How is it possible for something so small to get so stuck in the mind



The atmosphere contains generally 1 particle of minuscule CO2 to 2,499 parts of other air. The more common way of putting it so it sounds like so much is 400 parts per million.

It does not get stuck any more than clouds get stuck.

Carbon dioxide also gets recycled. Up down all around, no stuck cloud of it up there "trapping heat". It's so absurd to claim that the world will end due to air.

The actual cause of atmosphere and weather change is water vapor and the heat of the sun and cooling from space. We have no control of this by any significant measure at all.

All the carbon in the world compared to these forces is basically ZERO effect. Tis all a game being played on us suckers.

I think this ratio of 1/2500 or 1 part of carbonated air per 2,499 other parts of non toxic air should be emphasized much more as it's impossible for such tiny amounts of constantly recycling carbon with oxygen air to do anything harmful and the claims that is changes climate is the very basis of pushing all fake clean renewable energy.

Imagine losing one US dollar floating in the sky and wind carries it away while you still have $2,499.00 US dollars and then going all over the online network and claiming that the one dollar that got blown away will get stuck up in the sky and never fall on Chicken Little's head.



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