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Hydrogen cars are horribly inefficient

That's why they basically don't exist. Gas powered vehicles are very efficient and less polluting. Yes they are.
"They are [hydrogen] literally the last alternative fuel vehicle you would make such investments in -- and only after all the others failed." - source                                                   

Energy drink vs. brake cleaner, one cleans better

Truck driver races against a flash flood to get to the other side



"Mini Jeep" will be built in Detroit

Grandfathered licenses are what let them build this Mahindra Roxor that looks just like the old Jeep CJ. They originate from India. I wonder if the "Jeep wave" will be standard. The best part is they are doing something that absolutely no other car maker does, Anand Mahindra says the new Roxor will come with an absurd 900 color options. Don't expect to go any faster than 45 mph though but it does get about 32 mph. This could be THE VEHICLE that makes living in remote areas possible.

Bike sharing company gives up

Apparently the amount of vandalism and the fact that the lock batteries kept running out of power, thus not allowing the bike to be used by the client, destroyed the lofty visions of those who latch onto the idea that bicycles are the solution to global warming.

US climate change expert was paid by US and by China

The guys work was a basis for all wacked out climate change claims we have today. Think "98% of the world's scientists agree" based on the work of a con. The world's scientists have been duped into to believing a cult leader who can't be trusted, who doles out the same kind of gloom and doom scenarios to it's followers as all cults do, thus getting money channeled his way and for his followers and followers followers. Climate change gloom and doom is garbage. Carbon is great. I love CO2,CO3,CO4, and treat all carbon equally.

Germany considers ban on all diesel cars while the dirty energy inefficient wheels of government continue to turn, spewing out toxins

Seems the VW diesel "scandal" has helped tow lawmakers into the red zone. They wanted to ban all diesel "dirty" cars. A ban could affect over 15 million diesel cars in Europe!


North Pole shifts with Equator

The image shows clearly the hottest spots on Earth are now in the North, no longer at the Equator. It's a trick of the mind, presented with "global warming" doom and gloom reports that have infected the thinking processes of humans.

In reality, the Earth has never and is not currently all red and yellow in temperatures. The image is a massive distortion of reality yet the mind picks up on this presentation as if it's real and these distortions of reality is what is done constantly with this whacked out concept that air we expel from our lungs is providing us blankets to keep us all warm.

The image gives the impression that the the Equator has shifted to the North Pole. There should be a lot of blue there. It's fake news.

Claims of any planet being "warmest on record" in any given year and blaming it on exhales of humans and industry difinitively is so wrought with speculation it's not funny. There are for one no absolute or even near absolute way of measuring the temperature of the entire Earth when the Earth is not covered in thermometers.

Even where I live there isn't enough of them to tell me the accurate temperature outside, I have to rely on my own thermometer.

This climate science bunk is like a scientist claiming that by testing 10,000 patients temperatures over ten years it gives an accurate reading as to the mean temperature of all humans on earth. It gives an estimate of the temperature one minute out of 60 minutes out of 24 hours out of 365 days.

Climate science does not always take the Earth's temperature everywhere on Earth, nor every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, decade, and recorded history of such is not absolute as there are those scientists and corporations and government entities that do not share their data.

Thus we have few pools of data, lies, distortions, speculations, and Green Martians who when they arrived on Earth were found to not like blacks, whites, or any color Earthling unlike themselves.


LEED certified winery building touts "green" while it has plenty of black to add to global warming

Wind energy touts grand numbers of mega watts but not mega hours

Paper savers - let me know when those who think they are going to save the planet with windmills and solar panels start using these

Loco Hawk 6x6 Jeep steam powered built by Kenny Hauk

Jeep Wrangler spy shots show a pickup!

Desert sand dunes in Oklahoma?

Autonomous vehicle crashes in Arizona

An Uber vehicle being tested had crashed and flipped on it's side. read article here

Reading about this made me realize the fundamental problem with this whole self driving car concept.

With normal cars that are driven, when things fail they don't pull all cars from being driven except in rare instances with certain recalls, even then, there is never been a situation where all cars of a certain model were banned from driving, because the basic design and assembly of cars is reliable. Cars are tested enough to know that their basically simple design works properly before they leave the factory. With normal cars when the driver fails by driving drunk or texting or distractions and getting into the crash, the driver can be pulled from driving the vehicle or other vehicles, but the car design remains drive able.

NOT SO with driverless cars. What we have here is the idea of REPLACING the driver with a machine and sensors, and this is wrought with serious problems and i think will NEVER be workable in the real world of driving. We are trying to replace humans with machines in a very complex environment. The real world of driving has so many factors and aspects to it, no machine can compare to the human ability to process the information.

The article stated: the company’s self-driving arm has seen little progress in the overall reliability of its autonomous systems.
As of the beginning of March, safety drivers had to take back control an average of once per .8 miles.

I think we FIRST need to create a human robot that can clean house every day without breaking anything, then we can look at machines driving themselves and us around. Autonomous cars are likely never going to fly, litterally and figurratively. There's too many things in it's way all over the place going different speeds, too many reflections it can misjudge where a human wouldn't, on and on. Airplanes that "fly themselves" don't have these problems.

Cluch change tip to lock in place when tightening and loosening bolts

Using a cut piece of an old flexplate as seen in this image from perfectionclutch video it makes it so that with one person you can tighten up the bolts properly when replacing a clutch assembly.

Goodyear introduces a concept tire shaped like a planet

It's based on the concept of levitation and magnetics. You gotta watch this video.


Volvo says self driving cars better without humans as backup
great now just as soon as they create robot housekeepers like the one in the Jetsons, that cook and clean, and not just robot vacuum cleaners, ones that shovel the show in winter, and show us how great their cars drive through snow (they can't judge snow and rain very well at all) then we are getting somewhere, I mean like even in the Jetsons the vehicles had to be driven by humans

Government website changes position on climate change
says that it's a matter of debate

Solar power claimed to now be cheaper than "fossil" fuels
great now would someone please let us know when they use only solar power to manufacture the things and they stop using fossils

Wattway powers the world's first solar road
this is in test phase now

The Tesla model X is an "awful car" as one reviewer puts it
he must be joking right?


Dodge adds all wheel drive to the Challenger


go off road check list and tips with your YJ Jeep Wrangler and other vehicles

Windmill horrors! Safety break malfunctions in high wind and turbine explodes



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