sPower owns a domain "supportchevelonbuttewind.com". On ICANN.or "who is" the Organization is listed as "FTP Power LLC" in Utah, the Technical, Administrative, and Billing contacts are listed as "Sustainable Power Group, LLC" in Utah. Here is a snapshot of the home page they created. It states that wind is efficient, plentiful, and clean. Sure it is, wind has always been clean, Christopher Columbus relied on clean wind, but industrial wind farming is NOT clean so this statement is disingunuous marketing as it tries to associate "clean wind" with fossil fuel based industrial wind turbine energy. It also states that the Chevelon Butte wind farm (if approved and built) will produce clean, renewable wind energy, helping us "break away from our reliance on fossil fuels". This is an interesting statement as all industrial wind farming is 100% reliant on fossil fuels. We cannot break away from reliance on fossil fuels this is impossible with industrial wind energy. They are build and maintained with fossil fuels. They are connected to a grid that is reliant on fossil fuels and always will be. Another odd thing, I just discovered that wind farms actually dump excess energy that is produced in the grid. They turn the turbines on, making them spin, using electricity from the grid. I knew this was done regulary as maintenance but I did not know they used wind farms to DUMP ENERGY. This excess energy that is overloading the grid may even be due to wind farms producing chaotic energy that the grid cannot handle. What are we doing here? Why is there excess energy in the grid that needs to be dumped? Are wind farms energy landfills??? STOP Chevelon Butte Wind. https://stopchevelonbuttewind.com

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Another statement made on the page is "Among the popular sources of electricity generation available today, wind power has among the single lowest environmental impact. It reduces carbon emissions by major amounts, plus saves water and limits pollution concerns" and there are many many more stretches of the imagination as you can view on this archive of it. The statement that it has lowest environmental impact is only true if you discount the energy dumping, the use of fossil fuels to build and maintain these monstrocities, the energy used to drive further away to places where these don't exist so you can get away from it all and "recharge", and especially all the massive amounts of the energy used in tax payer dollars as these projects are all tied to fossil fuel based work that makes these dollars that these projects cannot function without.

One of the world's wealthiest financiers who routinely invested in wind farms Warren Buffet stated he only invests in them because taxpayers foot the bill for them as they are not profitable without them, in other words, they use up YOUR energy. Bill Gates said in 2018 and it's t ime we stop messing with renewables.

On carbon emissions who cares? First, wind farming does not reduce carbon emissions as again all the energy used by fossil fuel based subsidies offsets this negatively. There is no carbon footprints to worry about as carbon dioxide is air, it's not a solid that makes footprints, it's a gas that floats around and also gets thrown back down into the ground when it rains and snows and it gives plants the "oxygen" they need. Carbon dioxide scare tactics are not rooted in physics they are pitches to get your energy and attention. Carbon dioxide is not the cause of climate change as these renewable energy companies use as a sales tactic since it's become quite the beliefe system. Carbon dioxide comprises 1 part per 2,500 parts of what's up there, water vapor comprises 10,000% more and is THE CAUSE of all climate change. There is no need to be concerned about carbon dioxide and to use this as a reason to build industrial wind farms that wreck viewscapes for tens of miles all around them and do not end the use of fossil fuels and are used as energy dumping grounds is ludicrous.

Another odd thing, they state "Before installing wind turbines, our professionals will evaluate which direction the turbine should face to receive the strongest winds based on recent measurements". Did something change in this industry? I see these wind turbines in the sea of 1000 of them here at Palm Springs and they rotate their direction to whatever direction the wind is blowing. They face the south west sometimes, they face the north east sometimes, etc. This is a deceitful statement being made here, sure they could determine this but it's not telling us the full story of how GRID ENERGY IS USED to regularly rotate these to face the wind and it being under the heading of "endlessly renewable" and "efficient" well HARDLY as I point out in the next sentence and in many places on HORSEPOWER.NET.

Read their statement first.

This statement seems to indicate they choose one position and leave them there. I can only guess that this is to throw people off a bit as IT TAKES POWER FROM THE GRID to rotate these massive very heavy top sections using motors that are all dependent on fossil fuel based energy coming from the electrical grid. Please, sPower, if I am incorrect on this and your turbine tops are stationary and don't do this let me know.


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(a dude that cares about the planet more than industrialists do and discovered long ago the lies surrounding wind farms that are ruining our planet and wants this to all STOP)