Clouds cause climate change & hucksters promote an atmosphere of illusions



lets turn snowflakes upside downThe only cause of climate change is clouds. Water vapor. That's it. All other claims of causation are so minimal they are completely insignificant.

The amount of carbon dioxide AIR in the AIR is tiny. It cannot do anything.

It is 1 part per 2,500 parts. The pitchers typically in government tell us it's 400 parts per million. This is a tactic that subliminally makes us think of 1 million, and since 400 is a lot of 1's that sounds like its significant. To put this in perspective 1 dollar compared to $2500. What will that buy?

Go to the dollar store and you can buy a bag of frozen corn with that dollar. Go to a warehouse to buy in bulk, you can buy 7000 bags of corn with that $2500. Tell me now that when you host a food giveaway for the homeless that you can do something great with that one bag of corn. It's insignificant.

Same with nature. Air is air. CO2 is not radioactive waste, it's just air. It's not concentrated blankets that when you add water to them they grow in size to 2500 times what they were.

Scientists who are not hucksters have presented how and why clouds are the cause of all climate change. Hucksters promote 1 part per 2500 parts of air as the cause. Water vapor comprises 10,000% more of the AIRmosphere than what we exhale every day and plants suck in. They also when they present this doom scenario of carbon dioxide don't bother to tell you how it's always recycled. Nature recycles carbon all day and all night constantly. If you believe in climate change cause by carbon you have been had.

Now here is how hucksters will twist what I say, they will point out that it's not feasible to get frozen corn to hand out to the homeless, then will add all sorts of other babble to divert your energy. This is what they do with climate change lies, divert your energy. You don't have to go far to see evidence of this diversion, carbon taxes. Look who gets all that energy in your $, the hucksters promoting this scheme.

Next time you see wind mills spinning ask yourself are they producing power or are they GETTING RID OF THE EXCESS.

Wind farms are also energy waste disposal sites. They power up these massive blades whenever there is too much energy in the grid. This means that part of the country could have a lot of wind turbines pumping in so much energy that they can't use so the wind farm above Palm Springs on a no wind day will feature these "white colonists" spinning using up that excess.

We have been double had.

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