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The Horse Heaven wind project will be HELL if it is built. 255 turbines. Fire dangers so bad that it could repeat what happened in Lahaina. Stop these things.
Need a kick in the ass have it drink some 454 horsepower coffee!


Here's what clean energy actually looks like

Clean Green Energy Comes From Windmills Of Old Not NewOld fashioned picturesque wind mills were used to grind grain when the wind would blow which helped save energy in grinding grain by hand. They did not pollute. Somehow in the industrial age this concept blew in to the illusion that we could power the world with electric made with generators attached to propellers towering high into the sky. Unfortunately the sellers of this scheme don't tell you wind turbine energy systems create & burn energy & are 100% dependent on fossil fuel use. They are inefficient and use petroleum products to manufacture, maintain & draw energy from the grid on a regular basis. They do not make anyone independent of fossil fuels. They devour land, are ugly, & bad for the planet. This Is Dark Wasteful EnergyThey are even used as energy landfills as they routinely burn up excess energy made by wind and solar. They are a unstable, chaotic & unsustainable neurotic energy source you pay for with your green $ energy to make industrialists and their beneficiaries rich and they just go spend it on things that use up more energy. Renewables are a scam to get your energy. The cultic push for so called 'free energy' is often the claim that they will fix a problem that in reality cannot be fixed and a problem that actually does not exist. Atmospheric change is 100% caused by water vapor which is 10,000% greater in the atmosphere than CO2.

WIND & SOLAR is totally dependent on oil
What if everything you believe about 'clean energy' was wrong? What if you learned it's all an illusion? Wind farms are actually movie sets presenting 'clean energy' theater for show, it's a song and dance to GET YOUR ENERGY. Industrial wind & solar energy projects actually do not reduce carbon emissions they actually INCREASE IT and they take more of your energy than give back. Carbon is not the enemy they claim. The entire thing is a PIPELINE to your money.
There are so many lies mixed in with truths all used to get your energy. It is the technique that cults use to deceive. The illusions all seem so nice but the reality is that energy is based on physics and the analysis of 'clean energy' shows precisely that it's only clean when you ignore the Devil in the details.

CARBON CLEANSING NEWS! Mother Nature joined the ZERO/CARBON initiative. It precipitated once again and brought all the excess carbon back to Earth. If only it could also do this to the minds stuck in the atmosphere of illusions. Save Arizona's mini Grand Canyon! sPower based in Colorado where their headquarters are not marred by ugly white colonists (wind plantations) plans to consume Arizona's Chevelon Canyon region with a whopping 49 square miles of 170 wind turbines the size of Los Angeles skyscrapers just south of Winslow using your money from taxes and higher electric rates and of course this also trickles into everything you buy. This project will destroy the peaceful tranquility of vistas for miles. Wind farming actually wastes energy and is better described as camouflage energy and energy abuse as it pretends to be something it is not. These industrial systems are MOVIE SETS presenting illusions making their producers rich and pension plans filled with your money which is what they are building PIPELINES to, your money. read more about this project here

The cause of climate change is clouds, sun & space not carbon
Whenever you hear that these "climate fixit systems" power so and so many homes it's all lies. For example "The legislation allows Orsted, a Danish wind turbine producer, to use federal tax credits for its Ocean Wind 1 building project near Atlantic City, which is expected to power more than 500,000 households, according to reports." Where is the proof of this powering 500,000 households? These are lies. They NEVER tell you how long. They might power these households for 1 minute a day, maybe 5 minutes, at night so the porch light is on, not 24/7. If you have absolute scientific data to correct me on this showing how these systems power power hungry appliances all day and night, please write me at the email below, otherwise all ABSOLUTE SCIENCE proves that wind farms are pipelines to your cash. On Monday May 1 2023 these movie sets in Australia were producing a mere 4.4% of what they should be able to pump into the grid imagine a car that only gets you 22 miles from an entire tank of gas when it's capacity is rated at one tankful gets you 500 miles but since it relied on intermittant chaotic energy only 1 gallon was pumped into your car, that's how bad wind energy is you might think that 4.4% made it's way to your home but that idea is ROTF Laughable, more like ZERO to .1% and on a good day .666% instead of what nuclear and Earth fuels provide at 100%.

