Wind farms are a more of a movie set facade, they are real, but they are not exactly what is presented



The image they present is an illusion. We are told they are saving the planet, clean, green, healthy, energy savers, so many things, most all of it is an illusion.

these are not real they are illusions

They are inextricably tied to USING FOSSIL FUELS they cannot function without the burining of fossil fuels and they waste fossil fuels.

They are turned on regularly USING POWER FROM THE GRID to make the blades spin and use up over produced energy in the grid.

We are destroying our world with these land devouring view stealing movie sets that waste energy.

They are more like props used in a motion picture as they look real and "do something".

They are mostly there to entertain you and make the script believable.

Like in a good film they elicit emotion.

For some they are pacifiers to make them feel they are there at Mother Nature's bosom saving the planet yet they waste energy.



copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski