same time breezes may be blowing at the right speed where wind mills could generate what might be called "dirty power" not "clean energy" is what is claimed, and they may not even be allowed to add it to the grid as the primary system is up as the 2ndary peaker plant is kicking in. To add the chaotic unreliable wind would actually cause problems with the entire grid. It's like flushing the toilet, it works a certain way with a certain amount of water going down to the sewer pipes, to dump a massive amount of water in would be chaos, overflow with sewage.

So wind mills might look like they are producing yet they are often not adding anything at all.

This is a "waste of energy" some would say to have a secondary system running that is based on burning fossil fuels, but to not do this would cause massive blackouts.

Wind energy certainly would not handle this secondary function as it's too unpredictable and it's chaotic nature may be causing blackouts that we keep hearing about now in those areas that have moved so far "ahead" of the United States in producing "renewable energy" of which all depends 100% on fossil fuels. Remember just because someone or something is further ahead does not mean they are in a better position. The guy taking a picture of himself with his phone may move further ahead of the group behind him as he falls off a cliff to his death because he was further ahead and not paying attention to those warning him waving their hands wildly as he blows them off as idiots.

Wind is then a existential TERTIARY system in most all of these wind farm applications tied to the grid. It's not primary or secondary.

Wind is constantly promised as a solution to all our energy woes but this is appearing to be untrue.  The grid is very complex to manage, the supply of constant energy is a managed process, they cannot just dump energy into it any time the wind blows. So all the energy in dollars used to build and maintain these massive ugly projects that require fossil fuels to maintain is yet an added waste of energy.**

So as we open our eyes even wider we read things about harmonics***, the turbines do not run at 50/60 hz, asynchronys, sinusoidal waveforms that the generator provides, and statments like these,

Wind turbines - Asynchronous as they are - do not produce any 50/60Hz energy. They only produce useless harmonics which are termed in the industry as dirty energy.
It gets worse. The harmonics are through smart meters fraudulently added to consumers power bills.
It gets worse. The electrical theory now gets tricky. If enough WT's are connected to a grid they will take the grid down hence the blackouts in the USA and South Australia.

And now as our jaws drop, this makes us also start questioning the term "energy" and how we think of it and how it may be used to give us false impressions of what we are getting, all for the purpose of certain groups individual gain. Buyer beware. Energy is a broad term. Our bodies produce energy but that doesn't mean we can plug ourselves into the grid and power 100,000 homes with it. That would be obvious of course if anyone made such claim that it was false, but wind energy is more complicated and more difficult to prove such a claim against their construction and use that would state such a claim of them providing no usable energy.

What if wind is merely doing this, pretending to be producers of energy, where as technically it is, but it's not producing real usable energy rather just using it? Then all we have there are props for a motion picture for "clean energy theater".

I whould have to study this more and will update. I am making no claims as to authenticity of the report (link below) or validity thereof. I am only presenting materials on this for our studies in wind energy. Remember the term "energy" is a very broad term. Sometimes when writing for I run out of energy and have to go to bed. During the day the energy I produce would not power my home as it's asynchronyous to how electric power in the home operates yet I could make the claim that I am producing power and adding it to the grid when I use a new handy dandy device that connects through my computer through the USB port and wraps around my lille finger thus producing "clean energy".

We have seen how a potato in science class can actually light a bulb but who has presented potato energy farms as a clean energy source? Obvious that would be a scam. It would be much more complicated to explain that wind would rarely if ever produce energy as when we look at them presented in medias or seeing them in person knowing the have massive generators in them would, well, it would be as absurd as claiming we never went to the moon as equally as difficult to prove.

** of course the energy used to build these provides energy to certain bank accounts while sneakily draining parts of yours and in considering wastes of energy we might even add in how much further it is to drive to unspoiled places when wind farming blows in all over the place spoiling so many prinstine landscapes. In California it's getting harder to find these. In the desert by Palm Springs you could walk or bike to vast unspoiled viewscapes but now they are loaded with wind farms. What is happening too is places like Yosemite that we waste energy driving to to escape wind farming industry and other industry well they are becoming inundated with tourists and cars everywhere. At Chevelon Butte and the entire Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest areas and the properties around it everywhere you go is unspoiled, you don't have to drive anywhere to experience that beauty currently. If wind blows in it will wreck that beauty, serenity, and night time sky.

* a website which lists "Richard S. Courtney" as author states "Windfarms provide no useful electricity"   I looked into this more

*** harmonic oscillator is described as a damped oscillator so if something is damped it's like it's cushioned so is this clean energy called harmonics merely cushioned energy and like with a cushion it only cushions? If we are to call a seat cushioned it can still be a seat so if energy is cushioned it can still be energy, but if a seat is cushioned with so much foam that you sink into it calling it a seat seems to be disingenous though technically it could still be a seat but to sit in it would be futile as you would just sink into it like quicksand, it would not even be comfortable, you might not even be in a sitting position but tweaked no where near like sitting, and virtually it would be useless.

update 9/27/2019

read about asynchronous vs. synchronous energy

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