8/10/2019 with updates on 8/24/2019

Wind energy is complicated worse than the other forms of energy that we have been using quite reliably for many decades even over a century. A snapshot on 8/10/2019 from explains the entire system as the most complex machine ever created by humans. Think about that for a moment, if this is a fair statement that means electricity generation, transmission, and distribution is more complex than a Boeing 747 jet, more complicated than a skyscraper, more complicated than brain surgery and you don't have to be a rocket scientist either to understand this.




This particular website is also very hyper pro "wind turbines are beautiful energy" as we see there are fun toys to play with to indoctrinate kids and adults into believing they are not annoying monstrocities as they are presented in a cute coloring book page.



snapshot from the site home page 8/10/2019


We are taught to think wind is fun such as a "stick wind here" tool and video so you can imagine what those big cool wind spinners will look like in your back yard and not in front of your beach house. I say stick that in the trash dump as that's the only place wind energy belongs, in pieces, or a recycling center which keep closing now because they are losing energy and countries on the other side of the world don't want our trash any more.*

So while we are supposed to fantasize how clean wind is and delude ourselves which many have in to believing that it will rid the world of fossil fuels as others who are not in the clouds with this and are not trying to sell you junk try to inform you that wind turbines rely 100% on fossil fuels and consume electricity to power massive heat producing motors inside to rotate the tops 360 degrees as needed and uses oil in hydraulics and motors to push fluids to brake pads, many ignore the messenger and even scream at them as the fantasy of wind is more imporatnat than reality just as it is in other cults.

They even make it easy to donate to the wind industry so you are not just paying for it in your electric bills or mom and dads electric bills AND IN TAX SUBSIDY PAYMENTS we are then also paying for it in donations all making the wind preachers rich and distributors of this fantasy happy. Sometimes they will even celebrate these wind falls of your energy by popping open a sparkling bubbly bottle of champagne filled with carbon dioxide air that escapes from that glass into the atmosphere forming carbon blankets of hot air subject to convection and cooling from space.

I say stick wind someplace else like in the recycle bin though we are finding out even that wastes energy.

* rePlanet is closing down hundreds of it's recycle centers as an example as they say it's not sustainable, costing them too much, and since China is not buying our trash anymore we can't dump it on other countries and now we are having to deal with it all ourselves. Maybe we can reuse these cute wind farm blades to instead of shred birds, to shred garbage and stop teaching our childrren lies about energy. And where did we ever get the idea that using massive amounts of energy to ship things like garbage all over the world is saving energy?



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