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about that surge in CO2 level

Human activity is the main cause of excess CO2, but isn't the main source of CO2 emissions overall by any stretch. Nature takes back in as much as it outputs, but it outputs a lot. "The natural decay of organic material in forests and grasslands and the action of forest fires results in the release of about 439 gigatonnes of CO2 every year. In comparison, human activities only amount to 29 gigatonnes of CO2 per year."

That's 15x more caused by mother nature than man.

reference  daelyte @ & 

Then there's this discussion about water in the atmosphere:


The water vapor is part of the problem.

Warm air holds more water vapor then cold air. (That's why it's only humid on hot days, and why you get condensation when it gets cold.) So, as we warm up the Earth with C02 and methane, we'll tend to get more water vapor in the air, which will then heat up the Earth even more.

If you read the climate research, what it will say is that C02 and methane are the "forcing" causes of climate change, while increasing H20 in the atmosphere is a "multiplier" effect. Basically, when we heat up the Earth with C02, the global warming effects are multiplied because you also get more H20 in the atmosphere because of the increased temperature.

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Good point, your numbers are by weight tho? Not actual contribution to the green house effect.

I read brielfy that water vapor compounds the effect via a positive-feedback look with the other GHGs

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Water vapor amplifies the effect of the other GHGs, yeah.

The thing with water vapor is that it has a saturation point - you can't just pump oodles and oodles of H2O into the atmosphere and get oodles and oodles of greenhouse effect. At a certain point, the air can't hold any more water vapor, so the excess falls back out as rain. However, you can just pump oodles and oodles of CO2 or methane up there - there's no "CO2 rain" to dump it out.

But the saturation point of water is dependent on the air temperature. So as you pump CO2 into the atmosphere, you raise the temperature, raising the saturation point and allowing more H2O to float up there without falling out as rain. By releasing CO2, you allow more H2O into the atmosphere, effectively amplifying the greenhouse effect of that CO2.

People keep talking about the "greenhouse effect" yet they never mention that greenhouses do not ever just keep warming, they are affected by the temperature of what's outside "the bubble" all the plants live in. Earth is similarly surrounded by an outside temperature influence, frigid cold air that is at a very constant temperature. Carbon Dioxide does not block this temperature exchange no matter how much is in the atmosphere. The "greenhouse effect" theory fails when we understand this basic concept of temperature exchange. 

Then there's this:


I wish people would stop being such incompetent, ignorant assholes. This shit is real; - whether you call it global warming or climate change, its happening. We can change it though, with science. You can break apart any molecule some way, from what I know. CO2 isn't that hard to break apart. You can, theoretically, turn it into pure oxygen and..I don't know. A rock. Everything living is made of carbon.

I thought the statement that we can break apart any molecule some way was important to note. Carbon dioxide simply can be broke apart by vegetation, is one way.


You do realize that the biggest green house gas is water vapor, which is about 50% of our atmosphere, and co2 is about .03% of that right? STOP WATER VAPOR!!!!

Why does no one ever blame water vapor!

Methane footprint B.S. 

Global warming scares in high gear

March 31, 2014 the news was that the UN report on global warming has dire predictions. Let's look at those for a moment. If it gets warmer, more water will evaporate, as often they depict by showing cracked mud in the bottom of lakes, but where does that water go. We are in a closed system, that water turns into water vapor, goes into the atmosphere, cools, falls as rain and snow. The entire fear campaign of global warming alarmism makes no sense in the most fundamental of theories. If the planet gets hotter, the water keeps evaporating, drying up lakes, but they keep saying that the ice caps will melt and fill the oceans, raising levels 400 feet, destroying coastlines, but again, if this is due to warming, that water will also evaporate much more rapidly, and rise, cool when it hits the upper atmosphere, and fall back down to earth as snow and ice in the winters, and as rain in the summers, thus feeding our dry parched earth with needed water, refilling our lakes. The water cannot remain in suspended state without at some point condensing and falling back to earth. The green house effect is so interesting, the claim is that carbon dioxide gets trapped, well yes it does, but the moisture condenses in a green house, and falls back down trapping the carbon, so where's the problem again? Like earth's atmosphere, the greenhouse is cooler outside and causes condensation. The whole thing is about creating new taxes. I was reading a report about the carbon tax in Canada's western province, it's a 7% increase on gasoline, above what taxes are already in place! Just say no to new taxes. 

Tesla adds shield on model S to prevent fires

"Tesla said today it has started building the Model S with a titanium underbody shield to prevent battery fires like the two that occurred in the United States last year when Model S drivers struck road debris." -

Temperature is the main determinant of range in electric cars

The idea of saving energy, being green for the planet, are both great thoughts when considering buying an electric vehicle, but keep in mind one thing, air conditioning and heating work directly from the battery, whereas in a gasoline engine, heating and air conditioning run off the heat or power of the engine already in process. Thus, electric vehicles can drain a battery and affect range significantly due to weather conditions. 

NASA says nuclear power saves lives

Flight 370

On March 20, 2014 CBS news reported that satellite images of possible debris from the plane is being investigated. In the discussion it was also stated that the weather conditions have changed in the last 4 days since those satellite images were taken and that they are dropping buoeys into the ocean to measure the weather. This emphasises the problem with climate change science that claims that there is concensus, there are massive swaths of ocean that are not routinely monitored.

1,340 horsepower

Koenigsegg One:1 Supercar

Chevy Vegas were shipped vertically 

Salt mining is booming

Salt mines, according to CBS This Morning, are working 3 shifts, much overtime, to keep up with this winter of 2013/2014 demand. I was wondering, where does all that salt go? It ends up in the streams, lakes, rivers, oceans. What effect does that have in increasing the salination of the world's oceans? Does that have any affect on climate science?

It's the detection methods

Scientists say that the detection methods have changed, not climate, "perceived change in storm numbers can be attributed to improvements in storm detection methods over the past century". 

Global freeze, again

The cooling continues, not even cooling, the deep freeze. Chicago is sub zero, again, reaching 23 sub zero days this season 2013/2014, their record was 25 in the late 1800's. It's pretty clear the atmosphere is doing what it does, when there's some excess heat, dissipate it using cold sub zero air from space.

Think of your oil filter like food maybe

This appeared in the February 2014 newsletter:

"Rather than being tied to a particular oil filter brand, I tend to think of oil filters like I do vegetables. One brand of oil filter might have an advantage over another for certain driving conditions, and broccoli might contain some vitamins that corn does not. I use a variety of filters and eat a variety of vegetables."

IF this is true, maybe changing brands of oil filters regularly is the best thing to do. It would be like the recommendations regarding nutrition, to eat a variety of foods. Then again, maybe it would be better to match oil filters to oils, each oil has different properties, including the type of oil from which it was refined. Then again, the problem I see with changing brands is that one brand might use a very thin membrane that particles can break through, and cause more wear than another brand. Basically oil filters are paper membranes meant to filter out particles, not provide nutrition or octane to your engine. In this view, I think it's just simply better to stick with a known high quality filter and not really compare filters to eating your vegetables.

Driverless cars can't drive in snow

The question is asked how well does the driverless car work in snow, not well my friend, not well. 

'Proof' global warming is real

Stated during the coldest northeast winder in 100 years one has to wonder if global warming alarmists ever consider or measure the variable in temperature that volcanoes bring to the Earth's surface and atmosphere. The Earth's crust is so shallow, and we basically live on what could be considered, a molten sun. Global warming is real in a way, because the Globe's inner temperature is thousands of degrees Fahrenheit. Of course there's this nasty little thing called freezing cold space the surrounds it, thus keeping temperatures overall the same over billions of years.

view image of volcano in Erta Ale, Ethiopia 

Deserted aircraft in the desert's%20Eye%20Page.html 

And you thought your day was bad....

Mineshaft incident had biker pinned under front wheel. 

Ford is creating an all aluminum F-150 

View of the Ivanpah Solar Power Facility powered up

Located in the Mojave Desert the bright glow of the steam turbine tower is a visual distraction to those driving on highway I-15 in California. The project has a gross capacity of 392 megawatts. 

Thumbnail for version as of 22:16, 30 April 2013 click on image or here for full size version image by Aioannides on

The new solar power plant is online producing electricity for mostly Las Vegas and San Francisco. The incredibly bright glow is said to be an eerie sight. There are thousands of mirrors that reflect sunlight and concentrate it to the tower in order to boil water, thus create steam, thus turning a generator to product electricity.

Here's a few things to keep in mind about how these things work:

  1. they use water in a desert - currently California is in a drought - the turbine uses water to create steam, and 170,000 mirrors need to be kept clean. I think about this right now the deserts here in Southern California have just as of this writing been experiencing heavy strong winds, blowing dirt and dust everywhere. A nuclear power plant located on the ocean or other body of water doesn't have this problem.
  2. the mirrors "follow" the sun in order to reflect it to the tower to create concentrated "solar flux", what happens to the light if these motors break? What if the concentrated light of the sun is directed elsewhere like a giant magnifying glass?
  3. how many birds are torched by the intense heat? KCET writes about the site having a "bad burned bird problem".
  4. Solar power installations' average output runs somewhere between 20-25 percent of their nameplate capacity.
  5. the Ivanpah project does not have storage, that is, it cannot store power after the sun goes down. 

I can't help but think of how 1000 years from now these will be studied like how we study Inca ruins today. 

I recall this drive along the I-15 many years ago before this project was up. It was a most spectacular view of pristine undeveloped desert all around. Now it's towers, bright lights, mirrors, a reminder of seemingly endless industrial expansion.

Here's a view of the mirrors close up.

The Press Enterprise ran an article which stated, "The $2.1 billion project is expected to provide enough carbon-free electricity for 140,000 homes through contracts with Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas and Electric. It was supported with some $1.6 billion in federal loan guarantees and has been hailed by President Barack Obama." -

But since nameplate capacity or "full capacity" of 140,000 homes is not the same as working capacity, that number could be considered to be 75-80% less, as explained in this article by KCET. Based on Ivanpah's gross capacity of 392 megawatts, the project is 7.84 times bigger than the solar project in Nevada discussed in the article. It appears the "140,000 homes" number would be for if the Ivanpah project was running at full capacity which would be rare.

Global temperature readings for 2013

I was looking over a report from NASA and NOAA regarding global temperature readings and noticed this interesting chart. It shows temperature readings starting 1880 to 2013. There were few temperature reading points throughout the world in the 1880's so comparing today's data to historical records is like comparing apples to appleseeds. 

There is an abnormality in temperature of about 1/2 a degree. Is this something to be concerned about? This hardly appears to be anything more than "room for error". 

Notice in my notations in the chart the red arrows highlight a few things:

  1. in 1880 there were few automobiles around, thus traveling to destinations efficiently and quickly to determine temperature readings and set up, repair, and analyze measuring equipment was not at all like it is today, nor was the technology at the time as accurate, even well into the 1950's
  2. starting in the 1960's clean air laws also changed over time, and this could have an effect on temperature reading calculation formulas
  3. by the new millenium, satellites were being shot up into space even by amateurs. The number of satellites providing rather comprehensive minute by minute data of temperature readings and weather patterns grew massively, thus, by this era, the readings may be reflecting a mostly accurate number, whereas in the past, the readings were primitive and subject to greater rates of error. Thus, comparing temperature readings then to those now and seeing a miniscule variation is nothing more than room for error. It's like worrying about getting that penny a cashier forgot to give you, it's not going to break the bank, it won't even affect the ability of a child to buy a gumball from a candy machine dispenser, as today, most cost a nickle. 


In the report there is another chart which shows less ice in the north and more in the south. Are we to worry about a small percentage of North Pole ice being less, while it's greater in the South Pole, and run around declaring sternly as the president of the United Stated did in January 2014, that "global warming is real" or are these numbers and charts more proof that the planet's  temperatures always adjust and balance out itself? 

Also, keep in mind this statement from an article from KCET regarding solar power measurements "Averaging households across a wide region made up of varying climates, cultures and lifestyles can create numbers that aren't particularly useful in any real-world situation." This concept also applies to climate studies. 

Solar and the president's speech 1/28/2014

The president of the United States stated in his State of the Union address to the nation, that every 4 minutes a home goes solar. It was stated in an upbeat, kind of inspirational way, as if to tout how fast solar is expanding. It's a bit of a hoopla sales pitch really. Let's do the math, if every 4 minutes a home is converted to solar, that comes out to 15 per hour, 360 per day, but more important, it's 131,000 homes converted to solar each year. So it will only take 763 years to convert 100 million homes to solar at that rate and thus, America will be all solar at it's 1001st celebration of being a nation. Of course we all know that global warming and cooling will have doomed the entire planet by then, but back to today, what's most important, is that everything else in his speech was 100% for the people, by the people, and of the people.

Eradicating mosquitoes

The blog stated: TIL a dеvicе has bееn dеvеlopеd that can kill 100 mosquitoеs pеr/sеc at up to 100 ft away using infra-rеd motion cеnsoring and a Bluе lasеr. Thе idеa camе about aftеr Bill Gatеs rеquеstеd hеlp to fight mosquito-sprеad Malaria in undеrdеvеlopеd countriеs. Production cost is around $50.

Has no one considered they effect mosquitoes have on climate? Any time anyone wants to claim that what man does affects climate, they must by the law of physics also consider what man does that affects anything in the climate. For example, rare is the discussion of the effects on climate our man made lakes have. It's well proven that bodies of water affect climate. Temperatures near oceans remain stable, while those inland vary. Thus, when man decides that it's burning of fuel causes climate change, man must also consider the effects of killing critters in the climate has on climate, and how creating dams and recreational lakes affects climate. We could even go so far as to study this complex ever changing science to death or insanity due us part, which ever comes first, or, we could consider that the effects of climate change are ever so miniscule, that we must now address the over emphasis that has been placed on it.

Some questions must be asked persistently until valid complete answers are given. 

  1. Where are the studies indicating that mosquitoes do not affect climate? 
  2. Did God make a mistake by making mosquitoes? 
  3. What are the effects of the food chain if mosquitoes are eliminated? 
  4. Don't birds and other insects depend on mosquitoes? 
  5. How does eradicating one species affect the other, and the entire food chain?

These attempts to eradicate disease are all based on the myth that mosquitoes carry disease. Disease is a complex condition of the body, no mosquitoe nor a gang of mosquitoes could carry a complex condition of a body and give it to someone. Standard medical science claims that the mosquito carries viruses. Well so does the air, where does that leave us, next we will start eradicating air? Another question is how much fossil fuel is burned to create these mosquito eradicating machines? How much energy will be used to transport them and how much energy will they use, all of which contributes to climate change? 

Questioning global warming is not like ignoring the sun's existence

After weeks of unbearable cold snaps dubbed the "polar vortex" that brought temperatures into the deep sub zero range, with wind chills getting into the minus 50 range, I picked up a set of bits and bytes online that stated this "No, global warming isn't a myth because it's cold out". 

That may be true, but it's the kind of statement that appears to be used in a way as to kind of trick the reader into an illogical reverse proof process which doesn't lead one to proof at all of one's position on climate change aka global warming.

It appears the logic of the global warming believers has become so obviously illogical, as when we have the heat waves, they all so often immediately go into "see, this is due to global warming, look for it to get worse" but when it gets cold as in our recent cold snap of January 2014, they say "No this doesn't prove global warming doesn't exist."

The article from which this headline quote came went on to say "The 'polar vortex' and severe cold weather don't mean climate change isn't happening". 

Correct again, yet it's also true that climate change has always been happening, it's what we call weather. I think they need an extra adjective to properly convey their message, like "severe climate change" or "Irreversible Catastrophic Inclimate Climate In Change" and for short, it would be dubbed ICICIC.

What's even funnier to me is to view thearticle's cartoon which shows a man in heavy rain with an umbrella, saying "It's raining out now, therefore the sun is a hoax" and then caption the photo underneath with "The logic of climate change deniers when applied to everyday weather". 

this can be seen here reference US News

It's a poor comparison. 

To deny that the sun exists when it's so obvious that it is a ball sitting in a spot in the universe, which we have abundance of proof it sits there, and that when it rains, we don't see it, is like saying one would deny they have fingers when they stick them in mud and can't see them. The science would be indisputable regarding if the fingers existed. 

In stark contrast, to deny or say it's not proven that so called climate change in the form of global warming caused by excess carbon dioxide is so much more a basic of scientific skepticism, as it's questioning an extremely complicated formula, measurement system that's flawed, and causation theory that is constantly changing, and theory that is affected by a billion different factors such as Earth's magnetic field, is based on readings that are not from an infinite number of points of measurement, only limited ones, and there is question (actually allegation) about what historic data has been allowed to be viewed and by whom. Not all data has been released to everyone to study. 

