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It's yet another Green Renewable Electric Energy Development taking over all our places to "recharge" this project is currently being "Enstalled" (think Enron2) at Chevelon Canyon Arizona, the little Grand Canyon of the Wild Wild West, it's master plan is to be farming you and your children's children's green $$$ energy for decades to make portfolios grow all over the world including pension plans in Canada of all places instead of at home and they don't provide you "free energy" they make you use more of it. Wind farms are movie sets presenting illusions of "saving the planet" from nothing as carbon is not a poison nor is it barely in the sky. Behind the scenes we see that they are PIPELINES to your cash! The do entertain us though with their illusions of "free clean energy" just like watching an award winning film entertains us but at least there we know that it's only a movie, with GREED certified wind & solar farming they try to pretend it's all good. Chevelon Canyon Ranch also to get new neighbors to the East, a massive wind farming project covering 79 square miles learn more

STOP these things

Wind Watch

NEWS is often referred as Nauseating Stream Medias and Never Ending Water Sports our form of news here is powered by healthy (not hellthy) opinions, observations, study, analysis, commentary with goal of exposing the fraud of puke green camouflage fake hyperbolic chamber style clean but filthy dirty solar and wind misdismal energy to eventually write new laws that would change setbacks of all these systems to 7 million miles so they are only placed on the Sun

The Dont DO IT Act

Idaho Senator Jim Risch, alongside Senator Mike Crapo, Congressman Mike Simpson and Congressman Russ Fulcher introduced the Don’t Develop Obstructive Infrastructure on our Terrain (Don’t DO IT) Act.

Christopher Columbus Day

In Navajo County of which much land is owned by Native Indian Tribes whereas they also have massive reserves of natural resources that they own and mine and sell to China, to make all the things Americans are constantly buying, the Board Of Supervisors meeting on October 10, 2023 had an interesting comment by one of the representatives Supervisor Benally saying "it was a joy to know that it was changed to Indiginous People's Day and that it's important to the Native People to be recognized." I don't see it as a joy at all. It makes Columbus into a criminal which he is not. It takes away recognition for the travelers who discovered America as if they and all those who followed don't matter. In fact this new name has with it a ton of disparaging remarks, feelings, and put downs of the European cultures and Caucasion race that lump them all into this one disparaging reference group which is racist, inequitable. I fail to see tribes that own massive reserves of coal needing to be recognized by ripping apart the joy of exploration and discovery which Columbus represents. If it wasn't for Christopher Columbus discovering America and the follow of millions of immigrants from Europe and other countries, the Native Americans wouldn't be selling their coal to China for hefty profits, nor making billions from casinos. In Palm Springs the casinos, due to Americans going there for fun and adventure and spending tons of money, even are so well off they give THE CITY money every year donated for special projects. In Navajo and Coconino counties they welcomed the invasion of white colonists. Are they making money from those too? These colonists discovered America and are ruining it too, but those connected to these fake clean energy pipelines to your cash don't mind.

Item 6 on Planning Commision October 19, 2023 Navajo County

SUP 23-010 SNOWFLAKE SOLAR ENERGY GENERATION FACILITY, DISTRICT II: Consideration of a request by Snowflake Solar, LLC for a Special Use Permit to allow for the construction and operation of a 1,000 MW solar power generation facility, 1,000 MW Battery Energy Storage System, and associated facilities on approximately 7,300 acres located in the Holbrook/Sun Valley area. APN # 104-03-005, 104-03-006, and 109-23-001A, T19N, R21E, S03,24, S04,07,28, & S03,07,09 of the GSRM. Owner: W.B. Jeffers Jr., Lois A Jeffers, Ann E Jeffers, and Jeffers Cattle Co. Agent: Snowflake Solar, LLC.

Commissioner Murph declared a conflict of interest, and removed himself for this item.

Commissioner Booher motioned to reccomend approval.  Chair Latham seconded.
Unanimous, 6 - 0.
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OMG THAT IS 7.3K ACRES that is 11.4 square miles!!!!!!!!!

Additional 25% turbines on West Camp Wind Farm

They plan to put 28 more turbines totalling 132 on the whopping 52.5K acres which is 82 square miles, that's a 9 miles long by 9 miles wide square! see the agenda item October 24, 2023 here which was of course rubber stamped APPROVED

Solar farm plans dumped in Fauquier County land fill

WHEREAS, on August 10, 2023, the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors considered the determination of the Planning Commission and agreed with that determination; now, therefore, be it RESOLVED by the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors this 10 th day of August 2023, That the location of a Utility Scale Solar Facility on properties located at 11221 and 11223 Bristersburg Road and 2356 Cromwell Road, Catlett, Cedar Run District (PIN 7839-84-9885-000, 7839-63-8827-000 and 7849-11-3813-000) is not substantially in accord with the adopted Fauquier County Comprehensive Plan or part thereof reference

170 turbines still planned to be installed at Chevelon Butte at 755 feet tall this is like creating the windy city of Chicago or the moive set facility called Los Angeles at the canyon these are going to be seen for 100 miles all around. This is on the west side of the canyon, the West Camp Wind Farm is about ten miles to the East. In between are ranch properties around 40 acres each sandwiched in between puke green camouflage energy that pretends to be something it is not.

noise area and how much view shed will be ruined to the west of Chevelon properties east of the canyon

Clean energy cult makes film calling out the anti-wind farm cult ROFL the clean energy cult has one thing in common, they oppose Earth based fuel with the religous clut belief that they are "dirty" as if the Earth is not dirty itself, and yet they are an absolute cult as they have no absolute solution to the storage of wind and solar generated electricity that is workable, as with all cults they only offer illusions. The fossil fuel industry does not do this and those who oppose Illusion Energy (IE) thus are not part of any cult they are part of logic and reason. This short film is a lame attempt at disparaging those who see the destruction of our environment with these monstrous land devouring ugly ass projects. details written about this here

One way to know which group is actually a cult is by how they ignore reality such as how the obviously out of place unnatural giant 500 to 800 foot tall propellers in the sky are illing flying wildlife and these groups of Kleen Energy delusionsists turn a blind eye that bats and birds are being slaughtered. Cults always work like this.

