I have started the world's first carbon blanket charity

Please donate all unused and used or captured carbon dioxide blankets so I may distribute them to the homeless and poor who do not have carbon dioxide to keep them warm this winter.


10,16,2019 updated 1/7/2020 and 12/3/2023
written by Kenneth Wegorowski in spirit of saving the planet from dangerous unicorns

To date I have not received one CO2 blanket so please get the word out.

All those who have promised to send me their carbon dioxide climate changing blankets, those same ones that are claimed to keep Earth from cooling, have been full of hot air.

UPDATE: 12/2/2019

Many charities are giving out blankets made from fossil fuels and petroleum to keep those who are homeless from freezing this winter. I keep passing out carbon blankets made of air and people either laugh at me or scorn thinking I'm being a smart ass.

MEAN while climate cult leaders who pass out carbon dioxide blankets covering the mind are showered with gold. I think I am helping people more.

Mother Nature is said will stay warm with these movable air "blankets" of nothing that doesn't keep anything warm why not hand them out to the homeless.

Maybe these leaders of their own wealth generation mechanisms don't preach the carbon blanket charity thing as that would make their carbon con game just a bit to obvious.

Then there's that sticky subject of those tar roads that are made of carbon everyone drives on to get to all these meetings on how to save the world from carbon while others watch The Lone Wind Ranger use up all that excess energy garbage solar and wind farms are producing to save us from carbon dioxide nothing.

UPDATE 12/28/2019

I tried my best to get carbon blanket donations, not one movie star donated, not one politician in Arizona donated, I could not give away any carbon blankets to the homeless this Christmas. All of them continued to use massive amounts of carbon based fuels though which all added so much carbon to the atmosphere surely some of them could have helped out my charity.

I will continue to work hard in making this carbon blanket charity help everyone stay warm as best I can. I will let you and all media outlets know when I get my very first carbon air blanket donation to keep people warm just like they keep the planet warm not letting heat escape.

I am also considering a new business venture, carbon blanket air insulation for homes.


I am out there on the streets every day begging for carbon blankets. If you see me there with my sign please wave. It's very lonely out here and no one will donate. They all think I am scamming then trying to get their carbon. NO, I am not asking for your carbon-ated water I just want carbon blankets. Mean while others here are getting lots of handouts. They are the ones who keep getting them from governing bodies that take your money and give it to themselves to get rich selling you on fake carbon blankets in the sky and solutions to this fake problem of climate change.



copyright 2019 - 2020 Kenneth Wegorowski