Similarly, there is no solid proof that the odorless colorless invisible gas of carbon dioxide, found in air, has created a blanket so thick, so solid, so in the way of the normal processes of weather, as if a real blanket was over the earth, that the normal cooling/warming cycles are completely distorted that the earth cannot cool, and thus warming would take hold, as the global warming alarmism would have us believe. In fact, it's rather obvious that we are seeing the Earth's normal process of heating and cooling occur, especially keeping in mind that 99.9999999999999999999999% of our heating of the planet comes from the Sun, and 99.9999999999999999999999% of our cooling comes from space, and a mere .0000000000000000000001% comes from our burning of earth's resources for energy. No where in the global warming alarmism theory is considered how much our planet is cooled by air conditioning either, have you ever seen that data? I haven't. It doesn't exist, so I guess one could call me a denialist because I deny that all data has been fully collected and thus all alarm ringing conclusions are incomplete.

Global warming alarmists want us to believe there is a blanket, something like it's filled with goose down feathers up there covering the atmosphere, that traps warm air. The big problem with their theory is that CO2 is a gas and moves with the wind as easily as the wind moves, and the earth which also moves, unless CO2 is so heavy that it cannot move. 

The theory of global warming pretends that these gasses (not solids like a goose down blanket) are solids, but they do not act as a blanket at all because it's a GAS not a solid. This is basic physics. For something to act like a blanket it must be like a blanket. CO2 is not heavy and can move just like the air it's mixed up with, so it is no blanket, it is a gas, and all references to it being a blanket are erroneous and extremely misleading.

So basically I see a huge difference in being skeptical of something that has not been absolutely proven, and saying "global warming has never been proven and thus doesn't or may not exist" and easily disproven things like "the sun does not exist because I can't see it". I can deny and be a "denialist" of something that has not been proven by solid (not gaseous) standards of science. 

Global warming embracists always seem to use that term "denialist" in a way as to, rather than describe accurately one's position which takes into consideration numerous factors that are extremely complex and not yet proven, to rather, make it appear as though one is an alcoholic and in denial. It serves their campaign agenda, and sometimes lobbying for funding, but does not serve to provide accurate scientific scrutiny or evaluation of the complex science of weather prediction. I mean think about it, now we have people predicting the weather out 100 years. Does that not strike us of being a bit impossible? One week predictions and we often see they are off. They say sunny and warm, and suddenly there's a cold snap.

California drought may be worst since 1500's

So much for that global warming oceans rise thing. Where did all the water go?

Weather change

Let's call it what it is, weather change. Weather/Climate = same thing. The recent arctic polar vortex cold snap has proven once again, that the weather does change like it has for billions of years. 

Heated washer fluid modification

Ever had the fluid freeze on your windshield? This modification for a washer fluid tank is pretty good, but what I don't like about it is it puts holes in the washer tank in the lower section which could be a point of leaks in the future.

Elio Motors 3 wheel car

Carries one person, gets 84mpg, has 3 cyl engine, costs $6,800, coming soon to the US

Google invests in thermostats

But why? Looks like they have their eyes on data collection. NY Mag

Clouds appear over solar boom

"The pace of solar development has slowed to a crawl, with a number of companies going out of business and major projects canceled." 

"Of the 365 federal solar applications since 2009, just 20 plants are on track to be built. Only three large-scale solar facilities have gone online, two in California and one in Nevada."- LA Times

Ocotillo Wells, California off road spot 


There's an off road fun zone called Truckhaven near Salton City, California. 

The 2014 Truckhaven Challenge will take place on Saturday January 11th. VIEW FLYER

PRE-REGISTER TODAY more information  

and check out one of the challenging hills "tube obstacle" they have there 

more fun somewhere else 

Invading Iraq for oil

I read a  recent post on a blog that told people to wake up, we invaded Iraq for their oil. I guess that theory is still alive and well, but reading it over a decade after that war, it made me wonder, is our government behind invading North Dakota as well? That is where our local oil boom is located. Of course, there was no invasion needed, nor is there any invasion needed to get oil anywhere on earth, just trade agreements, and it doesn't take much to see how glad countries are to sell us our oil at premium prices. Thing is, North Dakota oil has long ago been mapped out, so we never needed to invade anywhere other than North Dakota, so it seems that whole theory that we invaded Iraq for oil falls flat. Finally.

Oh of course, the arctic is drunk that's why the deep freeze

It seems global warming alarmists will never ever let go of their beliefs, this time it's claimed that the arctic is so drunk on warm air, that it's "staggering around" like a drunk sailor saying "as the arctic continues to warm we can expect the jet stream to take wild swings". How funny. Did they not just say the arctic is warming at the exact time there is a frigid sub-zero blast of freezing cold air barreling down from there? The denial is unbelievable. It's not warm air that's coming from the arctic it's cold. Where does this cold air come from? Space. Abundant cold air in space. 

There is a video there which states "warmer air takes up more space than colder air". Note the word "space". That word is so interesting. These global warming doomists use the word space, as if the only space there is, is within our atmosphere, and that we are protected by a glass and blanket bubble surrounding the earth. Space continues on billions of light years away from our atmosphere and we are surrounded by FREEZING COLD. Our planet is 99% molten lava 2000 degrees. We sit on a 1% crust that contains water and elements. The freezing cold in space always normalizes any heat we generate in excess.

Take a look at what we are supposed to believe as presented in the video, the claim is that warm air expands so the layer of cold in the arctic is less. Let's say global warming takes over and eventually there's no cold in the arctic at all, it's just one big warm air mass. What about the cold still surrounding the earth? CO2 is said to create a blanket, this invisible gas, a blanket. Compare a blanket to air. Next time you go camping in the cold, take a blanket of CO2 instead of a blanket, because according to global warming theory, you have a blanket of air to keep you warm. 

You see, everything regarding heat and cold on Earth are overwhelmingly dependent on 2 things, the frigid temperature of space, and the radiating heat from the fireball the Sun. What we do on Earth in creating heat energy cannot happen without cooling as well, it's a principle of physics. Global warming alarmism is like worrying about the heat from the space shuttles and satellites being expelled into space causing universal warming that will warm up the universe so much that it changes everything about everything, causing planets to change orbit, reverse direction, everything. 

Jeep Wrangler catches fire, Chrysler says no defect?

Was it that the driver was stuck in the sand, hit a sand dune and revved the engine too much? See the images here. Here's another one that caught fire in the sand. Seems no vehicle should catch fire really when stuck in sand and revving the engine. Government is looking into this issue apparently 

Scientists are measuring global temperatures with fewer stations!

If we are relying on good science to accurately assess climate change, why would these scientists be cutting the number of temperature collection stations by 75%?

According to National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration website which states:

Q. Why is NOAA using fewer weather stations to measure surface temperature around the globe - from 6,000 to less than 1,500?

The physical number of weather stations has shrunk as modern technology improved and some of the older outposts were no longer accessible in real time.

However, over time, the data record for surface temperatures has actually grown, thanks to the digitization of historical books and logs, as well as international data contributions. The 1,500 real-time stations that we rely on today are in locations where NOAA scientists can access information on the 8th of each month. Scientists use that data, as well as ocean temperature data collected by a constantly expanding number of buoys and ships - 71 percent of the world is covered by oceans, after all - to determine the global temperature record. 

So when they say they have more data than before, this statement might merely mean that they inputted data into their computer much like we collect grumpy cat photos that we just found on another hard drive. Just because we have more data doesn't mean we have more grumpy cats than happy cats in the world based on the data we have on our hard drives. 

other important points:

1) Older outposts were no longer accessible in real time. Is this due to budget constraints or what? If an "older outpost" is located in a cold climate which would make it no longer accessible, they may be using data from another source and averaging, but this could skew the data in favor of a warming perspective. Let's exaggerate an example, say they have an older outpost in northern Canada where it's extremely difficult to access the data regularly because it's so cold there no one wants to live there. They retire that outpost, and move it south closer to Toronto. The temperature reading would be warmer, but that reading would be in a way replacing the one further north and thus add to the data indicating "global warming" because it's not the real global temperatures that have changed, it's the locations that have, favoring more data in warmer climates. This "warmer" climate may be only a fraction of a degree difference or a few degrees, but it's a significant thing to question of these experts.. I have not yet found details on this yet but it's something to consider if we are to strive to understand climate change we must know for absolute certainty that all measuring techniques are coordinated evenly and provide a real picture of what is happening, and not just relying on averages. 

2) are the collections centers of data around the world spread out evenly and at what time of day or nights?

Another thing to note in the other section of the FAQ is the collection of temperatures in different times of the day/night when temperatures are warmer/cooler and the calculated (not physical) adjustment to those readings. There can be errors there. Another questionable practice is for decades, the use of a bucket over the side of the boat was the method to sample ocean water temperature. The newer method is automatically monitoring it from engine coolant intake. I question whether this method is more of a time and bother saving measure, AKA "automation" and whether there can be any errors in the quality of those readings. What level and depth are those readings being taken from compared to the bucket readings? What if any influence is there of water traveling through a tube to an engine for cooling, is the surrounding air around this tube warming the water? Then there's the conversion to digital thermometers. Data today is collected by these. Are they as accurate? There seems to be some question of that in this report. Methods that employ automation can be as frustrating to deal with as those automated answering systems on virtually every company phone. Automated temperature data collection can have it's flaws!

