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Washer tub that leans only when filled with water

I'm looking for a used washer and dryer and started studying them. I found that I don't want any of the new ones they are all crap and break after a short time. The older ones are more reliable. One thing I had not noticed though until now is that though a washer might look good when you pop the hood and look at the tub, when it fills with water it might not be so good. This example of what was presented by lexmarks567 shows in a very new only 3 year old Speed Queen washer (these are considered the finest washers out there) how when there is water in the tub it slants to the left. When it's not filled with water it's normal. Thus just looking to see if the tub is centered does not indicate whether or not it would do this same thing at home.

full with water

just started filling with water


Solar is a waste of energy

It's going to cost as much as close to $100,000 for a Tesla solar roof. Money is energy. Waste money you waste energy. There will be a few big storage batteries needed in the 30 year life of the panels, that takes energy to produce. They are 100% dependent on fossil fuels. They will break down over the years and need repairs up on that roof. California is going to mandate this extra cost to your mortgage all new homes required to have these black heating devices (black does not reflect heat). If you think I don't know what I am talking about, show me one solar panel not made of plastic. You cannot make solar panels without oil. Hey green freaks I thought you hated oil yet you go around promoting making 500 times more things made from oil in order to "save the planet". What a joke. There are so many exaggerations being made. Taxes used to lower their price artificially, shall we add tax money to lower the cost of everything else? People have been taught now that batteries are a savioir. They are environmental disasters. In contrast, cows do not destroy the environment like some what you to believe with all their spewing out of claims that cow farts will cause another ice age. Batteries are a huge problem not cows. Really what the bigger problem is though is computers. Ban computers. Subsidize cows. Solar panels are destroying the environment. Entire mountains of granite have been grazed. Cows just eat grass, they don't wreck mountains like the solar industry. All this industrialization of everything is what needs to go. Time to live like those in the jungle? Since that will never happen how about dialing down all the lies and sales pitches. If you use a washer and dryer for laundry, and say we need to capture carbon dioxide and cow farts as a solution, you are a first class lying hypocrite. When you start doing your laundry by hand using no electricity, no plastic, then give me a call and we can talk, adding more plastic everywhere and batteries is the stupidest thing ever anyone could do yet politicians who routinely lie are all jumping on the bandwagon. Changing climate? Talk about changing climate! The mountains destroyed by mining for solar panel parts are gone, removing natural buffer, allowing the forest to get hotter. The mining of solar parts creates heat zones, deserts where there were none before. Stupid. Manufacturers will claim 25 year life, you get a "limited warranty". They last 12-18 years typically before degrading to 50% or less of their able output if they still work at all, guess what you get for that warranty, a credit, a very small one, to buy a whole new set. Where do those dead panels go? In the landfill. They don't have anything that can be recycled, which also uses energy. Recycling has never been the answer either. Actually the entire conserve energy movement is flawed at it's core. The earth has boundless energy. The energy conservation movement is at it's core a scam.

GM working on tires that have no need for air

Looks like they use a hell of a lot more rubber. They might be suitable for paved roads but they would lack the ability to vary the gripping power that is available with traditional air inflated tires. A 4x4 enthusiast knows how deflating a tire can provide the traction needed to get out of sand and very loose soils.

photo by GM

130,000 trees to be planted in England to "combat climate change"

First time I have heard anything sensical on this matter. Thing is though carbon dioxide is only like 1% of our atmosphere. To say that .000025% of that which is the variable that carbon dioxide is supposed to differ in climate and that it is going to cause a change in Earth's overall temperatures that are destructive is like saying that if you remove one 2x4 from a house frame the house will sag so much it will fall, causing destruction of the entire house or that if you removed one cup of water from your automobile's radiator it would destroy the engine. Those who do not understand engines could easily be convinced of that just as they have been convinced on the Earth's climate. The reality is that the effects of carbon dioxide on temperature are so small it's like being concerned that if you put an bag of ice in the lake, you will affect the entire ecosystem and notice a change in the weather.

