My car battery generates enough to power 1.999999 million homes



Technically speaking my statement is 100% accurate. My car battery can power my home and 1.999,998 million more homes.

How is that possible? New technology! One way is I add a small resistor to an existing device like a generator that doesn't resist hardly anything, create a printed circuit boars, explain my invention, get a patent on it, sell it to anyone who can be convinced that it will stop climate change.

That doesn't mean it's going to be an effective solution in providing THE ENERGY YOU NEED in your home though.

How long would wind or a car battery power them for? Homes what? Think about this statement "will power up to xxx,xxx homes" made by many wind energy manufacturers and promoters. Your home does not use energy. Your appliances use energy. So to say my battery will power all those homes is correct because homes do not use energy.

Homes are structures made of stucco and wood mostly in California. Homes do not use energy. They sit there like stupid stones. See how they trick you. See Spot not get fooled while the rest of us do.

Certainly a car battery cannot provide enough energy to run all your appliances for one second let alone 24 hours a day but this is exactly the point, neither does wind though they promote it as being able to.

They tell you wind farms will power 100,000 homes or a million homes, but homes are not energy users. They are inanimate objects. I may be exggerating as they do intend to present a generalization of a home's appliances that use energy but technically they can say what they want this way as the way this is put is the term "home" and "powering x many homes" is such a broad statement it can mean almost anything and again the Devil is no where to be found in the details provided by these companies. I have first hand knowledge of this requesting information on exactly how much a wind generator actually can be expected to produce rather than what it's rated for at the top if it was rotating at a certain speed non stop. This simply never happens with wind farming as wind is chaotic.

So we get bombarded with lofty pretty pictures and presentations of rainbows and butterflies.

Renewable energy pushers are like used car salesmen, you may get that car for transporation but you may end up spending massive amounts of green energy in dollars transporting it by tow truck to the repair shop.

The Devil is never presented when the sales pitchers for wind and solar present their claim that like found in an article I read that states what someone else stated that a proposed Santa Barbara County regulated area placement of a solar farm could power 1.2 million homes. How long? 1 millisecond watt hours like with my car battery? Again my home does not use any power as it gets built and just sits there like a brick.

For that matter a potato could power my home.

The claims of solar and wind are exaggerated in order to scam you out of your tax dollars. Someone is laughing their donkeys off while they wreck landscapes in other people's back yards and trips to get away from it all as they drive through it all, while their renewable crap energy properties all soar in value because they are void of these view destruction devices.




Heres what some of the leaders who control you in California wants to make it's state look like everywhere now because of the corruption of minds that believe these disgusting monstrocities are going to save the planet which is utter nonsensical whims directly caused by watching too much TV and too many movies.

This should be an animation showing how dizzying they are when they spin they are almost 800 feet tall like skyscrapers in Los Angeles.

These are tax sucking energy wasting con games that need to be stopped everywhere around the world as they suck and waste energy.

Stopping these is not a pretty view.


reference article


Image snapshot from Santa Yena Valley News of simulation provided by one of these scam companies working hard to get your money you gleefully give they to do what mother nature has done forever on it's own with or without man while they destroy serenity everywhere they put these monstrosities if you keep letting them.

I never thought I would see this day where such holocausts of the environment would occur all over the entire beautiful state of California and planet with heat generating BLACK solar panels and heat generating winding generators that spin in circles all over your face like how governments are now chasing their tails with claims they can protect you from airprints.

I thought heat was the enemy.

Oh it's carbon dioxide that traps heat the politicians all say now. Send me a carbon dioxide blanket then so I can wrap myself in air to stay warm using my tax payer funds.



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