Carbon footprints do not exist


10/24/2019 by Kenneth Wegorowski updated with photo added on 5/18/2020 and 10/8/2022

This is another thing that dawned on me as I embarked on this journey of researching wind energy. A foot print needs a foot to make the print. They are the same size in area.

Carbon is not a foot so without a foot you cannot have a carbon foot print. The term carbon footprint is another of many slick marketing ploys used on us making us think we are making foot prints in the sky that can be seen and measured.

The correct term should be carbon print, not carbon foot print. See how they trick you. They want you to always think of something that has relative area.

Let's examine this "area" thing. The foot say is like well one foot long and about 4 inches wide. That's 12x4 = 48 square inches makes a foot print. When made it stays there. It could stay there for months never moving. This simply is NEVER the case with carbon floating in the sky. It always moves and is recycled, never gets stuck up there, is brought back to earth with precipitaion and atmosphereic change caused in miniscule insignificants by man but totally significant by sun and frigid space..

This is what comes out of a peaker power plant that burns natural gasYou take 48 square inches which is on a tangible solid object that is not moved by heat or cold air and place it on the wet ground and you can see a foot print the same 48 square inch size.

Carbon dioxide comprises 4/10,000ths of the atmosphere. It's .0004th of it. It's a mere 1 part per 2,500 parts. It's NOTHING.

Water vapor is 4% of the atmosphere when there's a lot of moisture in the air. That's a whopping 1 part per 25 parts!

Water then makes a vapor print you can see. These foot prints of water vapor do not stay put. They are like 99% constantly moving. It's called weather and climate.

Carbon dioxide cannot make a foot print. It can only make a carbon dioxide print. That print is invisible. In other words it's not there really as again it's only 1 part per 2,500 parts. All those 2,499 other parts are more powerful. We should not even call it a print as that invokes the idea of something like a 8x11 sheet of paper or a printed photograph.

Oh yes, it's there, there is a carbon foot print some say and insist from the highest TV antennas. Technically speaking it is not there by any sense of logical calculations because it's a mere .0004 "there" when water vapor, THE CAUSE OF CLIMATE CHANGE when the sun and frigid space affects it daily, is .04. Water prints in the atmosphere are 10,000% greater than carbon dioxide prints, and again, there is no solid print made so calling them prints is a sales pitch to get you to gleefully hand over your green $ energy to those who will use it to make pretend carbon foot prints in the sky making ads on TV that tell you this etc.

Water vapor is 10,000% more "there" than carbon dioxide. For that matter you can actually see the water vapor prints in the sky. Water vapor actually forms more of a print than carbon dioxide could ever dream of doing.

Like duh, we cannot ever see carbon dioxide because it's not even there by any mathematical consideration of comparisons. It's also air that plants suck in for fun when they blow massive oxygen farts that are worse than what cows do causing climate change. Oxygen also causes climate change.

Since carbon dioxide is considered by some to be equal to water vapor in it's "climate changing ability" as a gas we must then look at the amounts. We just did. Again climate change is normal.

If carbon dioxide had some special property of being able to store heat or magically transform into plastic wrap or a 7 mile wall of cement in the sky then we would have a insulating barrier to a degree, but since it's air and cannot form a solid and it is only solids that stop cold or heat from transferring rapidly there is no carbon footprint anywhere.

If you doubt this please open your bedroom window when it is cold, exhale about ten times, and see if the insulating properties of all the carbon dioxide does anything to keep you warm.

Then ask Al Gore for your money back from his stupid cult film.



copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski