There is no plastic wrap covering Earth


10,12,2019 and updated on Halloween symbolic of how dressing the planet up with renewable energy is scary

While watching streaming TV the commercial appeared about "energy solutions". What caught my eye was the beautiful landscape being panned by flyover showing gorgeous wind turbines spinning. Slick presentations like such use a lot of energy from your electric bills. It's presented by On the site it states the following about "climate change", the new term to replace "global warming" which failed miserably as more cooling was detected every winter thus marketing departments scrambled for new terms. This new term that confuses climate change with climate change is deceitfully used to describe Earth's supposed as seen on TV inability to be cooled normally due to man, machine, and fuel and to confuse people into believing that catastrophic weather is caused by the rich who use 700,000 times the energy we do and we are the ones that are supposed to cut back. The site is supposed to inform on facts about energy and help those who don't understand global warming understand it better stating:

"Carbon dioxide isn’t harmful at natural levels, but too much can act like a layer of plastic wrap around the Earth that lets in heat from the sun but doesn’t let it escape. The atmosphere acts like a greenhouse, which is why these emissions are called greenhouse gases."

That is an official statement by California government regulators. Here is a snapshot.

This claim about Earth being wrapped in plastic is repeated over and over by the climate cult and it's a lie to get your energy. In the TV ad the wind mills on the hill was seen only a second or two mixed in with all the other beauty. Looks so majestic to see those Earth savers spin. It looks awful in person once you see what they really do to landscapes, and what they do to dead birds scattered below them that get devoured by predators, and even worse when you learn how they waste energy and look disgusting with flashing red lights all night long. The angle from above is far different than looking up and at them from the ground. In the commercial pushing clean renewable energy, which is all dependent on fossil fuel and oil use and will forever be tied to the grid, the context is like watching a Disney movie. Well done, fantasy and real imagery, magical, mythical presentation.

The use of the term 'upgrade' makes us think of getting a better TV or upgrade to a computer so it works better and is a typical marketing ploy used in sales pitches. So what's the problem???

The Earth is not a greenhouse.

There is no solid layer of glass covering it.

There is no plastic wrap either not even close.

The most egregious error in this comparison is that carbon dioxide is AIR. It is not a solid like plastic wrap. It is a gas.


Plastic wrap (made from petroleum by the way) is a solid. There are no solid materials in the sky. If you wrap a bowl with hot food  on your kitchen counter yes it will help trap heat for a little while but it still will cool, yet carbon dioxide AIR does not do this in the sky. It also does not get stuck there. It rains down into the ground all the time in many places. It mixes with water. It's absorbed by plants - they breathe the stuff. It's like the biggest con job ever to claim that it gets stuck like a layer of plastic.

You can do a little test on this yourself. Exhale on that bowl of hot food, that is not covered in plastic wrap, blow on it repeatedly like wind does on Earth, guess what.......OMG the carbon dioxide coming out of your lungs does not trap the heat like plastic wrap because it is only AIR. In fact, because of convection which is air movement due to heat rising and cold falling, it cools it. I call this new understanding of old understandings climate change. The climate of your food changed. The climate of your knowledge changed after it was trapped by a bubble of con game wrap.

The site where I read this nonsense about plastic wrap is presented by California Public Utilities Commission and California Energy Commission. Here is how their homepage looked on 10/20/2019 at 6:42 am pacific time on my computer.

California Public Utilities Commission home page for "Energy Upgrade California"

I like the choice of the overwhelming use of black as it really symbolizes climate change garbage energy systems of wind and solar and making plastic bulbs full of toxins is BLACK ENERGY not green.

The use of such comparisons is disingenuous. You might think that government agencies as such could never possibly deceive you but this renewable energy pis is all one big cash flow system to keep getting your energy and more of it. The proof now is all over the place. It's used to get you to buy their product and vote for and appoint leaders who will make you pay for it all while you then feel like you are doing the world good. All of these renewable scams use more energy than they provide when you look at all the costs involved, the more complex procedures, the massive amounts of petroleum based plastic, on and on, it's leading the masses in California off the cost savings cliff into a pit of higher and higher rates, light bulbs that you could buy for a quarter and now can cost you $12 each, and taxes that end up feeding elitists more than anyone with YOUR ENERGY. Even the big oil companies are in on it, they are even promoting wind, solar, algae that requires massive amounts of energy to process thus wasting energy, they don't care really, all they care about is cash flow and business and public image and stock portfolios in providing products that make them plenty of extra energy while you and I wonder why everything sucking our energy.

Let me know when the world stops getting hypnotized by the doom and gloom energy cult.

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