3) Then there are anomalies

as per the NOAA website:

ERSST version 3b is currently used. ERSST version 3 improved upon version 2 in several ways: first, by changing the low-frequency tuning, effectively increasing the sensitivity to data prior to 1930; by internally handling sea ice calculations to increase the timeliness of the dataset; and by using satellite observations to increase data where in-situ measurements are sparse (Smith et al., 2008). In version 3b, the satellite observations were removed from the product because they were found to have introduced a bias that caused problems for many of our users. The bias was strongest in the middle and high latitude Southern Hemisphere where in-situ (ship and buoy) observations are sparse. More detailed information about the switch to version 3b. 

There are so many variables that can create bias, especially when it comes to reporters looking for today's great global warming story!

100 mpg Ford c-max solar powered car

Appearing at the Las Vegas consumer electronics show January 7 - 10, 2014 it's said to have a range of 21 miles on solar, and a full range of 620 miles when fully charged on plug-in electric including the 21 miles from the solar charge. In other words, 599 miles plug-in with an extra 21 from the solar. That's ony 3% from the solar panels. Considering that most of our electricity comes from traditional sources, such as coal, nuclear, and natural gas, and that about 10% of the world's energy consumption comes from clean energy sources as per figures the amount this Ford C-Max solar powered car would be using of "dirty" energy sources is around 88%. I think calling it a solar powered car is bit like calling a dump truck a moving truck, it's still basically an car that runs on so called "dirty" energy. 

official Consumer Electronics Show website 

Light bulb ban

Prohibition is back, this time it's the 40/60/100 watt incandescent light bulb. Apparently drunken government neverminded that bulbs help heat a house in winter, fall, and cold spring days, thus reducing the strain on any a heating system, in weather that is throughout most of the country. The claim is they "waste heat energy" but do they really? It's time to get some clarity on this issue. 

Global warming denial is not just a river in Egypt

The Nile river froze in 829AD and has not since. This proves we are in a period of global warming even though the DATA shows warming started in 1880AD, 900AD, and 12,000BC. 

Water for fuel

It's the dream and plot of many a science fiction story, I'm not taking hydrogen, I'm talking tap water. This is what this guy claims is happening to his tap water in North Dakota due to fracking. We could use this water for clean energy.

Solar expansion so successful it's been halted Scientific American

They're causing circuits to be unreliable. Also "Utilities in states with growing levels of solar have argued that fixed fees and other changes are needed because customers with net metering bill credits don't pay their fair share of transmission and distribution charges." This is why I would be very careful if I were approached about solar installation on my home. These utilities are starting to charge people for access to the grid and that is going to diminish solar's cost saving benefits! In the article commenters takes issue with the article, saying that grid energy is 20th century, archaic, and that these utilities are out for money and not the interest of the public. I read these kinds of responses often, and not one of them ever explains what happens if the world goes 100% solar, "dirty" energy is replaced with windmills and solar panels, and we have 5 days of rain with no wind. They just go on and on about dirty energy and the lofty unrealistic visions of creating so called "pure" energy. The reality is that these power sources we have been using for decades are RELIABLE and efficient. 

Global warming will eventually evaporate all the world's oceans

Scientists just gave us 850 billion more years on top of their prior d150 million years as their research becomes more defined. But wait, I thought global warming was supposed to make the oceans rise? And if global warming causes oceans to rise, and the air to be warmer, then it only makes sense that there would be more evaporation, thus lowering ocean levels. And where does all this moisture go, into the clouds, then back down. Cycles. Bi-cycles.


How brakes work on cars and big trucks

They either fail open or fail closed. Hydraulic brakes typically found on a car use brake fluid. You press the brake, pressure forces the fluid to the brake cylinder which expands, and presses brake pads against the drum or rotor, causing friction. If the brake line fails, and there is no pressure, the brakes do not work. On big trucks with air brakes, it's the opposite. Air pressure holds the brake pads away from the drum or rotor. When the brake pedal is depressed, it lets air out of the system and the pads press against the rotor or drum, causing friction. If air brakes fail, the truck comes to a stop. 

Record cold in Antarctica cools off warming fears

We live in a bubble, surrounded by constant frigid temperatures in space. It's no surprise that when some areas of the planet are warmer, others become cooler. We saw this just occur in Antarctica with a satellite recorded 135.8 degrees Fahrenheit temperature which breaks all records of the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth. 

2013 calmest hurricane season in 31 years

After 2012 hurricane on the Eastern seaboard, there was a lot of talk about it proving that global warming is getting worse. I believe this proves once again nature simply works in cycles. 

Trick to keep Jeep soft windows from flapping 

Carter BBD 2x2 with progressive linkage 


An iceberg called B-31. Take a look at the "image location" map to the right. It's located south of the most southern tip of South America. What I want to do here is see a size comparison to the Earth and it's oceans. Media scaremongers are always presenting these as such serious threats that will as they melt fill up the oceans with 100 feet of water. I think all indications of sane non hyped up presentations would state it's more like 5 drops of water to maybe one full bucket of water in the ocean though that too would be an exaggeration the other way, ultimately we are talking about basically no sea level change.

(NASA image by Adam Voiland, Earth Observatory, and Jeff Schmaltz, LANCE/EOSDIS Rapid Response.)

found here:

Zoom out a bit and look at this image: 

Now look at a satellite image of Antarctica, showing how huge Antarctica is on Earth, and imagine a few small slivers of iceberg breaking off, about the size of the head of ball point pen touching your screen on a part of the ice shelf, and think about how much that would make the surrounding oceans rise. 

They say this one called B-31 is the size of Singapore. That's pretty big but not in comparison to the size of the Earth and it's oceans. Let's look at the world map with Singapore. Note that the dot on the map is about 1000 times the country of Singapore. If the dot were to scale, it would not be visible as it would be smaller than the period at the end of this sentence.

image credit maps with fair use principles in mind

Note that the Antarctica region is presented at about 17 times it's real size as this is a flat map that distorts size as the Earth is round and not flat so when a map like this is created true representation of the size of the polar regions is not presented, yet the climate cons will over look this and allow your mind to deceive many by not pointing this out clearly. People can look at this and think "OMG if Antarctica melts we will be buried in water".

Why on Earth is anyone worried about icebergs melting that are no bigger than the size of the dot in this question mark?

Now for even more perspective, take a look at this map of the Pine Island glacier location 

I don't see how even if all the ice melted it would raise ocean levels like the alarmists claim. Frozen water takes up more volume than liquid water. The icebert B-31 is a drop in the bucket, no, actually it's more like a drop in a lake. Worrying about these glacier melts, which are normal, even if they are accelerating, is like worrying about a bucket of ice thrown into a lake, and worrying about the shoreline rising.

So who is it that keeps telling this nonsense that the world's oceans will rise when a blip of frozen ice cubes melt? It's like worrying that a swimming pool will flood the house when someone takes their drink with ice cubes into the pool and when they finish the drink they turn the cup upside down and the ice falls into the large body of water. 


Monthly fee for an electric car battery?

"You cannot buy and own a battery for the Renault Zoe. Instead, you have to rent it. And if you stop making payments, the battery's DRM will prevent you from recharging it."


Solar panels generate heat

Another quandry in the complex formula of claims that global warming is caused by carbon is the fact that solar energy generates heat. 

"The odd thing about the solar panel energy balance (from the electrical engineer's perspective) is that some energy is emitted off the solar panel in the form of heat." 

Foul cry foul as their flocks get fried by solar project

"19 birds, 16 of them water fowl or marsh birds, were found dead at Desert Sunlight solar project in California."

These solar farms focus thousands of reflectors to a tower, radiating so much heat that it's burning the feathers off of migratory birds flying through them. 

Haven't the politicians been informed that this kind of solar power has serious drawbacks?

read full article on The Desert Sun

Wind turbine technician speaks

Says: "Wind power is known as something called 'dirty power' because it fluctuates so much." 

