It's mental to think that we are smarter than Mother Nature


4/13/2020 in the middle of the most bizarre period in history ruled by social influencers that are 1001 leagues smaller than a protozoa

IThey came up with yet another plan, layers on layers of mapping to solve the problem. This of course took a lot of energy but right now we are not much allowed to do any of this as the rulers dictated something called anti-social distancing.

I was at the food store to get what little food was there, the humans now stay 6 feet or more apart. I was feeling lonely and had to shout to be heard.

"I'm kind of lonely here you can get closer if you want" I said.

The look was like "Are you kidding?"

So we sit at home now to save the planet. As we read we find this interesting headline "Audobon looking at how to build environmentally friendly energy projects without harming wildlife".

I could not help but notice it standing out like a sore green bloody thumb that the "solutions" got rid of the green grass which absorbed carbon dioxide, instead replacing it with what looks like black asphalt.


Basically this solar farm has covered in heat from the sun absorbing and transfering BLACK instead of cooling green energy from grass.

This solar power, the small amount that actually makes it to homes, will power our appliances that all generate heat. That computer typically produces as much as your coffee maker.

It's nice to think we are fixing things.



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