Solar panels on homes are creating horrific glare problems never seen before in communities



It was my drive down into Palm Springs on Thursday October 18, 2019 at 10:14 on Indian Canyon Road and I gazed off  to the south east through the open space river wash where the wind farms lie to the right side as you travel south and there were two massive stark bright glows of solar panels on homes. I didn't know what they were at first. As I continued on they disappeared. UFO? Then two more appeared in a different spot.

OMG they are solar roofs.

I was far away, they were at least a couple of miles out but they were in a neighborhood of Palm Springs homes.

There must have been a number of homes that got this glare. Imagine this glare IN YOUR FACE in your home in the morning. Horrible! We did not have this with normal roofs. Indiginous people only dealt with this coming off of lakes or a bucket of water. In the last 50 years when glass skyscrapers proliferated we used to only have do deal with this in big cities, that was bad and still is at times, then those spread out to office parks, though even those would only reflect when the sun was rising or setting on a clear cloud free day, here the sun had already risen so with solar we are adding more glare than ever especially in these sun belt zones. This is set to become a huge problem if California has it's way with solar roof mandates and if that were to spread like solar plague to the rest of the country and world.

Here is a photo from a video you can view online that shows this coming from just one home. This is exactly like what I saw though this example is maybe a tad closer to the viewer. Notice how the glare even messes up the camera. Imagine what it does to your eyes and that of the elderly who have more difficulty with vision.  view search results for "solar panel glare" here

solar panel glare is not promoted on TV by puke green energy hucksters

The author of the 2 minute video states the following,

"The Solar PV Panel companies claim vehemently that there is NO glare from the panels .... here have a look for yourselves... this is an extremely fierce glare that we experience from our living areas. These panels are actually situated 3.75 kms from the rear of our property. Just imagine what it would be like if the proposed Solar PV Park on 40 acres with 33,440 panels gets the go ahead on this land where you see the cows grazing. It will be a horrendous imposition on our lives."  view video

Then there's this next search result which is joke as it tries to deflect this issue in a glaringly obvious way.

Momentary bright lights can blind you regarding what they claim to be "misconceptions" about glare and glint.

Another tries to minimize with pitch that the sun itself causes more problems.
This is so disingenuous. That is not a good reason to allow such nuisance. In adding solar panels we are doubling that problem and in ways exponentially adding to it.


There are also ugly massive solar farms where I live. I have not yet seen glare from them to this stark direct degree as I have not been at the right angle going past them. I was startled though when I saw this glare on just a couple of homes. I am sure that some homes on the hill have been exposed to this problem in the sections where there are massive solar farms. I have noticed a glow at times more like what's shown at the end of the film in the distance wondering what it was then realizing it was a solar farm.

It's also a driving distraction. People will turn and look at this and turn and look, and look again, and maybe one more time as they are driving. It makes me think of a cute little bunny rabbit on the road looking up at that car approaching or deer that turns it's head to look at the glare in the headlights you want to warn them not to look to just keep moving as they were but you can't. Are drivers going to be distracted by this enough to cause an accident? Sales pitches will surely try to minimize this as they do with that new noise you keep hearing in the engine they just fixed.

In doing some research on this new glare problem from renewables the US Department of Energy website came up first in the search term "solar panel glare" on as you can see in the snapshot captured today at 7:45am pt it explains that there is no such glare. What? They claim that light absorption - rather than reflection - is central to the function of solar PV panels.

ROFL. This must have been during the Obama era of endless solar fantasy. Read for yourself the very first result that came up under "solar panel glare". The second result from also makes this wacky lemon car sales pitch that they are designed to capture light. One says to choose a panel with a rough surface to lessen glare instead of trying to pitch but when you do that you diffract the light and thus less is absorbed by the electric cells inside that create the electricity.

solar glare is said to be a myth by our department of energy


In going to the link the page is gone saying I don't have authority to access the page. Maybe the more logical Trump energy administration took the page down?


The page from on solar glare is gone


Solar on roofs is mandated soon to be on new homes in California. This is going to be a disaster.

Lawsuits will start flying. The energy used will be massive. Of course all those in this entire sales scheme will not care they are focused on cash flow.

*** RECALL GAVIN NEWSOM and all idiotcrats that believe in carbon dioxide bubbles in the sky will get stuck there and be a blanket for Mom Earth as if she never gets cold. Carbon bubbles are stuck in politicians' heads in this wack-a-state. Actually calling it wacky is not appropriate, these are energy schemes that feed the elite. They all know this I think. They are focused most on their own cash flow energy systems that buy them all the things they ever dreamed of.

And if you think big oil is going to be put out of business with solar and wind.....

"There are three main reasons for that kind of investment from “big oil” into renewables. First, it’s a great public relation move. Second, it’s a fantastic business investment, as every wind and solar site generating intermittent electricity needs a natural gas backup generating plant to provide continuous and uninterruptable electricity. Third, if they fail, the government incentives are “no take back” guarantees and the loss is a tax write off. So, they basically get to dabble for free." - source

I would add "and shift your green $ energy to them".

I noticed more and more commercials from these big oil companies showing how magical wind and solar farms "are" and while turning channels landing on Rachel Maddow and the like they trash big oil. Don't they study things? They make their money from big oil there is no way around that. Their revenue streams are all dependent on it the entire industrialized TV watching world is founded on it's use.

Here is a short video showing a solar farm being installed in Europe that the claim is will power so and so many homes for 25,000,000 years. Notice in the presentation how ugly industrial solar farms make the landscape turning them into a sea of black, not green, panels that absorb and release tremendous heat and the Earth is better at MANAGING heat when it absorbs it. Ever tough a black car sitting in the sun and a white one? Why are we being told to install solar to save the world from fake CLIMATE CHANGE when heat is the issue and they generate heat? Not to mention of course which I will repeatedly mention that carbon dioxide is claimed to be the cause and only comprises .0004th of the atmosphere and Earth is not a greenhouse it does not form any rigid structure like a blanket or plastic wrap or any thing other than easily moved and dispersed AIR that allows convection thus rapid cooling so the lies about climate are all used as marketing so industrialists and all those who enjoy Wall Street finance can suck your energy into their bank accounts through all these schemes. Notice your electric bills go up lately? Wall Street loves you. Pensioneers love you. It's so nice to be loved.

claims of how many homes are powered for how long are like saying your car can provide you transportation 24/7 for 25 years

view video

Claims of how many homes are powered for how long are like saying your car can provide you and your family transportation for 25 years. This doesn't mean it can actually provide that all the time because there are many reasons why you wouldn't have your car running 24/7 and driving 24/7 for 25 years and this is exactly how they deceive the public with their claims about wind and solar energy. Your car can transport you all that time but it will not. Your solar farms and wind farms if they were producing power all the time which they cannot could power 14,000 trillion homes but never will just like your car will not always provide you transportation yet it will always provide you transportation. See how they trick you?

Since wind and solar in industrial applications such as this are all tied inextricably to the grid and such grids are 100% dependent on mostly fossil fuels to function reliably and wind and solar are both NOT RELIABLE sources, the grid must have backup sources to handle energy delivery processes thus wind and solar farming in these industrialized applications waste energy as these management systems are complex and peaker plant generation of electricity uses more power then. It's hard to explain but there is no way that 14,000 UK homes are being powered for 25 years 24/7 with this installation by any stretch. Feel free to prove me wrong. I have not had any one do so to date.

The project also shows how they made a public foot path in the middle. What a lovely stroll through an ugly wind farm. Just what I asked Santa Clause for to replace the green grassy view expansive serene tranquil meadow that was there prior that I used to use to RECHARGE.



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