The climate plan is eerily looking more like 1940's Germany plan of elimination, not that Hitler was bad or anything as we tend not to judge lest judgement come upon us, it's just that targeting humanity with goals of zero tolerance and zero emissions of what comes out of everyone's exhaled breath is obvioulsy Facist. Zero targets of emissions of carbon dioxide are not even remotely realistic nor is the idea that man, not Mother Nature, is in charge of climate.

Cargo ship arrives in Germany with large hole after striking wind farm

Virginia-based company Apex Clean Energy
(not AES West Camp) has a project called Winding Stair Wind on the east coast but it's odd they have chosen to close up shop for the time being and set its sights elsewhere. It's another project to build yet another movie set called "clean energy" that is about filling portfolios and entertaining us with their theatricks as like with the covid fraud they are all in this together for the good of the porfolio.

Let me know the day these helicopters run on puke green kleen energy until then it remains perfectly clear weather or not these wind farms are running so obviously 100% on your energy coming from the ground and your wallets, not the air

  • Direct subsidies. This subsidy could be a direct cash grant from a government department or agency
  • Tax incentives. These are special tax breaks (credits) or deductions targeted at specific types of electrical generation facilities
  • Loan guarantees. A loan guarantee removes risk from the lender, when a government department or agency guarantees fulfilment of loan terms, making it easier for lenders to fund projects that are targeted by such legislation or regulation
  • “First-use” mandates. Typically, regulators will require grid managers to accept electricity sold by beneficiaries of these mandates before any other generation facility. First-use mandates ensure that an IVRE can sell its power whenever it can produce it.
  • “Floor-price”/minimum price mandates. Sometimes called “mandated feed-in tariffs,” these mandates can either be written directly into law (legislative) or required by regulatory bodies. Either way, such mandates require that beneficiaries are paid a minimum price for the electricity they produce, regardless of whether the price is aligned with market demand or not.

88% of Germans in Germany think the wind and solar TRANS ition to fake clean energy is DOOMED to fail. Funny thing too the ABSOLUTE science, math, and physics tell us this too. Marketing departments, portfolios, politicians who fill theirs up with your money all claim it will make you a star.

Buffalo County, Wyoming creates 3 mile distancing but the only proper distancing is 7 million miles on the Sun click on the image to view their website

In 2020 hindsight we see that a segment of society went on an obsessive quest to build electricity factories, in of all places, the middle of oceans. Doesn't really take much to figure out that's a bad idea but Democrats went all in, as they often folow the television instead of the ABSOLUTE (not relative) science, they were all in this sinking ship together while all saying to trust them they have it all under control. The latest warning was in 2023 when they were warned that warning systems called RADAR would not work as well for warning vessels and thus causing a security problem for the nations that build them. They built them anyway as warnings were not their priority. Saving Earth and Uranus was their focus. "The report concludes wind turbine generators have significant electromagnetic reflectivity, and therefore can interfere with radar systems operating nearby". We might ask how far the elecromagnetic problem extends out from each of these towering power plants.

In April 2022, NextEra Energy pleaded guilty to violating the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and was ordered to pay more than $8 million. Duke Energy, which operates a few wind farms in Wyoming, was fined $1 million in 2014 for the deaths of 14 golden eagles; and PacifiCorp received $2.5 million in fines for 38 eagles killed by its turbines. What could be any more disgusting than a country who's national bird is the eagle allowing disabled movie set energy fakery kill it's mascot for the only purpose of stealing people's cash while only providing illusions. The total bald eagles legally killed annually by wind farms would be 28.2% of the population in the area.

The foundation of building all of these systems is consistently stated by all involved to be climate change and it's alleged control which 30 years ago would be a laughable prospect but as we know the more social media and television programming there is the dumber people get and can be fooled so bad they will demand to be injected with anti-freeze for their health. The mandates of installation of movie sets are based on this claim as it pacifies those who are lost in this delusion theme park. If the developers state no change to climate change there is no reason to build them.

Officially, offshore wind developers anticipate their projects will 'have no measurable influence on climate change.' Knowing this, they offer a different rationale. In the 'purpose and need' section of the draft environmental impact statement for Revolution Wind, Ørsted justifies the offshore wind project based on its ability to fulfill Rhode Island’s mandate for 'renewable' energy.

Go green they say, bit it contains copper and other colors. Environmentalists who can have good intentions force demand on raw materials that can be scarce. For example, mining copper has it's own environmental problems and meeting the demand then hits resistance from the very same environmentalists who think going green and copper is the solution to man simply producing way too many things that are a complete waste of energy and are merely ENERGY THEATER as is wind and solar industrial scale disabled occasional hardly works power systems and it's all over a problem they IMAGINE is being caused by air that forms NON INSULATING blankets. Their illusions are nothing less than cult mentality and actions but those at the controls like in the land of Oz know what they are doing and it's all about grabbing your cash and manipulating you into gleefully handing it over so you feel like you are doing something good, but it's actually and SUDDENLY ruining what is thought of as being "saved" hallelujia.

Mark Z. is a professor that hustles the public to sell the absurd notion that wind and solar are effective energy sources when they are net losses of energy. Where are the working models? There are none, all we have is pitch that endless energy is provided. We have solar and wind farms built but they are movie sets, they present the ILLUSION of "what solar and wind can do" and a billion other sales pitches like that they can REPLACE Earth's based fuel sources which they cannot, even the simplest and the complex physics and mathematics forbid it, THEY ARE NET LOSSES OF ENERGY.