2 films on alternative energies claim we have been exposed to massive fraud

ENERGY PRICES TRIPLED due to renewables to the delight of those profiting from your energy

CO2 is the finest green energy there is every plant knows that as it recycles it constantly and filters the air - carbon filters the air - if they are not telling you this they are ripping you off charging you more for what Mother Nature keeps doing every day using none of your energy

Turbine accident stats

Chevelon Butte Wind project near Winslow starts building in Coconino County and now there are JOBS AVAILABLE so you can be a part of what your kids will one day will say "Dad why did you put these horrible things in everyone's backyard" 

GM plans to double it's planet killing electric car production

Chevelon Canyon Ranch surrounded by movie sets providing energy theatricks adding these ticket prices to your taxes and electric bills to feed pensions and portfolios! This is GREED and better called black energy. Those pushing to ruin the planet to save it present their mandated transition to "safe and effective" electric busses that when they catch on fire they are like bombs and emissions are never eliminated, they are transformed into exports, they build battery factories. To make one battery of 1,000 pounds industry has to move 500,000 lbs of raw earth materials and thus consume 300 barrels of oil in this entire transformation process which is a NET LOSS OF ENERGY but it is a HUGE GAIN FOR PORTFOLIOS that is why your energy costs keep going up as the rich portfolioists could care less about how much energy they use which is basically shifting yours to them.

They never talk about the operations and maintenance costs which - as reported by one Australian outfit Infigen - runs at around AUD$25 per MWh which undermines the myth about wind power being generated with zero marginal cost.

130 trillion dollar climate scam to get your energy and part of that plan is to make you stay in their 14.666 minute cities so they are the ones with all the energy to travel anywhere as much as they want as they deem each other special and carve out exemptions for themselves, don't fall for the scam.

Wind farms get paid for electricity they DO NOT SUPPLY guess who's energy is used to give them all that cash! It's like your government handling excess traffic like this, paying people not to drive during rush hour $1000 each day when they have a "rush alert". The people make so much money from government they quit their jobs as it becomes impossible to get to work anyway as they need to reallly be there 9-5. Traffic curbs, the politicians go on TV and say "see we fixed it now vote for me again". Then they open the floodgates of illegal immigration to allow new cheap labor to come in and guess what, traffic magically reappears, then they come up with another fake solution and you are surprised inflation returns and eats up all that cash again. Then the new problem that needs fixing is the horrible flashing red lights all night long, the politician promises to fix it, Senate Bill 49 118-6 mandates (there's that silly word again how'd that work out for you during Kovid-19 which started on Project Runway March 2019 (not 2020) pacifying the public with require that radar activated lighting be installed, how much more energy of yours does that use? They promise "that will solve the problem" that they created and FAA does not rubber stamp approve those and lights will still flash many times and fail to work properly so they then have to leave them flashing all night again, and again how much more energy is used as they keep ruining the planet with these pacifiers that are a complete waste of energy and are as reliable at gettig the job done as an alcoholic drug addicted teenager who schizophrenically tries to get the job done and is sitting there doing nothing or playing video games and occasionally getting up off the couch. That's your wind and solar.

Woman in Wyoming talks about GREED certification in that state and agrees the only place these pieces of garbage belong is on the Sun. AmazonJude232 on Bitchute mentions the California buttholes trying to turn that state into California. Everywhere Democrats go they bring their dirty clean certified GREED with them.

Sierra Club makes fortunes based on the "fossil fuels" they publicly state the goal is to keep it all in the ground and wind farms and solar sprouts will keep their pensions filled for many decades to come using your green $$$ energy all based on the use of "fossil fuels". So this marketing pitch about keeping it in the ground, show me fossil fuel, it does not exist. We have ORGANIC oil that is made from hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen not made from fossils. If they were genuous they would not take fossil fuel tainted money.