Fire on wind turbine, 2 die 

photo of a turbine on fire 

photo on top of a turbine with a worker inside 

Just when you thought climate science couldn't get crazier

I read the headline that says top scientists want environmentalists to support nuclear power to combat global climate change. First, climate always changes, always has changed, and always will change, why they call it climate change is odd. Next, in creating electricity from nuclear power, heat is generated the same as from other means. Water from oceans lakes or other large sources of water is used to cool down the reactors, thus, introducing heat into the environment. Of course our planet is like a molecule on the head of a pin in a universe of haystacks all surrounded with extreme cold so the exchange of heat by the universe is constant, thus, the myth of global warming is nil as all excess heat is tempered by our surrounding space atmosphere.

more on the headline here

Thorium could replace uranium 

Nuclear power saves lives

Saving an average of over 1.8 million deaths between 1971-2009 as a result of lower air pollution from reduced coal usage according to NASA. 

Missing 1996 model year

According to there was a year that never was for the Jeep Wrangler. "The YJ gave way to the TJ for the 1997 model year (note that there was no 1996 model year; the 1997 TJ was released in Spring 1996)."

Solar panels don't reflect heat

Ever notice that solar panels are black? Black absorbs heat whereas white reflects it. Ever touch a black car in the summer? Yeowwch! So why are they saying that solar power lessens global warming when they absorb heat instead of reflecting it. I wonder what the temperature of the surface of a solar panel is in the summer in the desert where they are putting many of these solar farms in Southern California. Seems they would be contributing more heat.

Guy tests O2 sensor while driving 55 mph 

Custome Jeep pool ball shifter knob replacements 

Amazing before after frame repair

This blog post shows a frame that is rusted through severely and the after of when it was repaired on a Jeep Wrangler and also how the mess of vacuum lines was removed and a new carb installed. 

Solar power after dark

A new solar thermal power plant south of Phoenix named Solana has tested and showing great results. In reading the article about how mirrors follow the sun, reflecting and concentrating light to a tower which then HEATS UP LIQUID which then produces steam then turning turbines thus producing energy, I kinda got stuck on the idea that solar power is creating HEAT. How do global warming alarmists feel about this? Seems that would be contributing to the condition and not the cure. 

Bumper crop of corn this year

There's been so much discussion of increases in global warming this year, that it must also be the cause of the great crop yields.

What constitutes a real Jeep 

Mercedes driverless research car looks incredible 

Heat reactive car paint 

Solar panels on roofs inhibit fire fighting efforts

"Firefighters across the nation are alarmed at the prospect of battling blazes in buildings topped with solar panels, which can create new risks of roofs collapsing, an inability to gain footing and even potential electric shock."

key drawbacks mentioned:

  • refusal to send firefighters into buildings where the weight of solar panels can cause roof collapse

  • panels continue to send electrical energy into the building even when power is shut down

  • they block ventilation from roof - firefighters make holes in roof to ventilate

  • slipping and tripping on slick panels injures firefighters putting them in jeopardy

  • voltage can be as high as 600v

I wouldn't be surprised if insurance companies start doubling rates for homes with rooftop solar panels.

How CO2 affects ph

It was stated that a faulty CO2 tank caused high ph levels in a pool according to a Fox News article online. 

"The high pH was caused by a defective CO2 tank, CO2 being the gas that buffers (lowers) the pH."

CO2 buffers/lowers ph. So if that is true for pools, maybe extra CO2 in the atmosphere would normalize atmospheric ph in a way to get rid of acid rain. For that matter, maybe climate ph has more to do with climate change than CO2 and CO2 is exactly the element that fixes it!

Political appointees decide 95% certain "global warming" is due to man

The United Nations Climate Panel consists of political appointees chosen by various countries. They decide what science is accurate and what science is not. Appointees did this same thing for 60 years in suggesting that Pluto was a planet, until one day in 2006 they VOTED differently, then Pluto became considered not a planet, but more like a rock in space. One of the interesting points of all this science is that these scientists only share their more detailed findings with those who support their theories if at all. They make reports about their findings, but their actual detailed work is kept hidden from the world. Most climate science of this type has never been seen by anyone. 

Weather balance denialists now claim pause

The headlines have been very clear and precise, much to the dismay of all the global "warming" hype we have heard for years, that the planet is now cooling. It fits in exactly with all valid research but the alarmists cannot grasp it so they have deemed it merely a "pause".

Same volume engines can have different torque/HP/etc. explained 

Reality TV star gets stuck in ice crossing northwest passage

It cost a 6 figure sum for the rescue. I wonder if they thought global warming was real?

60% more arctic ice than last year

About a million more square miles of ocean are covered in ice in 2013 than in 2012, a whopping 60 percent increase -- and a dramatic deviation from predictions of an "ice-free Arctic in 2013," the Daily Mail noted.

Climate mystery changes the whole narrative

"No hurricanes this year" is the headline on today's date September 9, 2013. "The truth is that scientists aren't really sure why there hasn't been a hurricane yet this season, nor do they know why an intense hurricane hasn't made landfall in the U.S. since Wilma all the way back in 2005". Climate change "science" has always tried to scare us with such claims as "we will get more hurricanes" and "they will be more intense". Oh well. 


Cars are increasingly being made with computers controlling many systems like brakes, steering, and it's been shown that someone can remotely hack into the system to disable brakes, or make a car brake suddenly.

Largest wind farm in the world

The largest wind turbine installation is located in South America in the southernmost section of Argentina. I found this quite by accident today as I was simply looking at a map of this southern area to try to find a unique area called Madre dos Dios Islands and as I zoomed into one area, I noticed an unusual array of roads and odd dots. It didn't quite look like homes, and soon I realized it had to be a wind farm, a really really big one! 

It's located near the town of Pico Truncado

Here's some news about what company is behind the installation. 

Fracking explained 

A good and simple explanation video 5 minutes long. 

Gore's global warming film "has 9 errors" 


Tesla in Norway

It may be cheaper to buy a new electric car in Norway when considering all the tax incentives, but there are critics who say that these incentives may be creating the opposite of what's intended, clean air. As quoted from the article "perhaps the biggest criticism of Norway's incentive policy is that it has encouraged rich suburban dwellers to buy second and third cars and to give up public transport in order to commute to work" 

In 1897 T.C. Chamberlin created the CO2 global warming theory

He also scoffed at plate tectonics, the foundation for all earthquake research. So why do we still believe his theory today?|mostcom 

CO2 fertilization

Study shows carbon dioxide is causing desert regions to thrive. 

Climate for a change

I was thinking of a better term for "climate change", as it's so charged with this concept that oceans will rise. How about "weather change" or "changing weather". It's the same thing really. Let's use it in a sentence:

"Changing weather will cause the oceans to rise 30 feet."

Doesn't sound like that is possible anymore does it now?

Atmosphere holds varying amounts of water affecting ocean levels!

With all the drama about oceans rising due to the alleged perpetrator "climate change" which ignores the effect of  the below freezing normalizing temperature of space that envelopes the Earth, it's refreshing to find out that climate change reports never tell us anything about how much moisture is evaporated, and remains held in the atmosphere. They only dramatize the moisture melt. No surprise though, after all, when have the climate alarmists ever provided complete data?

One story about how atmospheric conditions over the Indian Ocean during 2010 and 2011 absorbed so much moisture, it created a measurable effect on the level of the world's oceans.

reference note for calculations: world ocean surface area of 361,000,000 km2 + drop of 7 mm: 2.527*1015 liters = 606.3 mi3 which also equals slightly more than a fifth the volume of Lake Superior. 

Hybrids not getting the mileage advertised

AOL Autos says they tested the Ford C-Max Hybrid for a week in varied driving conditions and only got 32 mpg which is far from the 47 mpg Ford advertised. A number of lawsuits and pressure from the EPA has led the company to offer refunds of $550 to those who have purchased the vehicle. If I had bought one of those, I would not accept that offer. Don't these cars cost like $10,000 more than normal gasoline vehicles? If so, I would feel like I could have saved $10,000 by buying a Toyota Camry instead, which would have gotten around 30 mpg. A check from Ford for $550 does nothing to make up the loss of $10,000 in my opinion.

read the full story and shop for vehicles at AOL Autos 


When the rubber stops meeting the road, and a vehicle crashes or flips, I always wonder what kind of tires were on the vehicle. For example, here's a picture of a truck that flipped.  

The driver said he was wearing his seat belt and attributed his ability to walk from the crash to that. 

When there are accidents like this is there any logging of what tire and tread design it had? Shouldn't there be a database that logs what brand, size, and wear was on the tires?

Solar polarity changes every 11 years

This chart is a snapshot from a video featured on

It shows the cycles of polarity shifts on our Sun. I never knew our sun's north pole became a south pole and changed back, completing a full cycle every 11 years. That means that the pole is completely opposite every 5.5 years. It's said to affect the entire planetary solar system weather. Why is this not calculated regarding so called global warming without cooling? 