97% consensus is a lie The thief is robbing the bank and creates consensus. 97% agree he is a handsome nice loving man as they stand there in terror. The others are shot at and escape with their lives except for one. That is consensus in climate it's forced by those who are robbing you. Consensus in certain areas of science is 100% horseshit as it's all now run by corporatocracy who's key goals are building PIPELINES TO YOUR CASH. Consensus is not absolute science it's just opinion or statement based on coersions which is what we see most presented by the climate science pushers. We saw this happen to medical science for the last 70 years, blaming what has never been proven to exist, such as an alleged human deficiency immune messing up "virus" as the cause of complex health an disease conditions was and still is ludicrous consensus science because it was FORCED ON THE SCIENTISTS. Fauci deemed there "consensus" on high after manipulating the public with all the drug money that created propoganda campaigns. Funding is pulled from any scientist who disagrees with the "consensus" of the few pulling all the strings, a small group, constantly building PIPELINES TO YOUR CASH. So when babbling idiots like Rachel Maddow keep drooling "the science is consented" like she did with her idiotic repitition of the lies presented to her on "the shots for covid make it so you cannot get the virus and cannot transmit the virus" which she has been ABSOLUTELY made a fool of herself on as people now realize covid is medical marketing fraud to rebrand common cold into a monster that it is not to sell you new injections of more pHARMa goo for the health of their portfolios. This is the same problem with "the science" of climate which changes constantly and is impossible to study ABSOLUTELY it's only relative measure of predictig it will do. Mother nature handles carbon on it's own with that very thing, climate, no action needed. If there was a problem banks would not loan money to any property at sea level where ALL THE RICH LIVE USING THE PIPELINED CASH YOU ALLOWED THEM TO DRILL FOR IN YOUR MONEY PIT.

This is how bad they plan to ruin the east coast of the misunited states 25 PROJECTS! At this rate by the year 2100 there will be not a lesser need for cars even if they built 6 billion new mostely plastic (from oil) ones to replace the efficient internal combustion engines, there will not be any room for them. Never mind what happens to fishing, views, whales that end up on shore dead, all that matters to these energy crassist$ is their illusions that more industrialization is going to save us so we don't have to repent. These are built for one thing, bottom line, pipelines to your cash. Your money is gone with the wind with 30 year contracts. You become slaves. You are even part of the film, they are movie sets presenting illusions of providing net positive flows of energy when it'a net negative. To distract you from these basics the cult leaders and producers such as Gore, Sierra Club, etc. dangle the fear of impending doom if we don't do what they say. The good science, analysis, physics repeatedly concludes these waste energy. All the energy used on these could house everyone without a home for the next 100 years. Many problems solved. That is not what interests many people though, they prefer their illusions.

Whale deaths are skyrocketing! Why would a pipeline to your cash care? They don't care how they leave the planet after they are dead and gone all they care about is their cash flow farming. Likely it's the sonar that is torturing them, disorienting them, they crash into things, they can't find food like they used to. None of these globalist corporations could give a rats ass. More about driving monopiles deep into the seabed and the horrible sounds it makes that innocent creatures have to put up with if they can survive it in order to keep the movie sets being built and the producers rich.

It's the pysics that makes wind energy suck, they require MASSIVE amounts of land for systems that are power density deficient and intermittent. They are a complete utter waste of energy. Their build and maintenance is 100% dependent on robust natural energy sources. They present a fantasy, they are movie sets.

Wind farm construction ruins trout population in lake

the future is stupid if you listen to the lies presented by the fake energy cultThe warp speed rush to inject solutions into climate disease has turned logic into a pretzle. One of the solutions they inject in to both arms of transportation is forcing everyone to have electric cars so they can be powered 100% by unreliable occasional trickle disabled energy made by wind and solar generators that were built using robust fuel energies and cannot be made any other way. Look at where this leads us. The electric car runs out of electricity stores and stops on a highway, the petrol powered van arrives with a petrol powered generator to recharge the car battery, it will have to sit there for an hour at minimum. If we are all electric then the electric van brings the electric battery to recharge the electric car and since all sources are limited they all end up stuck down the road as they notice politicians walking to work as they too got stuck kicking the can down the road. If the car was gasoline powered, eficciently the van would bring a simple to carry, not haul, gallon of gas to get the drive back up running again quickly.

Arizona's residents will be subsidizing California's energy theatrics with these wind and solar farms. California is said would buy the energy made from these systems but the energy produced would be a trickle they would pay at a low price and the rest covered by Arizona rate payers and other subsidies. Wind farms are energy theater, they are working MOVIE SETS producing real time and recorded performance for entertainment as they are not in any way substantial nor at all reliable sources of energy. Their high costs of installation and maintenance are paid for using your energy.

How is this renewable? Steel manufacturing depends on coal. Navajo County includes massive quantities of Indian land, they mine coal, they are not equitible in their hiring as they favor their own, says right there on the company website. They send the coal, massive amounts to China to make steel. The coal power plant is now shut down here so we can fake save the planet. This only makes sense in fantasy land to build these and it only makes sense to certain people who build pipelines to our money.

The blades are made of plastic, epoxy resins, and burn because they are made from oil not from unicorn hoofs so the routine claim made by people in the Sierra pipelines to your green $$$ energy Club and other groups that lie about "keeping oil in the ground" is exposed. See how they burn! In this first photo notice how the center of the turbine is burning most, that is from the hydraulic fluids 500 gallons worth made from oil like to burn. How is this keeping oil in the ground? It's not. These are a hustle for your energy. They also draw power from the fossil fuel grid to keep things movin, they power up these blades so they don't freeze during wind droughts. It's all a big fat lie to build pipelines to your cash.

Wyoming states "the expansion of electric vehicle charging stations in Wyoming and throughout the country necessary to support more electric vehicles will require massive amounts of new power generation to sustain the misadventure of electric vehicles" MISADVENTURE! Lets' clarify it's also a disadventure and a maladventure and a stupidventure and a shamventure.