Concerns over carbon dioxide are misplaced energy

Carbonated plus oxygenated air is always recycled anyway. There is never any amount of CO2 in the air that does anything harmful in any shape or form and it's just non-toxic AIR. Changes in our atmosphere cannot possibly be caused by 1 parts of carbon nothing air per 2,499 parts everything else natural non-toxic AIR none of which ever gets stuck and it cannot insulate the planet. The amount is so infinitessimally small it's like worrying about 1/2500th of one dollar over-run in in your household budget. There are no carbon blankets in the sky trapping heat and renewable "solutions" are adding heat anyway [1] [2]. Claims of catastrophic change caused by man is a total farce. It's used to get massive amounts of your green $ attention energy while it uses more carbon based energies [3]. We have been had by all the weather change cons and opportunists for decades now and you and generations to come are being billed for it. Renewables are ruining the environment and this has to STOP. The planet has no trouble heating and cooling itself in perfect balance.

image by Andy Morffew from Itchen Abbas, Hampshire, UKThe only cause of climate change is water & we cannot control water vapor nor do we need to. Our heat is 99.992% generated by the Sun and heat always escapes Earth to frigid 456 degree below zero space. You might notice this rarely publicized phenomena every spring, winter, summer and fall. There are no blankets in the sky. Earth is not a greenhouse. Carbon dioxide has no effect on weather. It's a pitch to get your money and attention using crisis generators as a tool. Crisis generators waste a lot of energy. We should ban these. It's time to stop WASTING SO MUCH ENERGY ON THESE SYSTEMS. The illusion of impending catastrophe has no basis in physics. Covering our planet in wind and solar to solve a non-existent problem of "stuck heat" is a poor use of our natural resources and they destroy forever views, kill bats, birds, and Bald Eagles a symbol of enduring freedom from any more of these scams that suck our energy, some of whom have been murdered by these towering bird & bat & honey bee shredders.

Niagara Falls clean energy shut off at times due to fake clean energy carbon credit scheme



time to get a grip
H2O causes climate as usual

carbon does nothing

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SUDDENLY those trying to save the planet ruined it
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West Camp Wind Farm in Arizona will devour 79 square miles of land and feature 104 turbines at 820 feet tall
Chevelon Canyon Butte Wind Farm will devour 49 square miles of land and feature 150 or more turbines at around 750 feet tall

Chevelon Butte wind Navajo Coconino sPower renewable wasteful energy project near Winslow Heber Overgaard Arizona Chevelon Canyon Ranch Acres Retreat horse power includes alternative & traditional methods of understanding and implementing the fueling of progress wind energy motor vehicles studies solar panels and solar power farming horses cars conversion and wind farms NEW YEARS resolution for 2020+ hindsight is to end the lies of climate carbon energy farming of your green $$$ energy another element of Internet Matter that exposes

HELLth care and pig pHARMa  

imagine if California was hit by the big one and it was all electric    

Temporarily disabled energy vs. permanently disabled energy     

WHITE COLONIST spinning movie sets   

The ONLY cause of climate change is water H2O      

carbon blankets and footprints do not exist!     

reverse radiative forcing cancels out nitrogen emissions     

Is a massive wind turbine plantation heading for Johnson Valley California? Sure looks that way!  

In 1911 a US and Canada heat wave prompted the solution was electric cars and sky wind power plants but
they never caught on as they are inefficient, chaotic, unreliable 

New climate marketing pitch in the 8 mile-o-spere to sell you fluoride so you don't get cavities even though it's really just chemical waste from fertilizer they can't get rid of any other way 
"fluoride" in the air! 

When did people become so stupid they believe politicians that constantly LIE can control weather? We were warned us about the windmill scam way back in 1997 when investment bankers said wind farms are always a net loss unless they are propped up with tax revenues.

other articles that look at using motors and such....


Windmill horrors! Safety break malfunctions in high wind and turbine explodes


STOP being swindled by the weather cult

There are goals being promoted to blanket the world with wind and solar plantations everywhere and become 100% carbon free (an illusion) by 2050. The better goal is that by 2050 all industrial wind and solar plantations be torn down as they end their wasteful life as they all depend on fossil fuels to exist and all the landscapes they devoured be restored to their natural splendor as without those it makes it more difficult to find places to recharge thus using more energy.

[2] are the problem.html

GOAL FOR 2050: by lowering our energy use 10% we can ELIMINATE 99% of all solar and wind blight on the planet & interestingly enough the easiest way to do this is remove all wind and solar plantations off the planet as they waste energy as they lack inertia


view how windfarms look at night


STOP being swindled by the weather cult



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