AES Corporation is covering the planet with black dark energy dependent on the use of oil and fossil fuels


8/3/2019 updated 10,16,2019

AES website home page on 8/3/2019 captured at 11:00 am pt shows what they call environmentally friendly alternative to traditional bla bla bla. The image shows how ugly and disgusting solar farms are to the landscape. They are not environmentally friendly at all. They are destructive to the environment. At the bottom of the website it shows the full name of The AES Corporation. Solar panels are wrecking landscapes everywhere now. They might pop up suddenly without you even knowing it in your area and then you have to look at this in order to "save the planet" which as we have discussed these do not do any such thing.

I currently do not know what AESCo is for or if that's just another way of writing it.


Here is another image they present on the home page. How is this environmentally friendly? Who would want to live near these? Notice the shine on some of them as they reflect. There are times I have seen ones in the Deset Hot Springs solar farm areas reflect creating a disgusting ugly landscape and reflect a sea of sun in the eye. It states these shown below have infected Kaua'i's south shore. I am stunned that Hawaii in all it's beauty is being spoiled this way. And why does no one point out these solar panels are heat absorbing heat releasing BLACK. These are not green.

AES is actively wrecking Hawaii with ugly wind turbines but people there are protesting and blocking roads.





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