You can't have your green energy pie while also demanding no one eat and not mine your cake too. Logical and studied senator points out the Democrat policies are self destructive to both people and the environment. He explains how they are acting childish, demanding mining not occur while also demanding electric cars and electric everything to falsely save the planet which requires massively more amounts of mining. Their policies contradict themselves the world cannot function that way. So while these groups fight amongst themselves, little known to the masses, the Indian tribes are making out like bandits now as for example the Navajos own massive amounts of land and are sending most of the coal to China as the state shut down the efficient coal mine in the neighboring county to favor destructive energy projects to nowhere but portfolio and teacher's retirement pipelines to your cash and utilities have banded together en masse to install power lines to tribes homes at no cost to them while right next to these 130 square miles of renewable garbage energy at Chevelon no power lines are going in for the smaller property parcels there. Green energy is a total fraud. Electric cars require 6x more mining than standard cars. Their policies are absurd but they do power pensions, private jets, homes that use 100x the energy than yours.

Climatarians don't understand foot prints of carbon do not exist, yet they are changing the menu at Panara bread to accommodate. Next time these climatarian cult members are in one of these food venues in winter open the front door, stand there holiding the door open, call over a climatarian and have them exhale their carbon footprinting on the opening in the doorway and ask them if it insulated.

If it were OIL COMPANIES planning to put a few off shore drilling rigs in the Atlantic Sierra Club would surely be there trying to stop it but with wind which has it's own unique pollution of the oceans primarily with constant sound wave distortions interfering with mammals sonar navigation and some other things they are silent. That is because they benefit from these pipelines to your tax cash that would be better directed back into your communies and your own pockets rather than theirs. By fortunate series of events with supply chains being broken into pieces, inflation persisting, and interest rates doubling, amongst other items the two hot air projects near Martha's Vineyard are ending.

Horse Heaven/Hell wind project in Tri-Cities is another massive land devouring waste of energy that will ruin 110 square miles, now that's a footprint where as carbon footprints are like unicorn hoof prints, they don't exist. To be exact it will cover 3.0666E+9 square feet. SUDDENLY tens of thousands of people will have their viewsheds destroyed by these ugly pieces of crap in the day and at night with their nauseating flashing red lights on top as seen like here from the wind farms at Palm Springs in the neighboring city of Desert Hot Springs. And here's the dirty little big secret that permeates the foundations of all these GREED systems, "Dave Kobus, senior project manager for the Horse Heaven project, said the process of determining project viability is complicated and requires access to proprietary data, complicated financial modeling and confidential manufacturer data not publicly available." Not made available to the public. So this is a con game. In fact it's worse it's a giant circle of cash flow life.

2% of wind turbines fail says the report so let's compare that to cars, .001% fail as in fail structurally in such a way because of their construction errors. Let's compare that to skyscrapers, .000001% fail, most all keep standing, they are built well. Let's compare that to the pyramids, ALL have remained standing structurally sound for over 1000 years.

Going in circles just like the blades on top. Teacher's pension plans are fed your money from your electric bills and taxes from these systems. Then teachers keep teaching the lies about fake clean energy saving the world, lies that we will keep oil in the ground, lies that they make the air cleaner when they have to depend on back up power that uses Earth fuels not unicorn farts, lies that they will replace Earth fuels, lies that thes have minimal "impact" - ask a dead bird, bat, swarms of flying food about impact as they lay there on the ground - lies that they will support themselves and provide "free energy", lies that the climate is going bezerk from Earth fules and man's industry, lies that carbon dioxide is a gas that just keeps accumulating, lies that it forms a blanket, and about 1000 other lies to make kids get indoctrinated with these GREED lies and become adults who then repeat the lies to politicians and demand more of  these energy wasteful systems be built so more teacher's pensions can be filled to the brim with your money, see how this closed system is a circle round and round providing energy to the teachers and other investment plans that just suck your energy.

Temperature data is a FOUNDATION of all wacked out "climage change" and "boiling oceans" claims. Oddly much of these repeatedly proven inaccurate claims are presented by those who own ocean front properties. If climate change doom was real bankers would never finance ANY PROPERTY in Florida, let that sink in, they know more about investing properly so they their investments are not ruined than most anyone, they have the best of the best experts telling them the real science while the hustlers appear in movies and TV nauseatingly in your face constantly. Blankets don't exist in the sky and Mother Nature brings carbon and all particulates back to earth, they don't just keep accumulating except in the imaginations of hustlers. Note the best science from those with integrity rather than former vice-presidents by Jennifer Marohasy "Available Australian Bureau of Meteorology parallel maximum temperature data for Mildura temperatures recorded from both a mercury thermometer and a platinum resistant probe on the same day in the same shelter show no equivalence. They are different. Therefore, it is impossible to reliably compare official temperatures recorded from probes with historical temperatures recorded with mercury thermometers for the town of Mildura on the banks of the Murray River." her complete better climate science website can be found here another of her great non-junk science approaches in study was to wait to be washed away from "climate change's rising tides" on the highest tide day of the year, you get one guess what happened 1) she got washed away with her friends 2) they laughed at the absurity of the climate change hustle while filming it with the drone camera as they proved yet again without spending billions of your dollars that it's climate NO CHANGE. Watch the 7 minute video presentation.


Al Gore the guru of the cult made an ass out of him self amongst all the others at a Swiss bank deposit scheming event they all go to every year. The failed presidential candidate and failed vice president and failure at so many other ways was screaming like a spoiled deranged out of control child that the oceans were boiling. That behavior is not the sign of a well man. It is just like the behavior of Jim Jones right before they all drank the kool-aid and suicided themselves for the greater good of many a cult nonsense. I dont' understand how anyone can be so locked into dislogic, the simplest of minds can see wind turbines are a waste of energy. They will never provide reliable energy, except for those like Gore who are the ones profiting from these fake save the planet schemes. Even the Sicilian mafia is in on the game. We don't have to participate in this if we realize these systems are movie sets and the ticket prices are high. Ever wonder why computer prices go down and you get more while energy costs just keep soaring even after these businesses recover their costs? It's a racket.