Note that some years there is a stronger peak mangnetic force than other years. This force affects the entire planetary solar system weather patterns. It affects the earths magnetic fields. There is likely a correlation between magnetic fields and weather cycles on Earth. 

Ford F-150 to offer clean natural gas option in 2014

Guard rails?

A car passing quite fast and creating an accident involving 3 vehicles on 5/2/2013.

If you watch this short movie over and over, you notice that the car spun out and hit the guard rail, which bounced the car back into traffic, causing these bad crashes. If the guard rail was not there, the car would have just gone off the road in what looks like a flat area, 2 would have no damage, driving as they were, the one that spun out, might have minimal damage if any, unless if flipped in the grass and snow.

This makes me question whether when these "guard" rails are put in, if those who decide that they are "necessary" or are making a road "safer" if they are doing so from a real point of study, or one of creating jobs for their friends.

It used to be called a warm winter 

News is that the North Pole has melted into a pond. This has raised the global warming red flags once again. It's not the first time the North Pole has melted though. Keep in mind the North Pole is little more than ice cubes floating in a glass of water. There is no land mass there so the ice only rises a little bit above the water line. I found this better explanation as to why there's a lake formed.

Even if the North Pole was melted, there's plenty of ice and snow in Siberia. 

Global warming does not cause oceans to rise

The concept is displacement. When water freezes, it expands. It takes up more volume than water. Thus, when it melts, less volume. So what ends up happening when all the ice melts, is the water level actually goes down.

Simple demonstration you can do at home. Take a glass of water and fill it up to the brim, with the ice sticking up over the top. 

Let the ice melt. As the ice melts, notice that the cup never overflows. 

According to climate change science, the mass of ice above the brim should melt and overflow, but that science does not take into account that when water freezes it expands, thus, there is more volume in ice than in water.

So if all of the glaciers and ice around the world melted, water levels across the planet would go down, as displacement is in effect. 

Windmill explodes on a windy day


Few people realize that on brisk windy days the brakes are applied to stop this very thing from happening. On this day the brakes had failed so the blades were spinning freely and much too fast. You could also hear a grinding sound. They can only handle certain speeds. Electricity made from reliable fossil fuels from the grid are used to manage the braking and other functions. This is quite the catastrophe and dangerous.

New power plant that burns natural gas is next to windmills 

800 mega watt peaker power plant goes online in Desert Hot Springs California just north of Palm Springs. It is located in the middle of numerous wind farms. I thought wind farms were supposed to "power millions of homes". Obviously not.

Compare cost of gas vs. electric 

New government site shows users the comparison of how much it would cost per gallon for a gasoline powered vehicle, to an electric powered vehicle.

In Oregon it's $3.74 for a gallon of gas and the comparable amount for the electricity is $.96

The comparisons are based on a car that gets 28 mpg.

In CA the difference is $3.98 for gas and $1.51 for electric, which is almost 3x difference.

For a vehicle that gets 14 mpg, that is about a 5.5x difference.

If you are commuting to work 5x a week with a vehicle that gets 14 mpg going 14 miles each way to work
that difference could be instead of spending $171 a month on gas, only spending $31 a month.

The savings almost pays for the car payment for that Fiat 500e of $199 a month.

The thing that would scare me though with these electric cars is do they ever just crap out on the road running out of power even when staying within your allotted miles which is about 100 miles per charge.

I would guess these electric cars will become more popular in smaller communities like Palm Springs and Palm Desert and areas like that where shopping and everything is pretty close. Sure would beat driving in a golf cart to the store and back. 

Those EVs are starting to look real good!

I am looking over the Honda Fit EV and it's intriquing. They have a $259 a month lease for well qualified leasers. They pay for all maintenance and collision insurance and unlimited miles. I never heard of anything like that before. These EV's are supposed to get an equivalent of like 100 mpg. For those who feel they are "chained" to old vehicle repairs and problems these could be great. Imagine not having to live with those. Some people say they cannot even drive their cars very far any more anyway as the gas prices are so high. If you are concerned about the need to occasionally take a trip that would be further than a local commute range, Fiat will be offering a Fiat 500e at lease of $199 a month and they give you 12 free days of rental cars. The Fiat 500e will be available in the summer of 2013 according to the company. With deals like this and estimated mileage ratinggs at around 100 mpge who wouldn't consider one of these.$32,500-lease-$199-month/

Hungary destroys genetically modified crops

Says they want no genetically modified seeds on their soil.

smart meter opting out petition government

A petition only requires 5% of the population.!9004/cmqs 

electric vehicle charging stations

They are popping up along I-5 and some other roads. They offer a quick 20-30 minute charge. I see a couple of problems. 1) when there is a line of people waiting for a charge and the person ahead goes off sightseeing or sits down at the restaurant and they are waiting 1 1/2 - 2 hours for them to get back and move their car. 2) unlike at gas stations where the hose going to the car is there only temporary and provides only the most minimal of tripping hazard as there is a person manning/womanning the hose, these electric cords are a trip hazard. 

man resting on wind turbine gives perspective 

scientists discover CO2 cools the planet

Actually, the term "cools the planet" is not even totally accurate, it's more like "regulates the planet's temperature" and it's great news coming from NASA's Langley Research Center. "Carbon dioxide and nitric oxide are natural thermostats," says James Russell from Hampton University. 

using vortex energy to generate electricity from wind 

build your own small portable swamp cooler (evaporative) for a tent camping trip 

another type uses ice in a foam container adding a fan and a pvc pipe elbow to direct the air flow 

Love, Happiness, and Horsepower 

Dispersants used on oil spill more toxic to plankton

Update on my Sears tire purchase

I had bought 4 new tires for the Jeep, BF Goodrich AT KO and one of them was a display model that ended up being a 2 year old "new" tire which had silicon tire dressing on it which I did not want on my tires. One other tire had a brownish tinge on it, which was a year old (unused tire). They offered to replace the display model. When I was in the store I asked to look at the new tire before they installed it. I looked for the DOT numbers found on the white letter side, and saw that it was a 2013 which was what I was told when I asked if the tire was in stock yet. I also noticed a bit of a tinge of brownish occuring even on this new one. BF Goodrich website says this is normal. I ok'd the install if they would clean that the new one and the other one. They look great and I am now pleased. The one thing I loved about doing business with Sears Palm Desert California was that the center was not overloaded with customers and the staff was friendly and they have a comfortable waiting room. I had to ask another customer though to get the TV remote to up the volume as I couldn't get it to work. He had no problem. We figured out that the angle of the remote to the TV was being blocked where I was sitting and not where he was sitting. A great start to my Saturday. 

Jeep CJ7 for sale 1983 black awesome

That little big ocean problem

Anyone who believes that the oceans will rise 8 feet, or even inches if arctic ice melts, clearly could not have looked at the world's oceans and the mass from this perspective as it shows how big the oceans are compared to the ice which is more like a drop in a bucket. 

Motor cycles

List of motorcycle clubs throughout California.

Find an abandonded Jeep a home

This is a great forum thread featuring photos of Jeeps that have been left to rot, neglected, found in the woods, back yards, etc. 


Solar panels could destroy utilities

Said by the utilities so who knows. I hardly think that solar would ever become that big, especially in  the northeast. 


Melting snow and ice is way normal

"A large team of scientists used a deep ice core from the Western Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide to produce records going back some 2,000 years. Their analysis shown that recent melting in that area, which has caused a good deal of hysteria* in climate alarmist circles, is in fact normal." 

After the gulf oil spill

"If you can save just one bird, it's all worth it" so they said. Turns out, that's about all that's saved, 1%. In the Gulf of Mexico oil spill they spent millions of dollars trying to save them using detergent. Dawn detergent used it as a part of their feel good about the product by mentioning it. It all presents such a feel good ideal, save the birds, great for TV and magazines, but the study indicates that only 1 in 100 end up surviving. Next spill, how about we let nature take it's course, and start using using those millions to help people instead? A study indicates that they are better off being killed to spare them the misery. Though I would dispute that waste of money as well, at least it sheds light on the reality of the bird brianed idea that we can save them.


Keystone XL Pipeline

What if it was a bike path? 


Global warming hype now proven to be cooling off significantly

For the last 20 years there has been no warming. The fact that global surface temperatures have not followed the previously expected global warming pattern is now widely accepted.

Plane remains indicate global cooling

It has been there for a long time, and it's sitting on ice buried in snow, in a large frozen tundra. If global warming was an overall phenomena as compared to a local occurrence we wouldn't have such evidence of global cooling.  

Nuclear power saves lives

It has prevented some 1.8 million deaths due to air pollution. It is clean energy. It is efficient. Efficiency saves lives. 