Latest health fad may cause more global warming than all other sources combined, that is if you believe in the idea that the planet can't maintain a balance on it's own and that man is more powerful than the universe

So now we have companies making fake meat and it has become the thing. Beyond Meat is a company that had it's initial public offering on the stock market, now worth billions. Speculation is rampant. Del Taco is offering a fake meat taco. Makes no sense to me, beans use less energy to process, why go make fake meat for a taco, use refried beans. It takes a lot of energy to process what is used and formed into fake meat patties. It uses less to process real meat from the cow. The protein content is higher.

Electric cars emit eleven to twenty eight % more carbon dioxide into the carbon blanket filled flowing air than diesel trucks

Calculate the production materials, methods, energies used to manufacture, mining of battery materials such as lithium and those energies used, on and on, the numbers keep telling us that the electric cars cause more global catastrophe than a meteor the size of the Sun would hitting Earth. Here we go again. Hooooo keeps telling us that these cars are better? The free marketeers!

read the report at a trusted source

Superbowl ad featuring dog by Budweiser promotes wind

I have a comment about this ad, again we see industrialists (Budweiser is owned by wealthy industrialists) promoting something that wealthy industrialists are the better recipients of, that is, wind energy is promoted as so great for us all, but really in many ways it's not and it's really best for those who profit from their build. They show in the ad yet another wrecked landscape filled with windmills. I'm sorry I see these things where I live all the time and they destroy landscape vistas, they are ugly, they use energy from the grid to POWER THE MOTORS TO MAKE THE BLADES TO SPIN at times when there is no wind so that they don't freeze up from inactivity. Wind is not a constant energy source either, and the claims of how many homes they will power is exaggerated, they can not power that many homes 24/7, they can only power that many homes toasters which are used occasionally not left on, and a TV or two on for some hours because they do not create energy 24/7. They present these exaggerated numbers as if the wind is blowing all the time so all of these presentations making wind seem so great is disingenuous. They are great for investors. I am certain those who own Budweiser are making some tidy profits from wind installations. It's also just a play to associate their product with something that has captured the minds of most of the public who don't have to live by these things. When I saw the ad I just gasped at how the mills made that landscape so ugly and personally I would never buy their product because of it, not that they care. 

J B Weld extreme heat does not fix radiator leaks

I thought this stuff would work fantastic. Leaks right through. Obviously the paste is POROUS and although it will effectively block most air from leaking through like when used on exhaust it's no good for radiator. The package does not make any claim for use on radiator. I then used some 5 minute JB Weld glue and put it over that thinking it would seal it all better, that did not work either, it's also porous enough that the radiator fluid seeps through. Overall the fix did stop excess fluid from coming through so it's helped but it looks like I would need to get a new radiator or maybe have it welded for a more permanent fix.

Volkswagen to build 15 million e-vehicles

While e-cigarette sales explode and battery use is higher than it's ever been in the history of man, and is about to get worse, and no one seems to be concerned about the effects battery consumption has on the planet, VW likely will be making probably the most fantastic e-vehicles at affordable prices and the company will more than make up for any perceived environmental harm caused by it's fudging of emissions readings even though those readings were not as environmentally harmful as political forces in the "clean industry" would have u-believe. I see this shift in their strategies being on par with the dawn of the Beetle and it's long historic success.

read more about VW electric cars

Floating solar

Now we are going to wreck waterscapes

It's amazing what a Jeep can do - club uprights a hurricane blown home

With a brigade of Jeeps with winches in place, they attached straps to the home evenly spaced, and got the home back on it's feet.