The basis for these wind/solar systems is saving energy, saving the skies from blankets that don't exist, clean air which we already have in the USA and renewing the energy of pensions and portfolios. They claim these and electrifying everything will fix what really is not broken. The Nissan Leaf electric car made in 2014 appears to use an awful amount of fossil fuel based energy to replace the battery, a whopping $17k. Dollars are made with energy, they don't grow on trees with a little water they depend almost totally on being made with fossil fuel energy either where you live or in China.

"These folks are making tons of money on these projects, most of which goes out of state" said one individual who sees through the lies. In Washington state Horse Hell Wind Farm Sunset Destruction Project (HHWFSDP) is trying to quell public dissatisfaction with their ruinous plans of their beautiful Tri-Cities gorgeous unspoiled country side by using sleasy delusion tactics as an article appears in slime stream medias that are less than genuous in covering all the facts, presenting that the state is trying to require aircraft warning lights on these monsters that only go on when aircraft is near, up to 30 miles near. This doesn't fly where I live as it's a flight path to Los Angeles International so they don't have these systems that use radar to detect the planes as planes go by constantly. DON'T fall for the trap of these systems they say would keep the nauseating, dizzying, hypnotic, unsafe to drivers on the road below red flashing lights on only 2-3% of the time. The big problem is make all the laws you want, FAA is the master here, they have to be approved by them first, and hardly any ever are as they are highly problematic, like those fake claims that they world will all be driven by autonomous cars that can't see snow, and miss objects that people would see, and like with fake health emergencies based on more lies to generate obscene amounts of cash to the portfolio cartels, they are experimental when approved and can be yanked back at any time the FAA determines they are more of a hazard and deemed unsafe.

The climate cult thinks it can control the climate. They haven't even figured out how to fix homelessness and about 1 billion other smaller matters here on Earth a planet they seem to not be grounded on. Here is a discussion about blocking the sun and other oddities coming out of this cult as found on the Power Hungry Podcast. One of the statements that was really odd was about a "stable climate" and removing carbon emissions would be just that. What a joke!

Watch out for the woke "Environmental Social Governance" crowd of unelected BUREAUCRATS which rhymes with democrats and bureauticians who like in the covid fraud of 2020-2023 they merely pulled the emergency levers at the theater when "The Towering Inferno" was playing as they kept yelling EMERGENCY when there was none.

The county is obsoleting old manufactured homes by requiring HUD compliance updates older than 20 years old.

This item is on the Planning & Zoning commission agenda for January 19, 2023. This rule applies as of April 1, 2023. Arizona HUD rule R4-34-606

The county will also be paying $237.50 per hour for consulting services regarding medical building in Show Low as it plans to build a $6 million complex and upgrade. It's another pipeline to your green $$$ energy.

By 2031 Congress will have blasted Earth with $240 billion dollars built using fossil fuels to build movie sets with propellers soaring in the sky and black panels that should be painted white to reflect the heat. They build these movie sets to make the public feel like they are saving the planet when they are doing nothing of the sort they are just building up portfolios for themselves using your cash and then we wonder why CONgress that is all in on this together and local governments cannot fix so many real problems like homelessness. View this movie to get a glimpse of how these sets work for their producers and merely provide you entertainment value. Bill McKibbons wrote an article attacking the wave of those fiercely opposing these projects, he disingenuously calls those who don't want this crap anywhere near them (those in the country open spaces) as being NIMBY and in the condescending inequitous term "flyover areas" as if he would never say "Not In My Back Yard". Let me know the moment that GREED hack wants one next to him, surely he lives no where near them while all these rich high horsers use your money TAKEN FROM YOU to build them in the poorer areas where there is less money to hire the other hack called lawyers. Two groups that use your money for marketing the GREED lies is The American Clean Power Association, formerly known as the American Wind Energy Association, has an annual budget of $40 million. Another big lobby group, the Solar Energy Industries Association, has an annual budget of about $21 million. SEIA is one of Tigercomm’s clients. So is Apex Clean Energy, which saw its proposed 300-megawatt Honey Creek Wind project go down in flames (it lost by a 3 to 1 margin) last month when the project was put before voters in Crawford County, Ohio. Learn more here

I'm going to open a business powered 100% by only solar and wind energy. It will be open 24/7. Or will it? Let's start with only using 79 square miles of West Camp Wind farm wind. Since most of what little energy is produced as a net loss to your cash investment as a taxpayer will be shipped to Los Angeles the business will be there. It will only serve customers and produce when the wind is blowing. How do you suppose that will work out? You get one guess before you pump $1 billion more into any wind "energy" project that like the one that ruined the desert at Ocotillo in GREED hungry California merely sends your money to Canadian pensions.

The Green Mafia and it's puke green camoflage energy doesn't let you see this waste that is piling up fast now and is 100% dependent on fossil fuels for their build so anytime that anyone says we are going OFF robust Earth based energy give them a dump truck and assign them the task of picking all this solar crap waste for a day and piling it in their back yard instead of ours in the country.

Wind farms cannot function without YOU paying for them in your taxes. While homelessness abounds and certain groups get richer by the second, it's interesting to reflect back when I was told decades ago by a investment planner that these wind farms cannot function without subsidies, it's the only reason investors will participate.

Arrogant Gore goes into global hypocrite energy and rivers of weather rant claiming 666,666 Hiroshima bombs going off every day on Earth. That is psycho. The guy is a big GREED pipeline to your money scum. In his old billionairish rich age he's becoming like Howard Hughes complete opposite. I  always wonder if these people ever wonder that on their death bed when they eventually have to let go of their money, if they will be glad how lived their life. Some people make that day a priority thus forging the direction of their whole life prior. Seems more of the poor feel better than the rich on that day as they are mostly blessed with more riches than they.

As Warren Buffet put it: "We get a tax credit if we build a lot of wind farms. That's the only reason to build them. They don't make sense without the tax credit." THEY DON'T MAKE SENSE without shoveling your money directly to the investors. They cannot produce unough power for any homes without net losses of green $$$ energy. They are a scam. Tell congress to stop fueling these wasteful things. Your money is better spent.

