Earth is not a greenhouse


7/27/2019 (updated 9/29)

A greenhouse effect is not possible with water vapor and air in our OPEN ATMOSPHERE yet this is a marketing term constantly used to get people to believe in the scam science oof global warming. Earth is constantly heated and cooled. Carbon blankets in the sky do not exist. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is a drop in the ocean.

We already have renewable energy, they come from the Earth. Fossil fuels are renewable.

These principles stated here are of solid science, not scam science sold to us by hucksters who are all living like rock stars making their money all from massive consumption of what they keep telling you is bad.

A great post online written by explains it nicely, 

 A greenhouse effect is not possible in an open atmosphere from a gas or water vapor.

The atmosphere used to be primarily CO2, water vapor and Nitrogen, with no oxygen. Why did we ever cool off enough for algae and plants and any other life to form if CO2 or water vapor caused a greenhouse effect?

Clouds with dark bottoms are a visual proof of the earth's temperature regulator. Hot air rises and condenses into the cooler high altitudes, forming clouds, and the heat escapes into space. There is nothing to prevent it from escaping into space. Heat in the oceans cause hurricanes, and they move enormous amounts of warm air to the upper atmosphere where the heat escapes into space.

There is no such thing as a greenhouse effect in our atmosphere. It is a complete myth. The whole global warming story is a lie.

The greenhouse effect lie was in addition to the lie about the origins of oil, natural gas, and coal. There is no "fossil" in fossil fuels. They all originate in the mantle.

Why are the hucksters NOT telling us repeatedly that heat keeps on escaping into space?

Eventually they will start admitting to the lie calling it a staff oversight, then they will sell you something to save the entire universe from universal warming. Anything to get your energy.



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