Rough Country steering stabilizer for Jeep Wrangler YJ fixed my wandering problem

The old Wranglers steering box is not a strong design and in old age tends to shift back and forth thus causing difficulty in maintaining straight steering. You might first think to replace the entire box yet the problem I found had been more in it's inability to remain stable. There is a small variety of 3rd party braces available that shore up this steering box. The brace design I feel is much stronger than others is made by Rough Country as it solidly braces on the frame and on the box as seen here. I recommend buying it direct from Rough Country. I understand that this does not always fix the problem though. My Jeep is stock suspension so no lifts, no massive tires. Tires can be out of round or have heavy spots, and many other suspension components can be aligned improperly, worn, etc. This is often referred to as "death wobble" as it occurs when driving at higher speeds and it affects the handling of the vehicle to an extreme that it could cause loss of control of the vehicle. Any time that a vehicle is modified as with lift kits the original engineering is technically considered to be compromised. The steering box as stock over time has been reported to get weak at it's mounting points. This brace could add the stability needed as it uses the frame on the other side to provide additional support. Please note I am only referencing my experience and do not provide any recommendations. This matter of front end wobble is difficult and dangerous. Frankly I do believe there is a design flaw in the structure of these front ends somehow. The manufacturer has not accepted any responsibility for this though. It is a problem that has affected many Jeep Wranglers.

Image copyright Kenneth Wegorowski may be used only with permission

Football field size wind turbines

As stated in The Desert Sun which is a local newspaper with additional online presence of the Palm Springs area (Palm Springs has some of the oldest first wind turbines ever erected) "Some wind machines are hundreds of feet tall, with wingspans as long as a football field." That gives you an idea just how massive these things are. They are distracting off the I-10 freeway as you drive by them as the blades spin they disorient the driver somewhat and such disorientation can cause an accident. Older ones there since the 1980's are going to be replaced with these massive new ones, thanks to your tax dollars. There's nothing quite like how liberal wind turbine huggers have issues with federal government giving money to industrialist tycoons yet they embrace giving that money to industrialist tycoons who own wind energy, which is not even sustainable or reliable in any sense other than the $$$$ that tax dollars feed to their bank accounts. The real kicker in this article is the statement from Fred Noble, who is one of those industrialists, founder of Wintec Energy. First let's quote The Desert Sun, which said:

"Fewer wind turbines could also mean clearer views of the mountains. The remaining turbines would be taller, but there would be much more space between them."

Fred Noble said, "As you go bigger, it also opens up the viewshed".

That's a crock. I drive by these all the time. The worst offenders of "viewshed" is these massive football field monstrosities. The old ones hardly get in the way at all as THEY ARE SO MUCH SMALLER, DUH.

Lies = $

The article is a good read. View it here. Note especially the map of the windmills and the statement "how much power they can generate". This "amount" is what is always references in statements like "can power 10,000 homes". That is so incredibly misleading as it is only if they are spinning 24/7. They never do that. In fact, they draw power from the grid as they sit idle for any length of time they must be forced to spin using power from the grid so that they do not seize up! Wow!

Another big problem as stated in the article is that it's cheaper to build new wind farms in say New Mexico than it is to replace the old aging windmills built in the 1980's in Palm Springs. Thus, what we have is an age old dilemma like what the rust belt has gone through, industrialists move their businesses to better cheaper locations, leave aging infrastructure there to rot. This does not fit with the definition of "sustainability" one bit yet these companies tout themselves as such.

Then to make sustainability efforts even worse, on a different note, those who push that concept and that of global warming come up with wacky models of how to "fix things" with a method of using energy to "suck up carbon from the air". ROFL yet crying too. This is so insane.

These environMENTALIST types blast everything environmental "damaging" by humans yet even the trash in the oceans have helped not hurt life, for example, finding baby octopus on plastic. One might consider that when they go clean up the trash that they are actually killing off the life that lives on it now. What a quandry.

Solar roofs: BLACK = HEAT

It's amazing to me that no one seems to care about the fact that solar panels are all black and thus absorb the rays of the sun, thus GENERATING HEAT. It's easy to notice this difference, on a sun filled day carefully and quickly touch a black painted car and compare that to doing the same on a white painted car. The white reflects the radiation thus it does not create heat unless that reflected radiation then hits something black or dark. The black will absorb the radiation thus generating heat. The folks that care about global warming have introduced measures to even require painting rooftops white, and extreme viewpoints have suggested that black paint for vehicles be banned, while they say nothing about black solar panels.

