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BF Goodrich All Terrain up close in action on dirt trail, notice the hill it takes

4 Wheel Off Road magazine online has an article comparing tires at this link and in reading, I was intrigued to find a bit of information that I had been looking for regarding the plies of  the tires.  First, as I was reading their reviews, they had good things to say about the Hankook Dynapro all terrain RF10, especially, that it did better on sandy rock. Sandy rock is one of my biggest concerns in off roading where I live as in Southern California it hardly rains, and there's plenty of rock on the trails and there's always sand on rocks. This along with the fact that the tread pattern keeps sticking out at me as a great look keeps it in the running. 

Sears has a sale right now buy 4 BF Goodrich or Goodyear tires and save $100. That brings the price of BF Goodrich AT KO's down to where I want, but I sorta want try something else. The BFG's are popular with the off roaders who want a street capable tire as well and they have 3 ply sidewalls which really helps reduce any punctures.

The Hankook Dynapro's have 2 side plies.

BFG - tread plies - 3 polyester, 2 steel, 1 nylon

Hankook - tread plies - 2 polyster, 2 steel, 2 nylon

So if I go with the Hankook's I am sacrificing a ply on the sidewall and a ply on the tread! Is it worth it? 

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