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It's yet another Green Renewable Electric Energy Development taking over all our places to "recharge" this project is currently being "Enstalled" (think Enron2) at Chevelon Canyon Arizona, the little Grand Canyon of the Wild Wild West, it's master plan is to be farming you and your children's children's green $$$ energy for decades to make portfolios grow all over the world including pension plans in Canada of all places instead of at home and they don't provide you "free energy" they make you use more of it. Wind farms are movie sets presenting illusions of "saving the planet" from nothing as carbon is not a poison nor is it barely in the sky. Behind the scenes we see that they are PIPELINES to your cash! The do entertain us though with their illusions of "free clean energy" just like watching an award winning film entertains us but at least there we know that it's only a movie, with GREED certified wind & solar farming they try to pretend it's all good. And it's all founded on the junk science of Carbon Obsession 2 (CO2) which does nothing to climate or weather.

Chevelon Canyon Ranch also to get new neighbors to the West, a massive wind farming project covering about 50 square miles
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More study

Impact of turbines on vegetation
They investigated the impact of wakes on vegetation greenness at 17 wind facilities across the United States

The people stopped turbines in Hawaii
Remembering big wind's fail at Lanai. After the public got wind of the project and saw the destruction they create they wouldn't take yes it's approved for an answer. In 2007 the proposal for 170 turbines on this small island was a shock but many a bureaucrat supported it. It was the major land owner that nailed the coffin shut. Unfortunately in Chevelon the massive land owned by Aztec Cattle Company and O'Haco's have no interest in wind turbine project coffins and there may not be enough people there to oppose it.