Volvo XC90 commercial shows golden fields of grain mostly free of massive ugly wind turbines



Starts off with vast golden fields and of course a happy rich family which can only be rich based on massive consumption of fossil fuels.

Soon we see child in back seat somewhat bored who turns head to look out the window to see the grassy tan fields with one solitary giant windmill there. Features one solitary windmill as if it's a Jolly Green Jiant and plays the song "something to lean on". I guess we are supposed to lean on that wind stick propeller thingy. Sure it will pay the mortgage - if you own wind energy companies that suck your energy in subsidies. Notice how it's more grey than white, almost blending in unobtrusive, they are STARK WHITE most of the time in person and very obtrusive.

We next get an awesome view from over head as if it's showing the Jolly White Turbine Stick looking down on the wonderful family as they drive by in their new Volvo which of course is 100% dependent on petroleum to be built and have plastic petroleum based wiring and dash boards and seat cushions and and and and always will be 100% dependent on petroleum to be built and function as also the Jolly White Energy Giant looking down is also dependent as it is always leaning on PETROLEUM.

We then see a view looking up through the fanstastic moon roof as the Jolly White Turbine Stick is looking in CURIOUS and making sure we are OK.

Of course no turbine has the ability to lean over like this to look DOWN over a car sunroof. It just gives the illusion of it being a good jolly friend you can lean on who is looking out for you (subliminal message) and a pretty slick presentation.

Then the child is pretending as if he or she is holding it like a bubble wand or pinwheel and blowing on it with carbon dioxide air which of course is going to also create an invisible blanket which will keep the white turbine warm at night.

After that there is an image where we are looking at the car going by we see the child waving goodbye to the friend and we see this next image from above like we would in a movie where grandma is waving goodbye after a visit. Notice no other wind turbines MARRING the entire landscape here. They really should have filmed this in Palm Springs at the freeway which looks awful (see that view at bottom of page).

They did show one clip where we saw more of them in the distance hardly noticed I guess they would be behind this one as if grandma lives on the edge of the village and all the other grandmas and villagers are being left behind as the family goes on their merry way. The imagery and music leaves us with a wonderful feeling.

It's a nicely done commercial but this is the kind of stuff that keeps feeding these illusions of "clean" energy. The illusions of cars giving you happiness or the signifant other of your dreams or other things is one thing but it's another when making massive ugly view destroying energy INEFFICIENT wind turbines are presented as fantastic devices that are looking out for you as you plug in your new beautiful petroleum based vehicle that also relies on more mining for scarce minerals for massive batteries, and relies on a mostly petroleum based grid that can ONLY be reliable if it leans on fossil fuels, natural gas, nuclear power, and some hydro dam type power which Californian's are still trying to delete their dams. Imagine that beautiful amber waves or grainscape above filled with monster propeller white sticks towering over everything there for miles and miles. Yuck.

Volvos are beautiful and well engineered vehicles. I can't say a thing bad about them at all. I say plenty bad about turbines though as they suck our energy and feed it to the investment machine giving us completely marred landscapes everywhere leaving us with fewer places to "recharge" and forcing us to go further distances to get to those that remain.

Does a hybrid uses gas? Or does it use brids? Whether it uses gas or not it uses petrol - almost all electricity overall is made from fossil fuels so any illusions we have that we are getting away from the use of petrol is just that an illusion.

Before you view the full commercial at the link below, look again at the incredible TURBINE FREE LANDSCAPE in the last picture as soon you may not be able to see anywhere on Earth that looks like that as wind farms are sprouting like weeds that are out of control and the public continues to be more interested in watering them than pulling them. There is nothing like seeing such vast gorgeous expanses in person. To mar them with inefficient devices that are presented as "looking out for us" is disingenuous.

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When I first saw these I never dreamed this is how so many places around the world would look - these used to be the only wind farms anywhere.

Even California's official energy website California's official energy website LIES TO US about one of the very reason these things are now showing up everywhere as they present the illusion that carbon dioxide which is the greenest energy there is (industrialist wind is dark energy) is supposed to be like plastic wrap covering Earth which is absurd as our planet has absolutely no trouble cooling itself and heating itself as all of that is controlled by only two things, the sun and frigid space, oh and water vapor made from those two things is what causes climate change nothing else.




UPDATE 11/20/2019 I did some math, that lone "someone to lean on" looking out for you wind turbine in the commercial could be realistically supplying enough power for every home in the state of California with one LED night light on in the kitchen for 6 hours each night, that's it. Oh DARN IT I forgot where I put my analysis. You can do the math yourself though with any calculator.



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