World's lowest temperature

According to, Nico, Antarctica had the lowest temperature ever recorded anywhere on Earth. It was April Fool's Day at -96 degrees. If we are suffering from "global warming" as many alarmists claim, why is the lowest temperature ever recorded taken on April 1, 2013 on Earth a minus 96 degrees Farenheit? Also of note, a record low was set in Garrison, North Dakota, USA, at 8 degrees Farenheit breaking the previous record low set in 2008 of 12 degrees Farenheit. 

Numbers don't lie. The planet is experiencing both global warming and global cooling, thus global normalization as it always has.

CO2 for sale

Greenhouses are buying CO2 to make their plants grow better. Quick, someone notify the sustainability experts, all we have to do now is sell all the green house gasses to green houses and create more green houses to capture the green house gasses which are killing our planet.


Lamborghini Gallardo LP570 Performante - Ride in winter 

Duamish Indians

The indigenous Indian Tribe was pushed out of the territory they lived in for thousands of years. They lived off the land and were forced out due to man's thirst for horsepower during the industrial revolition. 

Easter Jeep Safari 2013 

Saturday March 23 to 31 Moab Utah details

Scottish air farms

The winds of approval hit the seas, allowing wind farming to proceed and Donald Trump who owns a golf course there  says the pristine views will be destroyed and it will not be good for Scotland's tourism. He has also said that the wind farms just outside of Palm Springs have destroyed the beauty of the area.

How old is your tire

I bought "new" tires at Sears only to find that one of them had silicone tire shine on it and one of the others had a dirty brownish look. The other two looked like new tires and still look new after weeks of use. In discussing this with 2 different managers at Sears in Palm Desert, they both insisted that the dirty tire was "normal". I feel it's not normal, it's a dirty tire. The other was a display model and should have never been really sold to me without informing me that it had tire dressing on it. Silicone tire dressing products make the tire appear more black but they tend to wear off unevenly, show high and low spots of shine, and streaks. I decided I didn't want any silicone on my tires when they are new. Maybe when they are years old but not when new. They agreed to only replace the one tire, and would only try to clean the dirty one. It has a dirty rusty look to it. Looking at the BF Goodrich website regarding how to read the dates a tire was made, I had to do some sleuthing to get this image below to show up. They have the picture location address at the wrong spot. There are 12 letters/digits after the DOT code, usually on the whitewall side of the tire. If you can't find this whole 12 digit number on one side, look on the other. The 9th and 10th digits indicate the week of manufacture while the last 2 indicate the year. 

Note image locations changed and I cannot find them online, the BF Goodrich site does show this though

Here is how they say to read it when the tire is made during the 1990's. 

sorry the above two references disappeared off the BF Goodrich site for some reason

wikipedia has this


Next time I buy tires I will definitely make sure they show me the dates of all four tires before installation and look them over to make sure they all look new and not dirty. As a customer who expects exceptional service and new looking tires when they are sold as new, I think that tires should probably be no more than 6 - 12 months old and they all should match, and again, look new.

Peaker power plants & shale

Natural gas is typically the choice fuel to create electricity. When burned it emits carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. It's called "clean" energy but it's only "cleaner" than others like coal, not really "clean", it's a hydrocarbon gas mixture!

"A peaker plant may operate many hours a day, or it may operate only a few hours per year, depending on the condition of the region's electrical grid. Because of the cost of building an efficient power plant, if a peaker plant is only going to be run for a short or highly variable time it does not make economic sense to make it as efficient as a base load power plant. In addition, the equipment and fuels used in base load plants are often unsuitable for use in peaker plants because the fluctuating conditions would severely strain the equipment. For these reasons, nuclear, geothermal, waste-to-energy, coal, biomass and electrochemical energy storage systems are rarely, if ever, operated as peaker plants." 

As a peaker plant - able to run a maximum of 116 days a year once it begins operating next winter - Sentinel and its eight 90-foot-tall smokestacks could spew more than 1 million tons of carbon dioxide per year, according to the final approval from the California Energy Commission.

That's the equivalent of adding 188,334 cars per year to the valley's roads, using formulas from the Environmental Protection Agency. 

Some even say they are outdated and "pollute like crazy". 

Shale is said to be "another ponzi fraud" by some. 

1984 CJ7 4bt conversion Jeep for sale

How to unload bamboo

A Taiwanese driver unloads a truckload of bamboo without getting his hands dirty. Could this explain why the Orient has it over America on productivity? I would imagine American unions wouldn't allow this for a second. 

What to do when your car or truck reaches 122,667 miles

Should you sell it? No! Not until after you immediately reset the trip odometer and look at it 5,789 miles later. Then you can sell it. 

Greening the planet through use of carbon producing fuels

Turns out, we have been making the planet more green directly due to the fact that we are using more fossile fuels! Easy proof is seen by looking at Palm Springs area 50 years ago saw nothing but sand, and today, it's a lush paradise. That would never have happened without cars, gas stations, and electricity. Same with Los Angeles which is an irrigated desert and many other places around the world. 

Solar panels covering canals 

RPM of a CD raised to shatter point 

Take a look at the video and see how it finally shatters when it reaches a certain speed. The reason it shatters is not because of the RPM'S going up, and causing outward stress as you might think, but rather, the wobble effect, even though the CD seems completely flat. It's due to factors of the bearing being not balanced absolute perfectly and the CD not being perfectly balanced in weight. Though those amounts are extremely small, they play a big roll when the item is spun at higher revolutions and thus the CD finally shatters due to the vibrations.

Great top for Jeep Wrangler

Stops the problem of puddling. 

Biofuel is wiping out unique American grasslands

The switch from meadows to crops is causing a crash in populations of ground-nesting birds.


Fuzion XTI tire photograph on a vehicle

Solar industry grappling with toxic waste

Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10 vs. BF Goodrich AT KO

Solar power has it's critics!  

Important consideration on tire size

"When you don't put the correct size tires on without doing the mods it will throw off your speedometer and can mess with the abs on the truck will "think" the truck is going slower than it actually is therefore not applying the brakes correctly in an emergency situation." 

great review on Definity Dakota MT mud terrain tire


Toyota mud truck rock crawler HOT failure was in the cast (or forged) part of the ball joint mount


"Important news about your electric rates"


Tire reviews 


Who needs a Jeep?  

Noise requirements for tires 

The European Union has proposed limits on how noisy tires should be. I could see this coming to the US and become a problem with using mud tires on the road. Goodyear Duratrac's say they meet the requirements.  

Project-JK Florence Arizona Jeep Trails

more great videos of rock climbing 

Incredible plunge

This vehicle (Jeep?) was able to submerse in this canal and pull itself out!

Liberals pay more

A business owner charges liberals $1 more for their healthy smoothies, donates the money to conservative causes. This concept could backfire though as liberals could also start adding fees for conservatives.

Bad coal, bad 

It's like everyone is now talking to coal as if it's a spoiled unruly child. I don't see what the big problem is with coal energy yet Canada's leaders apparently do as they are phasing it out. I wonder if they know anything about the problems with San Onofre nuclear power plant which is shut down. What happens when these nuclear plants fail? They cannot rely on wind for a constant supply. I like the idea of having many sources of energy to make a reliable constant supply. Having a coal plant operating is a good idea.

According to Scientific American wind power has grown from 400 MW of provincial power six years ago to more than 2,000 MW now. By 2030, it is projected to provide roughly 10 percent of Ontario Canada province's electricity supply.

I have to wonder if when these statements about wind power are made are they talking about the total provided for the entire year, or are they talking about the total possible if the windmills were actually producing 24 hours a day, or are they talking about the total produced only when the wind blows and is actually producing energy? 

On the 8th day God created pavement 

Old BF Goodrich All Terrain tread & sidewall lettering design


Jeep tries to get through deep mud using BF Goodrich All Terrain TA KO tires 31x10.5's 

compare to using true mudders 

Energy Return Wheel

Here is an interesting concept in redesigning the wheel but I wonder if something like this hasn't already been done and maybe even patented before, like before rubber was readily available and put into productive use for tires. 

Driving on two wheels while changing tires

Some say this is impossible because it's "too perfect" and that it must be held up by "training wheels" on the other side but the video clearly shows otherwise. 

Another video showing driving on two wheels

Basically a car driving on two wheels is riding on the rim and the rubber. 

Energy efficiency dissipation quotient

A biofuel train crossed the border 24 times back and forth between Canada and the USA without ever unloading it's cargo. Why would it do such an energy inefficient thing with such energy efficient products?