Wyoming is seeing it's open space be ruined with windscraper GREED as well. They are tired of the bullshit so they are banning electric cars by 2035.

Climate cult leader John Kerry says they need MONEY MONEY MONEY which is YOUR GREEN ENERGY MONEY to save the world from destruction. This is what all cults do. This is what Jim Jones did, this is what preachers do in fundamentalist churches, this is what all lying cons do to get your money. It takes energy to create money and it is not made by wind farms, solar panels. Kerry is preaching this doom if we don't throw our money his way (he's already a billionaire not fueled by sunshine and breeze energy but by robust natural fuels) the world will end. Notice the portfolio tanks filling up overflowing with your money money money as you go to the dollar store and give them 25% more of your money and they keep wasting your money and depositing it in those Swiss bank accounts while they are there using your money to jet there privately, secretly, using jet fuel, they are all in this sermon together and the sex services are in high demand during this conference about YOUR MONEY and how to best get it.

Puke Green Occasional Energy Activists And Politicians (PGOEAAP) insist the "answer to our energy crisis lies in expanding our use of wind and solar. This is a form of cognitive dissonance. It is like an ancient tribe, disappointed that throwing virgins into a volcano has not led to better harvests, deciding to double down on the child sacrifices." FULL STORY HERE

The basis for building wind towers with propellers on top is to "save the planet" from global warming. They claim there's dirty dark carbon blankets forming in the sky which no one can see. If they can't form a blanket on my doorway when I open the slider to the outside as it's 35 degrees outside how does it form a blanket in the air? I exhaled out more CO2 over my open doorway and kept doing it for an hour. I nearly froze to death. The basis for all of these energy wasteful pipelines to your energy is carbon dioxide but it never insulates my home. Try it yourself, breathe out on an open doorway, have your whole family join in, notice the cold air keeps entering the house then tell me there are carbon blankets and foot prints. I could pump in 1000 times more into the house and it still would not insulate because like hellooooo it's air it's not a blanket and because it's air it does not make a print. The climate hustle isall bullshit to get your money for PORTFOLIOS and these should not be erected on 79 square miles at Chevelon Canyon Ranch or anywhere

If you are trying to save the planet from itself then please let me know the moment you rip out your toilet to fix the problem of the Earth doing what it does no matter what man does. Installing Wind Powered Electric Generators In The Sky (WPEGITS) is stupidity, opportunism, and greed to fill portfolios that cause financial climate differentiation to inequitably power those portfolioists energy hungry lifestyles. These systems do nothing to alter climate nor does anything we do by any measure. There's only a mere .0004th carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and it's that very climate that changes that brings it back to Earth with precipitation anyway always keeping a balance. So how do we bring all the lies back down to Earth that forces these things on us? Is Navajo County unaware that .0004th of the air is CO2? To be concerned of this amount that has net zero affect would be like the County being concerned of a cost over run of 1 cent per $25.00 budgeted. Please let us know the moment ANY government agency is that concerned about .0004th of the budget being off base. It has never happened in history so why is our enery being used to fuel the build of these ugly monstrocities when carbon dioxide does NOTHING? Only answer that makes any sense is GREED and refueling portfolios and the evidence is everywhere.

Google is a vaccine company Bob Kennedy points this out. The massive amounts of fossil fuels used in the medical industry between chemicals, masks, syringes, are causing climate change. If you truly want to do something effective for saving the planet, ban all vaccines every single one of them they are all chemical waste dumps and ban all chemical fumigation of public places with disinfectant QUAT pesticides as there is no such thing as viruses anyway. Virology is junk science. pHARMa products are garbage. Committee hearing the pFizer executive stated their product was never tested.

Look what those stupid electric cars do to save the planet real time.

UN defines climate change as the weather as has occured for billions of years, then blames man for the weather. This is newspeak as in Orwell's 1984.

Climate change, as defined by the United Nations: Refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. These shifts may be natural, such as through variations in the solar cycle. That’s actually a good definition. But not willing to leave well enough alone, the UN goes further, spoiling a simple and straightforward definition with: But since the 1800s, human activities have been the main driver of climate change, primarily due to burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas. source

Taxing carbon uses energy and it's not energy from garbage schizophrenic wind and solar in Canada the taxes keep increasing and it flows into creating these waste of energy wind and solar pipelines to your cash. The portfolios love it, GREED loves it, people hate it as it's sucking their energy.

Nuclear energy was the most stable during Texas cold spell just before Decembermas at basically meager output because the schizophrenic energy of wind and solar, this chart shows this. The wavy energy is because of wind and solar VARIATIONS and the robust fuels kicking in to balance output. Grids have to have balance. This principle of physics cannot be avoided and wastes energy. If it was just all nuclear that would be the most efficient source of electricity. Science has known this for years, the hustlers and opportunists keep pushing what does not work efficiently only because it fills their portfolios with utmost efficently, they are pipelines to your money. Because of this schizo energy the grid operator was allowed to by "emergency" to EXCEED pollution limits, thus, like helloooooo, what ever carbon was saved by all this madness was lost so what is the friggin point of any of this wasteful energy, I already presented the answer to that, you could call it Enron 2. Here's another answer in the article on Stop These Things after many decades of grid stability and reliable energy, are we suddenly talking about blackouts? The answer is obvious. Across America, reliable coal and nuclear power plants are being retired, and supposedly replaced by 'green' wind and solar energy. This is frankly absurd, because an intermittent energy source that works less than half the time (wind) or rarely (solar) can't possibly replace reliable, 24/7 electricity, no matter how many billions we spend. Those locked in their climate cult cannot even begin to grasp this simple concept.

This next graph shows the problem of claims of "will power 100,000 homes" which actually should be stated "will power 10,000 homes toasters in the morning".

