Asynchronous vs. Synchronous generators used in wind farming applications



I have been wondering for a couple of months now about these two forms of power generation since receiving a letter that claimed wind farms don't really produce "any usable energy" for the grid. The letter stated that asynchronous generators are used in turbines. So today I researched this a bit more.

"Synchronous generators (large ones at least) are more efficient than asynchronous generators."   

What! Wait. Why are we using less efficient motors in wind turbines?

I thought we were on track for high efficiency and clean air and more energy and unlimited supplies.

Apparently not. Then we read this:

"The construction of asynchronous generators is less complicated than the construction of synchronous generators. Asynchronous generators require no brushes and thus no brush maintenance. Asynchronous generators require relatively complicated electronic controllers.* They are usually not started without an energized connection to an electric power grid, unless they are designed to work with a battery bank energy storage system. With an asynchronous generator and an electronic controller, the speed of the generator can be allowed to vary with the speed of the wind. The cost and performance of such a system is generally more attractive than the alternative systems using a synchronous generator."

Energized connection. That means they need power. OMG. They use power. They do not connect to battery storage.

Well I knew that already but let's discect this more. It says the speed of the generator can be allowed to vary with the speed of the wind.

Have to look at that further but the lower cost and lower efficiency give me reason to believe like with many things, when cheaper and less efficient parts are uses you get less and sometimes more frustration which then uses up your whole day trying to fix the thing. This gives me more reason to believe wind turbines are props. Why are they using the cheaper less efficient generator in them? Because they are spinning smart pacifiers.

"An asynchronous generator is different, because it requires the stator to be magnetised from the grid before it works."

o m g !

The wind turbine cannot work without power from the grid! It is energized using power from fossil fuels that RELIABLY AND STABLELY POWER THE GRID. It uses asynchronous motor.

"The induction generator is not a self-excited generator. It is necessary to excite the stator with an external polyphase source to produce the rotating magnetic field."

Asynchronous motor is used in induction generator. The term for what's used in wind turbine is typically referred to as induction generator. It uses asynchronous motor that needs fossil fuels from grid to start it up. Woo hoo whoo knew!

In contrast to the grid that's reliably based on fossil fuels and does not use wind turbines to start it up, the wind energy provided is chaotic, sometimes is DUMPED into the energy land fill so to speak because it's not always needed or able to be used by the grid. Thus we have a system that actually uses energy and wastes it. It's dirty energy. They are not profitable systems, they always use your energy in tax subsidies and added costs to electric bills.

Then there's mention of the need for "leftover magnetism" to start the turbine "Otherwise a battery and power electronics will be needed, or a small diesel generator to start the system." This explains why we see or hear about massive diesel generator systems housed in shipping containers at wind farms. They would be using synchronous motors that are more costly but more EFFICIENT at generating power but they are only being used here to get these wind turbines started. It's like getting a car started, you cannot do it with engine alone. How dare they not tell us that wind farm turbines towering as high as skyscrapers spinning in circles are being started up like a car using FOSSIL FUEL POWER.

Wind farms are movie props to sell you a fantastical illusion of endless free energy and freedom from oil companies. It was a great movie to watch at one time. Now it's become a horror flick as they have destroyed so much landscape and are wrecking our world while doing no such thing as saving us from anything.

* complicated electronic controllers means $$$$ for high tech in Silicon Valley and investors




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