Wind energy: Destruction of pristine Ohio Lake Erie shoreline views

Thanks to the industrialists and new age thinking that falsely believes that wind energy is going to save us, a project of wind turbines is in the planning stages. Why is it that none of these advocates for so called "clean energy" care about the landscape? The views are being destroyed everywhere now. And not one of them understand that wind energy actually uses power from the grid as well as pumping it in. When there is no wind, they have to draw power to move the turbines otherwise if they did not do that they would freeze. The mechanisms are very complex, use massive amounts of oil for lubrication, kill birds that fly right into them, and often sit idle.

Grade 8 bolts vs grade 5 bolts

"the argument that you should not use grade 8's because they are more brittle than grade 5's is not a true statement in most applications"

Excavator brigade in China

Let's wreck the Sahara Desert with wind and solar

There's a plan floating around that deems the Sahara Desert prime candidate in being made a giant wind and solar farm. Besides the many technical difficulties which USE MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF ENERGY to over come, the desert wreckers are saying they could bring rain to the desert there which of course then becomes a tropical paradise filled with ugly windmills and fences caging in solar farms.

What's facinating though, is here we have admission that wind and solar changes climate. Wind and solar are responsible for climate change. I look forward to their inclusion of this fact in all their marketing materials. 

you can read about their plan here

They never mention how much energy windmills draw from the grid

What? Draw from the grid? I thought windmills just add power to the grid.

Guess again. Here we have yet another article that fails to state that when the wind does not blow that they need to turn on the power to the motors that make the blades spin manually. This is done on all of these ugly monstrosities and is never promoted. Where does that power come from? The electrical grid that is mostly powered by coal, nuclear, natural gas, etc. How much power is used? That's a good question, I can't find that out. No one seems to want to release that information. It must be massive though as those blades require a tremendous amount of inertia to get them to spin.

It's important they do this manual running of these windmills to keep all the moving parts lubricated and working properly otherwise they will seize. That would explain why you can see them spin when there is no wind.

There are always these wild exaggerated claims of how many homes can be powered by these things, but they always leave out how much they use from the grid when there is no wind. It's very deceitful also in their claims as they never tell you how many mega watt HOURS are provided. Just saying how many megawatts they provide is like saying how many barrels of oil lay underground. Take for example this snippet from an article found here:

"Each of its 87 turbines stands more than twice as tall as the entire Statue of Liberty. Together, they generate enough electricity to power nearly 600,000 homes, in what's being called the largest offshore wind farm in the world, off the coast of northwestern England." -

When I calculated this kind of claim once, I found that all it could do is power a toaster in a home once a day for no more than one hour. No air conditioning, no washer and dryer, refrigerator, hair dryer, TV and computers, just a toaster because the time they run is a part of the ultimate caluclation of watts, thus the term WATTHOURS. What they do is calculate the total wattage average in a home, but they don't count the hours they run.

It all sounds so great, free energy, endless supplies, and even claims some make that it frees us from dependence on foreign oil and monster corporations that are claimed to be evil, in reality though, it's those very industrialists who own all these ventures.

Hydrogen cars are horribly inefficient

That's why they basically don't exist. Gas powered vehicles are very efficient and less polluting. Yes they are.
"They are [hydrogen] literally the last alternative fuel vehicle you would make such investments in -- and only after all the others failed." - source                                                   

Energy drink vs. brake cleaner, one cleans better

Truck driver races against a flash flood to get to the other side

"Mini Jeep" will be built in Detroit

Grandfathered licenses are what let them build this Mahindra Roxor that looks just like the old Jeep CJ. They originate from India. I wonder if the "Jeep wave" will be standard. The best part is they are doing something that absolutely no other car maker does, Anand Mahindra says the new Roxor will come with an absurd 900 color options. Don't expect to go any faster than 45 mph though but it does get about 32 mph. This could be THE VEHICLE that makes living in remote areas possible.