Screenshot 2022-11-08 at 07.50.45.png

Inspecting THE FOUNDATIONS of wind and solar farming using your money we find that if global warming was real the banks would not invest in beach front properties or anywhere in Florida. Do you think they are stupid? They know Al Gore is a con man and his film is manipulative disingenuous malinformed garbage.

Off shore wind farm project in the Atlantic possibly causing the climate to change for wild life at sea, namely showing us more whale deaths as construction crews start preparations and sonar is used extensively. 7 dead whales now on shore and calls for the climate retards that can't even get it through their thick hides that carbon does nothing to blanket anything and there is no threat of oceans rising and all their horseshit to get off their high horses and stop so they can investigate.

Wind power shown to be unreliable. We have spent trillions on this garbage technology and a pre-school child could have pointed this out in exchange for an ice cream but the retards and cultists that get all their data from Television Indoctrination Camps (TIC) keep pushing fake clean energy either that or they are in all this scam together.

Show me the blanket! Overhead view at night of Los Angeles monster traffic that crawls like a baby to get to it's destination. There is no carbon dioxide blanket anywhere. Carbon blankets and footprints do not exist.

Anal retentive clean air policy was key in Germany but now it's plans to shut down it's remaining 3 nuclear power plants have been halted and coal fired power is the new must have. This all happened SUDDENLY. Germany boasted for decades how green puke camouflage energy pretending to be robust energy was the path to utopia building many wind farms that are now worthless crap. Read about the IRON LAW OF ELECTRICITY as presented by Robert Bryce.

Mount Etna just 1 volcano has pumped out 10,000 times the amount of CO2 man has since being on Earth and Biden has goals of banning all gas stoves as the way to fix carbon dioxide getting in the air and doing nothing but clean it. The reason for this behind the scenes is that they want to bill you more for electricity which is less efficient and keep the gas for their power plant backups for unreliable bird chopping energy and watch their portfolios grow.

Massive rain storms in California again and the Climate Freakism Movement (CFM) thinks the carbon dioxide is staying in a blanket up there in the sky. Wind turbines are OFF as the winds are too fierce. They hardly ever run. They are picky about the speed.

Tories want free energy for those near wind farms to off set impact. Navajo County has no such request. Impact all they want it's for the greater good of the portfolios.

Horse Heaven Wind Farm public comments - "power will be going to California to meet it's clean energy goals". This reveals in part how that state keeps scheming and presenting nothing but illusions of clean energy, it's tentacles are out everywhere ruining all the beauty of the West and it's vast open spaces to fill portfoios with the cash flows wind and solar provide the rich. Then they insist they are the model for the world. THAT MODEL IS COMPLETELY UNSUSTAINABLE. Even a 1st grader could figure that out. The Chevelon Butte Wind Farm and the West Camp Wind Farm will be sending the energy to the energy octopus called California while not even those in Chevelon Canyon areas will be brought power lines! That is disgusting! On page 3 item 4 it states the land use of wind farms compared to a nuclear station like CGS for comparable output of energy (I am not sure if this means in mega watt HOURS but likely) 1,400 turbines on 425,000 acres of land across the unspoiled Horse Heaven Hills where a nuclear power plant only requires 400 acres. This is a 100 to 1 ratio! To put this in perspective the West Camp Wind Farm is devouring 79 SQUARE MILES and thus to equal that of a nuclear plant Navajo County would have to approve SUP's for 11 more of these wind farms there to devour 948 square miles. The entire area of the state is 114,000 square miles. If we subtract the Grand Canyon that's 110,000. So that would be about 1% covered in crappy energy that is intermittant. That might not seem like much but wait till it's in your front yard there will be no were you could drive and not see this ugly things and then to supply all the energy needed for California half the state would need to have these installed. Again THIS IS UNSUSTAINABLE and the most absurd use of energy and resources. There is no room for these things lest we destroy all open space beauty which helps us recharge but that is exactly what keeps happening in this delusional quest to stomp out carbon (something Mother Nature handles on it's own using climate change as with every action there is a reaction in nature to provide BALANCE) that does nothing to manage weather patterns. Next time it rains or the wind blows consider that is where the carbon goes and then when you take a drink of water that was filtered consider that carbon filter was made of carbon that purified so what was the problem with carbon filtration in the air again? More is presented there in public comment about Californias illusion being presented that they are the model for the world on page 5 as Washington State is also feeding power from wind to California to "meet it's carbon neutral goals". This whole "green energy" thing is such a scam. It's Enron on steroids!

Non-synchronised energy contaminates the grid like raw sewage contaminates a waterway the APPEARANCE of the energy being clean is an illusion

Turbine spins out of control and disintegrates What a waste of energy

Feasiblity for wind turbines in Great Lakes found to be ZERO - "I am encouraged that after nearly two years of intense study and stakeholder engagement on the environmental, economic and social issues surrounding the potential siting of wind turbines in Lakes Erie and Ontario, the commission members came to essentially the same assessment that opponents of this effort have advanced all along: the risks, costs and uncertainties are too great and the possible benefits too little to make a compelling case for these projects." article here

Razing a wind farm in Germany to get to the coal HOORAY! Finally some sense in energy policy. If it were up to me all wind plantations would have setbacks 7 million miles, to be placed on the Sun. If wind was so great why would they be doing this? One reason is the war in Russia/Ukraine and cutting off natural gas from Russia so they realize they had to go back to what was reliable and in their back and front yards. This is what should be done with the Special Use Permits for Chevelon Butte Wind - razing them - and the coal bought from the Indians there again and the coal plant restored to running operation. This is a public safety matter of utmost priority as to make any attempt to just rely on electricity is stupid. Basically these wind and solar farms being built in Navajo & Coconino County are ONLY POWERING PORTFOLIOS.

