Trying to save the Eagle birds using "smart" technology



Cattle Hill Wind Farm has installed a trial set of cameras linked to computer management systems that would slow down wind turbines if an Eagle is heading for them.

OMG THIS IS INSANE. It's a $3,000,000 investment. How many homeless could be permanently off the streets with that? How many energy saving roads could be paved? How many potholes could be fixed thus saving front end repairs thus saving energy?

Now we add more fossil fuel based machines to then cause the wind farm to produce even less energy to do what is of course a noble pursuit to save the birds but since wind farms waste energy over all and destroy landscapes and no amount of turbine management is going to stop bird kiling blades this is just wasting more energy.

Bottom line, it's all about the flow of your energy to be maintained into the industrialist portfolios.

These monstrocities need to be banned in order to save the planet, save energy, save wildlife.

We don't need to monitor everything on the entire planet. It's out of control. The energy wasted on all this surveillance is massive.

So instead of shredding birds which is great that they are attempting to do this, they are shredding power produced, if that is any at all as these systems are 100% dependent on DRAWING FOSSIL FUEL BASED POWER FROM GRIDS.



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