50,000 hour LED lights

I'm watching some guy on TV who's trying to sell me on solar for my home. In the presentation he shows an incandescent bulb, talks about the heat generated by "old fashioned" bulbs. He said the incandescent bulb would last 2000 hours. The LED 50,000 hours but that one bulb would cost 50 dollars! He went on to say that bulb would last an average home 50 years. 

Not trusting anything any salesman says to me anymore at fact value, I did the math. That bulb is said to last 5.7 years if turned on and left on all the time according to the "life expectancy" of the bulb. 

Cities have been installing LED bulbs for years in traffic lights at great expense, and so many of them after a year or so start blinking, where the LED's burn out and then the entire unit has to be replaced, not in 50 years, more like 2 years. Each bulb contains not one, but many LED's so the entire unit needs to be replaced when some of them go out. 

Sure there is energy savings but at what cost?

BWD and Standard parts catalogs look the same 

Traction control test 

Jeep with Grabber AT2 in mud + snow 

This video seems to show that the Grabber AT2 did equally as well in the mud + snow as a mud tire. 

Why is wind energy not being fined for killing birds?

A 2008 study by the Fish and Wildlife Service that estimates wind farms kill nearly a half million birds per year in the United States yet the wind sector has not been fined under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Eagle Protection Act which can bring fines up to $250,000. Government has not prosecuted a single case against the wind industry while they have prosecuted oil and natural gas providers for similar infractions. 

Next time you are stuck in traffic consider this jam 

Can your truck do this? 

Is the bushing the cause of death wobble?

He says his Jeep was cured of the dreaded death wobble by replacing the bushing with polyurethane bushings for $10. This excellent very short video shows it before the change. You can see the bushing move. 

1966 Chevrolet Corvair Convertible SOLD!

RARE - Yenko Stinger YS302, the only Yenko convertible Corvair

winning bid on ebay $49,977.00 

Tire quality chart based on consumer ratings 

Disaster planning

In 1978 a law was passed in the hurricane Sandy area that mandated disaster planning in case of a catastrophic weather event. Due to budget constraints not much was done such as building a breakwall out in the ocean. In 2012 the weather event happened. If one looks back at the period of time that law was created it was not based on carbon dioxide, it was based on how climate cycles and huge storms come around every 20, 50, and 100 years. The term "100 year storm" was not developed during "awareness of climate change". Today all of these "new storms" are blamed on carbon dioxide spinning around in circles up above our heads and some are claiming that our oceans will rise 6 feet in our lifetimes due to carbon dioxide spinning around in circles up above our heads. 

Wrangler Duratrak tires review do extremely well in the mud

I had a video here but it was taken off the host site sorry. 

General Grabber at2 tires do extremely well in the mud

I had a video here but it was taken off the host site sorry.  

Pro comp all terrain tires review don't get stuck in snow

View video here.

Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari Ocotillo Wells

Tire tread cover for your iPhone

Directory of off road parks and places to go off-roading 

Cooper Discoverer AT3 tires review 

Bias ply and radial ply tires

For serious off-roading the bias ply tire is best. For most road and highway use the radial is better. 

Vibration in vehicle

Reading about tires I came across a Q & A page where someone had a vibration issue yet when they looked the car over it seemed everything was fine. The answer given was to first have the tires balanced. Then the next answer that was given was more about balancing. 

I ran into this issue once, had the tires balanced and checked, then replaced all the shocks, wheel bearings, $500 + later and it was still not fixed. It was bad universal joints. Check universal joints FIRST. Driving a car with bad universal joints can be dangerous so make that a first step.

Other things that can cause vibration are brake rotors, suspension, and steering parts.

Tesla Model S electric car delivered to owner 

Council didn't want the farmer to build a horse shelter

So the farmer built what he could.

Mississippi River going dry

The shipping route located in the United States is drying up due to the ongoing drought in that area. If it continues, which it probably will not due to winter coming, it could stop a lot of shipping through there. In the global warming scheme of things, it should really be reversing flow from the rise in the oceans.  

Tire size calculator 

Is global warming really global?

When the experts say the "current availability and quality of climate observations and impacts data are inadequate for large parts of the globe" one has to wonder who keeps telling us that global warming is unequivocally real.

2400 megawatt nuclear plant in Russia

I always wonder whenever I hear about wind mill megawatt numbers how it compares to nuclear or other sources like natural gas. One thing to keep in mind is that the wattage is not equal to power output.

Arctic ice now expanding according to NASA

Now Arctic ice expansion is being called "another worrying trend in climate change".

Chevy Spark gets 38 mpg and has 84 horsepower

It's bigger than a bicycle and safer and it's not electric! 

Jeep adventure & fossils in Egypt & climate change

As seen in this JP Magazine article, a fossil found on an excursion is proof that the climate has changed significantly on it's own for millions of years. 

A123 in bankruptcy

Is green energy shedding it's leaves for winter or is this a sign of a more serious problem? 

Fast track to nowhere

Public lands will be getting fast permitting by those currently in the White House for solar farms. The winners are the companies that will be building these farms. They will get truckloads of free cash from the rest of us who support this system of redistribution. How is this helping the little guy?

More jobs gone with the wind 

A Danish wind turbine company that received $50 million from the United States treasury's stimulus funds has laid off over 800 workers in the US and Canada. They say demand for their products have plummeted. I remember it being said by many "green energy" fussbudgets that wind energy would create jobs and be sustainable, but it seems that just like corn crops that need water, wind farming needs an endless supply of energy subsidies to be SUSTAINABLE. It's yet another example of the horrible drought conditions that are rendering the jobs in green energy sector as unsustainable.

EVCS and copper theft

Go to any gas station and you see gasoline fuel pumps with hoses and nozzles that sit there overnight and are there in the morning. There is little incentive for anyone to steal them as they are not worth much to a thief. Contrast that to electric vehicle charging stations which have similar "hoses and nozzles" but they are made of expensive copper wire. Thieves are taking air-conditioner parts these days now, certainly they will take these thick copper wire power cords for recharging electric cars. It seems the cords need to be locked up every night, or locked and pass codes given to unlock or put away each night.  I see nothing but problems with these cords for charging vehicles. My greatest concern though is about children and the elderly tripping over these thick heavy electrical cords. Take a look one:  

Electric car batteries can be damaged by "over-discharging"

The electric car has been deemed to be an answer to "dependence on foreign oil" yet those that constantly proclaim that solution to America's problems rarely if ever explain that swapping dependence on oil for dependence on batteries can cause a whole new set of concerns, some of which could cause the entire concept of replacing gasoline powered vehicles with electric ones to hit a wall. 

Electric cars need to basically be left plugged in when not in use or risk battery depletion which can cause the battery to be not just drain and need recharge, but end up becoming what they call "bricked". That means the battery is useless at that point and has to be replaced. 

Another thing that should be understood, is that electric vehicles that are left plugged in always draw energy from the electric grid, which oddly enough, uses mostly fossil fuel to create power. 

One of these electric car tax subsidized companies states on it's charging instructions: "Plugging it in every night eliminates the risk of damage that could be caused by over-discharging the battery." 

A new replacement battery for an electric car can cost a car owner as much as $40,000. 

Interesting photo of wind turbine on fire

The article discusses the politics of wind energy as well.

Global variations in climate are normal

According to recent studies 15,000-12,000 years ago the Antarctic Peninsula experienced significant warming. Dr. Robert Mulvaney

Lithium batteries

Will they free us from foreign oil?  Not really. The idea that making our cars run on electricity - renewable energy would depend on foreign minerals. We might take note that our dependence on Canadian oil is not creating any problems. Canada provide us more oil than anyone. A move to so called clean energy would enslave us into buying lithium from Bolivia.  Wars would break out over lithium.  History would again repeat itself as has consistently happened with gold, farmland, everything of value, all of which is in limited supply, when they become unfairly controlled by only a few people, governments, corporations.  I stopped dreaming of a cleaner brighter future when I realized our future is bright the way it is   

1,100 miles on pristine energy

Lance Mackey starts off his dog sled race in the Iditarod in Alaska using pristine friendly energy, dogpower!

Leading the sheep down a slippery slope

About 700 sheep have been employed by Turin officials to keep the grass verges and lawns in city parks neatly trimmed. Officials in  Turin said they were paying too much in gardener fees to cut the grass in just one of the bigger parks.  They are saving a bundle.  Where will the savings go?  Build homes for the homeless?  Buy iPods for everyone at city hall?  Who knows but it's going to make the German Shepherd business boom!

see how all those new nuclear powered windmills look at night

Famous quote

"going green should be replaced with going rainbow or prismatic"


When money burns a hole in your pocket go here to put out the fire


  there's other places to go and see 

view how windfarms look at night






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