Clouds cause climate change amongst an atmosphere of illusions



lets turn snowflakes upside downThe only cause of climate change is clouds. Water vapor. That's it. All other claims of causation are so minimal they are completely insignificant.

The amount of carbon dioxide AIR in the AIR is tiny. It cannot do anything.

It is 1 part per 2,500 parts. The pitchers typically in government tell us it's 400 parts per million. This is a tactic that subliminally makes us think of 1 million, and since 400 is a lot of 1's that sounds like its significant. To put this in perspective 1 dollar compared to $2500. What will that buy? Or think of that one car on the road leaving a rock concert along with 2500 other cars. It's like we are claiming that one car causes traffic jams. I guess it could if it crashed and was in pieces everywhere on a narrow road but the atmosphere is not a road made of carbon by the way and pieces of carbon floaty air don't crash making everything stuck in a narrow passageway above Earth's surface like on a road. It's constantly moving air.

Air is air. CO2 is not radioactive waste, it's just air. It's not concentrated blankets that when you add water to them they grow in size to 2500 times what they were. Hucksters in climate got you to believe they do. Air is not a solid. Blankets are a solid with air inbetween. Maybe there's a layer of polyester in the sky? No. The entire thing is a sham.

It's like the so called "evil" CO2 is a presented to us as some school bully who is surrounded with 2,499 classmates and the bully is mad, like it even matters. I guess if he had a rock in a rock control "rock free zone" it would but this one particle of carbon dioxide is not mad, does not act like a nuclear reactor, does not have the ability to harm, is not carrying boulders, or blankets, all it is is air part of what we exhale all day long and almost always is in motion except when it hits the ground or gets absorbed by plants. It does not get stuck in the sky or form blankets.

It's like one member of a church choir amongst 2,499 more in a big stadium of 10,000. The one choir member does pretty much nothing. If we had an atmosphere of 2,400 parts per 2,500 parts then we could talk a little about it but this is simply not anywhere near that, again 1 per 2,500 or carbon which is not an evil doer it forms all life and provides energy.

CO2 also does not the strength of an evil movie or comic book character with super blanket powers. The world has been so had.

Scientists who know physics, are not hucksters, and not faking climate for endless government grants (your money) have presented how and why clouds are the cause of all climate change.

The hucksters will twist what I say, they will point out from my examples that it's not feasible to get canned goods to hand out to the homeless, or that one car on a highway could get stuck and cause 2,499 others to get stuck, then will add all sorts of other babble to divert your energy. This is what they do with climate change lies, divert your energy. You don't have to go far to see evidence of where this diversion goes and gets stuck, it forms carbon taxes. Look who gets all that energy in your $, the hucksters promoting this scheme. None of their arguments make any sense. Carbon dioxide air does not cause traffic jams in the sky, does not form blankets, does not get stuck waiting for help, water vapor, the sun, and frigid space are in control and always will be.

Hucksters of climate keep presenting this fraud that 1 part per 2500 parts of air causes catastrophe, accumulates, gets stuck making blankets. Blankets of air do not form of 2,500 parts carbon dioxide per 2,500 parts of air and then form a 'blanket' that would insulate. Water vapor in clouds can do this to a degree as they are dense but any child knows they always move, dissipate, cool, drop their moisture and form teddy bears.

Convection is always moving AIR. It's cooled by space and heated by radiant sun. We have absolutely no control or influence on climate it's just too big.

Water vapor comprises 10,000% more of the AIRmosphere than the CO2. The particles are all over the place. We exhale some of it in our breath every day and plants suck in as their oxygen.

One CO2 particle compared to 2,500. Insignificant. Stop being conned by the climate cult.

When climate conitists present their sales pitches of doom scenarios of carbon dioxide they also don't bother to tell you how it's always recycled. Nature recycles carbon all day and all night constantly. If you believe in climate change cause by carbon AIR you have been had. Usually the pitch is to sell you renewables which are all tied to the grid.

Next time you see wind mills spinning ask yourself are they producing power or are they GETTING RID OF THE EXCESS.* Wind farms are also energy waste disposal sites. They power up these massive blades whenever there is too much energy in the grid. This means that part of the country could have a lot of wind turbines pumping in so much energy that they can't use so the wind farm above Palm Springs on a no wind day will feature these "white colonists" spinning using up that excess.

We have been double and quadruple had. Our existential threats are lying politicians and deluded ones.

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*renewable energy wind farms routinely USE ENERGY drawing it from the grid and they even routinely DUMP POWER made by the excess produced by renewables. I bet you did not know that. We could call wind farms renewable energy LAND FILLS.



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