The climate elite jet setted off to Italy for yet another conference. What happened to tele-conference? That saves massive amounts of energy.

"Furstenberg and Diller reportedly arrived via their $200 million yacht Eos; Dreamworks founder David Geffen is said to have given Perry and Bloom a lift to the event on his $400 million yacht, Rising Sun."

So once again, the climate cult gurus and rich promoters in entertainment all waste and consume massive amounts of fossil fuels and are having the time of their lives (and ours as we throw our energy at them) and what do we get out of it?

We get to sit in our homes watching them have fun, make us drool wishing we were them as they preach the gospel of wind, solar, and electric cars, all of which are 100% dependent on fossil fuels, which again they all consume in massive amounts.

All that entertainment they provide in their sermons is worth it right?

It's said the event in  cost $20 million. That's the equvalent of 200 homes at a cost of $100,000 each which could house 5 people or even the Brady Bunch of 9 packed in a 3 bedroom home in various cheaper parts of the world. Instead we have to use fossil fuel dependent energy to save the world so that all these rich people can make gobs more energy all based on fossil fuels.

Oh don't forget how they spend gobs of energy making themselves look beautiful while they support the destruction of natural beauty in viewsheds everywhere on the planet, everywhere but anywhere near where they live.

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