Bike sharing company gives up

Apparently the amount of vandalism and the fact that the lock batteries kept running out of power, thus not allowing the bike to be used by the client, destroyed the lofty visions of those who latch onto the idea that bicycles are the solution to global warming.

US climate change expert was paid by US and by China

The guys work was a basis for all wacked out climate change claims we have today. Think "98% of the world's scientists agree" based on the work of a con. The world's scientists have been duped into to believing a cult leader who can't be trusted, who doles out the same kind of gloom and doom scenarios to it's followers as all cults do, thus getting money channeled his way and for his followers and followers followers. Climate change gloom and doom is garbage. Carbon is great. I love CO2,CO3,CO4, and treat all carbon equally.

Germany considers ban on all diesel cars while the dirty energy inefficient wheels of government continue to turn, spewing out toxins

Seems the VW diesel "scandal" has helped tow lawmakers into the red zone. They wanted to ban all diesel "dirty" cars. A ban could affect over 15 million diesel cars in Europe!


North Pole shifts with Equator

The image shows clearly the hottest spots on Earth are now in the North, no longer at the Equator. It's a trick of the mind, presented with "global warming" doom and gloom reports that have infected the thinking processes of humans.

In reality, the Earth has never and is not currently all red and yellow in temperatures. The image is a massive distortion of reality yet the mind picks up on this presentation as if it's real and these distortions of reality is what is done constantly with this whacked out concept that air we expel from our lungs is providing us blankets to keep us all warm.

The image gives the impression that the the Equator has shifted to the North Pole. There should be a lot of blue there. It's fake news.

Claims of any planet being "warmest on record" in any given year and blaming it on exhales of humans and industry difinitively is so wrought with speculation it's not funny. There are for one no absolute or even near absolute way of measuring the temperature of the entire Earth when the Earth is not covered in thermometers.

Even where I live there isn't enough of them to tell me the accurate temperature outside, I have to rely on my own thermometer.

This climate science bunk is like a scientist claiming that by testing 10,000 patients temperatures over ten years it gives an accurate reading as to the mean temperature of all humans on earth. It gives an estimate of the temperature one minute out of 60 minutes out of 24 hours out of 365 days.

Climate science does not always take the Earth's temperature everywhere on Earth, nor every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, decade, and recorded history of such is not absolute as there are those scientists and corporations and government entities that do not share their data.

Thus we have few pools of data, lies, distortions, speculations, and Green Martians who when they arrived on Earth were found to not like blacks, whites, or any color Earthling unlike themselves.


LEED certified winery building touts "green" while it has plenty of black to add to global warming

Wind energy touts grand numbers of mega watts but not mega hours

Paper savers - let me know when those who think they are going to save the planet with windmills and solar panels start using these

Loco Hawk 6x6 Jeep steam powered built by Kenny Hauk

Jeep Wrangler spy shots show a pickup!

Desert sand dunes in Oklahoma?

Autonomous vehicle crashes in Arizona

An Uber vehicle being tested had crashed and flipped on it's side. read article here

Reading about this made me realize the fundamental problem with this whole self driving car concept.

With normal cars that are driven, when things fail they don't pull all cars from being driven except in rare instances with certain recalls, even then, there is never been a situation where all cars of a certain model were banned from driving, because the basic design and assembly of cars is reliable. Cars are tested enough to know that their basically simple design works properly before they leave the factory. With normal cars when the driver fails by driving drunk or texting or distractions and getting into the crash, the driver can be pulled from driving the vehicle or other vehicles, but the car design remains drive able.

NOT SO with driverless cars. What we have here is the idea of REPLACING the driver with a machine and sensors, and this is wrought with serious problems and i think will NEVER be workable in the real world of driving. We are trying to replace humans with machines in a very complex environment. The real world of driving has so many factors and aspects to it, no machine can compare to the human ability to process the information.

The article stated: the company’s self-driving arm has seen little progress in the overall reliability of its autonomous systems.
As of the beginning of March, safety drivers had to take back control an average of once per .8 miles.

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