6 hours a day no power in South Africa? Jerm Warfare mentioned this ongoing problem that is related to the climate of logic changing in policitcs he has a number of podcasts online about this illusion that humanity can be managing climate using breezy movie sets that feature props towering high in the sky available here

Never ending LIES of the sleasy breezy hot air energy industry Apex Clean Energy (ACE) claims "The $500 million project is expected to generate 300 megawatts, enough to power about 100,000 homes. The renewable, carbon-free electricity would help power a grid that currently is fed by a mix of nuclear, natural gas, coal, and some existing wind turbines." Let's look at this claim. They EXPECT 300 megawatts, is this all day and night? Of course it's not it's ONLY OCCASIONALLY only when the wind blows and only sometimes that energy is fed into the grid, sometimes the wind blows and the grid cannot accept it. This should be illegal for them to make this claim as it's more like 17% of that. The powering 100,000 homes claim is a lie as well, it's a pitch making it sound like all day and all night every day and every night the home is powered by these pieces of crap I mean pipelines to your cash. They also don't tell you that homes do not use energy, homes are wood, stucco, brick, cement plaster, none of which uses power. Let me know the day they start saying it this way "will power 100,000 homes appliances 24/7" then we can talk about how obvious that cannot happen and what these wind farms do is just suck your energy and destroy rural serenity which is rapidly becoming places you can no longer escape the city or ever growing suburbs to recharge. This region of Chevelon Canyon is one of the last places in the United States you can see a most incredible blanket of stars you can never see around any cityscape ever and should stay free of hot air.

Please, I don't want to ever hear how America "stole" Indian land ever again - OPINION - First off, it was mostly owned by Britian and the French before the United States got involved and it was PURCHASED. Look up Louisiana Purchase and others instead of watching the crap that streams out of PBS and other biased networks. Navajo Tribe (and oh what's the other one there in Coconino County) own massive amounts of land. Navajo's own the coal and coal processing plant there. They now in the Green New Steal plan coming out of Washington at warped speed, ship off that coal to China to make the world's products. Of course they don't use sail boats, they use robust energy, so disingenuous. The state shut down the efficient reliable coal power plant to "save us from mother nature". China has no interest in curbing carbon emissions. America cuts it by 1% at great cost to us, China adds 100x that. As with "viruses" that don't exist if they did exist they along with carbonated air would travel the sea in circles around the world and landing in everyone's soup. American's fall for the illusions these wind farm movie set studios present and are constantly entertained and billed for this entertainment. The energy provided is net zero, detailed analysis shows LOSS. The Navajo Tribe got free install of power lines! Chevelon Canyon properties have no power and there is no plan to bring out power lines there for free like what was handed to the Indians. Electric companies even sent crews from other parts of the country there and of course filmed it all for their propoganda campaigns and published details of how helpful they were to the tribe. Meanwhile it's dark here in Chevelon properties unless you have a generator, solar, or wind turbine of your own.

Climate is changed by only 3 basic things
1) Sun
2) frigid space surrounding the planet that extends about 666 infinity miles times Pi
3) water vapor (clouds) nothing else,
carbon does nothing to change climate it only acts as a purifier, like how carbon is in that water filter under your sink or in that Zero Water jug on your counter, that is the absolute science and thus the foundations of the installation of grid based renewables has eroded

File:Mammatus clouds regina sk june 2012.JPG

image by Craig Lindsay Mammatus clouds over the city of Regina Saskatchewan after a storm along with the Sun and Space is the cause of climate change good luck controlling that but rest assured the snake oil sales will be in high gear diverting as much of your energy to themselves to pacify you as the climate cult doctrines continue to delude

Arizona will pay more for energy due to installation of DISABLED ENERGY systems

It's like with humans who are disabled there are costs that we all pay for, but with humans we get so much more back helping others in various ways that most often are not accounted for on spread sheets. People help people and this saves energy but when government uses your money/energy to keep assist the wheels of disabled energy systems of wind and solar, it just uses our energy and gives nothing back other than energy theater. It only sends our energy to direct to the pipelines feeding portfolios. view report

Rudy Yarbrough writes on American Thinker comment about the extreme problems that electric cars CAUSE when ther'es a natural disaster since Arizona's Chevelon Canyon area is becoming a massive "green" energy installation for this purpose of making everything electric to support massive delusions about energy and safety I felt this was important to highlight
1 day ago
Here in Atlanta about two years ago we had a massive ice/snow storm that stranded about 100 autos/trucks on the Interstate for about 24 hours. After their gas ran out, the people got of their vehicles and walked to nearby commercial stores. The next day most were able to drive away after a gallon of gas was poured into many of them. If they had been EVs they would all have had to be towed taking many times longer many times more costly. The Chevy Bolt now has a recall about not charging it in your garage over night because of a fire hazard. In extreme heat or cold, the batteries change personalities and do not perform as expected. All EVs have their battery packs down low and if any slight flooding is encountered, the packs can become useless of burst into flames. In a large scale evacuation where you are expected to drive away, what will happen if hundreds have EVs in an apartment complex and all try to charge them at once? If emergency vehicles convert to EVs what happens when the power grid goes down and they are expected to provide emergency services? No one seems to be thinking about any of these issues.

A gallon of gasoline contains about 33.7 kWh of energy. Filling a 20 gallon tank takes about 5 minutes, so 4 gpm is flowing into the tank. Expressed in terms of watts: 33.7 kWh/g * 4 g/m * 60m/h = 8,088 kW. Yep, that's right; you're hooked up to an 8 megawatt source of power. Even if the total car efficiency is only 25%, you're still hooked up to a 2 megawatt power source. For a diesel tractor on the farm it is even greater. Diesel has ~39.6 kWh in a gallon and a sixty gallon tank on a tractor that is nearly a 10 megawatt source of power that is recharging the tractor. That tractor is converting that diesel to work at a rate of six gallons an hour. 39.8kWh/g * 0.1g/m * 60 m/h = 238kW. If gasoline or diesel didn't exist we would have had to invent them.


Wyoming is having it's land use bulldozing of peoples rights Natrona County

They will probably have to file class action suit in this video man 10 years in regional planning Rancho Mirage helped write zoning laws speaks

Mr. Math calculates solar panels how much to get all of the power we need

what's it like to be married to an electric piece of crap car