What's that you are driving on?

Once upon an illusion of time we were so busy sending our unicorns on weather balloons to the clouds to report back to us on climate we forgot about carbon roads to everywhere and where they keep taking us nowhere.

And as the elephant appeared in the sky claiming it is more powerful that that ant crossing the road first, the nutty buttered up carbon crusaders went all social before the apocalypse insisting elephants can't do anything to affect climate even though they are 10,000% bigger than the carbon road kill.

Tar is a dark brown or black viscous liquid of hydrocarbons and free carbon

In all eco-discussions on this road less traveled we find the more climate changes the more it remains the same as it informs us when we are back out of the clouds that carbon is everywhere yet barely in the air anywhere.

Where is that call to modern roads in dealing with the "threat of carbon" a most plentiful part of Earth itself? Carbon in the air is a mere .0004th of the atmosphere above but on roads it makes up 87% of asphalt.

So as climate preachers on high continue their sermons on existence doom and demand we do it their way to "fix it" like they are fixing the fake threats of viruses one might take the road less traveled to sane discussions.

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